Splitting a stump, B quality.

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B quality video: Splitting a stump with a skid steer, moving fire wood, and fixing the mount plate on the skid steer wood splitter.
Runtime: 17:35


Lorne Chadwell
Lorne Chadwell - Dag siden
You should sell t-shirts “Right Cody?” Hehe
Yasmin Ghani
Yasmin Ghani - 3 dager siden
Kerry Ware
Kerry Ware - 4 dager siden
Do they also have yellow pond dye to discourage people from swimming in it? 😀
david lewis
david lewis - 9 dager siden
Love his attitude to stuff..."they made it too big...thats not a problem" then fixes it straight away with no fuss
Scott Atwood
Scott Atwood - 11 dager siden
Dang that is Cody he got big
Thomas D Harrell
Thomas D Harrell - 18 dager siden
Andrew Camarata
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli - 19 dager siden
@16:27 That's gotta be the coolest thing I have ever seen! What is it, Andrew? A golf cart that you modified?
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson - 23 dager siden
Did you ever consider putting this splitter on an excavator?
Sage - 27 dager siden
welding downhill causing issues is a myth, father did weld for 40 years and his repais never broke so carry on sir :D
Leviathan Eldigren
Leviathan Eldigren - 27 dager siden
Only one downside to this video (and its not even AC's doing) My momma passed away from Cancer the day before. AC's content has been keeping me in a mostly stable mental state during this time. Please never stop being you Andrew.
Neceros - 27 dager siden
Where does Levi live now?
Koda - 28 dager siden
You need 1 million subs!
Suvadeep Saha
Suvadeep Saha - 28 dager siden
Hallo Andrew can you make a review video of your new mig welder.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 28 dager siden
I guess, it works good.
Ruben Kelevra
Ruben Kelevra - 29 dager siden
I actually don't know why that's rated as B quality 🤣
Joash Bowles
Joash Bowles - Måned siden
Polaris razor??? Ooooooo
born2soon - Måned siden
The hot tub rehab video was awesome! You so much foresight to build things! Levi can't take much more of those stairs. How about a dumb waiter?
Bong Mancilla
Bong Mancilla - Måned siden
Miss new video
Christian Rayburn
Christian Rayburn - Måned siden
Seeing the CNC table, did I miss a video about your acquisition of that??
DestroyertheRailWarrior - Måned siden
I thought "B quality" was a play on words. I thought there was going to be bees in the stump.
wondersmee - Måned siden
I am concerned about Cody, Levi and other dogs running around heavy machines, its not safe at all. I can't imagine if sometimes they are behind the machine and Andrew doesn't have a clear vision while backing up. Hope you see this comment and be safe.
wondersmee - Måned siden
@Andrew Camarata Got it! Thanks for responding, Stay safe and keep churning videos. They are a treat to watch :-)
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
I watch them.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Levi and Lacey have been around this stuff their whole lives, and they are 14 and 13
Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson - Måned siden
Hi Andrew, I wanted to tell you that I am not getting a notification from you when your videos come on, I had AT&T to check my phone, they said my notifications are on, please check yours and see if something is wrong, I would hate to lose your videos.
Suvadeep Saha
Suvadeep Saha - Måned siden
Hallo Andrew can you make a review video of your new mig welder.
Joe Milton
Joe Milton - Måned siden
that attachment is pretty cool, needs a longer blade though
Dasdfjkl - Måned siden
Maybe put a half gallon of bleach in the water. It would clear right up. But couldn't let Cody drink from it until the bleach wore off.
Kevin OConnor
Kevin OConnor - Måned siden
Hey Andrew...love your channel! Keep it up! One suggestion: Wear some PPE; safety glasses, gloves, etc. As a Safety Manager, I've seen the results of not doing so. You need your eyes and hands, bro!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Thanks. Aren't I usually wearing glasses, I feel like I am pretty careful about that.
Brian Logan
Brian Logan - Måned siden
Have you ever done a video just on attachments for the skid steer?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Hype Gaming
Hype Gaming - Måned siden
hey you should do some more jet ski/boat repair videos, i love them!
