Setting spancrete floor panels

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Getting four 25' x 4' x 8" precast concrete (spancrete) floor panels and setting them on a building with a crane.
Runtime: 22:33


lee gibson
lee gibson - 6 dager siden
I was waiting for that chain to snap going around the curve there. If it was me? It would have.
1944chevytruck - 29 dager siden
thanks 4 video. be kind....-09=][
Edward Tilley
Edward Tilley - Måned siden
Can you use the spancrete for walls? I notice a lot commercial warehouses and big-block retail warehouses use these six-foot standing panels for walls too - but I think they might not be as thick.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
They are made differently for vertical. These panels need to be horizontal. And its important which side is up.
joshua ruiz
joshua ruiz - 2 måneder siden
wwe raw highlights
Tony's DIY Vehicle Flips & Rebuilds Tennessee
Can i ask how much were the concrete slabs
Ruben Kelevra
Ruben Kelevra - 2 måneder siden
Wooden floors 😂
Kind of unheard of in Germany. I mean, you can do this, but it's extremely rarely done.
Ping Pong
Ping Pong - 3 måneder siden
The metal frame looks incredibly unstable for all that weight - this is not engineered.
Ping Pong
Ping Pong - 3 måneder siden
Couldn't you have put the trailer directly on the bull dozer?
Andrew Court
Andrew Court - 4 måneder siden
To avoid double handling would it not of been easier for the delivery truck to off load the beams right at the building.. perhaps there is a technical, legal or logistical reason that they were off loaded at the bottom of the hill / at the front gate.
Li U MAAA - 4 måneder siden
I have a job on my penthhouse .. feell good for no reason
Jayster Mac
Jayster Mac - 4 måneder siden
Levi is definitely the boss! I respect Andrew because he knows how to treat his dogs.
Daniel Holland
Daniel Holland - 4 måneder siden
8:17 why cant you just use the fucking shovel attachment
Jack Barry
Jack Barry - 4 måneder siden
Lol have you ever seen somebody who needs a full time hired guy more than Andrew
Jack Barry
Jack Barry - 4 måneder siden
Or have 2, one on monday thru friday another tuesday thru saturday big jobs on the overlap and smaller when just 2 men. Plus it'd take 2 extra to keep up haha
Sir. Tony Blair. jr
Sir. Tony Blair. jr - 4 måneder siden
Wow Andrew, watch yourself. Be need some help.(get that son of ours tto help you?)
Where is your house in relative to your Container Castle? Just wondering?
conn1conn - 5 måneder siden
super man! hello from Moscow!)
David Reyes
David Reyes - 5 måneder siden
This guy needs a skytrak
Steves Leonardoss Mohnss
Steves Leonardoss Mohnss - 5 måneder siden
👍👍👍👍👋👋👋👋 good morning friend Andrew
Machine Shop
Machine Shop - 5 måneder siden
Mr Busy
Mr Busy - 5 måneder siden
This guy must have some serious money , he’s got a lot of iron on that property love the work he does super smart guy
Eric Kieffer
Eric Kieffer - 5 måneder siden
Check out the happy bark from Levi @ 16:45. My Yellow Lab almost never made a peep.
Circle H
Circle H - 5 måneder siden
You can have the nasty weather no way
Jim C
Jim C - 6 måneder siden
I've got a set of double railer tire chains ⛓ that have your name on them. They will fit 22.5 tires. That would have got ya up that hill.
anthony john ramsey
anthony john ramsey - 6 måneder siden
you could take one at a time
Just Positions
Just Positions - 6 måneder siden
I think your dog has hip dysplasia
David Dececco
David Dececco - 6 måneder siden
your an interesting dude, i love how you just stop and fix some random things. i love it
BIGERBOSS1998 - 6 måneder siden
Thank God for free thinking and creativity that is left in this old USA
Dale Davis
Dale Davis - 6 måneder siden
Andrew of heard of that before
Dale Davis
Dale Davis - 6 måneder siden
How old is that old loader crawler
Dale Davis
Dale Davis - 6 måneder siden
I have a 2019 770 bobcat brand new everything
Dale Davis
Dale Davis - 6 måneder siden
It's hard for me not to like the old black dump truck
Dale Davis
Dale Davis - 6 måneder siden
You would never guess where I'm from
Dale Davis
Dale Davis - 6 måneder siden
I need to find me a little place up there I lived in Western Pennsylvania for 11 years used to work over there a lot
Darrin Rentruc
Darrin Rentruc - 6 måneder siden
The life of the guy in that truck was dependent on that chain not snapping
Jon Zuber
Jon Zuber - 6 måneder siden
Man, this guy has stool for everything.
