Screening top soil

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Using a new skid steer mounted top soil screener to screen dirt for a lawn.
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Rob Wolford
Rob Wolford - 13 dager siden
Drop the mic.
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson - 21 dag siden
That's not a crowbar... THIS IS A CROWBAR!!
Karen loves Disneyoncé and the NFLJZ
I wonder if they had to use the fibbernauchy code to design that flipper screen
kamaroway günther
kamaroway günther - 27 dager siden
screning top soil
Tyler St. Pierre
Tyler St. Pierre - 28 dager siden
anybody else getting anxeity watching those dogs around the bobcat??
NoSaltiesAnd RoosHere
NoSaltiesAnd RoosHere - 29 dager siden
👍 Sehr gut und schön, danke!
1944chevytruck - Måned siden
COOL MACHINE I LIKE IT!..thanks 4 video. be kind...
Bobcat 843
Bobcat 843 - Måned siden
This young man is a real go getter.learning on his own priceless.
Bobcat 843
Bobcat 843 - Måned siden
Should wear ear protection so not to get loss of hearing and ringing in ur head.
Bobcat 843
Bobcat 843 - Måned siden
That skid steer is quiet
Robert Schmidt
Robert Schmidt - Måned siden
It looks like they were not placing the soil at the very top of that old shaker. Came down too fast and lost some good dirt. Good idea though.
Nathanael Newton
Nathanael Newton - Måned siden
So this is how it's done..
And to think, I've been doing this on a much smaller scale with a milk crate and spade ahaha
Ruben Kelevra
Ruben Kelevra - Måned siden
Check out stone burrier attachments for your tractor - this wouldn't require new material to be brought onto the soil, if it's fine to grow grass in. It will scoop the top layer off, mix it thoroughly and put all stones in the buttom afterwards, and all fine dirt on top.
It also removes any old plants or residue in the same pass, putting them deep enough underground to don't rod the roots of the next plants.
You can even seed new grass on some attachments in the same pass in the end, before lightly compacting the ground.
Finian Bower
Finian Bower - Måned siden
He should repaint his skidsteer
FutureMrsPizzorno - Måned siden
Nicholas DellaMorte
Nicholas DellaMorte - Måned siden
Every time he goes to one of his machine or trucks I hold my breath....
Roy Gradidge
Roy Gradidge - Måned siden
Nice piece of kit there Andrew. Thanks for the videos. Really enjoy your work!
Ima Crazy Guy
Ima Crazy Guy - Måned siden
It has already been a year since this? Good gosh! Time flies fast as heck!
David Reed
David Reed - Måned siden
Dude much too many ads it's not worth it
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Get premium or something.
Scott Hayes
Scott Hayes - 2 måneder siden
Can you rotate the bucket once to put the dirt at the screen then grab another bucket full to get more fill than just one buckets worth?
Yasmin Ghani
Yasmin Ghani - 2 måneder siden
Really enjoy watching your you do amazing work
GH - 2 måneder siden
I subscribed to your channel long time ago and I like your content, but not you are prosti**ing the channel inserting two commercials every couple of minutes, so I have to give you tombs down and unsubscribe until you clean your act
born2soon - 2 måneder siden
Levi is smart enough to stay out of the way. I'd fear for my Beagle! She'd want to be IN the skid steer with me.
BRICKCITY9MM - 2 måneder siden
I love how your boss Levi supervises you! He kills me with that.
Ernie White
Ernie White - 2 måneder siden
Booe ya fix those hoses so they dont drag under your bucket
Mat May
Mat May - 2 måneder siden
How much was the flip screen?
WOODY RESTER - 2 måneder siden
jjfore0921 - 2 måneder siden
I’ll trade you my wife and 2 out of 4 kids for your equipment.
apostom59 - 2 måneder siden
I know it is none of our business but..
My wife would like to know what month you werer born in..
Faithful followers.. thank you
Daniel B
Daniel B - 2 måneder siden
Vibratory? New word, Ill have to add it to my mohawk valley dictionary.
mike - 2 måneder siden
The home made screener wastes so much soil
HomeShowTV - 2 måneder siden
Only halfway through and I love it. It is brilliant. Do they have different sized screens available for doing classification?
New Tazewell United Methodist Church
What is the giant wrec
king bar???? Love it.
justin b
justin b - 2 måneder siden
I love how your dog just follows you, im glad you got a new one. Itll be easier once he passes
GREEN GENES - 2 måneder siden
@ 1:55 Could the longer hydraulic line be installed higher and the shorter line be installed lower ie the reverse of how you placed them in order to allow a bit more slack?
Emelen123 Jamesula
Emelen123 Jamesula - 2 måneder siden
Some rocks are falling out when tumble. The jaws don't close tight?