Nicolas Roque
Nicolas Roque - Måned siden
Wats gd andrew long time i see u still doing your thing love the castle
J P - Måned siden
For ppl who don’t know AC usually dumps content in the fall and winter from spring and summer work, been this way for the past few years
Yamahaulin 98
Yamahaulin 98 - Måned siden
Love the video as always Andrew! Just a brief comment about what you said 14:26 about welding downhill; In most common applications, the direction of travel doesn’t matter that much when stick welding. If you’re using a “Fast Freeze” electrode like 6010 or 6011, it doesn’t really matter because the flux coating on that rod is so thin. So the slag layer that is formed over the top of the weld never really has a chance to become a runny liquid. Now if you’re welding with a rod like 7018, you could run into some problems because the flux coating is much thicker, and typically the slag coating will be thicker as well. So when welding downhill, that rod has a tendency to runny and drip kinda like a melting ice cream cone. So the chances of you welding over a piece of slag that has dripped down your work piece are much higher. This can cause contamination of the weld where it leaves little pockets of slag embedded in the metal, which can translate into a weaker weld. Now for what you’re doing, even if this were the case I wouldn’t worry too much because you don’t have to worry about X-Ray testing and welding up to code. In applications like structural steel and pipelines where typically a certification is required, you’d have to be conscious of that and normally weld going uphill to lower the chance of that happening. Again, just some food for thought :) not trying to be a keyboard warrior here. 👍🏻👍🏻
Kirk Rogers
Kirk Rogers - Måned siden
There’s nothing wrong with welding down hill it actually is cleaner if done right brother! Don’t listen to anyone about down hill, I’ve welded for 38 years! I’ve welded pipe down hill and X-Rayed! Keep it going Andrew, I enjoy your videos brother! 👍🏻
Mr.McGoover - Måned siden
Welding down hand with stick isn't a myth, molten slag naturally flows down hill.... therefor doing vertical welds uphill allows the slag to flow away from the leading puddle and not into it. Mechanized Inert Gas welding or M.I.G. doesn't have the same slag problem so you can weld down hand no problem with M.I.G. because your only shielding the weld with a vapor gas.
Orv Rice
Orv Rice - Måned siden
The only one who has been
William Speedy
William Speedy - Måned siden
Do you ever run across any bears or other animals in your jobs
Michael Osmon
Michael Osmon - Måned siden
Burning stick without an auto hood. Throwback
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - Måned siden
incredible results".. Thank you for your videos.
Snarky Mcsnarkles
Snarky Mcsnarkles - Måned siden
that blue stuff looks nasty
Gunge 1775
Gunge 1775 - Måned siden
Great vid wats the attachment called? Thanks!
J. D. Large
J. D. Large - Måned siden
Long time no see, glad your ok! Cody’s looking happy, Hows Levi? Was waiting to see “splash...” then a blue dog lol! I coulda used that attachment the other night, the wife made a meatloaf brick conventional knives couldn’t cut!✌🏼😉
Sankar Saha
Sankar Saha - Måned siden
Did you bought another mig welder?
Sankar Saha
Sankar Saha - Måned siden
@Andrew Camarata make a review video of your new mig welder.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Got a 211
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt - Måned siden
I happen to be sat watching this wearing one of Andrew's very nice shirts. I hope every time I wear it, a new video appears 😁
Alton House
Alton House - Måned siden
Glad to see you back. I really enjoy watching you doing your own repairs, reminds me of myself when I was a much younger man.
Нели Попо
Нели Попо - Måned siden
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - Måned siden
Dang, I been missing this guy. Glad you’re back
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt - Måned siden
I hate stumps too😡. Nice video.
Jim Pumphrey
Jim Pumphrey - Måned siden
Welcome Back Andrew.
mitzvah golem
mitzvah golem - Måned siden
Nice to chop up stumps.
Just got a CAT 289D gonna put this on it.
Awesome thanks
Cyanide300 - Måned siden
Who says you shouldn't weld down hill with stick? You can weld any direction the stick is designed to weld. Up, down, upside down, whatever, as long as you use the right rod.
Bruce Skinner
Bruce Skinner - Måned siden
Love the fact that you record in 2160p. Makes my 30" curved widescreen come to life! Great video, Andrew...keep makin' 'em!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Thanks, will do.
Crotch Banister
Crotch Banister - Måned siden
Why are your dogs so well tempered? My dogs a nut case!
seeni gzty
seeni gzty - Måned siden
the inside. noburn.info/id/video/1G3GnbCqnox9gWE.html
Richard H
Richard H - Måned siden
That’s a great thing to be doing! if you keep the forest floor cleaner by removing stumps there’s less fuel for a potential forest fire 👍
cleo0399 - Måned siden
That thing is more aggravation than production..piece of junk.
Try It all Tristin
Try It all Tristin - Måned siden
You should put weed killer around the pond
Kase Honders
Kase Honders - Måned siden
Wo wo wo what’s that in the back ground 15:47. Did I miss something or is he just fixing that artic cat
Andy Vance
Andy Vance - Måned siden
I Noticed a KRX in the background of this video and on your instagram stories. as an avid sxs rider I would love to hear your thoughts on the KRX
Andy Vance
Andy Vance - Måned siden
@Andrew Camarata video on it soon?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
That thing is ridiculous.
chris salyers
chris salyers - Måned siden
your videos have too many ads
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm - Måned siden
like the haircut andrew looks good
Ekskavatör Avcısı
Ekskavatör Avcısı - Måned siden
Very very very good 👏👏👏👏👏
Steve Normandin
Steve Normandin - Måned siden
that attachment would be way better if it could revolve the head 90 degrees ( cutting blade in horizontal position ) than you could use it to cut trees with it !
