Setting trusses with a boom lift

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Setting roof trusses with a Condor boom lift.
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Dawson 1111
Dawson 1111 - 21 dag siden
Good job saved the dog another reason your the coolest dude ever
Dawson 1111
Dawson 1111 - 21 dag siden
Disabled the safety switch is what fixes the issue that’s definitely your style
1944chevytruck - 28 dager siden
thanks 4 video. be kind.......,,,,,---===[[]]
UnknownEvent - 3 måneder siden
See this is why ppl are watching this.. because u have Goodyear mudflaps....
Tom Sabovski
Tom Sabovski - 4 måneder siden
Andrew the mechanism is excellent , we have a similar one in Russia based on KAMAZ . with a similar remote control . The only thing that you have is smaller in size and you can squeeze between the trees.
Jerry Stotler
Jerry Stotler - 4 måneder siden
Maybe you can add a winch to that trailer?
Fabio Mazzani
Fabio Mazzani - 4 måneder siden
tu sei una persona fantastica, dolce sensibile e dal cuore grande oltre ad essere un bravo lavoratore e serio professionista, complimenti, grazie per condividere con me le tue emozioni e le tue vicende.
Erin Lewis
Erin Lewis - 4 måneder siden
Andrew! What is the song/music playing from around min 11-14? My hubby likes it!
Smudge - 4 måneder siden
Man that boom lift looks sketchy.
Geddy Lee
Geddy Lee - 4 måneder siden
Yeh, "you're way over it" like ejected over into the next county for the lack of a safety harness.
John Sikonski
John Sikonski - 4 måneder siden
Get r done
rocklobster 14
rocklobster 14 - 4 måneder siden
Is this in Mexico...
John Tiffault
John Tiffault - 5 måneder siden
Nice...good job Andrew on rescuing the dog. She really wanted to hang out with you though. 😎
Bill Fowler
Bill Fowler - 5 måneder siden
Love your video's and channel Andrew. I have to comment on you and the other guy NOT wearing a safety lanyard and harness while loading and operating that ancient Condor/Calavar boom lift or any boom lift. I was in the heavy equipment rental industry for decades. Sadly, many rental company drivers were killed after being ejected from the basket while loading a boom lift due to not having a harness and lanyard on. Other boom lift operators were killed while being up in the air in the basket when the basket leveling pin failed, dumping the basket over and the operator falling to his death. Harnesses and lanyards are not expensive and save lives. I'm not trying to be overly cautious, but rather, I enjoy your videos and want to see you around to continue to make them! 👍
Welshy 1985
Welshy 1985 - 5 måneder siden
Wendy is gorgeous.
Sparky - 5 måneder siden
Would anyone trust those horrible, flimsy a-frames to hold up a roof properly?? I am not an engineer, but I have built enough houses. I always build my own a-frames :) Thank you for rescuing the lost puppy!!!
Ben Reade
Ben Reade - 7 måneder siden
Good find andrew you found it before it got squashed
A. Friend
A. Friend - 7 måneder siden
2:58 your boom lift sound like the minion fire alarm from the movie despicable me 2 :-)
Inspector/coordinator - 7 måneder siden
Good for you to rescue the dog! Up here in Canada there is proper use of using a AWP(aerial work platform). It is not to use the equipment as a “lifting devise”. The weight is what platform can care in the basket.
Momo - 7 måneder siden
You need a BIG winch on the front of your big trailer, for just such an occasion. 👍🏼🤷‍♂️👍🏼
bohhica1 - 7 måneder siden
Very thin trusts to me. Enjoying your videos,again.👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸
Аяб Тефтулов
Аяб Тефтулов - 8 måneder siden
Андрюша, ты очень хороший человек!!! Браво!!! 😎👍
Buzzy Crawford
Buzzy Crawford - 8 måneder siden
I have a question for Andrew, or some of his followers who might know, at the end of most videos, when the drone goes up for the shot of the mountains, is the drone looking in the direction of the castle? Or just a scenic shot of the mountains?
