Re-grading a driveway

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Using a tracked skid steer to re-grade a gravel driveway that was full of pot holes.
Runtime: 12:39


superunknown ?
superunknown ? - 7 dager siden
pulling out the bobcat on this one eh
Wojtek k
Wojtek k - 16 dager siden
U nas tak wyglądają drogi powiatowe
tarmas Khalifa
tarmas Khalifa - Måned siden
When u can’t afford 2 trucks of gravel u should not have such a long drive way.
paul oliver
paul oliver - Måned siden
it needed gravel
gary meyers
gary meyers - Måned siden
Do believe you gave more than what they paid for. Thats one of the things I enjoy about watching you; you always go that extra step.
gary meyers
gary meyers - Måned siden
Definitely needed a harley rake for this one.
Tony Amenta
Tony Amenta - Måned siden
With all the long drive way work you do,ever think about getting a small road grader? Love your videos!
1944chevytruck - Måned siden
thanks 4 video. be kind.
Iril Iral
Iril Iral - Måned siden
Wow! I would have nothing but bobcat for gravel road maintenance.Any idea how efficient is bobcat with water bound macadam as compared to other machines?🤔
bryan jhgj
bryan jhgj - Måned siden
That road looked like my alley.
Puuhis - Måned siden
Puuhis - Måned siden
ebn hahn
ebn hahn - 2 måneder siden
Box Blade would have been Far more effective and easier..
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez - 2 måneder siden
Jake’s Backhoe & Dozer Service
It’s very enjoyable to watch you use the tooth bucket, maybe because I don’t have one but either way I like it😊
unjohn - 2 måneder siden
Good ol’ dawg!
Laura Valota
Laura Valota - 2 måneder siden
Frodrick Fronkensteen
Frodrick Fronkensteen - 3 måneder siden
As always, good video. Watched to the end.
Customer is always right... as painful as that can be sometimes.
Share your experience-based expertise... and let be what will be. Good work Andrew.
Michael Koon
Michael Koon - 3 måneder siden
Love watching your show your what america is all about your a hard working man you remind me of how i used to work before i got hurt keep u the good work mike from west virgina
Office Rev Tech
Office Rev Tech - 3 måneder siden
Andrew Cooper
Andrew Cooper - 3 måneder siden
Is there something wrong with Levi’s back legs?
Matt Donafrio
Matt Donafrio - 3 måneder siden
The Predator came to play at 3:20.
Mister Robato
Mister Robato - 4 måneder siden
I can't believe they wouldn't take your advice over the gravel. Some people have to learn the hard way.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 4 måneder siden
They do not want to spend any money.
Ken - 4 måneder siden
Is that a good bucket for that job?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 4 måneder siden
The teeth were good for breaking up the hard ground. I didn't need the grapples here, but they gave it a little extra weight. The grapples are nice for grabbing stuff.
mike beaumont
mike beaumont - 4 måneder siden
Did you forget your mask for the dust?
EZM Jebbiseovic
EZM Jebbiseovic - 5 måneder siden
Levi having a poop 1:56 ...... good boy - everybody deserved a good solid work poop now and then .....
Jacob Bradburn
Jacob Bradburn - 5 måneder siden
Have you ever tried a soil conditioner? They work good for digging out Pot holes in driveways and resurfacing them. Also great for leveling yards.
Steve T
Steve T - 5 måneder siden
The owner didn't want more gravel cuz he knew you could fix it without it costing him more money. and you did
Water Man
Water Man - 6 måneder siden
Grading it flat is ok but no gravel was a dumb decision by owner because in the long run hell just pay to have it graded for ever.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 6 måneder siden
Every 3 years or so. Grading is cheep, gravel is expensive. IDK, once gravel is added, it will be much less maintenance though.
Glenn C SR.
Glenn C SR. - 6 måneder siden
Nice job Andrew. That is called getting the most out of your equipment. Dust mask missing.
