Jetski riding

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Buying a Kawasaki Ultra250, doing some riding, repairs, then clips of riding for the rest of the season.
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1944chevytruck - Måned siden
thanks 4 video. be kind....999900000
paul oliver
paul oliver - Måned siden
why would anyone dislike this video
Car Ninja
Car Ninja - 2 måneder siden
that brand new Sea Doo spark broke down but the old 90's Yamaha is still going strong!
Maxspeed7 - 3 måneder siden
Hey you worked on old wave runners right? I was inspired by you fixing jetskis and you saying it was easy if you know what your doing. I know pretty good about cars and engines. However I bought a 1991 yamaha 650 with the water box blown out, i need to replace it but I don't know how to get it out without pulling the whole engine out and there are no videos showing how. I was hoping you, or someone in here could explain it?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 3 måneder siden
might be able to get it moving the gas tank. Or unbolting the motor. I have a few videos on here, I think I messed with a few water boxes.
Alejandro Lazaro Marquez Serrano
You should own a Sea doo
Tom A
Tom A - 5 måneder siden
So which Ski do you like better Yamaha or Kawisaki
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 5 måneder siden
Yamaha stuff is nice.
scott fobar
scott fobar - 7 måneder siden
Wish I lived closer to buy one off of you but oh well
Scott Van Nostrand
Scott Van Nostrand - 7 måneder siden
I'm trying to figure out where this launch site is...Charles Rider Park? Edit GGIMF: Found, it's not.
nozmoking1 - 7 måneder siden
Was that the USS Landsdale? 21:40
Mark Camaro
Mark Camaro - 9 måneder siden
Your lab looks exactly like our new yellow lab puppy, eats like him too
raiden7789 - 10 måneder siden
what a day :D
carryclass - 10 måneder siden
never been invited to do anything like that everyone i know has to work
FBI-Agent-#9476 - 11 måneder siden
Where do you find your jet skis?
FBI-Agent-#9476 - 11 måneder siden
@Andrew Camarata thank you I will look. I've already tried Craigslist :/
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 11 måneder siden
Market place. Or craigs list. Its not hard to find broken wave runners.
DestroyertheRailWarrior - 11 måneder siden
Amtrak locomotives are usually pretty fast.
Shawn MCCUEN - 11 måneder siden
Hey andrew what lake is this? Is it champlain?
Shawn MCCUEN - 11 måneder siden
Cool spot. Im in vt is why i asked.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 11 måneder siden
Hudson river.
Thomas McKelvey
Thomas McKelvey - 11 måneder siden
I tried looking up the Warship by hull #766, found a U.S.S.Slater- transferred to Greece in 1951... Does anyone know what ship this is?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 11 måneder siden
I think that's the Slater, that was in Albany NY.
Blake Larsen
Blake Larsen - 11 måneder siden
What lake was this?
balconio1172 - 11 måneder siden
Levi on the jetski is the best thing I've seen all week. Go Levi!
Wayne Gouin
Wayne Gouin - 11 måneder siden
Next video. My Dad buys a new Jet-Ski!!
Dash Hunter
Dash Hunter - 11 måneder siden
Always save Andrew's videos for a good meal.... the meal ain't complete without one of Andrew's uploads
Rodney Palmer
Rodney Palmer - 11 måneder siden
The dog is awesome
MDO VIDEO - År siden
Wow that looks like a lot of fun!!!
TheStephenspann27 - År siden
@ 23:38 now we know that used to be Andrew's boat.... for a day.
Duarte Machado
Duarte Machado - År siden
20:58 so cool!!
Michael Bonner
Michael Bonner - År siden
What body of water is this??
Michael Bonner
Michael Bonner - År siden
That flying wing thing was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Looks likes SO much fun!
Joseph Atnip
Joseph Atnip - År siden
It's like a jet ski gang
Fun to Build
Fun to Build - År siden
How fun to race a train!
Jill Danyelle
Jill Danyelle - År siden
Good to see you having fun Andrew.
Boostradoomus Doomus
Boostradoomus Doomus - År siden
Boat stands for bust out another thousand lol
Mark Smith
Mark Smith - År siden
On your jet skis they have mikuni no accelerator pump that got a slider anytime you open the throttle trying to start it just brings air and no fuel best way to start it is just with the throttle close and the choke on I hope this helps
al Gigirl
al Gigirl - År siden
Andy, Levi is getting on for his age. Maybe get him a dog winter coat when really cold.. if you know what I mean..
