Moving an old dump truck

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Attempting to start a 1952? FWD dump truck that has been sitting, then using a crawler loader to tow it out of the woods and load it on a trailer.
Runtime: 14:55


islandfd3s - 4 dager siden
I like the Mackhoe.
tom dorn
tom dorn - 6 dager siden
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 5 dager siden
david lewis
david lewis - 11 dager siden
The old yellow trucks like..yay fix me....brilliant stuff...can i work for you coz this would be a dream job to me
Timothy Dulan
Timothy Dulan - 11 dager siden
Sounds EXACTLY like a 2jz
Джентльмен Удачи
а что вы с ними делаете?
mister vtt
mister vtt - 12 dager siden
the truck is a Berliet ?
James Lindley
James Lindley - 14 dager siden
Truck exhaust is lying on the ground where the truck was stood
James Lindley
James Lindley - 14 dager siden
55H Sounds WELL SPUNKY !!- Still a fair tool by todays standards
Улул Улкл
Улул Улкл - 14 dager siden
Coffee - 20 dager siden
Did your buddy ever get the engine to fire up?
poweredbyford87 - 20 dager siden
Hey that blue Ranger in the background is the exact one I had. Now I miss it :(
Guitar Tone Quest
Guitar Tone Quest - 21 dag siden
I so wanna see that old truck restored, repainted, refurbished and running.
Cledja Assunção da silva
Cledja Assunção da silva - 23 dager siden
Raymond Wade
Raymond Wade - 26 dager siden
My old man would have a heart attack watching you with some of this stuff. I love it. Get it done and onto the next thing.
Dean Farmer
Dean Farmer - 28 dager siden
5:47 you dropped your muffler sir
Dalton791000 - Måned siden
I Love when Andrew pulls old machines out of the dirt and weeds. Can't believe i forgot about this video and the green tracked loader being in it, feel like such a noob.
1944chevytruck - Måned siden
thanks 4 video. be kind.
Wade Robinson
Wade Robinson - Måned siden
Where's are follow up video andrew lol vacations over. Also make some more plowing videos.
Dawson 1111
Dawson 1111 - Måned siden
You should throw a music festival in your property 🤣🤣
Will S
Will S - Måned siden
What happened to this old timer? Any update? Your buddy rehabbing the beauty?
Aaron Wilcox
Aaron Wilcox - Måned siden
The Cat 955 is a great machine. I just wonder was that truck an old Walter or an Oshkosh?
Raymond Farwell
Raymond Farwell - Måned siden
Thanjk you got my tee shirt, very nicely done
why was such a vehicle abandoned?
Does it still have an owner or is it from someone who takes and repairs it?
Robert Dickerson
Robert Dickerson - Måned siden
Make some t-shirts with old plow truck
Amin Abu
Amin Abu - Måned siden
Is there a link to that dump truck restoration? What had happened to the truck, is it running or sitting?
Will Ford
Will Ford - Måned siden
Was a follow up video ever made?
Every day life with me
Every day life with me - Måned siden
Way to go
no name
no name - Måned siden
Yess... save the old Trucks... and nice Stuff in the Woods :)
ping lollo
ping lollo - Måned siden
stunning landscape what area is this?
TheVet4id - 2 måneder siden
Seems a lot of trouble for a few tons of scrap metal.
Yasmin Ghani
Yasmin Ghani - 2 måneder siden
You have a beautiful place
LaLaLand - 2 måneder siden
I am over and over amazed how much equipment is just out there in the bushes. What brings me to the next question- why would one drive a plow truck as deep in the woods as it gets? Store it? Even hide it? Build an apocalyptic theme park? I have a hard time wrapping my head around something. But i´d like to see how the project turns out, it´s a pretty truck. It looks quite complete and not too bad in shape. I can see what Your buddy sees in it.
Traffer - 2 måneder siden
I watch and say to myself, "man you gotta admire that kid, he takes the bull by the horns".
John H
John H - 2 måneder siden
Where is my favorite job inspector Levi
Lnmwr - 2 måneder siden
heh heh, left the exhaust behind!
Joshua Mazzzone
Joshua Mazzzone - 2 måneder siden
Make a follow up video
Benny Ogden
Benny Ogden - 2 måneder siden
That was real cool moving that old truck man I really like that let's do some more of that
Steve Dabbs
Steve Dabbs - 2 måneder siden
Some of the people you know have some of the oddest stuff lying around that you end up getting involved with moving , hauling or just helping!!