Curtis Francisco
Curtis Francisco - 6 måneder siden
Too much trees can't see through them I'm a dessert rez mutt
ELECTRIC 9 - 6 måneder siden
Use dust mask Andy!..I'm serious!🧐.
Bad Santa
Bad Santa - 7 måneder siden
Great job....but why not a grader, so much quicker.
Worlds Okayest Farmer
Worlds Okayest Farmer - 7 måneder siden
*Nice Job I have to do a few of these soon* #WorldsOkayestFarmer
Chris Kirby
Chris Kirby - 7 måneder siden
Time to buy a road grader Andrew!
Naila Sch2
Naila Sch2 - 8 måneder siden
Andrew, help Levi and Daisy? Up and down your trucks. I always helped my GSD. It's an awkward down and up?
John Collette
John Collette - 8 måneder siden
excellent work,as always!
publicEnima - 8 måneder siden
Interesting that they didn't want to go ahead and throw gravel down the driveway. It would have lasted them a years.
William O'Connor
William O'Connor - 9 måneder siden
They should have taken your advice and got the extra gravel well done AC
Dale Trayner
Dale Trayner - 9 måneder siden
I had to put my dog of 13 yrs to sleep 7 days ago today at 6:45 p.m. It's been one long and tough and lonely week. Logged on to see Levi tonight
Juha lindström
Juha lindström - 9 måneder siden
MICHAEL POE - 9 måneder siden
wouldn't a d5 dozer worked better on that,
gravemind452 - 10 måneder siden
always need foreman levi
Monti Mitchell
Monti Mitchell - 10 måneder siden
Best quote ever
It’s easy to fix something that’s bad because anything is an improvement
Love the videos
Blair Wilson
Blair Wilson - 10 måneder siden
Absolutely no compaction no water you didn't even drain the puddles first so now they will come straight back because there big soft spots sure you got it looking flat but as for the quality of the work I think this is a very unprofessional fix up of a drive way you would not be paid if you done a job like this in Australia mate I'll give you the red hot tip
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 10 måneder siden
I tracked on it for compaction. This repair will last a few years, It didn't cost much, that's all they wanted to pay for. I did this driveway 5 years ago. I offered to do a really good job on the driveway, they said they could not afford it.
Gimmy Sola
Gimmy Sola - 11 måneder siden
HYi Andrew why do you not look for a used grader all this road maintenance would be a piece of cake and with your ability to fix old stuff it might be worth your while to look into these keep up
the good work take care thankyou for the video ciao gimmy hey when are you going to finish the tower house ????
1958johndeere620 - 11 måneder siden
I don't like grading roads without adding gravel. The finished product sucks, and usually drainage is an issue due to the shoulders being higher then the road. I know this was the customers choice, not yours.
Mister Robato
Mister Robato - 11 måneder siden
LOL they turned down gravel. You will be back there in a few months.
Diesel Ramcharger
Diesel Ramcharger - 11 måneder siden
box gannon next on the list
Chris R
Chris R - 11 måneder siden
If you do a lot of this type work, a land plane with hydraulic actuated scarifiers would be a nice investment
HE-MAN 5678
HE-MAN 5678 - 11 måneder siden
U should look into a ventral for gravel driveway s and other stuff
UTubeGlennAR - 11 måneder siden
>^. .^< The faster a wheel passes acorss small rectangular shaped stone drivway surfaces, the more the chance the retangular stone will have a fulcrum near the middle by chance and downaward force or angular force will push one down and flip this stone and many others out of the area and develope a pot hole. Then when a wheel passes thru a the puddle the weight or angular momentum makes a Tsunami and the water washes ans sand out of the puddle each and every time sone one drives thru it..... Spect roads with marble shaped rocks arwe less likely to flip the round stones off the deiveway....
