Replacing a bobcat drive motor

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Installing a new drive motor and hoses on a Bobcat t300 tracked skid steer. Everything was rusted. And welding a crack in the front idler mount.
Runtime: 55:18


michael haiden
michael haiden - Dag siden
Andrew tell me more about the windshield gauge you got there I want to investigate getting one
Keith Mallory
Keith Mallory - Dag siden
Snakes he had. In Egypt hieroglyphs they show snakes but realistically they are instructions in how to coil ropes and cables effectively.
olav m Songe
olav m Songe - 2 dager siden
35:40 thats how you do that...awesome
David Fedriksson
David Fedriksson - 3 dager siden
What is the computer cald that you tride
rhJeff oo
rhJeff oo - 3 dager siden
Good Watching but to many ADS
brianroark88 - 3 dager siden
What a nightmare. Guess you won’t be getting any sponsor dollars from bobcat. What a piece of junk
John Park
John Park - 4 dager siden
Cody is a smart dog.
Chakat Nightsparkle
Chakat Nightsparkle - 4 dager siden
the Kubota you have you said has 9700 miles on it. well times avg speed limit of 60 miles a hour. that gives you 582,000 Miles that it has on it.
Chakat Nightsparkle
Chakat Nightsparkle - 15 timer siden
@David Null as for office workers. it really depends if they are working 6 and half work days as normal work year for around 2,000 hours. I mean i would say most office workers work around 8 to 9 hour work days min of 6 days a week. thats 2,496 hours to 2,808 hours per year.
David Null
David Null - 23 timer siden
In machines like excavators, skidsteers, etc. The meter is the number of hours that machine has been run, a normal work year for an office worker is around 2,000 hours.
CrudusViscus - 4 dager siden
35:52 Cody's next big idea: USE A STICK
James Johnson
James Johnson - 5 dager siden
I see mf's who are havin money like God. Looks like drug money if you ask me...😀😀😀😎😎😎
Clyde Dooseldorph
Clyde Dooseldorph - 8 dager siden
I bet that was used to load salt??
BILL NGO - 9 dager siden
Thomas Dobrenick
Thomas Dobrenick - 9 dager siden
I wounder which andrew spent more on his jeep, or the 2 bobcats he had
Construction Engineering & Failure Analysis
47:35 you reinforced the wrong location... determine the torque that caused that failure and then eliminate it or reinforce the fractured area (top and bottom)...
Emmanuel Thommy
Emmanuel Thommy - 12 dager siden
the whole damn thing is just rust lmao
Paul Saliba
Paul Saliba - 14 dager siden
Andre w your a genius and no problem is too big for you
黄祥明 - 14 dager siden
skliros - 15 dager siden
Those early Bobcat track loaders are notorious for drive motor issues. Avoid at all costs.
joe head
joe head - 15 dager siden
Big air tank, needle scaler, 4 angle hydraulic wrenches. These will be your new friends.
joe head
joe head - 15 dager siden
Money shot @ 2:13
Cajeeper The gamer
Cajeeper The gamer - 16 dager siden
My dad reprogrammed are f350 2007 to have more power like that
Kathryn McCluskey
Kathryn McCluskey - 16 dager siden
Love it when my husband says “how did you know that?” Andrew and Cody showed me!
jurpker - 17 dager siden
Dog is the real certified engineer here...
Jason Starr
Jason Starr - 18 dager siden
I love watching and realizing... "hey, I've done something very similar..."... and then... "man, how did i know it wasn't going to be done when it was done?"... and then... "awww... what a pro!!" If it needs to be done, you can count on Andrew to do it right. Back in the day, I was compulsive about washing the implements down after plowing or discing or mowing, and my dad never said anything, but I could tell he thought I was being a bit overly fastidious. But I never had a plow, disc, or shredder rust out on me.
Jack Brydges
Jack Brydges - 20 dager siden
I took mine fishing one winter on a swamp lake, funny someone stole it.
Cameron Lee
Cameron Lee - 20 dager siden
This guy could fix America
my surly trucker
my surly trucker - 20 dager siden
I had a toy bobcat and it broke see 😆, your friends are dam lucky to have you .
