Sawing rock for an underground electric service

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Using a Ditchwitch rock saw to dig a trench in bed rock to install an underground electric wire to a new house.
Runtime: 31:06


Randy Brosseau
Randy Brosseau - Dag siden
Nice! You just need a Hydrovac truck or trailer unit to clean out the trenches.
Edwin Torres
Edwin Torres - 2 dager siden
Thank for your video y whatching your video in PUERTORICO
Simon Koruxo
Simon Koruxo - 2 dager siden
Don’t want to sit in that thing !
rust blade
rust blade - 2 dager siden
wrong teeth installed, those are for asphalt or concrete, you need the more slender type
Joseph King
Joseph King - 3 dager siden
26:51 Yes Andrew, that is so cool. I hope this tool keep working well for you on those jobs. 🤞
Arcnologia - 3 dager siden
Need to make the inlet narrower so big rock won't jam it
Bobs Youruncle
Bobs Youruncle - 3 dager siden
RETURN OF THE JEDI at the end. Hard working boys.
Teddly - 3 dager siden
Maybe you need a way to disconnect the trench wheel from the main drive and add a crank so you can reverse it?
Isidro Alpuche
Isidro Alpuche - 3 dager siden
I enjoyed this video. Greetings from Belize!
Aztec Warrior
Aztec Warrior - 4 dager siden
Awesome .. good investment..
How did you do on profit..
lee gibson
lee gibson - 5 dager siden
I live in Mississippi. I cant imagine the ground you guys have to deal with. Here, you run into a rock. Your doing something wrong. ;-)
Kamil Kucharski
Kamil Kucharski - 7 dager siden
and a sprinkle the front, but still, im in love
Kamil Kucharski
Kamil Kucharski - 7 dager siden
dont pull it like that, whole rear axis.. omg
videos995 - 8 dager siden
Why didnt you slack off the chain tensioners?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 8 dager siden
It looked difficult to do.
stager33 - 11 dager siden
I’m curious why did you not just loosen the tension er for the wheel it’s like right there?.
Or use a chain jack to pull it together
Ps don’t forget you need to lube that chain often dam things are expensive
jeremy velez
jeremy velez - 11 dager siden
Hat's off to you brother that was an amazing install!
MindCrime - 11 dager siden
this guy live in a rock quarry?
Brian Barnum
Brian Barnum - 12 dager siden
Socket and a c-clamp would push the master link together.
John Kailua
John Kailua - 13 dager siden
Andrew: Marvelous video-- as usual. I've always been impressed by your use of eye and hearing protection, but those carbide teeth cutting through hard rock produce quantities of very fine abrasive dust that will get into your lungs and destroy lung tissue. You need to add a respirator when you are working with that rock saw. I know respirators are hard to find. I recently bought three respirators that I thought were suitable for COVID-19 protection of myself and others, but turned out to be worthless for protecting others because they don't filter exhaled air. I would be happy to mail these and the extra filters I bought to you.
Shun Kenshiro
Shun Kenshiro - 13 dager siden
Starwars lol
wowt - 14 dager siden
29:10 'Mad Max Ditch Witch' opening oktober 2020
Don W
Don W - 17 dager siden
On a side note, Andrew is coming to us from a most famous town, Saugerties NY. In 1969, The Band recorded "Music from Big Pink" in Saugerties in New York States. Hudson Valley. The album was called by many the greatest and most important music of its time. A beautiful part of the country.
llewellyn williams
llewellyn williams - 17 dager siden
in the uk london they needed to place a power cable or a sky cable ??? it would of cost 200 grand "money" or about to dig up the hole path way ??? but the plastic pipe was already there with other cables a workers come up with the best way to feed the cable down below .got a ferret starve it for a couple of days put a harness on the back of the ferret place the pie at the other end which was very long about a mile . an what happened the ferret pop its head up ha ha true that it had the steak pie
Bill Lindeman
Bill Lindeman - 17 dager siden
For the cleanup of the slot, maybe drag behind the excavator an angled sloped plow - scrap along the bottom, lifting the junk up and out?