AZVIDS - Måned siden
I hate stumps too😡. Nice video.
Jason Swift
Jason Swift - Måned siden
HOw is Levi?
senni bgon
senni bgon - Måned siden
yo, I've been waiting on a video for what seems like forever! Welcome back! :D
annag cocl
annag cocl - Måned siden
Don't post as "unlisted" your vids aren't even suggested anymore while the previous were.
The_Hate_Inside - Måned siden
Problem with downhill welding is that it often can have poor penetration, especially if you weld thicker steel. Here is a link to a video that shows what downhill welds look like on the inside. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9clLynTEJ0
annag cocl
annag cocl - Måned siden
Andrew looks tired! His face shows it. Relax young man, relax.
The_Hate_Inside - Måned siden
Gotta love the clickbait title on this. Amazing video! you wouldn't believe the shocking footage of how the stump splits!
Joe Milton
Joe Milton - Måned siden
"why I'm quitting youtube forever, shocking admission that will leave you speechless!"
Chakat Nightsparkle
Chakat Nightsparkle - Måned siden
Downhill welding is often used for fillet welding of steel sheets due to the following advantages over uphill welding.

(1) Faster welding speed
(2) Easier to obtain small-leg fillet weld
(3) Shallower penetration
(4) Lower heat input due to faster welding speed
(5) Less welding distortion

However, downhill welding can inhibit penetration and generate slag inclusions unless a welder can control the arc to track correctly on the welding line at fast speeds
senni bgon
senni bgon - Måned siden
I bet Andrew never gets splinters or blisters. I didn't realize how soft my hands were until I started working with my hands.
Kredo800 - Måned siden
Instead of or together with Coddy you need a son imao.
Swe.Bras64 - Måned siden
Don't they have properly tool in US to mount on machines? He can't be proude off that work
Swe.Bras64 - Måned siden
DuriensBane - Måned siden
Welding downhill depends on the process and the application. It is widely agreed that all slag processes should not be welded down hill, BUT you can do it if it is not an inspected item. So if you are welding for yourself, you shouldnt care. The main reason why people say you shouldnt weld slag processes downhill is due to the possible slag inclusions you can get from the slag puddle moving faster then the weld bead and getting trapped under it and not being able to rise to the surface.
laskin riubn
laskin riubn - Måned siden
I like how you solve problems, Andrew
Grex X5
Grex X5 - Måned siden
like the haircut andrew looks good
SGT. Charles Peterson
SGT. Charles Peterson - Måned siden
Scott Schaeffer
Scott Schaeffer - Måned siden
Welcome Back!!! Let the lessons begin!
Mike Bateman
Mike Bateman - Måned siden
Hey louder design The whole thing is I wouldn't about that I can make a whole lot more Meena 1
laskin riubn
laskin riubn - Måned siden
Wow,You could really put the squeeze on somebody! Ha ha!
Stanisław K
Stanisław K - Måned siden
Cody, I love u
annag cocl
annag cocl - Måned siden
You've been hiding for a minute ! Hope Levi is doing good !
David Kathleen Brusky
David Kathleen Brusky - Måned siden
Andrew looks tired! His face shows it. Relax young man, relax.
michaelovitch - Måned siden
Don't post as "unlisted" your vids aren't even suggested anymore while the previous were.
Paco Abarca F.
Paco Abarca F. - Måned siden
Hola Andrew: Soy seguidor de tus vídeos desde Barcelona (Europa). Un amigo veterano de éste medio, (el vídeo), me aconsejó poco movimiento para editar en 4K. Es lo que ocurre cuando gravas a tu perro corriendo (imagen borrosa, mal). Hice unas pruebas con mi nueva cámara Sony, en el formato de 4K y viendo el mal resultado abandoné éste formato, decidí gravar en AVCHD. Soy mucho mayor que tu, pero sigo aprendiendo cada día. De ti, la determinación y el trabajo bien hecho para poder decir luego "esto lo hice yo". No te arrugas ante nada. Yo, de más mayor, quiero ser como tu... He sido "motero" hasta los más setenta años, he tenido unas cuantas motos clásicas. Mi última motocicleta de uso diario, fue una BMW 800 ST, la cual vendí llorando el año pasado, una maravilla, potente y rápida. Pongo un enlace de mis vídeos de aficionado. Me complacería poder comunicarme contigo de una forma más personal por correo.
