Getting the scissor lift off the roof

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Using a shooting boom forklift to pull my scissor lift off a 3rd story roof.
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Fritz Doerring
Fritz Doerring - 5 dager siden
I wish That I'd had all the service equipment he has, when I was young, strong, and trying. I had attempted many of
the same things and succeeded on some, but failed on others for lack of proper tools.
Alexei Tetenov
Alexei Tetenov - 14 dager siden
1944chevytruck - 28 dager siden
thanks 4 video. be kind../.,;'
Apollo - Måned siden
@4:16 thats an awesome shot. thanks for the great content andrew!
FloofyCat - Måned siden
unbelievable, but for Andrew, nothing stops him :)
Tim Henry
Tim Henry - Måned siden
Well that's one way to do it. Lol.
C Chebuhar
C Chebuhar - Måned siden
Boom, done. On to the next job.
cheff Solo
cheff Solo - Måned siden
Great video can you do a video on your carport ? Love your channel
Sharky's Machine
Sharky's Machine - Måned siden
Why are Levi and Cody ALWAYS cleaner than YOU? In every video
Clinton Neuhaus
Clinton Neuhaus - Måned siden
Man I love everything you have built for yourself. Your castle is awesome.
Frederic Fred
Frederic Fred - Måned siden
John Riggenbach
John Riggenbach - Måned siden
Where are you putting your Missle Silo's?
Al T-Wing
Al T-Wing - Måned siden
Great videos. What the name of you drone?
Baghuul - Måned siden
What an ugly monstrosity. Who designed this heap of junk?? Good thing its in the middle of nowhere, otherwise it would be an eyesore. lmao
carlos fdez
carlos fdez - Måned siden
Eres un crack Andrew, saludo desde España
R&W Diesel
R&W Diesel - 2 måneder siden
Would you be willing to do a full tour of the castle? Like all the containers you used and what you use the spaces for?
krashdown102 - 2 måneder siden
i feel responsible for this video but was pretty cool to see
Joan Little
Joan Little - 2 måneder siden
Well you are KING of the Castle
Joan Little
Joan Little - 2 måneder siden
Oh Andrew I can't see how this is going to work out You and numbers so great so Here Goes I am going to watch. granny89
a picton
a picton - 2 måneder siden
thanks 4 video. be kind.
Roobah - 2 måneder siden
Piece of cake, accomplishments before breakfast... Now on with my day.
Proud American
Proud American - 2 måneder siden
Do you own all the equipment? How did you accumulate all of it if so? What's your secret dude?
MJ - 2 måneder siden
I'd love to know how much you spent on the roof.
Scott Hayes
Scott Hayes - 2 måneder siden
What state are you in Andrew ?
tommey tucker
tommey tucker - 2 måneder siden
hello Andrew Greetings from England First can I say how much I enjoy your videos its like spending the day with you I enjoy watching your construction work You have seriously helped get me through lockdown is it possible to tell me what state you live in because it looks beautiful and peaceful I live in an overcrowded little Island and not much peace I have friends that live in New York City but have a weekend retreat in upstate New York which I plan to visit one day Well many thanks and keep up the good work all the best from Thomas Also regards to Levi and cody
Qassim Ali
Qassim Ali - 2 måneder siden
Great job dude
aDistantFire - 2 måneder siden
Master Builder, Master Rigger --- the Master makes all look E A S Y .
paquitos hammer
paquitos hammer - 2 måneder siden
Not a lifting point
Roger Newbold
Roger Newbold - 2 måneder siden
Do you have any concerns regarding earthquakes?
KGI Weld
KGI Weld - 2 måneder siden
What drone do you have??? shoots great video/
Doctor Besi
Doctor Besi - 2 måneder siden vilage, Im very impressed..
Giosuè Fiorillo
Giosuè Fiorillo - 2 måneder siden
Sei un grande 👍 un genio spettacolare il tuo castello belli i tuoi cani e un grande lavoratore spettacolari i tuoi video 👏👏👏
Yasmin Ghani
Yasmin Ghani - 2 måneder siden
Really enjoy watching your video
Antonio Ramírez
Antonio Ramírez - 2 måneder siden
Tienes que comprarte un pipelayer,
Antonio Ramírez
Antonio Ramírez - 2 måneder siden
Eres un crack, desde España
Erik - 2 måneder siden
Hmm I don't understand why you didn't go with a corrugated sheet metal roof.. Would have been soo much cheaper and wouldn't have to weld it at all.
T. Klein en zn bv
T. Klein en zn bv - 2 måneder siden

I wanna ask you something..
