Installing a touch sensor in a lamp

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Making a lamp into a touch switch lamp.
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Mike Baxter
Mike Baxter - 3 timer siden
Wouldn;t normally the on off switch of any lamp always be on th HOT side? ... I mean you never put a house wireing switch on the neutral side ... right??
Quien Vive
Quien Vive - 3 timer siden
After spending $100.00 on supplies the lamp works, $35 at Walmart.
crash6674 - 10 timer siden
getting to the 2:47 mark is why i watch these videos lol
Alex - Dag siden
Andrew is a man who gets electrocuted and then removes the safety function from a battery charger in the same video. Definitely my favourite YouTube channel right now
Bruce Park
Bruce Park - Dag siden
They have a very nice touch lamp on amazon for $30.
dirtyshirtinfo - Dag siden
Gawd that was fun to watch.
Mel Davis
Mel Davis - Dag siden
Should have bought a "clapper"
Mel Davis
Mel Davis - Dag siden
Clapper probably not a good idea in bedroom...when you get busy with your lady the neighbors will think its lightning in your house 😁
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Dag siden
I actually just got one for the chrismas lights in my "window"
eric1138 - Dag siden
You could put liquid tap or conformal coating on the circuit board.
Jeff Voight
Jeff Voight - 2 dager siden
This was unintentionally hilarious.
CZ Kosmik
CZ Kosmik - 2 dager siden
Hi for the lamp there is copper conductive varnish made by Tifoo it is on amazon too. It makes surface conductive usualy for electroplating but I ting it would work nice with your lamp too.
Paco - 4 dager siden
OMG This video is hilarious!
Kees Brunsen
Kees Brunsen - 4 dager siden
Hahaha, lol you're the best, , you've made my day.
David Shipulski
David Shipulski - 4 dager siden
I just bought one of those chargers because I didnt feel like buying one of those 300 dollar computer ones that dont let you do anything and I did the same hack as you and it's great! Planning on putting a touch sensor on my lamp also! Thanks Andrew!
nikos xois
nikos xois - 4 dager siden
would be much cheaper and easier to get a new lamp with metal body, than to burn so many switches
Pete Ruppert
Pete Ruppert - 5 dager siden
Great video I ordered the same ones and found out that the light cannot be grounded otherwise it will stay on
Yasuo Ohgaki
Yasuo Ohgaki - 7 dager siden
"I've got 9 more of these things."
Braiytryene Gibbons
Braiytryene Gibbons - 7 dager siden
He’s like that guy that shocks himself lol
Wanda - 8 dager siden
Wow I watched this video twice it was so funny! Was it just me who thought it was hilarious!
Jason Sharp
Jason Sharp - 8 dager siden
Where's the elevator? Levi needs a lift!!
Cheryl Barron
Cheryl Barron - 8 dager siden
Cool to know. P. S. My dog has a green squeeky snake like your dog
Ian Coyne
Ian Coyne - 8 dager siden
I bet the reason why the charge didn't give good spark was because the clamps are plated where as the only clamps are pure
Byrkster - 8 dager siden
Keep up the videos Andrew. Youre doing great!!!
Birch Bishop
Birch Bishop - 8 dager siden
Levi needs an elevator
karlskoga1234 - 9 dager siden
Are Andrew preparing for the apocalypse?
Eero Nikola
Eero Nikola - 9 dager siden
Being an electrician in finland i'm dying about the lack of safety and knowledge, please dont fuck wit electicity if you dont know what ur doing :p
Ayo Tay
Ayo Tay - 9 dager siden
The breaker blowing probably saved your life.
Ayo Tay
Ayo Tay - 9 dager siden
@Andrew Camarata I just want you alive bro 😂😂 I always forget the differences though, I'm in the UK and almost all circuits need RCD protection which limits earth leakage to 40 milliseconds or less, there are a few commercial exceptions though.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 dager siden
It kept a wire from melting. If you are worried about safety install a GFCI breaker. That would have tripped when I got that shock.