Ken Robinson
Ken Robinson - 8 måneder siden
your a great bloke love your videos
Argus Dacicus
Argus Dacicus - 8 måneder siden
Well this kind of dog was Johnatan Archer favorite race ,he was his pal in Enterprise 🤫
benzboston - 8 måneder siden
andrew your a saint.i dont get how people can care so little about there dog to not know where they are at all times.
Ramiro Susanna
Ramiro Susanna - 9 måneder siden
marcus cicero
marcus cicero - 9 måneder siden
hook made out of rebar and hey while we're at it let's disable this safety - what could go wrong
Tomicka Judkins
Tomicka Judkins - 9 måneder siden
Your such a good guy.. It warms my heart to see people like u. So kind and gentle. May the supreme energy bless you with the goodness you deserve..
Dave Dallara
Dave Dallara - 9 måneder siden
Good video. Like the music who is it?
FHM Chris
FHM Chris - 9 måneder siden
"Anyone got a philips?" as he holds a knife up to it haha. Good call with the winch under the carriage. I'd probably also place one on the trailer itself, if you can get one large enough to assist with pulling that kind of weight.
publicEnima - 10 måneder siden
code must be different where you are. Those looks like 16 on center trusses.
john lomax
john lomax - 10 måneder siden
Dangerous practice ,not recommended at all ,
Jeffrey Calabro
Jeffrey Calabro - 10 måneder siden
Just a heads up Andrew when hooking up chains on your trailer dot. Will want you to have them crossed don't ask me why
Scpawh - 10 måneder siden
I use the same hoist in my garage for my hard top off my jeep and other stuff like my riding lawn mower when I need under it for the blades. Amazon for 150$ 440lbs.
Disabled_Batman - 10 måneder siden
It's a weird plug lol wtf never seen 220?!
Jake Walter
Jake Walter - 11 måneder siden
Eddie B
Eddie B - 11 måneder siden
Big brownie points for finding the owner of the lost dog! #AC
Backyard Grill Master
Backyard Grill Master - 11 måneder siden
Hay someone needs to tell Andrew that boom lift needs a coat of paint! Video can next week ;-0)
Kevin Feliciano
Kevin Feliciano - 11 måneder siden
would a telehander work better to set the roof truces
captainjerk - 11 måneder siden
Good for that dog, yer a good dude! :D
Rob J
Rob J - År siden
Such a great guy. Helps his neighbors, is nice to animals, and fixes everything and anything. And never uses foul language or complains. Epitome of class.
Alex 215
Alex 215 - År siden
You should cross your trailer chains so if it the trailer comes in hooked it’s helped up temporarily by the chains
Stephen Warrick
Stephen Warrick - År siden
Andrew that was so awesome caring anough to make sure the dog got home I'm a dog lover and would hope if anyone ever ran up on my dogs they would do the same thing I have done that very same thing twice within the past couple years and if everybody cared like that we would see less animals flat on the road so I just wanted to say great job that makes this the best video of yours I've seen put me in a great mood
Diana Goodrich
Diana Goodrich - År siden
Hi! If you need that 30 amp connection to really work, you might check an RV supply place for an extension cord. Now, getting someplace to PLUG THAT into could be a tougher challenge.
John Wagner
John Wagner - År siden
was watchingyou attaching a trailer, with that big bar. I've broken 2 fingers doing that by hand. I think you have the smarter method.
Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams - År siden
God I love Sadie!
Nomad Chad
Nomad Chad - År siden
This channel makes me like republicans
Mick Ritron
Mick Ritron - År siden
You Picking that dog up and her going with you just like that to take her home made my day! That was great!
007 More
007 More - År siden
I can't see wall mart from the drone what the hells going on
Is this filmed in America ?
Im scared
Mark Arrivi
Mark Arrivi - År siden
Nice job Andrew Worked out Good
TBZ R6 Siege Clan
TBZ R6 Siege Clan - År siden
When he said Hello to Wendy I almost lost it, that was cute
R Smitdog
R Smitdog - År siden
Your a good man Andrew, taking the doggy home!