Paul Sublett
Paul Sublett - År siden
how do you determine how much to charge a customer to repair a driveway? does the number of pieces of equipment make a difference? do yo charge by the foot?
chru cas
chru cas - År siden
Timmy Qvarnström
Timmy Qvarnström - År siden
Time to buy a road grader? that would be awsome!
Viking Heart
Viking Heart - År siden
Do you ever think about using a grader?You would master it in no time! :)
Gary Chernipeski
Gary Chernipeski - År siden
Ok that bucket is unusual -- with the teeth and smooth inside but still with grapples -- and brilliant. I need one what do I call it?
Raul Porkuu
Raul Porkuu - År siden
Did you find a trans for the little dodge yet ? I looked and found them for like $150 in my city up to $250 and $500 . Incase you want to grab a spare I’m in Detroit mi
Raul Porkuu
Raul Porkuu - År siden
I found the auto and manual $400 for manual ”” I’ll tell you all my secrets . Idk how to send you a email or anything like that .
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
That dodge raider? I have not, its a 1989 5 speed with the 4 cylinder motor if you find one.
Baja Bandito
Baja Bandito - År siden
Okay, I am hooked. I have spent hours watching you clear driveways, fix motors, wave run the Hudson and even built the coolest workshop ever. . You are one very talented and resourceful guy. I love your ingenuity when tackling a problem. I would love to see all your toys and there accessories lined up in a row. It seems just when I think you have every possible machine for the job you show up with another one. LOL Would love to see a profile of your drone. You have some pretty exception aerial video's. Keep the videos coming. I am retired so have lots of time to watch them. I live in Canada and winter is coming so I will be stuck in my igloo til the spring thaw. BaaaHaaa
Scott Bryan
Scott Bryan - År siden
How do you feel about asphalt mililngs for driveways?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
Its good.
Mike L
Mike L - År siden
I saw you using that bucket and I was like what the hell is he doing? That isn't the right tool for the job. Then you made it look awesome like always and shut me up. Great job.
W.W. 2 Restorations. D.R.H.
Road Grading Inspector Levi is on the job again and sniffing out the low spots!!
rclc93 - År siden
A diesel's definitely a better truck for you, Andrew
First Last
First Last - År siden
Box blade would have done a better job in less time.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
II did this job last time with a box blade, it doesn't have the down pressure to break up that packed stone like that tooth bucket does.
My Synth Dungeon
My Synth Dungeon - År siden
Another Good job !! Tight!! Cheers!
Jacob Ramage
Jacob Ramage - År siden
Great work! And a lovely view!
David Spilman
David Spilman - År siden
Do you let the Home owner know that your going to be video taping your job and do they say anything about you moving your camera all the time and flying your Drone for a Great video as your working ? Here in Iowa You wouldn't get away with it Get the job done and get out to the next one.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
I have been telling people, no one has cared. If they cared, they would probably be getting someone else to do the job.
joeashbubemma - År siden
If they don't add material, those potholes will come back with a vengeance. I hope they don't blame you for that. Makes no sense, they have a machine there, may as well spend the money and do it right. They should also drop a load of gravel and fill the holes as they appear, these roads need a lot of constant maintenance.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
I smoothed that out last time maybe 5 years ago, they don't have any money.
Joe Mezzanini
Joe Mezzanini - År siden
Hanmieson - År siden
Haha, at that time Levi is taking a dump in the backround :)
Bryan - År siden
Andrew: Levi, Where did you go?
Levi: I found the waters, Bitches!
Sjanzo - År siden
Andrew, how many of your customers do NOT give permission to make a video of the job on their property (in other words, havent you been working last week, or just doing jobs at customers that dont want to get a video of their property online ?)
William Wallace
William Wallace - År siden
Levi supervising, Great job Andrew!
Roger Thomas
Roger Thomas - År siden
Hi Andrew I’m looking for new videos of yours I looked at all your videos at least 6 or 8 times Over and over I love your videos let me know when you make new ones I keep looking hoping you have made a new one keep up the good work
Your friend from Canada
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
I am working on stuff right now. Ill try to get some stuff up. Two videos I am working on are taking a ton of time.