Chip away too much at that mountain, and you could create a mud slide in the next heavy rain.
mainhead888 - 2 måneder siden
Какая у вас земля каменистая. У нас в России такие земли тоже есть, но не много. Только в горных местах. Я до окончания школы думал, что везде на планете земля мягкая и почти без камней как у нас.
Gary Flythe
Gary Flythe - 2 måneder siden
A modern-day MacGyver. I love watching Levi open a bottle of Gatorade 😅
Benjamin Eichacker
Benjamin Eichacker - 2 måneder siden
Honestly I would've tilled it all up with a rotary tiller so it's deep, seed then pack it down by running it over. That's how we reseed our pastures. If you don't pack it down. Then the seed can wash away
Lm701 - 2 måneder siden
I could watch that for hours...
Michael Perry
Michael Perry - 2 måneder siden
The thing kinda looks horrible. Did you see him dumping in the truck mad rocks. No good.
Matt Cavy
Matt Cavy - 2 måneder siden
It makes me sad but happy seeing younger Levi, what a doggo in general!
Joseph Comeau
Joseph Comeau - 3 måneder siden
Did you ever look at a power box rake for landscaping?
Maxim Ovchin
Maxim Ovchin - 3 måneder siden
funny how a ford started right away and chevy didn't
PAINFOOL13🖤 - 3 måneder siden
Cool Tool n Lab Inspector
On Duty..Good Boy Levi 👍🏻
drokky1234 - 3 måneder siden
Id tell your m8 to raise the rear of that screener so that it screens more and not just run down the front use the vibration of the motor to screen it more whilst it also vibrates the larger material down the front, plus it also will help with not damaging the springs on the bottom all that muck not good for vibrating springs.
Ruthless Goat
Ruthless Goat - 3 måneder siden
Fra Geeel Eeeee
Tom rizzo
Tom rizzo - 3 måneder siden
I would rather pay $30 a yard from someone with a real screener a stationery one
Tom rizzo
Tom rizzo - 3 måneder siden
Hopefully you get $60 a yard for that screened dirt not topsoil because that's what it will cost you by the time you figure your cost.
TM Lewis
TM Lewis - 3 måneder siden
Andrew is always up to something.
douro20 - 3 måneder siden
How many skid steers do you have?
Scott Atwood
Scott Atwood - 3 måneder siden
Yeah but how are you ment to get the verry small rocks out
Jason Zackey
Jason Zackey - 3 måneder siden
The dude smoking a cigarette while refueling the dump truck
The Generic
The Generic - 3 måneder siden
20:14 RIP that worm
richardj ellis
richardj ellis - 3 måneder siden
♥️I reckon that, if you took a foot off the tallest end, and, extended the bed a few feet further up, it would allow the big rocks to do what they're doing now, but, slow the process down just a little, so the soil wouldn't just slide straight to the bottom(as some is🧐 doing). It would give it more time for the chance to get through. In one section we had 36ft screens that fed bins, (3 linked together, lined up with the mats) directly below them, and It was strange to me that it was the last bin in the line that needed emptying the most. I'd have thought it would have been any of the other two that would have filled up a lot sooner than the last one.🤔. This was for all sizes except the very large stuff that fell through near enough straight away, as soon as it hit the mat, it'd bounce once, roll over, and fall straight through.
I've worked in a limestone quarry for the past 44yrs, and I'm just passing on something that may be of use to someone who is working hard to try make a living. I like hard workers😁.
Great video 👍.
FUCK SHIT - 3 måneder siden
a gyro grinder would be faster, you turn a lot full of pebbles into a beautiful land of fine earth!!
Sharae Arshae
Sharae Arshae - 3 måneder siden
Hi good morning
Beatriz Puita
Beatriz Puita - 4 måneder siden
OldSkool 55F100
OldSkool 55F100 - 4 måneder siden
Like a kid at Christmas... Couldn't wait to test that sucker out!
Ahmad Khan
Ahmad Khan - 4 måneder siden
Think Trucking / Mike Jones
Think Trucking / Mike Jones - 4 måneder siden
I guess gasoline wasn't flammable in 2019. LOL Pouring gas while smoking.
Fritz Doerring
Fritz Doerring - 4 måneder siden
This other machine with the vibe slant screen, isn't near as efficient nor practical.. I admire the drum
actuator much more.
Fritz Doerring
Fritz Doerring - 4 måneder siden
Nice that the rock helps break up the dirt ! Great machine.
Fritz Doerring
Fritz Doerring - 4 måneder siden
The drum on the tracked vehicle, of course.
Fritz Doerring
Fritz Doerring - 4 måneder siden
One of the neatest-working machines I've ever seen! Thanks Andrew.
Daniel Nilsson
Daniel Nilsson - 4 måneder siden
Smoking while filling gas, the telltale sign. Lol.
