Removing a shed and widening a driveway

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Using a tracked skid steer loader to take down a small shed and load it in a dumpster. Then widening up a driveway that was getting over grown with trees.
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Michael Koon
Michael Koon - 7 timer siden
Andrew a potato digger works realy well for clearing leaves out of colarts and ditches i used to work for our highway dept and the tool worked great mike from west virginia
Trudi Fruty
Trudi Fruty - Dag siden
Now that is a waste of good lumber that can be re - used
Danny Creech
Danny Creech - 2 dager siden
Nice job Andrew. I don't understand why I like watching this kind of stuff. I guess it is just satisfying to go from junky to nice.
B Garza
B Garza - 8 dager siden
How is Levi doing?
Robert Schmidt
Robert Schmidt - 10 dager siden
Should put a large piece of screening over that drain colvert. Keep the leaves out of it.
Robert Schmidt
Robert Schmidt - 10 dager siden
Love the dog that waits for you to lift him up to get in any vehicle. That's really cute. Lift Me Up Daddy - 😂
Robert Schmidt
Robert Schmidt - 10 dager siden
@Andrew Camarata I guess that's the burden with so many trees around. I'm always trying to solve a problem. Sometimes I get lucky and sometimes not.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 10 dager siden
Robert Schmidt Usually a bigger pipe is fine because the leaves will just go right through it
Robert Schmidt
Robert Schmidt - 10 dager siden
@Andrew Camarata there must be away to remedy the situation and to keep it leaf free. Hi Andrew, I'm the guy that asked about the 4 foot jack awhile ago. Found one but it turns out my son-n- law knows a guy with a skid steer. He would be able to do the work for me. Happy Days 😊
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 10 dager siden
That makes it worse.
Kerry Ware
Kerry Ware - 11 dager siden
Use a lot larger diameter pipe that no amount of leaves could possibly clog up. 😀
Caleb Howard
Caleb Howard - 13 dager siden
Andrew do you like tracks or tires better on your equipment
Caleb Howard
Caleb Howard - 13 dager siden
Does anybody else hate the dude with the chain in the ad he makes me wanna throw my phone
OMG myPANTS - 15 dager siden
People pay you to destroy stuff in their back yard? Where do I sign up? Cleaning all those fir trees out of the back drive really takes me back. How many times I've pulled those out manually, of course after learning the hard way that if you cut them off at ground level with a chainsaw they become tire poppers.
How is that IHI skidsteer holding up? I've seen it in a bunch of videos so far and it looks good!
louis armstrong
louis armstrong - 17 dager siden
put a front door on ya bob cat, never leave yourself exposed to the unexpected .
sanbariki - 26 dager siden
Coleen McKoy
Coleen McKoy - 27 dager siden
Levi sure love water
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson - 28 dager siden
you should have called in the big guns #post10
jim brewer
jim brewer - Måned siden
Kristy Staats
Kristy Staats - Måned siden
You do great work
1944chevytruck - Måned siden
thanks 4 video. be kind.
Your so underrated on YouTube seriously bro
Dwayne Pennel
Dwayne Pennel - Måned siden
When I was a kid, I had Tonka dump truck, Tonka crane and Tonka excavator. I played every day in the dirt, loading and dumping dirt, building dirt piles. Now as an adult, the closet I can get is watching your videos lol. I love it. I sit down and watch 2 or 3 and I'm instantly wound down. Still nice to have a beer or glass of wine, but damn I love watching your videos. very calming. thanks.
Morley TV
Morley TV - Måned siden
i would of set fire to the lot of it lol
richardlwellington - Måned siden
Man I look at those leaves and all I see is compost.
Aaron Hollander
Aaron Hollander - Måned siden
It's great to see a man who loves his work.
Lisa West
Lisa West - 2 måneder siden
I have a dog name Ruby Jean (rj). She does all my inspections but she is very critical I was fired and rehired twice in one day🤪
Mark Chilluffo
Mark Chilluffo - 2 måneder siden
Throw a match in the dumpster
Maybe Someday
Maybe Someday - 2 måneder siden
Guy: I need a road cleared that would fit a car.
Andrew: *Clears 2 lane highway*
william canterbury
william canterbury - 2 måneder siden
Would like to have seen how this turns out, but with YouTube's 4,323 friggin adds = moving on with other interests!
Charles Granata
Charles Granata - 2 måneder siden
The old farmers method would be push it in a field and light a match.
Nearly all of that could have been burned.
So annoying when folks get cheap on dumpsters!
David Williamson
David Williamson - 2 måneder siden
All that scrub could be mulched do you have an intustrial multcher
livndream - 2 måneder siden
That could have been an insurance claim; just add a lightening rod.
Godw1ll99 - 2 måneder siden
demo jobs are the best, i think.
WhatsInaName -
WhatsInaName - - 2 måneder siden
Time you bought a wood chipper as well.