Pat Izzo
Pat Izzo - 9 dager siden
Give up its not worth it
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 dager siden
This lamp is on right now. Its very nice with its new touch sensor.
Brad Pettingell
Brad Pettingell - 9 dager siden
Thanks dude! I was able to do it first try, thanks to your vid. Cheers! I hated my bed lamp before
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 dager siden
That's good to hear. I am still loving my touch lamp.
Brad Pettingell
Brad Pettingell - 9 dager siden
I had a blue wire on mine. Used it to hot.
Philip - 9 dager siden
I think I saw the same video. it was from Technology connections if anyone is interested 😄
Terry Burge
Terry Burge - 10 dager siden
Hi Andrew, good to see Levi is fine. You sure were diligent about getting that lamp to work with the touch switch. Interesting to see the Habor Freight charger and DMM same as I have been using for years. Always wondered what you would think about their quality. Awhile back I got a second HB charger and it didn't want to work? Then I bought their larger roll around model and that demonstrated the same 'non-working' effect. Give me an old style charger any time. I will watch the video again to see if I can figure out where you put the solder bridge at. Also seems my old deep cycle battery keeps charged for a long time and will work when nothing else will. Seriously, Go figure! My shop is filled with HB tools but I have found if I let the get rained on they rust quickly. Terry
Steven LaPierre
Steven LaPierre - 10 dager siden
Let us know what happens when you grab that lamp one sweaty morning after a nightmare.....
lee gibson
lee gibson - 10 dager siden
Hillview Acres
Hillview Acres - 10 dager siden
Brilliant Andrew.. shared this with the wife and her only comment was' why didn't he just buy a touch lamp' Ive now shared a few more and she now'understands"...
Murray westenskow
Murray westenskow - 10 dager siden
Unintended Comedy - I laughed until you blew my breaker in Oregon as well.
Tony Nagy
Tony Nagy - 10 dager siden
Tony Nagy
Tony Nagy - 10 dager siden
ps:... Great Job Andrew, on the Shop... It's solid like a Castle should be Eh... I'm sure its pretty much finished by the time you read this. Is that East facing window?
Jedidiah - 11 dager siden
Glucosamine, may do wonders for your dogs has worked great with all my dogs.
Сергей Яковлев
Сергей Яковлев - 11 dager siden
Niso Soni Soni Niso
Niso Soni Soni Niso - 11 dager siden
tenia que alumbrar con la mente , cuando lo deseases , eso estaria bien !
gene murray
gene murray - 11 dager siden
Tape board so it's not touching any thing
gene murray
gene murray - 11 dager siden
Your circuit board was shorting out
vinnatoli spaghettiboi
vinnatoli spaghettiboi - 11 dager siden
If andrews building catches fire it just rewelds itself
Kent Dillon
Kent Dillon - 11 dager siden
Hilarious! Would have been a lot easier to just pick up a new lamp! thank for the laughs!!
sailingsolar - 12 dager siden
That structure will be expensive as hell to heat in the winter being made of steel. That is if it's meant to be occupied in the winter. I don't know how good that is.
sailingsolar - 12 dager siden
I do believe he wired it up so that lamp switches the neutral on and off which is wrong. The hot lead from the plug needs to be switched.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 11 dager siden
That's How I had it the first time and it exploded. Technology connections made his the same way with the neutral being switched.
Muggs - 12 dager siden
M J - 12 dager siden
With my NO electric and electronic knowledge that lamp was going into trash 🗑🤣🤷‍♂️
But Andrew master of everything 🕺 never gives up 😎 most repairing videos I think 🤔 he will give up but NO 💪 he surprises me with ordering new expensive parts and get $#1T done ✅👍✌🏻
felixchaus - 12 dager siden
Would it help to paint the whole lamp with conductive paint?
Ion Racer
Ion Racer - 12 dager siden
I'm sorry that shit was funny af!!!!