Ahmad Anas
Ahmad Anas - 4 måneder siden
٨٣نقزيززر رء
GALERIA VIDEOS - 4 måneder siden
O cachorro menor trancou o tomba quando o grande veio chrara !!!! Kkkk
Bob Webber
Bob Webber - 4 måneder siden
Great machine accessory. Would not be happy buying that topsoil with all the stone and lumps in it. My mower would have a fit. Thanks for the video though. Love the way the dogs track you all over.
Gypsy Paz
Gypsy Paz - 4 måneder siden
Kudos to whoever's invented that flip screen.
Jessie James
Jessie James - 4 måneder siden
wouldn't a rototiller do the same thing but a lot cheaper....
Bob C
Bob C - 4 måneder siden
Smoke a cigarette while pouring gas in the tank.
John Berryhill
John Berryhill - 4 måneder siden
Andrew, have cold or something?.....your voice is way different in this your videos!
Steven Amos
Steven Amos - 4 måneder siden
At the end when you were demonstrating the screen, wouldn't have been more efficient to dumb the load over the very top of the screen to give all the dirt as much screen to pass across before reaching the bottom?
Stanisław K
Stanisław K - 5 måneder siden
Can this soil screening mesh be replaced? Which would have larger or smaller meshes?
Gilles Lamoureux
Gilles Lamoureux - 5 måneder siden
playgrrrr - 5 måneder siden
16:14 Damn, you can start a band with that truck. :()
playgrrrr - 5 måneder siden
The disadvantage is that the material throughput per fill is very low. Better than manual, I guess, but it seems painfully low. Almost exactly like when you started out using a pickup instead of a dump truck and then slowly graduated to properly sized vehicles.
edit: 17:53 You kinda fixed it. Cuts down on travel time, probably.
Steve Dahl
Steve Dahl - 5 måneder siden
Andrew, you have some really cool tools!!
bohhica1 - 5 måneder siden
Levi trying to tell you he’s thirsty or wants a nap in the truck, my opinion. Great job and videos,👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Jeff Petersen
Jeff Petersen - 5 måneder siden
Thats the biggest classifier ive ever seen.
C R - 5 måneder siden
"ரெண்டு ரூபாய்க்கு" என்னா முக்குமுக்குறானுக சங்கி நாய்கள் 😄😄😄🐕
Klas Johansson
Klas Johansson - 5 måneder siden
Looks great but think it cost less to buy done...
William Baker
William Baker - 5 måneder siden
That poor red truck to sit and not be taken care of.
Leanda Lynch
Leanda Lynch - 5 måneder siden
Dave -in-NJ
Dave -in-NJ - 5 måneder siden
I especially like the end where the drone zoomed the camera back to show the hill they are going to screen.
Albert Batfinder
Albert Batfinder - 5 måneder siden
Levi disgusted with two-legs for bringing him to such a dry and dusty site. That one puddle was below even Levi’s standards, and he ain’t picky.
Thomas B. Mawn
Thomas B. Mawn - 5 måneder siden
Reminds me of that carnival ride, the Zipper!!
Khaffit - 5 måneder siden
wouldn't it be faster if the screen was oscillating only on the sieve and only Do a full rotate if needed?
like you said "a vibrating thing"
ok doing it in a dump truck seems like the way to go
and it not vibrating probably makes it cheaper and more reliable and since you need to turn the material anyway
it's ok that it's an in built function
of you do it on the truck
if you try to do it directly on the ground that would not be that Great
also could you park a dump truck under the standing sieve?
Kuma Victor
Kuma Victor - 6 måneder siden
13:03 Levi the supervisor
Carlos Robles
Carlos Robles - 6 måneder siden
You real good I learn how to do what you doing give you a thumbs up
Frank Ortolano
Frank Ortolano - 6 måneder siden
That thing works great
Patrick Lawlor
Patrick Lawlor - 6 måneder siden
The screen is awesome Andrew the only negative tough i have on it is the position of the blade on the bucket. I think it needs to be moved forward 6 inches,what your toughs Andrew.!!
majicmisi - 6 måneder siden
What a great investment
Jon Zuber
Jon Zuber - 6 måneder siden
Wouldn’t it be easier to just buy a few truck and trailer’s full of topsoil and roll some sod? At this rate it’s going to take 15 years to finish the project.
kctyphoon - 6 måneder siden
curious if you’d be able to get more dirt in screener in a single trip.. looks like you could take a scoop and rotate a little to empty the bucket, and then take a second scoop to get twice as much dirt in there..
Bouchnak Mohamed
Bouchnak Mohamed - 6 måneder siden
jerry dalton
jerry dalton - 7 måneder siden
hope you got a good deal those things are around 15 k lol
correy arbogast
correy arbogast - 7 måneder siden
Question answered
correy arbogast
correy arbogast - 7 måneder siden
Also does the brush help out that much with declogging the screen ?
correy arbogast
correy arbogast - 7 måneder siden
What size screen is that?I have 2 of them a 3/8 and a 1/2 “ and thinking maybe I should go up in size due to the screens getting clogged