Pickup truck repairs

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Working on a 2003 dodge 2500 diesel pickup; Installing a new AC pump, fixing a broken door latch, fixing a broken heater, and talking about the new Tesla pickup
Runtime: 27:41


Richard Doherty
Richard Doherty - 2 timer siden
That spinning thing you saw was the mode door actuator. The difficulty of changing it varies based on your car model. It's just an electric motor that spins roughly 90 degrees back and forth. You literally broke through your air box and manually flipped the door instead. Beast.
Hawk - Dag siden
In a Mad Max World you would be King! lol God Bless.
Danny Spence
Danny Spence - 3 dager siden
No thanks I'll fix my own thank you I had a 2001 1500 Ram and it was all rusted out - was all smashed half the electrical didn't work just junk and I had a 2003 F-350 Ford Super Duty and the engine pop to spark plugs I spent $8,000 on parts and labour putting stuff on it and then a week later the bearings went what a piece of junk that was stick to Chevy Man by Chevy from now on and don't buy no more fucking Ford or Dodge got a lot of Chevys running around out there that are fucking 78 that are still running around you have some for words to but not a lot Chevy's where it's at remember Heart of America
Jon the lamb
Jon the lamb - 5 dager siden
Lol aw this is gonna be great watch me fix this heater😂 I don’t see why anyone would be mad at the way things are fixed because in the end it works and is cheap nothing wrong with that
Realdo Felix Cervi
Realdo Felix Cervi - 7 dager siden
that’s a Conan’s way to fix it ! awesome man , very glad to see you , just keep going and teaching us 🧐
Johnny Espinoza
Johnny Espinoza - 7 dager siden
People can relate to this guy.who has a 5.000$ budget? Most shows are replace ,dont repair.
ode_ s_
ode_ s_ - 10 dager siden
U ordered the model x?
artillerygijoe - 13 dager siden
Love it when he is working on something then split second video cut and blam the 4" cutting wheel is fired up.
artillerygijoe - 13 dager siden
That door at 11:20 did not know what was coming. One way or another Andrew is taking the panel off.
Scotty E from the A
Scotty E from the A - 14 dager siden
As a former car audio/security installer, it pained me to watch you rip off that door panel. Great video! Got that truck working and looking "just as good as new"!
Thomas Dobrenick
Thomas Dobrenick - 14 dager siden
They have to build with tinfoil to meet the epa bone head crap.
Thomas Dobrenick
Thomas Dobrenick - 14 dager siden
I think its ugly
superunknown ?
superunknown ? - 16 dager siden
gee, i sure hope you are putting some weight in the back of that truck. the back end is up so high with the heavy plow and heavy diesel motor. maybe add some sand bags
Bobs Youruncle
Bobs Youruncle - 16 dager siden
Levi just wants to go for a ride.
Robert Landry
Robert Landry - 16 dager siden
I've seen it all. That blend door knob is awesome.
Money Bags
Money Bags - 17 dager siden
I knew it MIG welder. I love metal fab. If it kills me I'm getting the truck
500 pieds carrés
500 pieds carrés - 20 dager siden
Okay, in the last week, i watched all your vidéo !! I am a frenchy from Quebec 🇨🇦. Tu es mon idole 👍🏼❤️✌🏼🇨🇦
kevin gagnier
kevin gagnier - 21 dag siden
Did you work for parkway Chrysler dealer
Aiden Dines
Aiden Dines - 21 dag siden
21:36 "I should sell these on Ebay" 🤣🤣
Jak Valentine
Jak Valentine - 21 dag siden
21:24 best part
M. Fletcher
M. Fletcher - 22 dager siden
Wild man! Unflappable.
Mark Williams
Mark Williams - 23 dager siden
“ Oh this is gonna be great watch me fix this heater” 😂
Mark Williams
Mark Williams - 23 dager siden
I belive you can get a belt for a truck without ac and completely bypass the pump
Ed Bell
Ed Bell - 23 dager siden
Dude, you are a f'ing Genius
Joeziah Babb
Joeziah Babb - 24 dager siden
I too pre-ordered a tesla truck as well.
Basically any way you look at it, its superior for a work truck vs anything on the road currently.
Its crazy powerful, only thing I'm somewhat worried about is the towing capacity when towing a larger excavator or backhoe.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 23 dager siden
I was sold on the stainless structural body. Looking forward to seeing the truck.