Rollem Swift
Rollem Swift - 6 måneder siden
Andrew next summer get a couple of loads of road salt from your local roads dept no probs next winter.
Cheers buddy.
Kamile Askerova
Kamile Askerova - 7 måneder siden
Joel D Herbert Sr
Joel D Herbert Sr - 7 måneder siden
i think I would want a little heat, just to smell the wood burn if nothing elst. you have a lot of wood to burn
Willaim R. Kirkland
Willaim R. Kirkland - 7 måneder siden
Great opening music. Beautiful country.  Good education.  Thanks.
J NotinNYCanymore
J NotinNYCanymore - 7 måneder siden
@16:15 what tool does he NOT have?
Steve Hartman
Steve Hartman - 7 måneder siden
the dogs seem smart enough not to fall off the edge, i get nervous watching them go up to the edge sometimes.
Manuel Barkhau
Manuel Barkhau - 7 måneder siden
21:00 You say they have "a curve to them", I guess that also means they have a right side up?
k s
k s - 7 måneder siden
i need the music from the end of this video , can you help me?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 7 måneder siden
Probably came from youtube audio library.
Duncan - 8 måneder siden
When is this boy going to buy some snow/mud fitting for that truck? Thing gets stuck in mud more than dirt.
steve smith
steve smith - 8 måneder siden
Wish I lived there
Big Ed's beachside garage
Big Ed's beachside garage - 8 måneder siden
Can't wait to see more
Argus Dacicus
Argus Dacicus - 8 måneder siden
In communism era wen i was a kid they build Blocks of Flats on assembley line just like you suggest to make it fast and alot of them to move the rural are to the city kind of like Communist China did it for the force industrialization......with concrete panels and bars steel ! The problem was they were a freezer in the winter and a microwave oven in the summer......after the fall of communism after the year 2000 it began a race to Termo Isolate this buildings because utilities prices jump up alot so you got no choise but to make it termic efficient now it the law in EU space special if you want to sell your flat or buy you will now how well termoisolatated is....
Martin Tijdgat
Martin Tijdgat - 8 måneder siden
These type of spancrete panels are in use in The Netherlands for over 25 years for floor and roofconstructions. It’s only hard to hang a lamp underneath them. 😅
MAD GRUMPYMAN - 8 måneder siden
I hope you looked into the strength of those panels in great detail. I personally would never trust them spanning that kind of distance with an overhead installation.
Chris Gray
Chris Gray - 9 måneder siden
Well done LEVI/ Andrew its good solid hard work but the end Cant wait !!!!! Hope you have some income coming in whilst you do this home upgrade. All the best from CHRIS across the pound YEOVIL Somerset UK
Marcel Bori
Marcel Bori - 9 måneder siden
Hello Mr. Andrew, it is a nice show when it comes to work and especially the leader is handy and thinks it! I wish a lot of strength and success in the design, at work. with wishes, from the Czech Republic | z : Denda
arbeeex - 9 måneder siden
Given the annual forest fires in southern California (and elsewhere), I would wonder if this might be a good construction method (with or without the shipping containers). Poured concrete walls and stressed slab floors & roofs.

I wonder if the slab manufacturer could also include PEX heating pipe in the slab (for heating & cooling). Or perhaps a layer of lightweight concrete on top of the stressed slab with PEX would be better. Food for thought.
templetonblake - 9 måneder siden
this last panel would have been a job from the front side.....
templetonblake - 9 måneder siden
@Andrew Camarata the last sequence it was well visible. did i mention something? i blame yout... ;-)
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
It was still the same distance.
Nicolas Xu
Nicolas Xu - 9 måneder siden
I think all those construction equipment worth more than your house.
The2ndKombat - 9 måneder siden
After careful observations, I realized that Andrew's castle acts as a Faraday cage. Some cellular gadgets might not be receiving cell signal from the outside. If Andrew closes all the doors & windows, no radio signal will enter or leave the castle 😅
ahnbra - 9 måneder siden
Why did you use your skid steer over the plow or the Yellow Dozer? It would have been faster to use one of the two wider/bigger units correct? I know bigger/larger is not always better. In this I think it wold have been. I do not understand your logic and would like to learn why you made the choice of using the skid steer. Thanks.
BrokeBike Mtb
BrokeBike Mtb - 9 måneder siden
That dog knows when shit goes up in the air to get out of the way.......awesome
djmips - 9 måneder siden
I feel like it's time for you to invest in upgrading your driveway and also it would make some good videos.
Jim Beck
Jim Beck - 9 måneder siden
Love your videos!! Love Levi! He’s awesome!!