Jean Hawken
Jean Hawken - 2 måneder siden
Dangerous jobs but fun
DarkVoidIII - 2 måneder siden
You could have hired a towing operator to recover the vehicle. I watch a lot of Ron Pratt's videos, he's an expert when it comes to towing and recovering just about anything that will hold together! :D
Egan Crane & Rigging Services Inc
Keep a eye on the steering knuckles on the front drive steer axle they are a weak spot they will crack and eventually break. If you see gear oil at the knuckles it is cracked. Grove used they FWD on the TMS 250 truck cranes up to 1980 then switched to Rockwell FDS we had them break while driving, not good.
nick verdicchio
nick verdicchio - 2 måneder siden
Bulldozers, skytracks , forklifts I want toys like that
Poppys Bench
Poppys Bench - 2 måneder siden
FWD,is that Waukesha or Hercules engine
Алексей Сычков
Алексей Сычков - 2 måneder siden
Молодцы ребята не даете технике погибать а реставрируете
Burn Dog Australia
Burn Dog Australia - 2 måneder siden
I reckon that one will be able to get on the road again
Myself Maybe
Myself Maybe - 2 måneder siden
My friends got a truck more like a bunch of Scrap metal on wheels
Zach Wisler
Zach Wisler - 2 måneder siden
What is that old thing? It's badass!
Wojciech Stachlewski
Wojciech Stachlewski - 2 måneder siden
Kupa złomu ale motor morze pochodzi
Wojciech Stachlewski
Wojciech Stachlewski - 2 måneder siden
Kolego tak naprawdę to poco ći ten złom?????
JTE Films
JTE Films - 2 måneder siden
Gets cat front end loader 🎸 guitar rift plays 🎸 “shake hands with danger”
Cypher791 - 2 måneder siden
i think its broken >_>
Valentim Motovlog
Valentim Motovlog - 2 måneder siden
Me/the truck: life here absolutely sucks
Andrew videos/the Dozer: common buddy!!!
Carl Van Eck
Carl Van Eck - 2 måneder siden
Looks like an old Autocar.
Jonathan Wisdom
Jonathan Wisdom - 2 måneder siden
Wow andrew has a preety loyal and keen fan base.I feel at home stay safe everyone :D
Turoo - 2 måneder siden
I wanna see that old excavator fixed at: 14:15 would be so awesome :P
Louise W.D.
Louise W.D. - 2 måneder siden
I wanted to tell you Andrew...Although of course we don't know you. I wanted to share with you how much you've made an impression on our now 3 year old grandson. He has been watching you with his PaPa aka grandpa for a year now since he was 2. That boy loves watching you!..He is glued!!! 3, He begs his momma whom lives with us at the moment, "Please Momma can I watch Camarata! ?"..I'll be good! wanted to put a smile on your face as much as it does ours to hear him say that!!! Also , I failed to mention. Sawyer is his name and he turns his battery operated backhoe over on it's side and pretends to be working on it also his little sister's tricycle...ha ha ha . We get the biggest giggles watching him !!! Thank you for all your videos!!!
North Jersey Kevin
North Jersey Kevin - 2 måneder siden
great drone footage too..
North Jersey Kevin
North Jersey Kevin - 2 måneder siden
awesome, your loader looks like a tank..very cool
ThundercatDarklion - 2 måneder siden
That is more like a old snowplowing rig. =^.^=
cecil veley
cecil veley - 2 måneder siden
I’m into the old stuff. When it’s intact and complete ya couldn’t ask for anything more. Hay you need to see how some of them old pieces are working out or not!
Common Asus
Common Asus - 2 måneder siden
music in beginning ?
gureno19 - 2 måneder siden
This is honestly like the real life version of Snowrunner.
Plattform Internationalismus
Plattform Internationalismus - 2 måneder siden
Wenn da nicht jemand die motorhaube aufreißen muss und offen lassen muss, dass regen win und offenbsr schnee an den motor rann kann, wäre fer truck geschützt und würde nicht so schnell zerstört. Die lieblosigkeit mit den mal produzierten gütern gehört zum kapitalismus. Kein profut mehr, keine pflege, keine bewahrung mehr vor zerfall und verfall... im gegenteil der vandalismus als die zerdtörende hand der kapitalistischen gesellschaft findet sich fast immer rasch ein. Die freunde der oldtimer bilden eine wohltuende ausnahme. Es ist die kapitalidtische rechnung, die vieles zu schrott und müll macht. In vuelen ländern herrscht technikmangel, aber die kapitalisten haben nichts zu verschenken...
Was denkst du mitmensch?
DJ JoAnne-Marie F
DJ JoAnne-Marie F - 2 måneder siden
Driven/Operated 1 of those. Those Waukesha engines were loud as F*ck when wound-up. Max speed was like 40-45mph.
Nic ,
Nic , - 2 måneder siden
7:40 looks like your trailer could use some simple maintenance. A video soon?
Alief Oktavianur
Alief Oktavianur - 3 måneder siden
Ray Elliott
Ray Elliott - 3 måneder siden
No messing about with these boys
aserta - 3 måneder siden
Bulldozer: i'm having none of your shit.