Charlie Coggins
Charlie Coggins - År siden
Oh come on!! what in the hell don't you have???
simon bennett
simon bennett - År siden
the builder is braking the BED 420 international building code and you are assisting him
simon bennett
simon bennett - År siden
should i share this with the us building standard agency
simon bennett
simon bennett - År siden
i am shocked to see this its not a crane its s sky lift you need both for erecting a roof how you did not kill some one is beyond me builder shuld be band for woking a nd putting his men in danger i have been watching you for a long time and this is the worst and you went along with them
Michael Schuler
Michael Schuler - År siden
How much can that handle without outriggers one dude and a truss seems over 500 pounds
Michael Schuler
Michael Schuler - År siden
Andrew Camarata thanks Andrew you inspired me to buy my first skid steer it’s a bobcat 753 . It needed some love but works like a dream low and I got so much stuff done in the last 2 weeks
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
Truss was 160lbs. But that lift is 9 tons on solid tires, that's why it can work no outriggers.
xyz 9875
xyz 9875 - År siden
The dog wants to hire him for searching the lost bone in his backyard.
chucky chuck
chucky chuck - År siden
👍🏾👍🏾💪🏾💪🏾Glad I found your YT channel I'm a dog and animals lover.
burgie03 - År siden
OSHA hates everything lol. but the saving of the beagle, props to you man
nick8649 - År siden
I don’t think that machine is designed to that type of work. Only suppose to be for people. Be safe please.
Secret Agent
Secret Agent - År siden
Down here, guys just walk the top plates to end of the wall, grab both ends with ropes and walk it into place. A long 2x4 flips the truss upright and on to the next one. But I'm like you -- I like using machinery for everything.
Damien Oleary
Damien Oleary - År siden
All communities needs people like this .
jkwo2007 - År siden
Nice show.
Peter Nicholsonu
Peter Nicholsonu - År siden
Hey Andrew everybodys worrying bout your safety. Why? Your a mountain man ain’t cha? With your workmanship I would never expect you to take bad risks. Australia says Hi!
Eric Bengtson
Eric Bengtson - År siden
OMG, this guy even rescues lost dogs. Andrew you some kind of cool man!
simi - År siden
this is wrong on all levels
Antonio Romero
Antonio Romero - År siden
By chance you might know what part of the country it is? It seems an ideal place to live for its quantity of trees, its beauty for being a flat terrain and for the weather.
Changed Nature
Changed Nature - År siden
Get er done!
Tim Hottinger
Tim Hottinger - År siden
Did anyone see the max lift 500 lbs ? I believe that it was over loaded. It's not a crane . I hear the warning sound. Of over load. Disconnect the safety switch ! ALWAYS SAFETY FIRST . OSHA GONNA GET YA.
Trade Viper Dave
Trade Viper Dave - År siden
You don't appear to have kids, which is a shame because the world needs parents like you would be,
Kester Gascoyne
Kester Gascoyne - År siden
Definitely should have a harness on
Bob Morris
Bob Morris - År siden
Harness wouldn't do much good when the man lift turned over
R R M - År siden
seems legit in speed up mode
R R M - År siden
that doggie found the right man
Joseph Burkhalter
Joseph Burkhalter - År siden
Don’t see any diagonal bracing on those trusses. Building a church in CT. Back in the 80’s , same mistake. A wind came up, the entire row of trusses collapsed. Two men died. The triangle is the strongest structural shape. Just a couple of 2x4’s as diagonals might save a life if one truss slips or is pushed over, taking down the entire group. Do not wait for your own experience to teach you a lesson. It’s too expensive and sometimes heartbreaking, not just expensive. Do the job right the first time. Perfect is close enough!
Hope I don’t come across as critical and “ know it all”. 30 years in construction and you see a few hard lessons. Work safe , Bless you.
LoneWolf28 - År siden
Should've got a JLG lift Andrew.
Will Currie
Will Currie - År siden
Think wendy would have liked to hang out with you for a while 🐕 good job mate 👍
Shane Anderson
Shane Anderson - År siden
Those are some skinny light trusses ! I’d be doubling them up
ArmyArtist SGT
ArmyArtist SGT - År siden
I love work! I can sit around and watch it all day!