Allan Rahn
Allan Rahn - 22 dager siden
is it ok if i call this hard work . that ditchwitch is amazing
CharlieKickass - 23 dager siden
How’s it going Andrew man I was fascinated How it cut threw that rock. I just wanted to talk about my life I stay out here in Chicago Illinois out here in the city S H I T things are crazy out here man jajajaja lol 😂 anyways man I’d really want to work for you and use those Excavators or work with you I just turned 21 on September 26. ever since I started watching your videos You really inspired me to do this type of work like really man it’s good money it’s never boring your always going to different places and id want to meet you and work with you brotha wish I had the money to buy a ticket and fly out there and work for you. And as I was saying I stay with my little siblings my mom wee don’t have money man if I was able to work for you I’d take that opportunity Andrew so I can come home to my mom and say hey mom here’s 3 Thousand dollars and more ima make for you to buy whatever you want and start a family in the future with my girlfriend in the future. but hey man I wish you best of luck in your future more work for you and more happiness and blessings to you and your family love watching your videos I like your videos even more when there 1 hour or 2 hours long It’s never boring it’s always entertaining to watch it all keep up the good work you really are talented and a awesome YouTube creator my respects to you keep up the good work and content
Gruzuk - 23 dager siden
A truly incredible machine
Saldus - 24 dager siden
29:00 - Now this is pod racing!
Lars Dennert
Lars Dennert - 26 dager siden
Doing things the first time is trying. I learned from that next time I need to put a bicycle chain on or get a stick in my spokes, lol.
Richard Barber
Richard Barber - 27 dager siden
Not seen mention of correct chain length. Count links, not inches. Lots of water as lubricant rather than dust suppressant!
coin and gold
coin and gold - 27 dager siden
I use one similar to this! One I used was a big chain saw type and worked good, but slow as hell! 👍🏻 Went the length of a football field took all day 10 hrs! Next day went back and filled it all in after they put the wires in!
Thomas D
Thomas D - 28 dager siden
This man is unbelievable..Ive been watching quite alot of his videos..I can relate to alot of this stuff. Very highly professionally inclined this guy. Completely unbelievable. You can rest assure he saves a ton of money in repairs.. A ton. 10's of thousands to trust me
Kevin Klingner
Kevin Klingner - 28 dager siden
That rock cut into blocks would be great to build out of. I wonder what type of rock it is?
Kevin Klingner
Kevin Klingner - 28 dager siden
If you tip cold water on the hot rock it will shatter andrew.
Mark Abreu
Mark Abreu - 29 dager siden
Wow. Just wow.
Ryan Berkoski
Ryan Berkoski - Måned siden
Just saying.. that’s a trencher, not a rock saw.
bob mccann
bob mccann - Måned siden
A simple guide wire or string followed by a simple coat hanger type guide would improve the performance dramatically. A curved trench adds unnecessary stress and time to create on the trenching wheel. Cutting efficiency by as much as half.
bob mccann
bob mccann - Måned siden
3/4's of the dust is just re-injected into the freshly cut cavity and flung around. A series of a few simple sweeps and or deflectors are badly needed to correct this. Most of these machines have the guards deflectors and sweeps never maintained.
bob mccann
bob mccann - Måned siden
Some badly needed accessories and or options needed. The guide blocks for deflecting out the large stones are worn and or just plain missing. Both on the wheel and inside of the box. A deflector for the spoils is missing or out of adjustment. A simple water nozzle would greatly reduce the amount of dust thrown up by the spinning wheel.
Philip Ripper
Philip Ripper - Måned siden
I would not have gotten that chain on there in 500 years.
YotaMax - Måned siden
Never would have though heat from a little torch would actually help break it up like that, very cool!