Crotch Banister
Crotch Banister - 9 måneder siden
Is this building going to be able to hold all this weight???
MrPlow_2841 - 9 måneder siden
Your lack of doing anything safely is extremely frustrating. No harnesses, no bracing, improper lifting methods. Do yourself a favor and listen to some of the experts on here before you get someone..or yourself killed.
Brian Young
Brian Young - 9 måneder siden
🤣🤣🤣🤣 WOW your peace of work!!! Narcissist! What was your score on the CCO test, you didn’t say? I already know your rigging experience. Go until it brakes or someone gets hurt or dies!
You don’t pick precast with truck chains. Your a hack!!!
Brian Young
Brian Young - 9 måneder siden
Yep, your one of those guys that doesn’t listen. Go back and read your owner’s manual!!! On crane set up!! You did pass your CCO certification! 🙄 You really need to take a rigging class!!! What your doing is what you don’t do!!!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
No, everything I am doing is the way to do it. Anything different is wrong.
Brian Young
Brian Young - 9 måneder siden
Setting up a crane you have to use crane pads. It’s in your CCO hand book, and in the owners manual. Crane pads have to be 3 time big then the out rigger pad.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
That is on solid rock there. Those feet aren't going to sink in the ground.
Bruce Hurlburt
Bruce Hurlburt - 9 måneder siden
We need more :D part 3 !!! do it! just do it! :) Lovin the build
Frank Briley
Frank Briley - 10 måneder siden
It’s a shame that the property isn’t better kept. It could be nice.
Martin R
Martin R - 8 måneder siden
I see this property as a working space to run a business from not a show home.
John Hall
John Hall - 10 måneder siden
Wheres the next video
Autigers2010 - 10 måneder siden
Andrew is a never say never guy!!! This guy doesn't know what the word can't means!!!
paulluna45 - 10 måneder siden
That was the most ignorant thing ive seen in awhile, You could have easily lost that piece. If you were going to try that you should have at least double wrapped the chain so if the other end slid it couldn't come out of the choke. The safest option would have been to set it down and reposition the crane. The use of steel wire strand chokers would have been great to as chain has a tendency to run easier than wire chokers. Very lucky. Just my opinion though. Structural Union Ironworker
Dustin - 10 måneder siden
Did you have to make plans and pull permits for that thing?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 10 måneder siden
dus toin I did.
ShortyzProductionz - 10 måneder siden
Never heard them called spancrete floors, very interesting.
What tonnage was that rt crane?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 10 måneder siden
20 ton
Brian Young
Brian Young - 10 måneder siden
Wow 😳! Scary!!!!!!!
Brian Young
Brian Young - 10 måneder siden
How you guys didn’t kill anybody is a Miracle
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 10 måneder siden
No its not, we can see what is going to happen before it happens. Clearly you don't know what is safe and what is not. You belong at a desk job. Careful with that stapler.
Brian Young
Brian Young - 10 måneder siden
Operating a crane you have to know how to set it up! You need crane pads, and someone that knows rigging!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 10 måneder siden
Its on solid bed rock there.
Brian Young
Brian Young - 10 måneder siden
I bet those chains aren’t weight rate.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 10 måneder siden
Speak English.
Stephen Hazel
Stephen Hazel - 10 måneder siden
5000 years from now... after the robots have destroyed us and then used up all their battery juice... there will be the pyramids and the Camarata Castle. And when the aliens finally come, they will marvel.
stoag77 - 10 måneder siden
When Andrew finishes the roof, is he going to change the sketching on the T-shirts?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 10 måneder siden
I guess I might have to.
Dev Everything
Dev Everything - 10 måneder siden
So how much were they?
Jim D
Jim D - 10 måneder siden
Camarata's Container Castle......
Mark Mccue
Mark Mccue - 10 måneder siden
no building inspectors in that part of NY i guess. In Massachusetts they would probably lock you up.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 10 måneder siden
Mark Mccue lock them up. Go fail their buildings.
Mark Mccue
Mark Mccue - 10 måneder siden
@Andrew Camarata I didn't say they should, I said they probably would. Massachusetts is a commie nanny state. That's all.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 10 måneder siden
For what? This builder is stronger than any other building. I got a permit and engineered plans. They should be locked up for building those death traps houses out of fire wood.