Joeziah Babb
Joeziah Babb - 24 dager siden
the dash upgrade for the heater is making sit here and giggle my ass off
In fact I've been giggling my ass off since the door.
My god this is a Frankenstein truck
TIm Nash
TIm Nash - 26 dager siden
Tim from Canada here is my question for all of you the only reason why big auto makers make the cheap shitty parts is so you people that have the vehicles have to go in and spend $800 on a $.55 part that’s right $800 on a $.55 part you know anyone that works in the automotive parts knows shitty parts cost the most money to put on because of labour
cosgrove notts
cosgrove notts - 26 dager siden
This would be scrapped now in the UK. Its too old to throw money at
TeddyJak Eddy
TeddyJak Eddy - 26 dager siden
Elon redesigned the electronic vent deflector after watching this video.
American Savage
American Savage - 28 dager siden
alright that looks pretty good
Khalil Eloi
Khalil Eloi - 28 dager siden
You sir are one bad man you have another subscriber
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 28 dager siden
wee7os - 29 dager siden
Not the nicest thing to do letting the AC gasses out to atmosphere..
1944chevytruck - 29 dager siden
thanks 4 video. be kind,./.,/';[-09
Jimmynitr - Måned siden
Is the Red Green show?.Duct tape for things not supposed to move, WD40 for things that supposed to move.....
Denis Dydakov
Denis Dydakov - Måned siden
Мотор весь засрал, жаль авто....
Pawel M
Pawel M - Måned siden
Colonel Kurtz: The Horror...
Andrew: It turned nice...
maxswp - Måned siden
These kamala harris adds are killing me
Wingnut Stickman
Wingnut Stickman - Måned siden
I was watching this and YouTube broke for no reason.
Alex T
Alex T - Måned siden
What year was that red truck? It should have been undercoated.
Andrey L
Andrey L - Måned siden
I can't even......
John L
John L - Måned siden
Ahh that is just plan wrong! Man I know it’s just a work truck but you have to have a little finesse! Don’t you think?
Alfalpha - Måned siden
I hope he does more videos on his vehicles
Dwikappa Asri Utama
Dwikappa Asri Utama - Måned siden
Andrew Detailing
Robert Cowan
Robert Cowan - Måned siden
Dave Dunn
Dave Dunn - Måned siden
Thinking outside the square love it Andrew
JACK CONNOR - Måned siden
"let's check this hinge, probably gonna butcher that too" you can't make this stuff up
donoakley812 - Måned siden
Never seen a dash taken apart with a screwdriver before I like your work on your heavy equipment though
richardlwellington - Måned siden
I am so glad I live in Phoenix, to were I don’t have to deal with rust, ice and salt.
Dennis Fahlstrom
Dennis Fahlstrom - Måned siden
Andrew, I thought you dislike electronics... these Teslas are all computers and electronics. When it has problems you won’t be fixing it, some electrical engineer will be getting $250 an hour to work on it. Parts will cost a gazillion bucks and you’ll have to wait months for spares. ...but it won’t rust. Read the negative feedback on them. There is a whole new underground economy on repairing them if you live close enough to a big city.
Raymond Bryde
Raymond Bryde - Måned siden
He's looking for a truck that will last 50 or 60 years without repairs so he buys one that runs on battery???
John Blake
John Blake - Måned siden
Many years ago I worked at a gas station pumping gas and doing odd jobs around the station. I always had to be aware of what the mechanic was working on and how difficult the job was because he would often flip a wrench in any direction across the bay cursing about if only the stupid $&@* engineer who designed this piece of crap had to work on it he would sure as hell have made it differently.
John Kennedy
John Kennedy - Måned siden
I would watch this kid fix a broken pencil......his vids are greatness.
dawidub - Måned siden
"tip them over one time and they get all smashed up for no reason"
Kenny Chew
Kenny Chew - Måned siden
You fxxking crazy......🤣🤣
Carl Bamburg
Carl Bamburg - Måned siden
Just revisited this vid from several months ago.. I can't believe how many obnoxious YouTube ads are popping up.. No fault of yours, it's the same across the entire YT platform these days.. They're doing everything they can to drive people to paid 'premium' services, including ruining content.. It's a blatant money grab..
