Moving an antique truck

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Rescuing a old REO truck that has been sitting for 35 years. Jacking it up, installing wheels on it, using 3 excavators to drag it to the street and load it on a trailer. There should be a follow up video of it once its running looking better.
Runtime: 32:52


rory ohcee
rory ohcee - 11 timer siden
be careful, that truck might be optimus prime
Питерский - Dag siden
Спасение старого грузовика. Молодцы
John Booth
John Booth - Dag siden
Put more air in the tires, and a piece of under the ties
Ricardo Sanabria
Ricardo Sanabria - 2 dager siden
Ricardo Sanabria
Ricardo Sanabria - 2 dager siden
Twin Pipe
Twin Pipe - 2 dager siden
Would love to see a picture of it when it was parked up all those years ago. Reminds me of the Duel truck.
Frederick Boyd
Frederick Boyd - 2 dager siden
Love your drone footage an helipad.Awesme
kyungho leigh
kyungho leigh - 3 dager siden
This video is really more fun than any Hollywood movie!
I want to know the present of this truck.
Twin Pipe
Twin Pipe - 2 dager siden
@Andrew Camarata Sad to hear, and all the work to rescue her. After years of restoration projects if they don't get started quickly then they tend to fester. The motivation wanes. There's a lot of work in that truck to bring it back to running, still a lot of work just to make it an advert piece alone. She didn't give up easy, as though she had accepted her fate, probably best to have left her where she was, and she was pretty dug in. You gotta start projects like this as soon as. Sorry for the sentiment.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 3 dager siden
Thanks, The truck is still sitting where we left it. But the guy talks about doing stuff to it.
Ramtea Jongte
Ramtea Jongte - 3 dager siden
Who read this coment is Jesus love you...
WEND - 4 dager siden
Старый, но не сдавшийся! Удачной работы по реставрации! Лайк!)))
Miles Romanus
Miles Romanus - 4 dager siden
Looks like the truck from Bjork's Army of Me
shehan Prageeth
shehan Prageeth - 4 dager siden
Shizzy Deep
Shizzy Deep - 4 dager siden
Even more amazing than the fact that you got it out of your yard is the fact that you got someone to put it in their yard.
David Head
David Head - 4 dager siden
What year is it ?
Larry Wasek
Larry Wasek - 5 dager siden
I'd like to see it in sign mode
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 5 dager siden
Working on it.
Roberto Bezerra
Roberto Bezerra - 5 dager siden
Isso é fantástico Adorei.
S K VLOGS - 5 dager siden
Hi my chanal
Michael Peach
Michael Peach - 5 dager siden
ARCHANA V.S - 7 dager siden
arturo zons
arturo zons - 7 dager siden
They should watch "shake hands with danger" video
Conceição Aparecida
Conceição Aparecida - 7 dager siden
Muito obrigado pelo vídeo do Brasil de Betim Minas Gerais
Antonio Batista
Antonio Batista - 7 dager siden
Bom vídeo parabéns
111msw - 8 dager siden
Bocbo - 8 dager siden
7 ads in 30 min? Nah man... Yer content ain't THAT good.
ابو شهاب
ابو شهاب - 9 dager siden
The clip attracted me very much, so where is the rest of the scene? I want to see the truck after it has been repaired .. Thank you.
Twin Pipe
Twin Pipe - 2 dager siden
If the guys are working then this is easy a 5 year project. Spent 5 years restoring trucks in far better condition than this when found.
Tommy Gun
Tommy Gun - 8 dager siden
Obviously I’d say it takes more time and well ya know... money also he states in the beginning that his friend is turning it into a sign so I’d say they won’t repair is or it at least won’t be drivable.
jchihat - 9 dager siden
Lol, Y’all probably left it in gear, And didn’t shoot any air to the breaks, lmao
Porque nao ligaram o caminhao...kkkkkkkkkkkkk
Xp1967 - 9 dager siden
Felicidades buen trabajo 🇨🇱🇨🇱👍🏻
Anil Deve Polakulath
Anil Deve Polakulath - 9 dager siden
What happens this vechile
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 dager siden
It’s still sitting right where we left it
SYED SAIF MOHIUDDIN - 9 dager siden
a big salute to the team, really a hard job, waiting for the next part awesome work
gede sudarma
gede sudarma - 10 dager siden
And that....must be an expensive stuff
Naseer Khan.hassani
Naseer Khan.hassani - 10 dager siden
Ven_D21 - 11 dager siden
pull and push
Chris Price
Chris Price - 11 dager siden
What a pile of junk
Anthony Gennaro
Anthony Gennaro - 11 dager siden
I'd like to know how that truck got way out in the woods.
Joey Colb
Joey Colb - 4 dager siden
@LifeisGreat Ok..aliens levitated it to where it sits ;)
LifeisGreat - 5 dager siden
@Joey Colb We’re trying to come up with a realistic scenario that would lead to that truck ending up in the middle of the woods. Try again.
Joey Colb
Joey Colb - 10 dager siden
Perhaps someone drove it there years ago? :)
maksim matrofailo
maksim matrofailo - 11 dager siden
Не чего добавить.