Thuan SĐ
Thuan SĐ - 20 dager siden
Cho tôi hỏi nếu mua chiếc xe ủi mini như vậy giá tiền là bao nhiêu vậy ????????
Park Lane
Park Lane - 21 dag siden
I love it Andrew, you are the motivator. I have been putting off a project for over a year till I started watching your video's. I now have a mechanic mind set, thanks to you!
Joshua Sidwell
Joshua Sidwell - 21 dag siden
This is what happens when you don’t take care of your machines. Even though it has lower hours on it, it can still become a POS if you don’t keep up on maintenance and cleaning.
ksfraz - 9 dager siden
@Joshua Sidwell lol
Joshua Sidwell
Joshua Sidwell - 10 dager siden
@ksfraz I live in Canada and we don’t run into problems with that. The salt should be used for ice only not snow and only laid after the plowing is done. Still our road salting trucks all get pressure washed in the shop at the end of the shift and left to dry and the equipment ends up lasting.
ksfraz - 12 dager siden
It's been in the salt/used for snow removal, very common in the northeast.
syntaxerorr - 21 dag siden
Need to fix hydraulic...uses hydraulic system to jack vehicle up.
Smitty's channel
Smitty's channel - 21 dag siden
PB Blaster on the broke off studs before & after you weld nuts on them so it creeps into the threads
Smitty's channel
Smitty's channel - 21 dag siden
and LOTS of never-sieze on all the bolts putting it back together
Gerald Miller
Gerald Miller - 21 dag siden
Just a couple of gallons of rusty metal primer and gloss red Rustoleum will do wonders!?!!
Gerald Miller
Gerald Miller - 21 dag siden
Heaven: machinery that works. Hell: getting machinery from someone who did not take care of their equipment, and you bought it.
Wade - 21 dag siden
Leon Graham
Leon Graham - 22 dager siden
40 reasons why NOT to buy a Bob Cat. What a P.O.S.
ksfraz - 12 dager siden
It's been in salt from snow removal. The owners at fault there, not Bobcat.
TLB Farm
TLB Farm - 22 dager siden
Andrew, model for the Miller welder? Thanks, another great video!
Richard Ruth
Richard Ruth - 22 dager siden
What is the red paint and black paint that you used it just Rustoleum?
clay longest
clay longest - 22 dager siden
Honestly I'd have to say I prefer bobcat over pretty much every other loader. Followed closely by kubota.
Terry E
Terry E - 22 dager siden
Andrew, don't forget to introduce your helpers.
Arthur Fiorillo
Arthur Fiorillo - 22 dager siden
Don't heat the bolt heat the area around the bolt da.
Stan Chase
Stan Chase - 22 dager siden
I always believed "Bobcat" was a reputable machine. After seeing this, Not anymore! Wow
ksfraz - 12 dager siden
It's been in salt from snow removal. The owners at fault there, not Bobcat.
R.j. Brown
R.j. Brown - 23 dager siden
Weld the Washer to it then the nut shit that makes alot of sence.
R.j. Brown
R.j. Brown - 23 dager siden
I dont lnow what year that bobcat is but id never guess you break off every hose fitting on the machine.
Eric Robison
Eric Robison - 23 dager siden
Dude, that broken bolt would have killed me. I'd have gotten super pissed and lost my shit. Your patience is admirable.
Rick Bueche
Rick Bueche - 24 dager siden
WOW! Andrew & Cody can fix anything! CODY PARAPHRASING GHOSTBUSTERS: "Andrew had the tools and we had the talent!" LOL. Must be great to have a friend like Andrew with the tools and knowhow to fix things. Only 3,000 away from 700,000 subscribers! I have been going back into Andrews older videos & Liking ones that I missed Liking in the past. Andrew does not toot his own horn enough. He should at least flash a four-second PLEASE LIKE messages on his new videos screens, somewhere.
Patrick A
Patrick A - 24 dager siden
Hey, you say " do not buy bobcat " Have you ever thought where this came from? might have been an Insurance buy back due to flood ? PATRICK
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 23 dager siden
The machine should be designed to work no matter what the circumstances are.
Al - 26 dager siden
Just a word of advice, when moving high pressure gas bottle(s) it's good practice to remove the regulator(s) and put the cap(s) on the bottle(s) until it's stationary and ready to work. Kind regards, Al.