French Frys
French Frys - År siden
I get how you probably have a personality which enjoys this kind of thing but to me it looks like the most masochistic hell imaginable.
Markus Riippa
Markus Riippa - År siden
Joe Mezzanini
Joe Mezzanini - År siden
Man, these videos look professionally produced!
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов - År siden
Andrew, good dog )
Junho Lee
Junho Lee - År siden
Nice Job
uTubed007 - År siden
Thank you for the nice day on the water Andrew !
carmichael moritz
carmichael moritz - År siden
i like people that work hard so that they can play fast . the more they work the more i get . thank you :))
Jet Star
Jet Star - År siden
Nice video
Joseph Profaci, Jr.
Joseph Profaci, Jr. - År siden
good workout for the legs. i went jet skiing and was sore after moderate waves.
conundrum conundrum
conundrum conundrum - År siden
Andrew, I am disappointed. I thought for sure you would slap a turbo or supercharger on your favorite Ski ride.
JetSki Brothers
JetSki Brothers - År siden
it's weird how you can get a deal on an ultra 250 I remember when those things first came out 😂 that thing looks pretty used up but its still good. Just got to the part where you tried to parachute off the tube😖😂 My brother and I tried something similar but with a hang glider, needless to say but it did not work very well. Probably about as good as what you guys did.
Joe Conforti
Joe Conforti - År siden
I saw almost every mainstream water toy in the one video with the exception of the Seabreacher. Wait maybe that's coming next summer. Best to you Andy , have fun.
Michael - År siden
that shot with levi hanging off the side is probably the coolest clip on this whole channel 21:00
TheStephenspann27 - År siden
This is my favorite video of yours so far.
Rider - År siden
I need a beer and tree trunk splitting on a loop.
Thad Moose
Thad Moose - År siden
Andrew.. i wanted to thank you, i have been off work getting one of two hip replacements, i ran into your videos and have watched every episode. So thank you for your videos they were very entertaining to watch, and helped me from going stir crazy until i can get back on to the next job....
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
Glad to hear, get well soon. There is a video about that new white pickup that should be ready in 5 hours or so.
mgh439 - År siden
wait... how did you get a grill on the inland?..maybe you did the lawn mower Inland move.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
It was there.
Take a stride or Step aside
Is your brother there?
J Mac
J Mac - År siden
@Andrew Camarata all the years I was self-employed I wished I could clone myself. If you can pull it off I'll buy you a brand new Yanmar with a hydrolic thumb.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
J Mac I’ll just clone myself.
J Mac
J Mac - År siden
@Andrew Camarata build one
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
I do not have a brother.
bluesky - År siden
The Kelley's Country Life
I should have known this would turn into a repair video... I enjoyed it!
yzpoot - År siden
would love to have andrew and crew down here on Tims Ford Lake, in TN !!!!
John Avanti
John Avanti - År siden
Waiting for Andrew to build a fishing machine out of one of the jet skis...
Chris G-A
Chris G-A - År siden
Looking to get rid of a couple? My wife and I are over in Hyde Park and want to pick up some for next year
whitey george
whitey george - År siden
Looks like Andrew has a bush camp on the river.
whitey george
whitey george - År siden
WHY the need for speed? I just dont get it.
Victor L. Fazio III
Victor L. Fazio III - År siden
I didn’t know you guys could fly!!! 😝
Patriotic Porn
Patriotic Porn - År siden
Levi , your Dad, Jesse and friends. Just add water for maximum pleasure.
ToughAncientSpark - År siden
I almost skipped this video because I thought it was going to be boring. Boy, was I wrong!!
marty - År siden
There's a lot of grunting going on there Andrew?? That cable must be a pain!! Good Job
butlerpep - År siden
I just bought a bobcat 743 today because of Andrew
William Gregory
William Gregory - År siden
The older jet ski designs stink. They don't balance easily on the water like the newer designs🚤
Tom S
Tom S - År siden
Great edit appreciated and tongue weight demo, thanks
Mark Bonham
Mark Bonham - År siden
Your Dad never speaks. It would be nice to hear him talk a little. You work hard and then you Play hard and I love seeing that Andrew. Would love to go to that river and spend a few days. I just got to get the family geared up for a huge RV trip as I'm from SoCal. Cheers
Beecher - År siden
you should come ride lake ontario sometime it's so fun!