Bigfriendly15 - 11 dager siden
Man, was a tough job. I hope you made some $$$.
Bigfriendly15 - 11 dager siden
Just hook up some jumper cables and drive her out:)
Bigfriendly15 - 11 dager siden
Is the truck in neutral? DOH!!!
Venkat Reddy
Venkat Reddy - 11 dager siden
Next port video 🤔
Athul Ghosh TM
Athul Ghosh TM - 12 dager siden
മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടോ
Richard Bruce
Richard Bruce - 12 dager siden
Say guys some mission! but a bit critical! could have been an idea to spend a week camped out & free up the wheels They sure were Locked! A tip.... WATER goes with fire! .. heat up cool down with water!! ALSO guys water actually frees up rusted threads ??actually better than K16 spray>>> I kid you not , I learned this at 72! ..technique.., BIG spanner (pipe extension in reserve) work the frozen nut/bolt to &fro (forward& back) many times (100) till you get slight movement ..apply water & keep it up & soon she frees up!!! amazing but true I used kero,disel etc but this is way better, I have an old 1930 REO SPEED WAGON in my stuff. also 1943 CATERPILLER D8 with tank recovery winch D8 N Hyster (X WW2 Marines from pacific N0 1914 SP ) She would have dragged the old truck out trees & all! she still runs. Pity we are many thousands of miles apart! Go for it guys its real nice to see keen folks at 80 I am a little tuckered out so good to see your effort! (the wee jack had me worried too! take care,
James McKay
James McKay - 12 dager siden
Why didn't you use a Par Buckle?
superpowerfulmagnets - 12 dager siden
So this is the famous REO Speedwagon I've heard so much about?
Dan Dykstra
Dan Dykstra - 8 dager siden
Actually, no. While this truck WAS MADE by the REO Motor Co., It is an REO Gold Comet. The REO Speed Wagons were pickup trucks.
sam viens
sam viens - 12 dager siden
Wait is that a citern in the back??godamn it!
I m officially impressed by your will y'all!!
tedi suteja
tedi suteja - 12 dager siden
Mana kelanjutanya. part 1,2,3
А К - 13 dager siden
нормально так👌кто-то угнал бензовоз...😁😈😄👍
Bruce MacKinnon
Bruce MacKinnon - 13 dager siden
Just like those big Tonka toys.
gilson miranda
gilson miranda - 13 dager siden
what a beautyfull dogie!
세욱정 - 13 dager siden
Mathématique chimie physique
Cᴀᴍᴇʟᴏᴛ Gs
Cᴀᴍᴇʟᴏᴛ Gs - 13 dager siden
wonderful video 👍
SteeVeeDee - 13 dager siden
I was just thinking 'that is plain dangerous' when the leg jack bent and spat out. Could have killed someone there.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 13 dager siden
its safe
Tiết Nguyễn
Tiết Nguyễn - 14 dager siden
Ghê vãi
anime_ star
anime_ star - 14 dager siden
como tan estupidos podria a ver sacado el agua del camion antes de sacarlo ^^!!
lo otro en las escavadoras podrian a ver puesto 2 gordos para hacer peso y sacar el camion al toque ^0^ hahahah
Benjamim Oliveira
Benjamim Oliveira - 14 dager siden
Gostei muito parbens
ABISSINIA BY - 14 dager siden
Круто ✌️ Подписывайтесь на мой
RC-pwolf789 - 14 dager siden
Sree Kumar
Sree Kumar - 14 dager siden
101120/1236h pst. That’s called relentless hard work, determination, perseverance and the achievement of what the heart wanted. Bravo... now anxiously looking forward to startup, engine maintenance, body work and please, a steering wheel? 😀 To the Mrs 💐 To the people involved in the mammoth retrieval 🙏🏽 Thank you guys. Stay safe, stay Blessed and 73s...
World Around Me
World Around Me - 14 dager siden
The REO Motor Car Company was a Lansing, Michigan-based company that produced automobiles and trucks from 1905 to 1975. At one point the company also manufactured buses on its truck platforms.

Ransom E. Olds was an entrepreneur who founded multiple companies in the automobile industry. In 1897 Olds founded Oldsmobile. In 1905 Olds left Oldsmobile and established a new company, REO Motor Car Company, in Lansing, Michigan. Olds had 52 percent of the stock and the titles of president and general manager. To ensure a reliable supply of parts, he organized a number of subsidiary firms like the National Coil Company, the Michigan Screw Company, and the Atlas Drop Forge Company.
Sree Kumar
Sree Kumar - 14 dager siden
World Around Me
Cool Restorations
Cool Restorations - 14 dager siden
Those videos are so satisfying to watch, I even startred my own resto channel in 2020🛠🎬
Luis Pereira
Luis Pereira - 14 dager siden
Gogos Sogog
Gogos Sogog - 14 dager siden
They destroy the woods for this junk let it rust
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 14 dager siden
They destroyed the woods where your house is too.
Константин Букаткин
Такие маленькие территории, и ещё не обследованны, куда они замахиваются, посматривая на РФ?.
ооо ооо
ооо ооо - 13 dager siden
Они достойные люди.а рашка это одна сплошная тюрма без право голоса и прав.