Michael Lebert
Michael Lebert - 10 måneder siden
Andrew is very smart and strategic in his work If I could only learn a small bit from him on the job that would be awesome. I can see him getting into bigger things like building stuff and his own garage/building is his portfolio
Rusty Appling
Rusty Appling - 10 måneder siden
Hey Andy winter off.we all do
Steve Hall
Steve Hall - 10 måneder siden
When I first moved to the mountains, I had pulled a trailer thousands of miles, but not in snow. Good call on waiting out the snowstorm
Godzilla Destroys Cities
Godzilla Destroys Cities - 10 måneder siden
It seems that the building it starting to become a larger castle.
totalpkg69 - 10 måneder siden
Pre stress is for tensile strength not compressive
totalpkg69 - 10 måneder siden
Nice fort
jonka1 - 10 måneder siden
Levi is so obviously in charge on this job. He isn't even pretending not to be. It's amazing how he carries the whole design and placement of sections in his head. At one point he reminds you that the fourth section still needs to be lifted into place.
Tab Ranch
Tab Ranch - 10 måneder siden
🙋🏼‍♂️ every time the trucker used the tag line Levi thought he was going on a walk !🌞
getstuk - 10 måneder siden
Hey Andrew, have you considered pouring concrete/asphalt down for your driveway to avoid the getting stuck issue, or filling in with gravel? If it's properly drained it shouldn't get muddy and the rock helps with this.
Sascha Funk
Sascha Funk - 10 måneder siden
You should buy snow tracks for your truck.
Unlucky Knight
Unlucky Knight - 10 måneder siden
Wait, I'm new to this channel, but is he literally building himself a friggin castle from shipping containers/ steel/ aaaaaaaaaand concrete? ONLY IN AMERICA IS THAT A POSSIBILITY😂😂😂😂😁👍
Michael Moore
Michael Moore - 10 måneder siden
Your dog is a good boi
aquacastle1024 - 10 måneder siden
Tim Peightal
Tim Peightal - 10 måneder siden
Andrew Getting it done. Thumbs up to the consistent hard work and guts to accomplish anything. Couple things that might help with the crane work as that is what I do primarily.
Bring the rigging closer together, Id say on a pick like the spancrete id set it 6 feet apart. Reason being, it transfers the load to a vertical pick from a horizontal, meaning your rigging doesn't want to slip in, meaning it's way safer.
Second thing as you are a huge maintenance guy set your boom length and lower your boom angle to get further from you. It's really hard on your wear plates to extend your boom under load.
On a side note you inspired me to buy an old dump truck and backhoe and go for it. So cheers and keep up the great content
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 10 måneder siden
Thanks for the tips. On the span Crete though, it has zero strength the other direction. Having the slings close together might break it. I've been trying not to extend the boom under load, but sometimes that motion is very useful.
stephen lane
stephen lane - 10 måneder siden
Everybody: Hope the structural engineer is ok with all of that.

Andrew: Whats a structural engineer...
getstuk - 10 måneder siden
Love this guy but gd he is putting a lot of weight up there! That said, I am not an SE
Michael Timms
Michael Timms - 10 måneder siden
I feel like I'm gonna be watching that show about the most unique and expensive houses and this one is gonna be on there. Looks awesome.
Bryan Montgomery
Bryan Montgomery - 10 måneder siden
I'm glad Levi was there to advise you on rigging those panels to be lifted.
Tricky job, but his expertise never fails.
Philip Rush
Philip Rush - 10 måneder siden
Wow. I can't believe these machines are that bad in a little bit of snow. I would think just the opposite. Go figure... Keep up the good work, can't wait for more...
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 10 måneder siden
Many things do like ice. Tires with chains have the best tracton on ice.
Sir Undrinks
Sir Undrinks - 10 måneder siden
You should build a underground passageway, every castle should have one. Right? I would go acrossed the top driveway and down the hill acrossed the bottom driveway and down the hill to flat ground, then move the water resivour to that area, so you have a cool place to walk to. I don't know the entire layout of your property though, I think it would make some fun videos though.
Del Casale Excavating
Del Casale Excavating - 10 måneder siden
Hi Andrew and Merry Christmas to you and your family.. and a big merry Christmas to Levi ! I hope he gets lots of treats.. what year is your I.H. mason dump ? And are you thinking about selling it ?... I'm looking for a project and collect old 4x4 I.H.'s
Del Casale Excavating
Del Casale Excavating - 10 måneder siden
@Andrew Camarata that's weird.. I thought it was 4x4. My bad. Thanks for letting me know... take care of yourself and be safe
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 10 måneder siden
Del Casale Excavating thanks. It’s a 72. It’s not 4x4 though. That truck runs good, I wasn’t really planning on selling it though, I use it sometimes around the yard
Cliff Collins
Cliff Collins - 10 måneder siden
Andrew I truly am amazed!! how come you didn't pick these up from the supplier with your trailer??
Smile mate ,,
Merry Christmas to you and yours