Paco Abarca F.
Paco Abarca F. - Måned siden
@annag cocl Se le nota muy afín al mundo Camarata. Después de editar unos cuantos kilómetros de vídeo, usted notaría que al principio del vídeo con el perro corriendo el efecto "foto movida". Mi crítica siempre es constructiva hacia Andrew Camarata, soy admirador suyo. Pero adivino que Andrew es un "perfeccionador" en todo lo que hace y seguro que el estaría de acuerdo conmigo. Pido disculpas por no hablar su lengua, espero que el traductor de Google funcione bien. Desde Barcelona un saludo. noburn.info/id/video/qYSmi6yCZZ-IsKQ.html
annag cocl
annag cocl - Måned siden
B quality? Can’t tell the difference! It’s Camarata quality
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm - Måned siden
You've been hiding for a minute ! Hope Levi is doing good !
ESPSJ - Måned siden
I bet Andrew never gets splinters or blisters. I didn't realize how soft my hands were until I started working with my hands.
christerpher Feddema
christerpher Feddema - Måned siden
its not that you can't weld down hill just you need a special ticket for it to do it professional and getting the processes approved on a job is a night mare good money for the x-ray techs tho. so no one does it on paper but some tiles you got to do what you got to do. primary reason they don't b/c risk of slag inclusion is very high
Ed Dream
Ed Dream - Måned siden
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm - Måned siden
There aint no nuclear submarine goin out to sea with one inch of downhill welding. Learn from the pros....
Davide Montanini
Davide Montanini - Måned siden
wow what a fantasy😂😂😂
Hector L
Hector L - Måned siden
Yeah where have you been? Lol. Miss your vids and narration...and Cody and Levie.
Chuck Kolancz
Chuck Kolancz - Måned siden
not sure how much time you have to read comments, but I really like watching your videos. I've seen probably 85% of all your videos and I don't think there's any I don't enjoy watching
Jimmy Strange
Jimmy Strange - Måned siden
Wow,You could really put the squeeze on somebody! Ha ha!
James Fox
James Fox - Måned siden
Hey, that's My 225 Lincoln stick there. A fine machine that'll burn lots-o-rod in a hurry.
Nice double blade skid steer rail. I welded another ax head onto the top of one of my splitters...helps cut bigger pieces nicely. Try it, you'll like it.
gardenman3 - Måned siden
I wondered what the wood was for.
Liberty Patriot
Liberty Patriot - Måned siden
all these ugly grunt jobs;..its great that you have all the right equipment and when required modify,modify, modify as needed...!
candace - Måned siden
Andrew, it's been so long since you had a vid we forgot about this great attachment. Fun times in southern Oregon, while the state burns its cities to the ground and antifa decimates Portland, we at least have a Camarata video to remind us that life is not all horror. Thanks, buddy.
Joe Bassford
Joe Bassford - Måned siden
Andrew’s dog has the same energy levels as his owner.
Rivera - Måned siden
B quality? Can’t tell the difference! It’s Camarata quality
Jesse Rousseau
Jesse Rousseau - Måned siden
Why though
Dermot Byrne
Dermot Byrne - Måned siden
That's a real neat attachment. Love your videos Andrew. 👍👍🇨🇦🐶❤
Mark Hansen
Mark Hansen - Måned siden
You’re livin the life. Keep it up. If you can can take care of yourself and your family doing this there is no more noble pursuit.
talisay - Måned siden
There aint no nuclear submarine goin out to sea with one inch of downhill welding. Learn from the pros....
Michael Damon
Michael Damon - Måned siden
Andy’s match profile.
“ I have all the manly toys ... I play all day ... I have a dog and a dump truck. Oh yeah I almost forgot. I live in a castle “
Bam !!!!
Ben Kuehl
Ben Kuehl - Måned siden
I feel like I know this guys property so well ...I could find the toilet paper in the dark. Keep them coming Andrew!!
Paublus Americanus AMERICANUS
Welding downhill no strength is true. I rebuilt equipment for 30 years. I can weld uphill as fast as you downhill. First starting I tried it and the equipment broke very easily because our operators are not as talented as you andrew.
Glenn Davis
Glenn Davis - Måned siden
Much better improvement
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith - Måned siden
Really enjoy your videos.. What you do with your Life is truly inspiring, honestly.
I think about some of those early videos I caught, where you were repairing small engines in your shop, and all the things you have accomplished. WoW!
Thanks for sharing!!
Boris Fett
Boris Fett - Måned siden
Andrew may say its B quality but YouTube says its on the trending list.