Mike LaBelle
Mike LaBelle - År siden
I really like watching your videos, but you have to be safe and follow the safety regulations, that's what they are there for. I have been in construction for well over 40 years and have never had a serious accident nor has there been one on one of my jobs. Be safe out there. I have seen too many people get hurt on jobs for not following the rules.
Mike LaBelle
Mike LaBelle - År siden
@Andrew Camarata True, but that especially goes for those that don't follow the rules or use common sense to begin with.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
No amount of safety rules will keep a stupid person from getting hurt.
Mike LaBelle
Mike LaBelle - År siden
Using a man lift for something it was never designed to do, good way to get yourself or someone else injured or killed.
Mike LaBelle
Mike LaBelle - År siden
@Andrew Camarata
Mike LaBelle
Mike LaBelle - År siden
@Andrew Camarata Actually no man lift is rated to pickup or lift anything, the 500 pound rating is for the capacity of the persons in the bucket, period. Osha rules also require that any persons in the lift bucket have Personal fall protection on and attached to the machine while in the bucket. You might want to inform yourself a little better about OSHA rules and safety requirements.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
Mike LaBelle no it’s not. It’s rated to pick 500lbs. That was less than that.
Ranaldo Bobsled
Ranaldo Bobsled - År siden
LOL. That's a man lift. It's not intended to lift trusses. 500lb max. I use those on a regular basis.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
Those trusses were only 160 lbs.
Jay Piarra 83
Jay Piarra 83 - År siden
I've seen a couple of these vids and thought: pretty cool. A container house with a tower. Then today, I saw a couple more and saw how he treats animals and I subscribed. Keep up the good work and content. Cheers.
Jimmynitr - År siden
Andrew you should never even get in the basket without a safety body harness on. A friend of mine unloaded one just like that and one without one and wheel came off the ramp an there was no way he could hang on he was ejected and landed on his head, died instantly. This happened in between the 2 planes ✈️ on 911. Just like those guys that top off tall trees and they go for a ride and you better be strapped in.
Jack Juliano
Jack Juliano - År siden
Came for boom lift misuse, stayed for a dog named wendy
Christof Reuther
Christof Reuther - År siden
Hey Andrew, whats the song called you used on this video after 13min? thanks for your nice work
greetings from germany
Enterprise206 - År siden
At first I wasn't very interested in this vid, but see you rescue a cute dog and return her to her owner made it worth it
Steve Pettifer
Steve Pettifer - År siden
I'm assuming the little crane Andrew has is out of commission, seems like it'd have been ideal for that job.
49 Dodge
49 Dodge - År siden
Say UNION YES ! I made an extension for the cable winch control with trailer light wiring.
Maniacal Offroad
Maniacal Offroad - År siden
Beagles are great. 😊
mrzof - År siden
Travis N.
Travis N. - År siden
Fantastic job taking care of Wendy 😊
beboboy mann
beboboy mann - År siden
They should have ordered those Fink trusses with a 2x6 bottom cord so attic storage load would be designed in then a disappearing stair could have been installed.
Michael Mouse
Michael Mouse - År siden
... are those trusses made out of orange box wood?
Dave Leland
Dave Leland - År siden
16" on center. Is that the upstate New York norm... snow load and all? Here in Michigan we can use 24" on center.
Rick Rose
Rick Rose - År siden
My name is Andrew. I play with heavy equipment. I play with my dogs. I play with drones. I make bank. Life is good.
Richard England
Richard England - År siden
When Andrew is not in charge of a job they go overboard. Lifting the trusses could have been done with 4 guys in 4 hours. Ladders and nail guns are all you need.
david - År siden
The trick to loading is spin around, put the basket on the dirt and extend the boom and push your self up with motor assist. When your up, spin around...easy peassie.
david - År siden You get the idea
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
The controls stop working when that thing is tilted a drop. (except for the steering/drive)
binthrdonthat - År siden
Who the flip has this kind of equipment? We all have to live vicariously through you Andrew
Jerry Lifsey
Jerry Lifsey - År siden
You need a drone that picks up trusses :)