Arthur Balls
Arthur Balls - År siden
04:45 - Sergio Leone would be proud of that shot
#HammerTime# H2R
#HammerTime# H2R - År siden
Not enough power for the shoot Andrew
P J - År siden
Andrew calls for a Nitro boost project but wear a helmet and no Levi during testing 😊
Stacy Spears
Stacy Spears - År siden
through some weights in the cargo hold
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
That's not the proper way to fix that.
James Ontiveros
James Ontiveros - År siden
I envy you guys in fresh water! My boat and waverunner need substantial maintenance and flushing after every single outing, any open electrical connections will not last one season! Steel trailer last only a few years. Salt life!
travis062003 - År siden
That seems to be a Fletcher Class Destroyer. Is it possible to visit it and go onboard? Do you know the name of the ship? Maybe you can do a video when visiting it, that would be pretty interesting. They escorted the convoys across the Atlantic during WWII and hunted the german U Boote. Thank you for your videos and keep the good work up, cheers.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
Yeah, I think you can go on that. A bunch of people mentioned it in the comments. That's in Albany NY.
Marty T
Marty T - År siden
Dude, fibreglass/gelcoat and steel forks are not a good mix, you' ll chip the gel and crack the glass, best to lift with straps from above
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
Yeah, that's been easier to do as well.
ATownPyro - År siden
Classic kawi pos. Seems your speedo is either off or your not getting the full speed from that ski.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
I don't think that speedo is right. IDK, I have been having better luck with Yamaha stuff.
A M W - År siden
... hey Levi... what did you do today boy?....

... went jet skiing wid ma bitch bro
Dave Calvo
Dave Calvo - År siden
Very cool Andrew, good clean fun there. I liked the part where you guys all headed to the shore for some food and chilling with the dogs, I did that a lot with my buddy's when we took the quads out for the day. Be safe great video.
Richard Kuipers
Richard Kuipers - År siden
Andrew 007 Bond
R Eels
R Eels - År siden
We need more videos!
Lawrence Zaccheo Jr
Lawrence Zaccheo Jr - År siden
Crazy footage of the jet ski towing the tube nice work Andrew
Danny Penola
Danny Penola - År siden
Fuck you guys are fast!
Tommy Gunz
Tommy Gunz - År siden
Hey my man ..I came address your channel on a pop up....Just want to say your channel is awesome...I can’t stop watching....I love everything it’s about..I really like how you explain everything you do...Iam trying to catch up watching all the old videos....Keep up the good work my man....Iam also a dog lover...Levi is awesome....🚛🔨🔧🧰🚜🤙🏻
david cole
david cole - År siden
what a fantastic day out :)
Aero FPV
Aero FPV - År siden
☺ Thank you for reminding us how boring our lives are Andrew ☺
Johnny Luck
Johnny Luck - År siden
Just throw some weight it the tool box too
Chas Riggs
Chas Riggs - År siden
I am sorry to double dip here. BUT 21:55 who is SHE???
Chas Riggs
Chas Riggs - År siden
4:48 LOOK AT THAT !!! A passenger train blowing by at 80 mph. We don't have that out here in Arizona, We have stage coaches and limo scene's passing us at 40 mpg!!!!
totherevolution - År siden
Great video. Had everything.
ClayDog - År siden
NOW THAT IS A FIRE!! dogs are so lucky...hamburger and jet ski rides
A V S - År siden
Awesome video, great footage 👍👍
Dawt Calm
Dawt Calm - År siden
@ 25:25 = That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen.

So it would seem.
Ron - År siden
Levi is one of the coolest dogs on the planet
Mike None
Mike None - År siden
YES, shirtless! You so dang sexy
Oliver Burton
Oliver Burton - År siden
More jetski content please!!
James Hughes
James Hughes - År siden
andrew why can,t you just stick some more weight in the storage boxes if theres to much weight at the rear of trailer save messing about with the rachet winch
The SJV Workshop
The SJV Workshop - År siden
Take a shot for every jet ski that Andrew owns
Andrew Fodor
Andrew Fodor - År siden
Mack Dlite
Mack Dlite - År siden
I like Levi riding shotgun on the jetski!!
William Arnn
William Arnn - År siden
On to the next job
Clay Moore
Clay Moore - År siden
Where is this ???? What lake ?
Mike Spain
Mike Spain - År siden
So the steering cable was rigged together because the previous owner didn’t want to fix it properly. Looking good and having fun!