PanPat - Måned siden
In Poland minimum is 70cm for electric cables
constantinos patouchas
constantinos patouchas - Måned siden
maybe somehow add something to put water for the dust
Realistic Thread
Realistic Thread - Måned siden
29:21 land of confusion music video
Warped AsCanBe
Warped AsCanBe - Måned siden
I love watching this dudes videos. It's like a compilation of Murphys Law. If it can go wrong, it will go wrong.
rockrock567 rock
rockrock567 rock - Måned siden
davetileguy - Måned siden
get it wet then heat it , it will explode !!
davetileguy - Måned siden
hit that rock with a ramset gun.
boastyy - Måned siden
29:05 Stay on target , stay on target! Looks like the attack on the death star lol
Leon Salomon
Leon Salomon - Måned siden
after heating rinse this stone whit cold water !
Biff's Equipment
Biff's Equipment - Måned siden
That ditch-witch got a workout on that job! Love watching equipment worked hard and getting pushed to its limits. Great video as always Andrew! Least you know its fixed now!
C Chebuhar
C Chebuhar - Måned siden
Quite a machine ! 👍
holly parker-summers
holly parker-summers - Måned siden
Good grief! I have seen some butchery and tool / machine abuse, but that chain replacement and trying to free the cutter from that stuck rock takes the cake! Painful to watch!
I would not let your near anything I owned if that is how you treat tools and machinery! : (
I bet your favourite tools are a hammer and an oxy-acetylene Cutting torch!
Holly : (
(Edit) . . Frankly, I am surprised that you still have all your fingers, or have any machinery at all that is not destroyed through abuse!
holly parker-summers
holly parker-summers - Måned siden
@Andrew Camarata I think the word 'Perfectly' must mean something very different to you! : ) Holly : ) (Edit). . . But then everything is upside down and backwards these days it seems. : )
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
I did everything perfectly.
Greg Silverado
Greg Silverado - Måned siden
Cody is your supervisor, he said so
Jonathan Cook
Jonathan Cook - Måned siden
DustMachine 5 Million
Jonathan Cook
Jonathan Cook - Måned siden
Perhaps you should take a kick-ass hammer drill with you on these jobs with a chissel bit. I think your machine needs modifying though.
Daniel Oertel
Daniel Oertel - Måned siden
the chain links are stamped out they never fit drill them out to size
Ray Taylor
Ray Taylor - Måned siden
what the hell is this ?
Russelle Wannell
Russelle Wannell - Måned siden
What sort of rock was it.
Paco Parigi
Paco Parigi - Måned siden
I have seen one of these digging with the wheel first not being dragged... the cutting action down as opposed to up ... ?
Ion Racer
Ion Racer - Måned siden
Fascinating if u think how old that rock is and how it was formed. I bet God had a good laugh thinkin about us cuttin thru it in the future..
Flip Andrew
Flip Andrew - Måned siden
I always click the like button before I even watch Andrew’s videos cause I already know I’m going to enjoy it.
Momthemeetloaf 19
Momthemeetloaf 19 - Måned siden
Idk why but I like to watch his videos even though I have no idea what he is doing.
Rob Chalmers
Rob Chalmers - Måned siden
Yeah Nah
Nick Lavender
Nick Lavender - Måned siden
29:00 Death Star Trench run lol "Luke you've switched off your targeting computer"
Mary Ellis
Mary Ellis - Måned siden
like the trench on the Death Star
movax20h - Måned siden
The part in the solid rock looks cool. Using water for cooling would help.
Horatio Delmont
Horatio Delmont - Måned siden
Thanks Andrew. I think I enjoy your inclusion watching you problem solve - ie. figuring out the chain link debacle - the most. Looking forward to catching up on your videos as I like to leave for a while then “binge”! Top shelf work, projects and editing you have improved every clip.
richardlwellington - Måned siden
Damn ROCKS are going to be the death of the Ditch Witch!
Red Lobster Inn
Red Lobster Inn - Måned siden
New purchase, vacuum truck.
Sharky's Machine
Sharky's Machine - Måned siden
Internet First ditch witch trench cam!!
lividlumm 21
lividlumm 21 - Måned siden
When the home owner watches you work the whole time 😑
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
They brought us food.
xxx_extremegamingboi 2k
xxx_extremegamingboi 2k - Måned siden
when your doing a burnout that went way too far
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor - Måned siden
Dang, I can only imagine how much $$$ those chains are! And they weren't 💩💩ing when they said it was ALL ROCK!!!
