Spreading top soil

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Using a IHI CL35 compact track loader to spread out top soil and planting grass.
Runtime: 16:27


William Malenfant
William Malenfant - 3 dager siden
Nice job Andy.
1944chevytruck - Måned siden
thanks 4 video. be kind.
Shazzkid - Måned siden
Wife: what are you watching
Me: a guy spreading dirt
Ruben Kelevra
Ruben Kelevra - Måned siden
For such jobs a stone burrier could be nice, it would take a layer of material off and throw the rocks at the bottom and all loose material on top, leaving you with a neat finish in which you could mix mulch and rich earth in a second shallower path. :)
Kevin Goodrich
Kevin Goodrich - 2 måneder siden
The yard is Levi approved!! You should get a yard sign for that. Lol
Arnold Layne
Arnold Layne - 2 måneder siden
What's all that white stuff?? Volcano blowing ash near by??? Huge improvement Andrew, very nice!!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 2 måneder siden
LSFreakLofty - 4 måneder siden
Andrew, why do I get the feeling you crashed the drone at the end of the opening sequence? Lol
Justin Law
Justin Law - 5 måneder siden
9:55 pulling out the mage staff, awesome 👏
Dean Williams
Dean Williams - 5 måneder siden
Why don't you try popping that tailgate when you don't pull up real fast and get your break and pop at tailgate once or twice it will stop leaving dirt in your bed
David P
David P - 7 måneder siden
Hi from NZ
Two things that may be if interest, many truckies used to carry a heavy mallet, give the truck bed a couple of wacks to clear the held up soil etc, at least standard practice 30 plus years ago when I was involved in such things, I expect it is still standard today.
A useful tool for spreading and leveling topsoil is a machine mounted unit, can be for excavator or bobcat, imagine Gate on its side, dragged over topsoil, multiple rails of gate spreads and levels topsoil super evenly, surprisingly quickly, never seen one commercially available, but well worth the effort of making it. Make it very wide, and you can cover ground crazy quick , and super level, super smooth, cheers
Travel Bug
Travel Bug - 7 måneder siden
Very nice
Edward Garea
Edward Garea - 7 måneder siden
This is one of Andrew’s best videos from a number of standpoints. The true mark of quality in any business is repeat customers, and I think this is the third video featuring this customer. Obviously he was happy with Andrew’s work. It makes me as a viewer feel good to see this because Andrew is someone I’ve come to root for over the years. He is living proof that qualities such a honesty, integrity, belief in hard work and a commitment not only to do the job, but to do it right are not lost in today’s society. It’s always nice when the good guy wins.
Corey Warren
Corey Warren - 7 måneder siden
Hey say COREYWARREN andrewcamarata
WanSolve - 7 måneder siden
Wow, that is fast growing grass! What did you use Rye? Bluegrass? Thanks!
Brent King -gmail King
Brent King -gmail King - 7 måneder siden
It looks so much better. Great job. Have a great weekend. Looking forward to more work on the container building. Have a grea weekend.
Patrick Byrne
Patrick Byrne - 7 måneder siden
Nice work Andrew
Gerald Arthur Hall
Gerald Arthur Hall - 7 måneder siden
9:53 Found the coolest stick ever to clear the dirt!
Charlie P
Charlie P - 7 måneder siden
Mr. Camarata, I recommend using a concrete comealong for getting stuck dirt and even gravel out of a dump box.
Lawrence Forbach
Lawrence Forbach - 7 måneder siden
I’ve watched many of your videos and I have enjoyed how well of a story teller it a pleasure to see you doing almost any thing. From digging to welding or auto repair or chain saws.
William M Casey
William M Casey - 7 måneder siden
you are a honest, hard working manyou made sure the customer got all the topsoil that was in the truck!!,
Donnie Coleman
Donnie Coleman - 7 måneder siden
Hey Andrew, I'm having withdrawals not having any new vids to watch. When are you going to make some new ones. Has work been slow during the winter, I used to work in construction and man winter was tough sometimes. We don't care what it is about, even maybe cleaning some of your machines or servicing them for the spring.
Donnie Coleman
Donnie Coleman - 7 måneder siden
@Andrew Camarata yeah that project looks pretty involved. In my younger days, I was an ironworker. Lots of them in your part of the country.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 7 måneder siden
That roof project is taking time. Expect two videos this week.
Brian Burns
Brian Burns - 8 måneder siden
9:50 - You know Andrew is awesome when Harry Potter brings him a stick to scrape out his truck bed! Just sayin'!
Thomas D Harrell
Thomas D Harrell - 9 måneder siden
Very very nice!
A bit of stone work laying around and bingo
Thomas D Harrell
Thomas D Harrell - 9 måneder siden
Levi says it’s good to lay on
Thomas D Harrell
Thomas D Harrell - 9 måneder siden
Does that IHI have an auto leveling bucket
Thomas D Harrell
Thomas D Harrell - 9 måneder siden
Great job!
Did you sift that top soil with your top soil sifter?
