Installing a trolley crane

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Installing an overhead hoist inside a garage.
Runtime: 28:40


rhJeff oo
rhJeff oo - 3 timer siden
Your ways are different , but effective ,well done. thumbs up !!
Leonardo Medina
Leonardo Medina - 5 timer siden
Awesome project, I enjoyed it very much BUT DARN SON, save your lungs and wear a darn mask!
ZX11 BLAZE - 12 timer siden
Amazing.great work.
cause&effect - 19 timer siden
Now a motor on that hoist would be complete
Scotty Word
Scotty Word - Dag siden
Great job definitely get an electric winch an you’ll love it
Steve Hopes
Steve Hopes - Dag siden
the music at the end ?
Steve Hopes
Steve Hopes - Dag siden
watching this while listening to ( Kool & The Gang - Get Down On It ) suits the whole process perfectly Lol
john Evangelou
john Evangelou - 2 dager siden
You definitely need to upgrade to an electric motor driven hoist. X and Y axis and wireless controller.
Patrick - 3 dager siden
Put a stop bolt or carabiner on the tail end of your hoist chain so it can't "accidentally" come off the spool. Murphy's law you know LOL. Good job!
Justin Landrum
Justin Landrum - 5 dager siden
You made a rookie mistake or you didn’t have a torch big enough to cut the plate. You had to weld blocks back in instead of cutting out the shape of the beam¿
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 5 dager siden
I can cut it however I want. That's how I wanted to do it.
Prima Energy Services Sdn Bhd
sir...can i know the model of the portable steel cutter that you used???
Alan Bradbury
Alan Bradbury - 7 dager siden
Andrew! Greetings from the UK mate. You have got some serious equipment and tools there at your place , that's a fact.
Charles Jennings
Charles Jennings - 7 dager siden
What brand is that drill press
Ko O
Ko O - 8 dager siden
Safety first ? :)
ATM - 9 dager siden
"I don't have two people."
I felt that.
[Whatever name goes here]
[Whatever name goes here] - 10 dager siden
Maybe cutting a T slot into the inch plate would have been better than the cutout and filler. Just slides on and you have less welds and cuts to do
KungFuGripDave Local80Grip
KungFuGripDave Local80Grip - 10 dager siden
Thomas Dobrenick
Thomas Dobrenick - 10 dager siden
Am just happpy the castle adress is 2014 and not 2020 :)
telosfd - 11 dager siden
Using an electric hoist on the top in the middle of the main bar in combination with pulleys easily you can move the bar in front and back! Really i like your try and your project!
BILL NGO - 13 dager siden
good job bro..
bas far
bas far - 13 dager siden
who are you? really a super guy 👍good luck
J G - 14 dager siden
Ok you sold me on the saw, cutting thru that I beam.
Jerry Stotler
Jerry Stotler - 15 dager siden
When is the book coming out? I'd buy it! A book called - "WHY? and HOW TO BUILD YOU OWN CASTLE HOME. BECAUSE THEY WANTED TOO MUCH and I COULD BUILD IT CHEAPER MYSELF!" - By Andrew Camarata Now tht be a book worth buying, along with a time laspe video of course.
climatixseuche - 15 dager siden
Cody needs a hard hat too if he is under the beam!
72chargerse72 - 15 dager siden
I think it would be a good idea to add a piece of steel to the end of the piece that moves ..that wraps around the edge of the stationary piece so that if the trollies fail it doesnt just fall but locks in place till you replace the chinese trollies. Just a safety is all.
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams - 16 dager siden
Use a torch to cut the i beam it is so much faster
David Zamora
David Zamora - 16 dager siden
I like what you did to your building. Nice living quarters. Crash there when you get to tired.
Money Bags
Money Bags - 17 dager siden
seems overkill you have all the tools to do it the same. There isnt a man on earth who wouldnt want a over crane trolly thingy. I cant believe how you cut thru that thick ass plate. Again with the plasma cutter. A trolly is any sheet metal or metal fabs dream.5000lbs
SingleTrackRider - 17 dager siden
Andrew: “ so I needed a interplanetary space shuttle but they are to expensive to buy so I’m just gonna build one “
Guy Patts
Guy Patts - 18 dager siden
Very nice work
بركات القرني
بركات القرني - 20 dager siden
Good job 👏 👍
anthony A
anthony A - 21 dag siden
1.5t. - rigging
Josh DeVries
Josh DeVries - 21 dag siden
Nicely done Sir. I vote electric would be awesome. Could you add drive motors too so it could drive aswell?
Railgap Esoterica
Railgap Esoterica - 22 dager siden
Did you go back and add more weld to those joints in your 1 inch plate, or did you leave 1/2" wide by 1/8" high MIG beads (!!) holding your beam to that 1 inch plate? no penetration... that thing is gonna fall down and kill someone, probably you.