Carl Bamburg
Carl Bamburg - Måned siden
@Andrew Camarata Yeah, I guess it's just the fact that they kinda 'force' your hand by making stuff nearly unwatchable.. It's so 'corporate' of them..
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Carl Bamburg Still less ads than a cable subscription that you’d be paying a premium for though. NOburn premium really isn’t that expensive.
Fireman Xiang
Fireman Xiang - Måned siden
Auto to manul. Great downgrade.
Wyatt Follestad
Wyatt Follestad - 19 dager siden
No it's a massive upgrade 🤦‍♂️
Dom Boningpise
Dom Boningpise - Måned siden
Don’t get a Tesla truck, it’s all electric and all electronic. There is no reason to get that you will HATE it andrew. Please listen to Me. I’m sure a bunch of people agree.
CozmicSaber's Opinions
CozmicSaber's Opinions - 19 dager siden
@Dom Boningpise ​ @Andrew Camarata Tesla vehicles hold their value really well. What I'm getting at, is if he doesn't like it, he can sell it basically for what he bought it for.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Add me on Instagram. Trying to keep snapchat and Facebook local people.
Dom Boningpise
Dom Boningpise - Måned siden
Andrew Camarata my names Domenico Forlini on Snapchat if you decide to do so. Thanks for everything.
Dom Boningpise
Dom Boningpise - Måned siden
Andrew Camarata your container castle is sweet. That’s my dream building too. And I have a project truck it’s a 1996 dodge Cummins and the brake lines rotted out. You were definitely right the copper nickel ones are amazing it’s been working perfectly ever since. I added you on Snapchat. I don’t know if you saw or just didn’t accept my request. It’s okay if you don’t wanna I understand cause I’m younger and stuff. I wanted to send my projects to you and stuff and see what you had to say about them.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Dom Boningpise cool. Thanks.
Parker Coleman
Parker Coleman - Måned siden
Something not working? Straight to the grinder and the high lift jack.
Joe Black
Joe Black - Måned siden
This is like the Red Green show buts its real.
KEN MCCORMICK - Måned siden
Galvanizing is only short term solution, need to use one of the more modern steels that are rust resistant type.
KEN MCCORMICK - Måned siden
good job on the window defrost fix!!
KEN MCCORMICK - Måned siden
think I would have used a piece of heavier sheet metal and rivet it in place. Maybe less work?
raydrew3 - Måned siden
Do we make anything in America that lasts longer than the payments?
Matthew B
Matthew B - Måned siden
I agree with everything Andrew said about how bad they make truck's with the rust and plastic parts, the thing I don't agree is the weak body the reason the body is weak is because of crumple zones were literally where the truck or car is made to crumpled up to dampened the force of an impact
Xaltotun Great
Xaltotun Great - Måned siden
Ordering a Tesla was ... unusual. And unexpected. That vehicle is made of electronics and little else. Elon mentioned that even the motors use electronics to communicate (or maybe he was talking about the Semi?). Fixing a Tesla is not the same as fixing any normal car. You won't need an angle grinder and a welder. You'll need advanced hacking tools and some proficiency in programming. It will be like "This motor receives an incorrect request to turn right before that motor and I found this in the log. Let's put a lock on this thread to make it wait before that other motor begins turning right".
Looking forward to Andrew trying to fix a Tesla :-)))
P.S. By the way do they even sell replacement parts for Teslas?
richie4ohio - 2 måneder siden
I think Andrew watched MacGyver and the A-team a lot growing up, and there is nothing wrong with that!
g2macs - 2 måneder siden
I couldn't stop larfin at the heating 'fix'....but when the welder came out I tweaked a rib....only you Andrew, only you.
1944chevytruck - 2 måneder siden
thanks 4 video. be kind.
Mr.Mister - 2 måneder siden
Thing with the Tesla truck is the batteries. How long will they last and how much will they cost to replace?
Mr.Mister - 2 måneder siden
Man, you are a brute when it comes to working on any interior pieces and I love it. Oh can't see something? Grinder + pry bar.... I can see it now. :)
Bustin Ya
Bustin Ya - 2 måneder siden
My kind of repairing! :)
Richard Wallinger
Richard Wallinger - 2 måneder siden
I got a feeling you will love your Tesla CYBERTRUCK. The spec is almost exactly what you are thinking of . Maybe you could have a pile of sand to throw it onto it's side for a visual underbody Inspection .. retracting door mirrors are a must . not electric MANUAL fold them in Manually. Keep it simple .The less electronics the better .