Ralph Wilmot
Ralph Wilmot - 9 måneder siden
Levi is the most contented dog in the world, he inspects your excellent work and shows his approval with his swagger of the tail. He is truly your best friend.
Charles Marshall
Charles Marshall - 10 måneder siden
That help a hole lot better
Thomas D Harrell
Thomas D Harrell - 10 måneder siden
Great job !
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов - 10 måneder siden
People, what kind of music plays at the beginning of the video? I liked it very much. Help me find. You are welcome.
Kevin Feliciano
Kevin Feliciano - 10 måneder siden
Why don't you move the tarp before you dump the material, would a box blade loader work better then a skid steer
Tracy Boyd
Tracy Boyd - 11 måneder siden
Looks so much better...
Hairygun - 11 måneder siden
The song in the begining sounds close to the scarface soundtrack.
Gary Gill
Gary Gill - År siden
A great you man. He’s a man that young boys need to look up to.
MZARIMI - År siden
09:52 Nice tool ancient tool.
A minor accident
A minor accident - År siden
love your videos Andrew and watching the dogs. You are a master at what you do and it gives the viewer a sense of satisfaction
Jason Cappuccino
Jason Cappuccino - År siden
Cool Grim Reaper Scythe
SSG Rod Phillips
SSG Rod Phillips - År siden
Great video Andrew, Rod from Florida
Jó gomes
Jó gomes - År siden
Caminhão grande deste, não pega quase nada de terra!
Aqui no Brasil, caminhão trufado pega no mínimo 14m3
spidyr2k - År siden
an Andrew vid w/o Levi is like a day w/o sunshine.
Cheiro O
Cheiro O - År siden
It's crazy but I never get tired of this stuff.  Thanks  Andrew
R R M - År siden
hot loads
AngloGuardian - År siden
you should consider getting a bed liner....That will stop the sticking problem in the bed..
mark duncan
mark duncan - År siden
Lets go and do somthing else! Sounds good to me!
Travis N.
Travis N. - År siden
Levi is MC Lovin’ it!!!
Kadino Madhuretno
Kadino Madhuretno - År siden
Hi Andrew, hope you are well. Nice to look all the job done well and the update, was awesome. from rock to grass land. Two thumbs up. Regards Indonesia.
Peter Nicholsonu
Peter Nicholsonu - År siden
That dusting of fine sand on dump truck floor was brilliant idea. (Tom Keir)
Kevin Joubert
Kevin Joubert - År siden
Let's go do something else.
Heditowers - År siden
You are an artist 🙌🙌
k9 aid
k9 aid - År siden
You get your moneys worth with Andrew Camarata
Vegar Venåsen
Vegar Venåsen - År siden
What machine do like best. Ihi ore bobcat
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
The IHI is much better.
Rob G
Rob G - År siden
You should really get in the habit of rolling your taro before dumping the load. I noticed you never seem to. This doesn't matter but it's things can tear it as it falls out.
William Wallace
William Wallace - År siden
Levi approved!! LOL nice job
Shawon De Moss
Shawon De Moss - År siden
I gotta say! These videos & the work you do are out of this world! So inspiring..
What I dont get is why do people have to thumb down?..
The guy does great amazing work. Gets the job done! And always goes above & beyond..
He spends his time to share with others & his passion..
Yall that thumb his vidoes down are what is wrong with this world!
Jarthelty84 - År siden
What state is that
Artie Van
Artie Van - År siden
New York.
Patrick Morrissey
Patrick Morrissey - År siden
The Challenger guy!!! Heh heh.

Very nice... You've done a great job for this guy.... You have whipped that yard into shape....
A1anx - År siden
Levy should start his own channel :)
deals from virginia
deals from virginia - År siden
I don't know why watching these vids is so soothing? They also make me think about doing some work on my own place.
C-Red - År siden
I’m a new subscriber and enjoy watching your channel with Levi and Lacy but my question is where are you located because it’s snows a lot there and a lot of natural granite rock.
David Pippin
David Pippin - År siden
Always great work. Watching you smooth dirt with the skid steer is so cathartic, I begin to doze off a little, lol.
shaenj - År siden
Good work mate. You'll be happy with that result.
Alen Truong
Alen Truong - År siden
Hi, Andrew what is this topsoil for? thanks.
PlainsRunner - År siden
At the 7:32 mark a giant cock roach or something is crawling on the ground, across the bottom of the screen. Trophy winner, that one.
Always love the vids Camarata!
Rich Maltais
Rich Maltais - År siden
wathing all of your uploads i missed cause my business sped up right now and dont have much time but how are you liking that IHI
bryan johnson
bryan johnson - År siden
Every time you paint that trucker put those mud rims on I want to see Factory
The Peterbilt trucker Chuck
If you Re-Line /Re-Plate the bottom of the dump truck Material won’t stick, hauling heavy debris causes those ripples in the floor, we use to floor ours with 2x6’s the bolt plate over that, stayed good for a couple years
Elisabeth Englin
Elisabeth Englin - År siden
I have no interest in big machines, tractors and trucks what so ever. Even so i find my self sitting here enjoying your work and your handling of these machines. Shift dirt, clean up, and taking away stumps. In fascination. I have no idea why, but i really do enjoy it.. weird.. I just subscribed.. :)
Joop Terwijn
Joop Terwijn - År siden
@10:00 Nice tool!