Al - 22 dager siden
@R.j. Brown If Andrew was only wheeling his welding rig to the Bobcat I wouldn't have said anything. But it was seeing him wrestling it out of the forklift and almost hit the regulator on the frame that made me comment.
R.j. Brown
R.j. Brown - 23 dager siden
Thats right al safety Jane must be on her lunch break?
mr. Hoole
mr. Hoole - 26 dager siden
To make it a bit easier on you next time, lift the bobcat and take the skid plates off it will get you easier access to the hydraulic pump housing and using white lithium grease on the geared track drivers and end of Hose lines before you go out into snow and it will help act like a barrier from the snow melting and the salt I hope the information helped
CRC 5037 White Lithium Grease its 4.75 a can on Amazon
John Warden
John Warden - 27 dager siden
Andrew that was one tough repair on that rust bucket Bobcat but you won. That was a beautiful job of spreading the gravel in your parking area, it looks a whole lot better.
Cookie's House Cannabis Co
Cookie's House Cannabis Co - 27 dager siden
Bobcats really are the Harley Davidson of construction equipment. xD
ajaw tony
ajaw tony - 28 dager siden
I would have taken off those hoses before heating up as they could be damaged as well as the rubber gaskets in them from the heat.
Robert G
Robert G - 28 dager siden
Bobcat engineering at its finest ! POS!
Robert G
Robert G - 28 dager siden
I'm picking grease off my shirt!
Thelma Robinson
Thelma Robinson - 28 dager siden
Far to many adds Switching off .
1944chevytruck - 28 dager siden
thanks 4 video. be kind.
Michael Zandiotis
Michael Zandiotis - 28 dager siden
And now to do the other side...
CozmicSaber's Opinions
CozmicSaber's Opinions - 28 dager siden
I wonder if Segomo Lug Nut and Bolt remover would help.
Alan Smith
Alan Smith - 29 dager siden
Great job Adrew you made the best decisionon and Bobcats are the worst to work on and repair
Grumpy Grandpa Patriot Show
Couple of hoses that’s all. Broken bolts, fix the welder. I would of cursed myself 1,000 times
Jackie Binns
Jackie Binns - Måned siden
Like a surgical master 😂😂 Cody loves to help 😂😂
Redland. Farm
Redland. Farm - Måned siden
What do you think about the new Bobcat track loaders like the T76?
How much did the drive Motor cost? What would the dealer probably charged for that job?
Would love to see a video comparing track loaders/skid steers if you ever get inclination.
You think a compact excavator (Like a E35) and track loader could clear trees and make couple thousand feet of driveway for off grid mountain homestead, or would I need to rent a bull dozer?
Jet Ferry
Jet Ferry - Måned siden
No cursing, no apparent frustration!! What's wrong with you guys!! Nice job!
Ben H
Ben H - Måned siden
Don't want to sound like an idiot but with that last bolt that you were trying to get out. Couldn't you have used a drill and drilled a new hole through the old bolt with a metal drill bit? Just a thought :)
Jess Barker
Jess Barker - Måned siden
Hey Andrew, what was that computer that you plugged into your truck?
Jess Barker
Jess Barker - Måned siden
@Andrew Camarata thank you 😊
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Jess Barker edge tuner
Robert Locke
Robert Locke - Måned siden
Good job guys it looks like it was a major undertaking and you all handled it well ! I will recommending you to my friends!
Rob W
Rob W - Måned siden
Today's lesson, don't get a Bobcat.
ksfraz - 12 dager siden
The lesson is, don't use your Bobcat for snow removal and leave the salt on it.
ivan hernandez
ivan hernandez - Måned siden
Man the patience of this guy is amazing. I’m a retired technician from a caterpillar heavy equipment , and used to work on this pain in the ass skipsteers. My coworkers know went I was working on them. Boy I scream my lungs out every 5 minutes.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.
Paul Ice-Tate
Paul Ice-Tate - Måned siden
Spot weld the washer 2 or three times around the edge then place the nut on top and fill. Then LEAVE TO COOL for a minute.
John Kennedy
John Kennedy - Måned siden
As my dad always said about welding: "The bigger the glob, the better the job".