Marvin Ermshar
Marvin Ermshar - 2 måneder siden
Why not just burn the scrap Wood then haul off what doesn't burn
Otto Carr
Otto Carr - 2 måneder siden
A trash rack would solve your leaves blocking the drainage at the culvert problem.
Kristofer Travels Homesteading
Kristofer Travels Homesteading - 2 måneder siden
That CL35 (roly poly) is a beast 👍🏻😊 Shed to toothpicks in 5 minutes
Mwng Tombing
Mwng Tombing - 2 måneder siden
I think andrew should consider buying a portable shredder for his job sites after seeing all that debris need to be compacted in a dump. Just saying. 😄
Jon Zuber
Jon Zuber - 2 måneder siden
There’s way too much rock, you need to use bigger equipment to get the job done. It will take 5 times longer to do the job with such a small piece of equipment.
Larry Luckenbaugh
Larry Luckenbaugh - 2 måneder siden
Where are you located
Andy Demarest
Andy Demarest - 3 måneder siden
Well there goes the rest of my Vinyl siding thanks bud lol
Khai Skebo
Khai Skebo - 3 måneder siden
you should build something for those grapples where you can pin a plate in between them so u can grab smaller things easier
The Sentinel
The Sentinel - 3 måneder siden
Another interesting video. Levi is the Boss! Thanks for sharing.
Ronald Burgandy
Ronald Burgandy - 3 måneder siden
334 people dont like......the fall?
Plons0Nard - 3 måneder siden
It is unfair ! Playing with big boys toys AND getting paid for it 😎
I enjoy these video's a lot, and with Levi in it .... it cannot get better ❤🤝🇳🇱
Butch Grisso
Butch Grisso - 3 måneder siden
I would love to set that dumpster of wood on fire! The flames would go to the sky
R V - 3 måneder siden
A big kid playing with big toys demo is so much fun too I'm a bit envious lol!
keepthechangebob - 3 måneder siden
levi is one cool ol' dude
Rosa String Works
Rosa String Works - 3 måneder siden
You seem like a really sharp fellow. So my guess is you thought of this. but just in case. I would check some of your blue stone for fossils. You never know when they will turn up. And they could be worth thousands of dollars. In fact just one fossil could be worth more than the entire job
Paul Harris
Paul Harris - 3 måneder siden
I love the CAMARATA inspection team
visesh seernam
visesh seernam - 3 måneder siden
the bigger tracked loader will be suitable for this job this machine is struggling
UnknownEvent - 4 måneder siden
This job is even better then wrecking cars all day! it is the job u dreamed about as a kid!!
Maryann Anderson
Maryann Anderson - 4 måneder siden
I loved that Andrew deliberately tried to get that one tree to fall on the shed. Making his work FUN should mean he will never get tired of working. I also loved that Andrew showed one shot of him demolishing that building that was filmed from a camera on the ground and then he showed that exact same thing filmed from his drone. Excellent editing!
Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas - 4 måneder siden
Is Levi still alive?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 4 måneder siden
Sir. Tony Blair. jr
Sir. Tony Blair. jr - 4 måneder siden
Hey Andrew, you should rig something up on your BoBcat on top so, we can see what your doing?? That would nice, cool even....
Thanks for sharing.
Brian Nguyen
Brian Nguyen - 4 måneder siden
I like your area. Wondering how far upstate are you. Kink if seeking a small weekend get away.
chmarr - 4 måneder siden
~clears the leaves~
~levi inspects~
~levi approves by peeing on it~
Lew - 4 måneder siden
Nice. I’m surprised Levi didn’t complete the drainage inspection by sitting in the water. Ha, ha.
Jayster Mac
Jayster Mac - 4 måneder siden
I knew the boss ( Levi ) was gonna take a dip .
printer1105 - 4 måneder siden
Tear shi7 up ....what a it man.
TheGorrilla man
TheGorrilla man - 4 måneder siden
Would a skid steer with 4 tires cause less damage to the grass/land then one like that with tracks?
Randall Whipple
Randall Whipple - 4 måneder siden
Looks of the land you must be be in Vermont or Maine?
christiantinker - 4 måneder siden
need to get you excavator and ripper tooth
Richard Gallagher
Richard Gallagher - 5 måneder siden
Hi Andrew, Thanks for your videos. Have helped the time go faster during lockdown.
managarm1349 - 5 måneder siden
Obligatory post 10 reference comment
richard stevens
richard stevens - 5 måneder siden
Is it me or does the trees and creepy music remind me of ash from evil dead and the when the buzzing of the chainsaw starts
David Williamson
David Williamson - 5 måneder siden
the house could have given some poor person a home
David Williamson
David Williamson - 5 måneder siden
use all that for composting in your garden instead of Dumping
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 5 måneder siden
That is burying garbage. That is stupid.
boxwoodgreen - 5 måneder siden
The tracked loader coming off the flatbed, coming at the camera, all I could think of was "Mecha-Godzilla Junior".