Donald Trabeaux
Donald Trabeaux - År siden
Great job
Alexis DeVille
Alexis DeVille - År siden
Your drone seems to not be afraid of a little snow!🙂
Superbigblue19 - År siden
I remember back in the 80's working on a construction landscaping crew doing all this grading work by wheel barrel shovel & rake. Hard work, but you never needed a gym membership.
TheStuffz - År siden
might need a scratcher stick. mount to side of box. much cheaper then a vibrator! lol
Hungry and cranky
Hungry and cranky - År siden
Thank you for all the awesome videos. Im in the same line of work, so watching your videos definitely help. Also i seen your in the 845 as am I. Im in the lower hudson valley....orange county
Ron Phillips
Ron Phillips - År siden
Which one of your skid steers is your favorite with little down time
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
That IHI, its the nicest to operate and I have never had to fix it. The bobcats like to break.
Ron Phillips
Ron Phillips - År siden
If you can before loading sticky material add a bit of sand to the bottom of the bed and it will slide out with no issues
Kyangler. G
Kyangler. G - År siden
When you dump your truck slam on your brakes at the end to allow the tailgate door to slam into the box that would create enough shake to allow things like sand and topsoil to come out clean there’s videos on trucks being dumped you might see what I’m talking about.
Breaking Toast
Breaking Toast - År siden
tombensky - År siden
Really admire your skill and work ethic! Your precise control of your equipment is amazing. Did you have a teacher or self taught? Thanks for sharing.
Big John
Big John - År siden
Nice job as always
Bobby Moore
Bobby Moore - År siden
When I hauled 3/8 chips, and sand, that stuff would be wet at times, I found if you bang the tailgate while the bed is raised it would clear it out. Nothing drastic, just a slight “goose” of the accelerator, and let the jakes catch and it would hit a lot harder than the shakers.
Taco Rios
Taco Rios - År siden
What's a job like that cost in your area? Looks great!
Jason Swift
Jason Swift - År siden
Has the east coast had a long winter? i see its still snowing and May.
GRUMPZ_51 - År siden
I love how Levi is inspecting your work ... seems to have given his approval.... LOL ...
KEK - År siden
"Sandy dirt hides the lack of girth" as they say! Glad to see you didnt use that old trick! Class act my man.
scal92253 - År siden
@Andrew Camarata when you conclude your videos have you considered inviting people to smash the like button and subscribe? I don't recall you having ever added that.
yuccaken - År siden
How can spreading top soil get so many views ? It must be that magnetic personality, the man , the myth, the legend !
Always enjoy seeing the Soviet Union USSR skid steer in action .
Anthony Morris
Anthony Morris - År siden
Loving that skid steer/dubstep mash up! Great editing mate.
Mike Corrado
Mike Corrado - År siden
You are an amazingly talented young man with an exceptional work ethic!
B - År siden
finally catching up on the overload of uploads.
Daniel Brinneman
Daniel Brinneman - År siden
The way this started, I thought I was watching Alone TV series again.
3069mark - År siden
Very nice, Andrew! I think the homeowner should have you do the same to that hill behind his house. Then the whole property would look great. Also, seeding down that hill would prevent erosion.
Yura Novikov
Yura Novikov - År siden
Молодец парень, хозяйственный. :)
Pea zilla
Pea zilla - År siden
7:28 Oh my god that caterpillar barely escaped being squashed!!!!! gafsdghasdgjh
TheMCP1138 - År siden
Does anyone know what the music was during the intro until about 1:30? Sounded like FFVII
Stephen - År siden
Hi Andrew...enjoy your videos!! You need to install, create or buy a hydraulically driven "Quick-tach" for your IHI/Bobcat/etc. They are very convenient!!
H2X Outdoor Solutions
H2X Outdoor Solutions - År siden
a tooth bucket really helps on jobs like that, i like having the 86" bucket with teeth.
Glastenbury Designs
Glastenbury Designs - År siden
Nice Skid Steer, looks like you're doing good with it for not being use to it. What's the tipping weight of that beast? By the way I love the reg cab, short box f150, very sporty looking. I just subbed keep up the great videos. The live edge garden rake was awesome in the back of the dump truck, on my channel we build some live edge items, never thought of that though LOL. Major improvement, great shots of before and after.
David Cooke
David Cooke - År siden
That makes a huge difference. Nice work.
Gran Autismo
Gran Autismo - År siden
Btw you can just record aerial views and sell the raw footage to film companies. Just sayin'
michael obrien
michael obrien - År siden
When backdraging put your loader arms in float will do a faster and better job grading