We are not very good welders.
brazidec cyrille
brazidec cyrille - Måned siden
fucking oxidation i'm repaire drive motor for my schafte hr12 normaly 2000euro for one new me repaire 2 for 800euros im buy générique in uk but you in state more easy to me in frenche nofing all from uk and state good job
Robert Cowan
Robert Cowan - Måned siden
donktheclown - Måned siden
Never weld on oil. Instead, consider building a circular enclosure around the perimeter of the thinning /leak area and then build an igloo over top of it, without hitting the thin area. A steel cap would work too. Thank you for the awesome videos, I admire the hell out of your ambition.
Yosemite Sam
Yosemite Sam - Måned siden
Disappointed to hear the quality issues with Bobcat since it’s an American company. Maybe they’re watching.
ksfraz - 12 dager siden
It's been in salt from snow removal. The owners at fault there, not Bobcat.
Russ Holt
Russ Holt - Måned siden
Man I'm so glad my machines are in California so we don't have to deal with the rust. That looks like a pain in the ass
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Usually that doesnt happen. I think this machine was used for plowing snow in the salt. That salt stuff ruins stuff.
Bruce Blais
Bruce Blais - Måned siden
Good friends are great to have, nice work
Elliot Hytinen
Elliot Hytinen - Måned siden
Looked like the project from hell! Keep up the good work man
TheOutLaw Carpenter
TheOutLaw Carpenter - Måned siden
"Oh this isn't that bad. " You don't say stuff like that you wind up doing it twice.
Rafael Otero
Rafael Otero - Måned siden
Very nice job Andrew, I enjoy watching your channel very much.
Nick S
Nick S - Måned siden
Good old liquid wrench got that right apart 😂
Cody Bourque
Cody Bourque - Måned siden
Hey Andrew,
I just discovered your channel from Essential Craftman's podcast... I really like your videos and the fact that you are showing the whole process of repairing stuff... especially the numerous failures and attempts!
It feels good sometimes to see real people on Youtube struggling instead of the usual perfect repair video with no pitfalls... lol I absolutely love your persistence
Nick Graham
Nick Graham - Måned siden
Bolts can't strip if they're a liquid
Bradley Stannard
Bradley Stannard - Måned siden
Can’t be tight if it’s a liquid
karl kelley
karl kelley - Måned siden
Dad i got u a stick!
Ben Terrell
Ben Terrell - Måned siden
Epic. Reminds me of working with my dad
Mad DeXXX - Måned siden
I love these long repair videos.
Scott Cleveland
Scott Cleveland - Måned siden
It’s always the first bolt or the last bolt...
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - Måned siden
It looks like an old ford escort with all that rust
ksfraz - 12 dager siden
It's been in salt from snow removal.
hypercube33 - Måned siden
Whats the computer and did you end up getting one?
Степьняк KZ
Степьняк KZ - Måned siden
Small engine sales And repair
I wonder if the previous owner used it for snow plowing in salt with how rusted out everything is. Have you thought about getting a needle scaler for the rust?
john p
john p - Måned siden
you have the best Channel on YT. so informative and intriguing. i don't own anything you have but just watching you work and fix stuff is so amazing. keep it up Loving it!
Alexis DeVille
Alexis DeVille - Måned siden
Did the rebuilder accept the rusted out core?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Yes. I even called and told them what happened. they still wanted it.
Alexis DeVille
Alexis DeVille - Måned siden
That Bobcat is sure a rusted mess!
ksfraz - 12 dager siden
It's been in salt from snow removal.
Wade Lasch
Wade Lasch - Måned siden
Yea, usually let it cool before trying to take it off or heat up around the bolt to expand the metal, not the bolt
Andrey L
Andrey L - Måned siden
breaks bolts off on all lines then gets a torch out
Jake Evans
Jake Evans - Måned siden
An edge is one of the last tuners I’d ever run on my truck. Hang around the performance diesel world and find some good efi live tuning, you won’t regret it.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
What's wrong with it? I had it in the months now. The truck has better power, its nice.
Thomas Griffin
Thomas Griffin - Måned siden
IF i found all these issues with the Bobcat, i'd be cussing up like crazy,i assume you edited all that out of your video lol
robert smith
robert smith - Måned siden
next time pressure wash the dam thing duh
blessed7fold - Måned siden
Man this guy is like a jack of all trades.