Tony Scott
Tony Scott - År siden
do you ever listen to music whilst working, or are those noise cancelling headphones?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
Those are just noise canceling. I did have a pair that played music, I should use them more.
Bretten Smith
Bretten Smith - År siden
Is your white dodge a diesel
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
Maryann Anderson
Maryann Anderson - År siden
I'm no vet but it sure looks like to me that Levi is having a lot of trouble with his joints.  The way he walks makes me think he is in constant pain.  It struck a cord with me because I have bad knees and the way he walks reminds me a lot of the way I walk!   I hope I'm wrong about him.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte - År siden
Great job 👍 Andrew 👍
sugarloafgee - År siden
you did an amazing job with what was there. we had similar issue with our road we werent able to get the pot holes to go away until we brought in about 30 yards of gravel
Dave C.
Dave C. - År siden
Why not use your tractor with the box blade attachment?
Dave C.
Dave C. - År siden
@Andrew Camarata I knew you had a reason...just curious. Thanks!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
It doesn't rip into that hard gravel as well. Maybe if I fixed the teeth on the box blade, but that stuff was packed like concrete. The skid steer has much more power.
Oby-1 - År siden
There was some serious potholes on this job. Almost looked like there could have been more fill or gravel.
Kiros - År siden
Levi does love his water
kreteman777 - År siden
hey man. Love the channel. Was wondering if you could help me out a bit? I just bought a piece of property and I'm in the process of clearing right now. I have a pole barn package being delivered next week and it's been raining like crazy here. My driveway is 400' long and is topped with about 400' of crush and run. I know I should have ponied up the money to put a bigger stone base down but I went cheap and crossed my fingers. Half the driveway is a muddy mess now. Any suggestions?
Peter Rossi
Peter Rossi - År siden
Nice! Do you think this would've been possible without the teeth on the bucket? Like just a straight cutting edge?
william cullum
william cullum - År siden
Andrew I have never seen you leave a driveway without putting drainage on the one side or other?
NEXUN DJ - År siden
Centrikk - År siden
You should weld together a box grinder for your skid steer seams as a tool you could use would love to watch that video to.
GP Outdoors
GP Outdoors - År siden
Enjoyed it very much. Thanks Andrew and Levi! Cheers!
afullerhokie - År siden
2:07 "Lock S-foils in attack position and engage!"
david rogers
david rogers - År siden
you need a mask for dust, it will hurt you later in life.
James Aldridge
James Aldridge - År siden
i hope that you charged them extra because they would not buy some gravel and expected you to just work the gravel that was already there.
Kathryn Sooksanguan
Kathryn Sooksanguan - År siden
Enjoyed the video! It is so relaxing. So i have a question how do you sharpen your chain saw blades? Have you done a video on sharpening the blades?
Roger Hogan
Roger Hogan - År siden
I haven't seen the ol d4 in a long time. Seems like it would be good for cutting old driveways.
Anthony Yarnell
Anthony Yarnell - År siden
Nice job, keep it up!
Stephen Mitchell
Stephen Mitchell - År siden
Isn't this a job for a box/blade? Did you want to use the skid steer because it has tracks? as always, enjoy your videos and the story of a man (and his dog) making his own way
G Rom
G Rom - År siden
So I guess you decided to keep the bobcat ?
Anthony Romero
Anthony Romero - År siden
Glad they didn't want gravel more work for you real soon. Tell em break down and make your life easier for me,tired of you asking " didn't you fix this last year?"
J Dalzell
J Dalzell - År siden
Andrew, I thought you were giving up on the bobcat?
Lade's Eddy
Lade's Eddy - År siden
Looks like the Catskills are getting Fall color.
Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi - År siden
Broke clients are the worst .. they'll cost you time and headache. Nice work with the skidsteer