Quietus Plus
Quietus Plus - 2 måneder siden
Does it not leak anything when changing the AC pump? Over here we have specific laws for AC maintenance, only trained professionals may work on it, due to the dangerous gas (Argon I believe?) for the environment.
A bit contradictory later on though. Saying the less electronics you put in the more reliable it is. Yet there's the thing with Tesla at the end.
The Stone Mason.
The Stone Mason. - 2 måneder siden
GM don't want you to fix their cars, they want you to buy another.
AleksLEST - 2 måneder siden
это пи3дец какой-то!)))
Павел Патыцкий
Павел Патыцкий - 2 måneder siden
Переборщил он со своей способностью все делать самому )
nick diaz
nick diaz - 2 måneder siden
andy if the women don' t find you handsome at least they'll find you handy lol
J Black
J Black - 2 måneder siden
Pierre Laplante
Pierre Laplante - 2 måneder siden
And you dont what to plow with it you want to keep it clean love this guy
Alan Lee
Alan Lee - 2 måneder siden
King of bootlegging LOL
brutallyHonest !
brutallyHonest ! - 2 måneder siden
typical junk dodge
Schnorbitz5000 - 2 måneder siden
If Andrew cursed my life would be complete.
Tyler McCandless
Tyler McCandless - 2 måneder siden
“You tip em over one time and it gets all smashed up”
Ed Refeen
Ed Refeen - 2 måneder siden
This kid must be a trust fund baby. I love watching his show.
Ed Refeen
Ed Refeen - 2 måneder siden
Your having a bad day. You should just go back to bed.
James Nasto
James Nasto - 2 måneder siden
I don’t think we’ll ever see Andrew order a set of plastic trim removal tools.
Sneezus 1627
Sneezus 1627 - 2 måneder siden
"lets take a look under this thing" casually flips the damn truck over
Floyd Cauley
Floyd Cauley - 2 måneder siden
Now I know I’m not buying a Ram
ThatAussieGuy247 - 2 måneder siden
i have a Nissan patrol and man there hard as like one time i backed into the side of it with the tractor and done nothing to the car other then a scratch
Keith’s Kustoms
Keith’s Kustoms - 2 måneder siden
I would like to see them plow snow with a cyber truck. 🤔
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 2 måneder siden
Ill do it.
Keith’s Kustoms
Keith’s Kustoms - 2 måneder siden
Hinge pins is pretty straight forward job, you have to take the door off though. Jacking the door up only made the problem worse.
R.j. Brown
R.j. Brown - 2 måneder siden
You are a Wildman Andrew. Manual is always better
Robert Gonzalez
Robert Gonzalez - 2 måneder siden
I’m pretty sure some yellow bellies or silver bullets were involved during the making of this video. 😂😂😂
W F - 2 måneder siden
Andrew, I've watched almost all of your videos; I like what I see & how you present what you do. I like Levi & like being invited to his birthday party's. What I don't like is watching you do repairs on your equipment. For that I can do a Search for car, truck & heavy equipment repair. I watched when you & the truck were stopped, that you painted on the doors Property Maintenance. Please, no more car repairs, stay with what you do so well... -A devoted viewer.
Frankie Quintana
Frankie Quintana - 2 måneder siden
I had some funny things happen to me. But your,s take the cake. Car door on fire and take it to carwash to shut it off. Now that's funny.
leardi58 - 2 måneder siden
What about putting oil back in the AC pump
Wyatt Follestad
Wyatt Follestad - 19 dager siden
Maybe the refrigerate he put in contained oil
Peter & Terry
Peter & Terry - 2 måneder siden
I love it. If you didn't have a grinding disk you could not fix anything. My favorite tool to use is the oxygen acetylene torch. That fixes most items just by fear ...lol keep up the great vids
CaptainFancyPants - 2 måneder siden
my 2001 tacoma is still on the road 183k miles nowhere near that much rust and i live in your neighboring state of vt
David Wiley
David Wiley - 2 måneder siden
If it ain't 3/16 cold rolled then it's tin foil to Andy....
CoWboyS FaN
CoWboyS FaN - 2 måneder siden
On the Cummins if u take the air filter housing out u can access the belt tensioner way easier for future repairs
SteveYobs - 2 måneder siden
I think I found the guy that worked on my truck at the ford dealer.