Jim Vet
Jim Vet - 22 dager siden
nice work, isn't it required by the state of NY to have it load tested certified.
those over heads are specially heat treated. just saying. it requires the weight it can carry
posted on the beam.
ummagowa - 23 dager siden
I love watching Andrew. But this project concerned me. Then I read the comments to see if I was alone in my views. I wasn't. This isn't about the main beam capacity. It is about those welds from those fab'd plates under the trollies, as others have said.
I thought I would have had the main beam flush between the two. There didn't seem to be room to be on top of them. Then have the trollies hold a fab'd carriage under the main beam. But then use 7018 rod penetrating into proper bevels & beam and filled using all the passes needed. That beam alone, (cringing) with no load on it, would do horrific damage to anything under it. So, is it me or does the side beams being smaller obviate the size of the main beam? I can't tell if they are. And do they already carry a live load from the roof? If you brought a heavy load toward either end and to either side beam's middle, their full moment mid-span, then their capacity may then become the critical strength.
But what a cool shop to have. Almost like heaven. I think you should submit this to an SE to evaluate capacity. Probably cost no more than $500 for a non-stamped consult..
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 23 dager siden
Everything is fine, this will never break. Mig welds are stronger.
Mr Flukey
Mr Flukey - 25 dager siden
I think there should have been a third beam for it to sit on as there was a fair amount of bounce and it should be more rigid.
Jason Starr
Jason Starr - 26 dager siden
Andrew 30 days later: So I just got in the electric, remote controlled winches (plural) and the remote controlled beam movers for the north/south ends of the winch beam.... Cody and me will get them installed in the next vid!
Dawson 1111
Dawson 1111 - 28 dager siden
Another great project every man wishes he could do
Kizz - 29 dager siden
Andrew will probably motorize the hoist as soon as he discovers servo's.
Alex T
Alex T - 29 dager siden
Andrew! You can hang the hand-driven hoist in series with the electric. Hang it underneath if you need accuracy. Just a thought. And is your wife picking out the music for you? That's great music. Are you picking it or is she. Kudos to whoever is doing it. Great job.
my surly trucker
my surly trucker - Måned siden
Brilliant job 👏
Joeziah Babb
Joeziah Babb - Måned siden
OSHA has had an influx of its regulators come in for PTSD counseling after watching this video.
Reeo Thec
Reeo Thec - Måned siden
24:40 he farts
Adamant Adam
Adamant Adam - Måned siden
11:44 Call it what you want but damn I don't think I've ever seen a burr that big you have to use a cold chisel to remove it.
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson - Måned siden
Always a fan of folks DOING for themselves, not always a fan of doing BY themselves.
Jamel Smith
Jamel Smith - Måned siden
Looks good to me, I learn alot watching your channel and I am an engineer. I became one because as a automotive technician I hated half the designs they did; They don't really designed for maintenance or repair. Engineers fail to realize that our customer is not only the consumer but the technicians. The only concern I would state as a weak link would be the welds. The connection of any load bearing member is always a top concern in design because its a high stress riser due to small cross sectional area. Welds also fail, quit frequently due to crack growth around the heat affected zone. Penetration is also another consideration. Only recommendation I would give would be to bevel the plates prior to welding to get more penetration. For what your lifting you should be good, just don't go crazy. Love your videos, keep them coming! Cheers.
Colbert Philippe
Colbert Philippe - Måned siden
Never seen a I-bean circlar saw like this before. It goes through metal like it's normal wood! Wow!
David Anderson
David Anderson - Måned siden
Why not cut out a T in those plates and slide them on the end of the beam. That things scares the crap out of me as is.
Terry Tenley
Terry Tenley - Måned siden
The thing about Andrew is this ...half the fun of life is making and doing it yourself.. the guy has plenty of energy and it never does to is good.
Jori Vainio
Jori Vainio - Måned siden
24:39 the fart made it perfect :D
Ilcinei Jose
Ilcinei Jose - Måned siden
Tudo de bom a você,Andrew Cmarata,ai é outro nivel ferramantas de 1° mundo a multi prosseso MILLER É SHOW 👍👍👍
R U - Måned siden
R U - Måned siden
Denis Renaud
Denis Renaud - Måned siden
Andrew is unstoppable.
Lunita - Måned siden
This person is so unique and talented. I haven't seen anyone that can compare to him. Just can't stop watching him at work.
Joe Gray
Joe Gray - Måned siden
I’d say the capacity is no greater than 4t, since the trolleys at the end of the moving beam is 2t each, and you doubled them up. It may be further limited based on the weld of the plate to the beam- where that weld didn’t seem to be beveled?