Lee Pollack
Lee Pollack - 12 dager siden
those new led bulbs are not designed to work w touch sensors- they need a fixed current. must use traditional filament bulbs. i had the same exact problem. lol
Andre T
Andre T - 12 dager siden
There is a reason these are not that popular. They are actually dangerous or can be haha
oldodger gray
oldodger gray - 12 dager siden
Stick to heavy equipment ! LOL
wraithlet84 - 13 dager siden
In this episode, we watch Andrew electrocute himself
JT Thill
JT Thill - 13 dager siden
First three burned up, so he buys 9 more. "They're cheap" he said. At $40 each that is not cheap.
Glad you're doing so well you can burn $400 and not worry about it.
Thanks for sharing a typical AC blitz job.
BritishCadet - 12 dager siden
Probably been price gouged due to recent uptake in sales, I'm sure they retail for 5-10 dollars on average.
Lester Yajcaji
Lester Yajcaji - 13 dager siden
Are you not excavating anymore ? Where's those vids
The word yoga tree
The word yoga tree - 13 dager siden
Chris T
Chris T - 13 dager siden
Just buy a new lamp..
Diesel trucks Firewood
Diesel trucks Firewood - 13 dager siden
I think it has to do with the light bulb you used on the second time. Some of those high efficiency bulbs don't work so well.
The_Hate_Inside - 13 dager siden
I don't think the live wire should go to the socket. That way you will have power there, even when the lamp is turned off.
ckbne - 13 dager siden
Andrew we never miss your videos, heres some feed back, cant loose you mate. The lamp base is felt, live mains voltage PCB uninsulated above it. Dont spill any liquids on your night table.
Neal James
Neal James - 13 dager siden
I was wondering where Levi is...and then 13:40 made me smile! 😁
Jack Wall
Jack Wall - 13 dager siden
but he didn't use a excavator, a digger or any major machinery at all .... ?????
Erin Sims
Erin Sims - 13 dager siden
how much do you think you spent on the castle Andrew? that looks so expensive, maybe you got it salvaged?
Adrian Malvagni
Adrian Malvagni - 13 dager siden
Me aburrió con toda la plata que tiene no se puede comprar una lámpara nueva
Mr Funreal
Mr Funreal - 13 dager siden
Those boards might've blown because you shorted the board. They have that plastic casing for a reason. One of those connections might have touched the nut inside.
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez - 13 dager siden
Tell us about that green side by side!
cecil veley
cecil veley - 13 dager siden
I had that happen n don’t know y.
cecil veley
cecil veley - 13 dager siden
cecil veley
cecil veley - 13 dager siden
Hahahaahahahhahha I got nine more of these,,,,,, things
cecil veley
cecil veley - 13 dager siden
Irony it keeps doing it.
cecil veley
cecil veley - 13 dager siden
I should keep some of them comments separate from the general comments idk is that weird?
cecil veley
cecil veley - 13 dager siden
It didn’t work
Mr. M
Mr. M - 13 dager siden
That view @16:30 from the loft WOW!! Amazing!!
Gerald Klump
Gerald Klump - 13 dager siden
Your killing me so funny
Robert O. Peterson
Robert O. Peterson - 13 dager siden
Belive the led bulb used had something to do with some of the actually say non dimmable on them ??? Last bulb on screen looked like regular bulb
Baz Mulcahy
Baz Mulcahy - 13 dager siden
I can't work out why you only have 2 wires going to your appliances.we have 3 it's called twin and earth
Kyle Gershman
Kyle Gershman - 13 dager siden
AC's new channel titled "Let's F!@ with stuff"
Buck Splash
Buck Splash - 14 dager siden
You are cracking me up in this video lol
mugmiso - 14 dager siden
Switching the neutral leg is not kosher.
David Worsley
David Worsley - 14 dager siden
I do so hope Big Clive is watching this !!!
Dan - 14 dager siden
Very happy to see Levi
Thomas Guy
Thomas Guy - 14 dager siden
Just laughed my head off 😂 great video
Boris Fett
Boris Fett - 14 dager siden
Thanks for the update. Your castle is amazing and I look forward to watching the next long build video.