8287tjsaboe - 5 måneder siden
I love how much your dogs "love" water!
paulhahnnnnn - 5 måneder siden
How much would a job like this cost? Just ballpark?
Steves Leonardoss Mohnss
Steves Leonardoss Mohnss - 5 måneder siden
👍👍👍👋👋👋 hi Andrew how are you friend
mutabrev - 5 måneder siden
Drop that dead tree on it and light it up!
Stuart Edgar
Stuart Edgar - 5 måneder siden
Are you sure that's not a 4 legged Fish?
Steve Holland
Steve Holland - 5 måneder siden
Work fascinates me. I can sit and watch it all day long. Lol
Kamden - 5 måneder siden
see i dont do any construction or anything. but i watch these videos anyway just in case
Стас Вольдемар
Стас Вольдемар - 5 måneder siden
прелестная глушь
Steve T
Steve T - 6 måneder siden
should have got the fire department to do a training exercise on that shed.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 6 måneder siden
They would not have been interested. I was in the fire department for years, that wasn't a good site at all.
Jon M. Cawthon
Jon M. Cawthon - 6 måneder siden
Good work Andy!
Michael Schuenemann
Michael Schuenemann - 6 måneder siden
cgpickle - 6 måneder siden
I always cringe when you knock trees over and I have to remind myself you are not out west...
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 6 måneder siden
What's out west? The trees grow really fast here, stop mowing a lawn and its all trees before you know it.
Tom A
Tom A - 6 måneder siden
I know it has to be done, but it kills me to see you destroy all those
Tom A
Tom A - 6 måneder siden
Is your drone flying this whole time...? Or is editing - 6 måneder siden
i love seeing this so much work and so much how.!!!!!
дико Proper
дико Proper - 6 måneder siden
Author, go learn to work !!
Bryan Leslie
Bryan Leslie - 6 måneder siden
Your dog is really enjoying it, gets to walk and drink at same time.
Eddie Rufus
Eddie Rufus - 6 måneder siden
If you could only have 1 piece of equipment what would it be. A skid steer, backhoe, excavator, or something else? Great videos. I enjoy the equipment ones and the mechanical ones as well. I have no mechanical experience but you do a great job explaining them. I watch as you replaced the drive motors on your skid steers, I need to do the same thing. I was going to take into a shop, but I think I may try it myself after seeing your video on it. Thanks, and keep them coming!!
roomba - 6 måneder siden
Am I the only one that wanted those shelves? They were damn strong stood up to a tree falling on top of them.
WAVETUBE84 - 6 måneder siden
A chipper will turn all of the tree pieces into decorative mulch: dispose of "in situ". Or charge another customer for the mulch, wood chips!!!!! MO-MONEY MO-MONEY MO-MONEY!!!!
WAVETUBE84 - 6 måneder siden
Andy, you need a chipper and a diesel storage tank. Or a diesel tanker truck... The point being: when diesel prices are low (like now) you can purchase a few thousand gallons of 50% of the normal price....and "write off " the cost though you're paying full price for the tricks!!! A tanker would be cooler, since you dont have to pay for delivery! Just an the math...
Griffin Pearson
Griffin Pearson - 6 måneder siden
Some drum and bass music at the end there, nice
Jonathan Lorentsson
Jonathan Lorentsson - 6 måneder siden
i love the demoloshing videos :D
Michael Beck
Michael Beck - 6 måneder siden
at 21:25. That's a good way to get a nail in the foot....
Khris Tobin
Khris Tobin - 6 måneder siden
Is New York like the Sahil capitol?
Daniel E. Woodhead
Daniel E. Woodhead - 6 måneder siden
Awesome videos love the channel fan from Gaffney South Carolina.
Just an idea for yah you might want to consider a set of those trac's you put on that T300 in the video with the stump attachment.
john smith
john smith - 6 måneder siden
I don't see how trees manage to grow there....Looks like the whole Hudson Valley is bluestone. shale or ledge rock. Must be tough to make a garden!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 6 måneder siden
Trees like it. Other stuff can be tricky.
Northern Boys
Northern Boys - 6 måneder siden
U should put a GoPro on top of the skid steer or on the bucket
Aaron5616 - 6 måneder siden
I love how Levi dog takes every opportunity to get into any water source nearby.
Jacob Grabenstein
Jacob Grabenstein - 6 måneder siden
I wanted to see a bomb in action on the shed
West Virginia
West Virginia - 7 måneder siden
It's funny how the Dog likes to walk thru all kinds of water. It's also impressive how good you are with equipment, tools, and toys. But music not so much. Kill the stupid music.
Darrell Roeters
Darrell Roeters - 7 måneder siden
They didn't want to save the box of siding, hard to match.
Darrell Roeters
Darrell Roeters - 7 måneder siden
Levi will walk through any water, so funny.
Gene Dameier
Gene Dameier - 7 måneder siden
You need a pitch fork to move those leaves. Handy tool, not just for farm work.