Mark Aaron Clemons
Mark Aaron Clemons - 3 måneder siden
The battery is very low. Let me at it. I bet I can get it started
xp677 - 3 måneder siden
Did the owner manage to get the truck running?
lisa meisinger
lisa meisinger - 3 måneder siden
Something fail. Off
Finneas Blakley
Finneas Blakley - 3 måneder siden
does he just buy and find all thessein the woods around his town???
Nicolas Hernandez
Nicolas Hernandez - 3 måneder siden
I would like to see this truck restored it would be pretty cool not sure where your at but it might benefit you for the winter?
Northern farmer
Northern farmer - 3 måneder siden
Throw some Sea Foam in er
Dariusz Banaszczyk
Dariusz Banaszczyk - 3 måneder siden
Rajesh Thakur
Rajesh Thakur - 3 måneder siden
Love. From india ❤️
Christopher Fisher
Christopher Fisher - 3 måneder siden
Having a mate with boys toys is good. Having a mate with real big boys toys, a castle, a hot tub and other stuff is really ,really good!!😀😀😀
Anonymous Anonyme
Anonymous Anonyme - 3 måneder siden
Correction: An old snow plow dump truck to bu 100% acurate.
MJM’s Workshop
MJM’s Workshop - 3 måneder siden
I just found your channel and after watching this I’ll need to get caught up on your videos. Nice work!
John Somerset
John Somerset - 3 måneder siden
First really interesting video I've seen for a long time. Useful having access to lots of equipment to help with the salvaging.
Shakdi Dagalimal
Shakdi Dagalimal - 3 måneder siden
Exhaust laying there at 5:43
who - 3 måneder siden
Just getting that to turn would be a fun
Pro Cut Lawn Care
Pro Cut Lawn Care - 3 måneder siden
Awesome video! Love your stuff. Check out our lawn care channel. Pro Cut Lawn Care
Cory Fiume
Cory Fiume - 3 måneder siden
You gotta love snatch blocks. That dozer is a beast, looks like shit but it's a boss.
Scott Mckay
Scott Mckay - 3 måneder siden
That's a case DI tractor next to the backhoe/Mack truck thing
Admiral Salehudin al-ayubi
Admiral Salehudin al-ayubi - 3 måneder siden
It's only me have smells some diesel smoke?
old dave
old dave - 3 måneder siden
I'd give my right arm to get under the bonnet of the old baby. surprising the brakes aren't even rusted to the drums
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 3 måneder siden
You don't have to give your arm. If you want to work on that truck, that guy would probably pay you to do it. Its in front of his auto repair garage. I know he wants to get some guys on it. But paying customer vehicles have been coming first.
KCSMDude2010 - 3 måneder siden
did it get saved or restored?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 3 måneder siden
It still sitting at my friends auto repair garage.
Scott Atwood
Scott Atwood - 3 måneder siden
Yeah never did follow up on it
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 3 måneder siden
The guy didnt fix it yet.
James Knight
James Knight - 3 måneder siden
I own many pieces of heavy equipment, I have names for all of them. My guys know when I say bring “big boy” or bring “tank” . This is only my opinion but the big green cat should be called the “Beast”. It looks like an absolute beast, I wish I owned one.
Ulitmate Punch
Ulitmate Punch - 3 måneder siden
Using a metal chain like a snatch strap makes me cringe.
Terri Dunbar
Terri Dunbar - 3 måneder siden
I wouldn't be so comfortable standing close to the winch cable while its in use especially in this kind of situation, seen one snap and cut a guys leg off
Terri Dunbar
Terri Dunbar - 3 måneder siden
@Andrew Camarata right on bud , after seeing that guy get sliced up I'm just a scardy cat 😂
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 3 måneder siden
That is not true. They are really not that dangerous.
Richard Beck
Richard Beck - 3 måneder siden
Great overhead drone shots ..excellent
teamidris - 3 måneder siden
955h is a nice machine :o) Not sure if that is the one where it is impossible to remove the fan without skinning your nuckles?
João de Jesus
João de Jesus - 3 måneder siden
João de Jesus
João de Jesus - 3 måneder siden
Carlos geada
Carlos geada - 3 måneder siden
Carlos geada
Carlos geada - 3 måneder siden
chipps1066 - 4 måneder siden
What make and model of this truck?Doesn't look like anything I've ever seen.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 4 måneder siden
FWD is the make.
おとはまちゃん - 4 måneder siden
It’s not over yet, is it a repair video?
James Ellis
James Ellis - 4 måneder siden
Using a snatch block or pulley doesn’t double the power. It makes the force needed to be half as much. With enough pulleys, you could have pulled that thing on by hand.
蔡紫俞文 - 4 måneder siden
David Null
David Null - 3 måneder siden
"Does this car have property rights?"