Joe Gray
Joe Gray - 29 dager siden
Alex T No worries- I think we are on the same page. Personally I would not want to mess around with weld joints loaded like that and holding an overhead weight. I probably would have had the steel plate cut on a water jet with an I beam shape that allows the beam’s flange to sit on the plate- the end shape would look vary similar to what Andrew made by fabrication with the gussets, but skipping on the welding.
Alex T
Alex T - 29 dager siden
@Joe Gray No. Not sarcastic. Sorry if it sounded that way. I like Andrew's work, but sometimes I have questions as to what he's doing. No biggy. Trying to be funny, I think. The theme in all of Andrew's work seems to be to get it done. He certainly knows more about all this than I do. But comments were coming fast and thick about how it could fail and I was scratching my head also. I'd have preferred a different approach to supporting all that weight.
Joe Gray
Joe Gray - 29 dager siden
Alex T I assume you are being sarcastic- I’m not shitting on Andrew’s work- the work he performs is outstanding. But all things have a rated capacity, and he asked what our opinion was based on the size of the steel beams- I’m telling you it would not be the beams that limit the capacity.
Alex T
Alex T - 29 dager siden
Yeah, I agree. That thing couldn't pick up a tuna fish sandwich. Forget a meatball hero. No way. I hope it works though. He's doing his best.
Hutch0Works - Måned siden
Only as strong as the weakest link ...your welds maybe...1-1/2" thick I beam pre heat to 200 degrees
backing plates either 5/32 7018 or.068 flux core. all beads tied in.. one big flux core feeder bead as wide as my thumb
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Beams would bend well before a one of the welds would fail.
azime osman @ saimon
azime osman @ saimon - Måned siden
Hope that steelbars didn't fall down.
Joe Nicotera
Joe Nicotera - Måned siden
Personally, I would have done all of the welding and painting on the ground.
Of course, I also would have cut the sawhorse in half, at least once.
As far as the amount of weight goes...
...I'm accustomed to getting stuck with the grade school dropouts that the boss could get away with paying crap. And the type of boss I'm accustomed to is worst. So, even If it were my own place I'd still have to admit to myself that I really don't trust anyone with more than a 2 1/2 ton chain fall. I therefore would leave that thing at 2 1/2 tons until somebody broke the chainfall, .... again. Then, I would probably conclude that I shouldn't have wasted the money on over 1 1/2 ton.
Sometimes steelworkers just have too much experience for their own good, for me it's all the time. Anybody I could considered a "master" is also somebody who got seriously injured. ....and, believe it or not..."The system" in New York State is so screwed up that you can't trust anyone. The NYS run workmans compensation "insurance" courts ACTUALLY WANT THE EMPLOYERS TO BLAME ACCIDENTS ON THE EMPLOYEES and the unemployment "insurances" we all have taken out of our paychecks ARE NOT ACTUALLY INSURANCES EITHER. "The State" will not let you collect "THEIR MONEY" unless you first sign a waiver that it is YOUR FAULT!
So, you are working at the only job you can find and you hear about looking at the broken tools. And that is what broken men look like. Your boss has a right to break them and all that is left is broken ladders and missing eye bolts. Someone knew what happened and decided to leave it a note about who you can trust. (Regardless of what the guys robbing the till over at The New York State offices may think, I watched how he flipped over and then PULLED on that beam and decided that I'd rather not wait for the new guy to show me what the cure for it is. You can't subject your body to either motion for long without falling or bottoming out your spinal cord.) So, when you are working on a job and somebody else "wants your job"...what you have to remember is that you are working with the sorts of people who got thrown out of grade school. If somebody decides he feels like dropping a brick on you head there isn't any such thing as a State government who is going to prove it is his fault...bosses included.
dpsilver - Måned siden
14:03 OSHA approved techniques lol
John Kennedy
John Kennedy - Måned siden
How much did that bit cost?
art mckay
art mckay - Måned siden
It must have felt wonderful to have that new capacity and versatility in the shop!
Sweet! :)
SteveVi0lence - Måned siden
24:49 that's what she said
Chuck Lehman
Chuck Lehman - Måned siden
I look forward to seeing Andrews videos. Great vid like all the rest. It's awesome when Harbor Freight Equipment makes a showing in the vids....
Roger F
Roger F - Måned siden
Totally impressed! Great vid.
John Neil Bibera
John Neil Bibera - Måned siden
Cutting T slot should be better right?
Gurudan Singh
Gurudan Singh - Måned siden
Nice great job done 👍
omgdntdie - Måned siden
where did that old dog go?
Jerry Mchale
Jerry Mchale - Måned siden
maiden england
maiden england - Måned siden
clamp a guide to that plasma for a straighter cut. wondered how long it would be before you did lol. i was like FINALLY!!!
Rick Neighbors
Rick Neighbors - Måned siden
Well, you have skills and tools, the rest of us have to pay someone else to do it! ;)
Nice job. I need a much smaller version of that in my small shop for just engines and car frames.
joe hopes
joe hopes - Måned siden
With the taxes we pay in NY, a dollar saved is $3 you'd have to earn.