AZVIDS - 14 dager siden
Nice to see Levi! That lamp fix was hilarious😂
Be Happy
Be Happy - 14 dager siden
"I don't think that's working like it should, that's not a 50amp spark, lets test it on a tank of fuel!" - Love it.
A Becnel
A Becnel - 14 dager siden
This is quite possibly the best, and funniest, video Andrew has ever done. This is quintessential Andrew! Keep up the great work!!!
Lewis Kokx
Lewis Kokx - 14 dager siden
They cost almost nothing...................No, they cost $10 each, that is a long way from almost nothing, a couple of dollars would be closer to almost nothing!
MrDDDEEEZZZ Weldor - 14 dager siden
Andrew - if you have not tried Solderlene paste flux, you really should. Solder joints flow much quicker than flux core solders and it doesn't end up as a hard or burnt residue making it easy to clean. And although it's not recommended for 'proper' soldering technique, you can transfer solder from the iron tip right to the fluxed joint and it'll flow right in, quick and easy - good enough for home and automotive repairs.
Argus Dacicus
Argus Dacicus - 14 dager siden
What about termoinsolation ??????? So much metal ,it will turn into a freezer in winter ❄️ and a oven in the summer ¡ Not mention the roof it will be a radiant heater !
Argus Dacicus
Argus Dacicus - 14 dager siden
Wow 😱 you got a lot of courage ! I hate wen I get zapped ! From all the clients you have been can't you find a bigger lamp ? Or make one yourself it aviouse to small and removing the casing of the circuit board fry the components wen power on ! I use a Christmas 🎄 lights as night lamp so I don't look for the button wen I wake up at my bed 🛌 lamp....
Command clean
Command clean - 14 dager siden
Please do a small engine video
S C - 14 dager siden
Definition of crazy is doing same thing over and over😊
Timothy J. Marsh
Timothy J. Marsh - 14 dager siden
Great video, Andrew you never cease to amaze. The house is really progressing to it's full awesomeness. You should do a personal tour one day for all your subscribers, come out to your place, have lunch and get the tour. Would be an epic day and be some good video material too!
Rollin Smoke BBQ
Rollin Smoke BBQ - 14 dager siden
Build Levi a dumbwaiter (freight elevator) so he can get to the second floor. He is a King, peasants take the stairs... lol 😂
Ram Rom
Ram Rom - 14 dager siden
I know that feeling zzzzzaaap 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ramapo River
Ramapo River - 14 dager siden
Made in China
Ramapo River
Ramapo River - 14 dager siden
You need a girlfriend that will buy you a new lamp.....
New Brunswick
New Brunswick - 14 dager siden
Funny as hell hahahahaha
Freight Train13
Freight Train13 - 14 dager siden
The fireproof castle.
Robbie Holz
Robbie Holz - 14 dager siden
I know you're busy Andrew but would love to see you get that xl700 running again, I have 2 of them that both need top end rebuilds but both need new sleeves to do it because piston scoring is too deep on both motors. Castle looking amazing thanks for uploading!
Jaden jdiesel
Jaden jdiesel - 14 dager siden
How do you acquire your grading and excavation jobs and do a video on bidding
Pottema - 14 dager siden
Wtf is wrong with you? This video is sooo not you,...........
Craig Damron
Craig Damron - 15 dager siden
Hey brother what drone do you have that thing has awesome video I'm looking to buy one and looking for recommendations
Craig Damron
Craig Damron - 14 dager siden
@Andrew Camarata thanks brother
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 14 dager siden
DJI mavic
Robert Hunter
Robert Hunter - 15 dager siden
Stick to diggers and container fortresses 🤣👍
bruce625 - 15 dager siden
great lunch time viewing, lamp footage was awesome almost choked on lunch LOL great to see Levi!
D vd
D vd - 15 dager siden
keep up the good work bro!