Greg Dent
Greg Dent - Måned siden
I don't know why no one wears proper PPE disposable dust mask at least. Never know what is in that bed rock.
MRgreen - Måned siden
doesn't that cut slit in the bedrock hold water? is that ok or does it drain off?
Marcus Lobenstein
Marcus Lobenstein - Måned siden
thought only tesla's had automatisch cruise control
Janne Heino
Janne Heino - Måned siden
That would not work in finland.
Nicholas Wahpepah
Nicholas Wahpepah - Måned siden
I hate that it broke. It's like a damn balancing act. You get brand new, never been used equipment, and you pay more but it doesn't break. You get older, used equipment and you save money but you're losing hours/$s doing repairs. Which is safer/more profitable? Who knows. The only thing I know is I love your videos. Keep up the good, hard work. We are learning so much.
Sam Sen
Sam Sen - Måned siden
What a hard job but finally seems done. One question. Before dumping the power lines in conduits inside the trench, do you need to create a 6 inches or so, gravel base for the water to find its way elsewhere, rather messing with the electrons?!
Sam Sen
Sam Sen - Måned siden
Seriously I guess your "Ditch Witch" is Bewitched!!! :-O
Susanne Kniskern
Susanne Kniskern - Måned siden
Dude! 👊
Jason Hirsch
Jason Hirsch - Måned siden
MAPP gas will destroy most rock far better than Propane. Yeah, I know it's what you had at the time.
MrSniperjet - Måned siden
I'm only at 23:00 but had to pause as my sides were hurting so much after the rock freeing chapter.... this is pure gold.... Keep it up....
SamoDell - Måned siden
Надеюсь тебе за такую работу достойно платят
MilkCap - Måned siden
Andrew your Ditch Witch is missing some of the rock guards. Google image search ditch witch 6510 a641 and you'll see the complete ones.
JohnnathanAB - Måned siden
Boy are you ever patient. Good quality to have in such a business.
rats arsed
rats arsed - Måned siden
New anti-COVID strategy. Filling your lungs with rock dust keeps the virus out.
shakka65 - Måned siden
Hey! Andrew you need to fix that broken link on your pants. Andrew's reply would probably be "Lets get on it".
andrew scarpaci
andrew scarpaci - Måned siden
I like the inside the ditch shot, super cool indeed.
superunknown ?
superunknown ? - Måned siden
and i thought putting #40 chain on my minibike was hard.
Randy Kuhns
Randy Kuhns - Måned siden
I had that problem trying to get the broken rock out from under a railroad track for repairing and used a rented big air compressor and just used the chicago fitting and blowed it clean in no time.
Ramapo River
Ramapo River - Måned siden
Vice grips aka hammer. Lol
vsv nrg
vsv nrg - Måned siden
some of that old chain will make a good vice to hold a hydraulic cylinder tightly while you're undoing it. i saw your other video trying to dismantle it. if you could buy one its probably called a chain vice. i have 2. not for holding big cylinders though. i've lined them up on the bench (about 400mm apart) so they both grip the same thing. i also solved the problem of holding round things in a bench vice. i cut a v in each of the soft jaws. i hope this helps someone.
iConcur - Måned siden
So much hammering, I started to headbang to it
John Blake
John Blake - Måned siden
This was amazing. Watching this I had to keep reminding myself to relax my jaw it made me that nervous. I was expecting something to let go. The view from down in the ditch of the bedrock was incredible. Thanks.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
John Blake Cool, glad you liked it
Chris Pollock
Chris Pollock - Måned siden
Health and safety isn't his strong point is it, as he didn't have a mask on, and if you don't know what I'm on about research Cylica Dust and it's effects, if you never want to be in contact with asbestos then you wouldn't want to come into contact with cylica dust
silver carton
silver carton - Måned siden
thats so cool man , nice job
TOSKA PUBG - Måned siden
42.0881027, -74.0289990 this is the place
Buffalo bill
Buffalo bill - Måned siden
I just wanna be the water sprayer lol