Jeremy Rayner
Jeremy Rayner - Måned siden
This world is lacking good men like you. I've away been a hands on man, in fact the best advice I got was if you working a corporate job always so somethings mechanic or a trade.
Heberto trejo
Heberto trejo - Måned siden
Really impressive you doing it all by yourself 💯
Ncep - Måned siden
I would like to know the h beem steel cutter milwauke what model or type pls info
Chris Guice
Chris Guice - Måned siden
Go to a carpet store to see if they have samples to throw away so you can put one down under the mag drill to catch excess cutting fluid and you don't have a mess on the floor. Check construction sites for throw away also.
Raymond Quave
Raymond Quave - Måned siden
Man u got some expensive tools,,one he'll of a house shop
Dada Iro
Dada Iro - Måned siden
I think it's amazing no matter how many times I see this. He does this kind of thing alone.
mike beaumont
mike beaumont - Måned siden
Excellent job Andrew.
SpecTRe X
SpecTRe X - Måned siden
The weakest part of that assembly is probably the plates holding the trollies to the crossbeam. I think proper spec is to notch out the profile of the I-beam, fillet the edges, slide the brackets onto the I-beam, and then weld them on. I'd be curious to know how well those welds penetrated.
soph flo
soph flo - Måned siden
No Bump stops on the cross beam
soph flo
soph flo - Måned siden
The yellow carriage is NO Way Wide enough it will torque off before long
soph flo
soph flo - Måned siden
Bloody Dangerous
KC 135
KC 135 - Måned siden
Curious as to why you didn’t cut out the wide flange shape out of your plate then you wouldn’t of needed to make gussets back the web also it would hold itself in place without just hoist up to the trolleys and bolt it up and weld your plate out, cool set up I like how simple it is
Khalid Mahmood
Khalid Mahmood - Måned siden
One man army
Frederic Fred
Frederic Fred - Måned siden
Frederic Fred
Frederic Fred - Måned siden
Hello you are a welder , locksmith
Mike Klass
Mike Klass - Måned siden
Jason couldn't be more right!! Downhill welds on 1" plate with MIG???? ANY structural weld HAS to be uphill to be safe, downhill MIG welds are just one long cold lap weld (especially on thick plate) and should NEVER be trusted to bear any amount of weight!!!!!! They are more like hot glue just sticking to the surface of the steel and NOT penetrating it AT ALL. If you value your life you should redo those welds!!! If a MIG machine is all you have at least use flux cored wire and weld FROM BOTTOM TO TOP!!! AFTER grinding out those useless welds (and remove all mill scale)! You should really take a welding course at a local community college, and if you did the teacher should be fired. This coming from a professional certified structural welder with thirty-five years of experience. I'm NOT exaggerating, your life could be seriously in danger, welds like those fail all the time.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Mike Klass it’s penetrated all the way. This will never break.
Hamid Bashiri
Hamid Bashiri - Måned siden
That’s awesome Andrew. And you did this dangerous work all by yourself. Have you thought about when, god forbid, you hurt yourself and you can’t get to your phone, how do you get help?
Shawn Green
Shawn Green - Måned siden
I keep wondering why he cut off the section of I beam that leads into the loft. He could have totally used his hoist to put heavy stuff in the loft....
ron dill
ron dill - Måned siden
Now all ya need is an Electric Hoist ... Chain Fall is great but I'd have an Electric Hoist for sure!!
Andrey Shatinkin
Andrey Shatinkin - Måned siden
Dude you should’ve stick weld or flux core it. Hard Wire was a bad choice. I am worried a bit about your safety under that thing.
Aitor Bleda
Aitor Bleda - Måned siden
More than 10 tons, obviously the chain will fail first, then the central trolley. So overbuilt and safe.
Lynn Stewart
Lynn Stewart - Måned siden
excellent video Top Marks. You will be a most sort after programmer shortly keep the good work.
Saul Aldana
Saul Aldana - Måned siden
9:10 that pop
John barfneck
John barfneck - Måned siden
i used a 25 ton trolley crane for 16 years building truck scales/train scales/floor scales ....................
Edson Eugenio
Edson Eugenio - Måned siden
well done, can't imagine all of this alone (the dog also have helped I noted). Congrats
Frank Guerrero
Frank Guerrero - Måned siden
Why not use the plasma in lieu of the saw?
جاسم محمد
جاسم محمد - Måned siden
السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته اخي العزيز استمتعنا وستفدنا بمشاهدة هذا العمل الجميل الذي يدل على خبرة ومهاره في العمل استمر بنشر كل ما هو مفيد نتمنى لك التوفيق
Ernest Silva
Ernest Silva - Måned siden
Paint the hook YELLOW, so you don't whack your head on it.