Santos Kumar
Santos Kumar - 13 dager siden
Руслан Гусаков
Руслан Гусаков - 14 dager siden
У нас этого года машины не бросают, они ещё бодрячком бегают по дорогам России
Иван Чернышев
Иван Чернышев - 14 dager siden
Зёма как с языка снял
Ingo _
Ingo _ - 14 dager siden
Whats the state of this project?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 14 dager siden
Trucks still sitting in that guys yard.
Руслан Гусаков
Руслан Гусаков - 14 dager siden
Спизженый в девяностых под пензой бензовоз
dyunker14 klarcten
dyunker14 klarcten - 14 dager siden
Классный экскаватор!
Deepesh Singh
Deepesh Singh - 15 dager siden
Very nice work, for this bullshit idea how many tries u have cut u r the bpeople who aren destroying the earth
Tushar Kumar
Tushar Kumar - 15 dager siden
Ye log itne mehnat kar rahe h ,but ek helicopter bula lete to truk ko utta le jata
AMC guy
AMC guy - 15 dager siden
That truck looks fiendish, jeepers creepers/ maximum overdrive vides, i love it
Нуро/نورا Зарин Хан
I would like to see the sequel! 👋🏻👍🏼
Aashish chaudhary
Aashish chaudhary - 15 dager siden
Can i upload this video in my new channel 🙏♥️
Lukson Woriassy
Lukson Woriassy - 15 dager siden
Jaro Jarecki
Jaro Jarecki - 15 dager siden
Nice truck
PAKTRA PRODUCTIONS - 15 dager siden
I clicked thinking this was a realistic diorama video
G-TLT - 15 dager siden
Freddy Pedraza
Freddy Pedraza - 15 dager siden
What they needed was a f350 powerstroke, would had pulled it easily
FUEL - 15 dager siden
hi what was the piece of music you used when you was driving down the road with the tanker truck on the back in the drone footage thanks
Aymen bt Boutoughmas
Aymen bt Boutoughmas - 15 dager siden
Waww se jeant thank you very macht 👍👍👍👍👍😛😛😛
The Revealer
The Revealer - 16 dager siden
Restoring This Truck Is Like Buying A New Truck
Sree Kumar
Sree Kumar - 14 dager siden
Sir, it’s not the funds that’s involved in this Saga of the gentleman involved in this retrieval and restoration of a mammoth art of engineering. It’s the passion, it’s the respect to the Late Ransome E. Olds who was behind the American Auto Industry, a name to remember OLDSMOBILE. Ransome E. Olds is a legend, a giant in the American Automobile Industry, still remembered with respect and admiration. I have extreme respect towards the gentleman, who ventured into saving REO. Sir, I salute you. 73s... 111020/1314h pst
Golden Akhom
Golden Akhom - 16 dager siden
Jota Jota
Jota Jota - 16 dager siden
Excelent job 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 and very good shots with the drone
Rene Silva
Rene Silva - 16 dager siden
Can you imagine a vehicle like this in this real state chasing your car during a scary rainy night ?
Rene Silva
Rene Silva - 13 dager siden
@Sree Kumar Thank you. If you refer to "Duel" by Spielberg I watched too.
Sree Kumar
Sree Kumar - 14 dager siden
Rene Silva
mike mad
mike mad - 16 dager siden
it begs the question "how did it get there"?
Igor Felker
Igor Felker - 16 dager siden
Пёсель классный))
Septimiu Razvy
Septimiu Razvy - 16 dager siden
How the truck get there in the first place ???🤔🤔😳😳😳😳
Manasseis Correa
Manasseis Correa - 16 dager siden
Camarata cad o caminhão amei esse isso vai ficar a maior jóia reformada naoooooool esquece de mostrar pronto uuuuuuui brasillll
Sturmuli muli
Sturmuli muli - 16 dager siden
21:46 Okay I´ll try to pull this thing... Been working out...
ROG - 16 dager siden
Its incredible how much power have these small excavators, i used to work with these but bot anymore.
Filmy Scenes
Filmy Scenes - 17 dager siden
I dont know but this video made me cry
Florenci Anton Sala
Florenci Anton Sala - 17 dager siden
Really interesting vídeo. Do you have the continuation?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 17 dager siden
Working on it.
DikozDan - 17 dager siden
Тик ток
bearcatasdf - 17 dager siden
Old REO with S-Cams on the front and Hendrickson Walking Beams + 10.00 x 20 Spokes.. classic
аlcatraz 2
аlcatraz 2 - 17 dager siden
FRONT HUB! AS IN RUSSIAN FOR KAMAZ -5511 . Russian constructors copy hub in old USA trucks ? author of the video looks in Internet. NEW HUBS ARE PRODUCED IN RUSSIA! KAMAZ FACTORY WERK
S Makan
S Makan - 17 dager siden
Ales Persin
Ales Persin - 17 dager siden
Nothing without a four-legged assistant Cody. Full time inspection. :)
김명중 - 18 dager siden
VLAD STANKOV - 18 dager siden
Молодцы! Большое уважение за проделанную работу.
Максим Дмитриевич
Есть видео как его восстанавливают?