Do you life in the container building or is it only a workshop.?
fs bigfarm
fs bigfarm - 2 måneder siden
best video
Honey BearMom
Honey BearMom - 2 måneder siden
Great video Andrew! I have a 15 yo Lab names Honey and a 10 yo Great Pyrenees names Diesel. Best friends. I’ll be building my own castle soon a little more Upstate. I love watching and learning from you. Everyone likes to watch an honest man work hard and figure things out. Thank you for sharing these videos. And the comments are hysterical!
Ken - 2 måneder siden
You graveled your property.. looks good !
Brandon Cole
Brandon Cole - 2 måneder siden
Lol definitely not fine haha 😂
Scott O
Scott O - 2 måneder siden
Why not use chains instead of straps? Or does it not matter if they have the right load capacity?
Scott O
Scott O - 2 måneder siden
Andrew Camarata gotcha. Thanks man!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 2 måneder siden
Those straps are designed for that. Chains can work too, suppose to use grade 100 chain though.
al t
al t - 2 måneder siden
Is this building called container castle?
Shibumi - 2 måneder siden
I am a firm believer in "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst"- since you're a single guy, I would enroll in a Life Flight plan, and get the chainsaw out and make a clearing big enough for a helicopter. Just saying, shit happens around machinery and nobody plans it...
Justin C
Justin C - 2 måneder siden
I will hold your beer, sir. Holy shit that was awesome!
*boink* right to the trailer. Good job. :D
james keffer
james keffer - 2 måneder siden
Lab's ? and ones old? Forget the video. Wish I could reach out through the monitor to pet them!!
Devon M
Devon M - 2 måneder siden
*screaming in OSHA violations* mint
JOHN Q PUBLIC - 2 måneder siden
Camera is tricky, didn't think it would go. Nice job
Scott S
Scott S - 2 måneder siden
Wish I had heavy things to pick up with other heavy things...
W. McMaster
W. McMaster - 2 måneder siden
should build a walled in courtyard around the shop with a big gate.
bmart73 - 2 måneder siden
Haha, cool helicopter pad for the drone :)
Ron Hart
Ron Hart - 2 måneder siden
That forklift has been a great purchase for you Andrew 💪👊
Harry B Camacho
Harry B Camacho - 2 måneder siden
At first glance I’m like let’s get the rust off this I’m thinking some sort of camouflage type paint like oranges browns yellows blacks no greens
Church Porkchop
Church Porkchop - 2 måneder siden
Also I think someone cheats with cameras and drones lol
Church Porkchop
Church Porkchop - 2 måneder siden
Was this video before you sent the lift to erect the metal building?
Tom - 2 måneder siden
I want these monsters.. all I can afford are winches!... ;)
Cody Fazio
Cody Fazio - 2 måneder siden
That peak is begging for a big American flag.
Quit Kina
Quit Kina - 2 måneder siden
It's really amazed me that this floor can hold the machine which might be 3-5 tons.
Quit Kina
Quit Kina - 2 måneder siden
@Andrew Camarata My experience is from China, and the quality of Chinese building...
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 2 måneder siden
That floor is concrete, it is very strong.
Ima Computer
Ima Computer - 2 måneder siden
love your vids and your epic castle but i get anxious every time i see it's roof without a snow guard.
Wrenchettes - 2 måneder siden
what an awesome house. peaceful.
Andrew Locke
Andrew Locke - 2 måneder siden
when you was building how much renforcement and what renforcemnt did you have to do to the containiers to take the compression load
Eric Christy
Eric Christy - 2 måneder siden
Well there you go . . . I think that, with Levi and Cody's help, Mr. Camarata could move an entire mountain single handedly . . . Doubters gonna doubt! Shame on them! Andrew - Nice done!
Jamessr23 - 2 måneder siden
Russian judge: 6
Jamessr23 - 2 måneder siden
And that’s that ...
Jay Schmidt
Jay Schmidt - 2 måneder siden
andrew who's operating the drone while your driving the forklift
Steve - 2 måneder siden
Big Smiles with Levi on the castle, beautiful
Steve - 2 måneder siden
Andrew will find a lady that he can be passionate with just like everything else, stay level headed brother lol and nice castle!
BOB Joatmon
BOB Joatmon - 2 måneder siden
If he finds someone she will definitely put a stop to all the adventurous things he does because that's what 99.998% of women do (it's spelled wo - man for a reason)
Nathan Perkins
Nathan Perkins - 2 måneder siden
Hey Andrew make another side by side video those were good and fixing stuff
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 2 måneder siden
I did get a new one.
Леня Бел
Леня Бел - 2 måneder siden
MONSTER ENERGYDRINKS - 2 måneder siden
If i ever get some money, im definitely doing something like this👍
Zippy TheChicken
Zippy TheChicken - 2 måneder siden
could hear the gravel under your tires as you were driving it across the yard
ninemilliondollars - 2 måneder siden
Specifications for the SM3146E - Like that it goes a stunning 2.5 mph with four batteries.
Richard Mattingly
Richard Mattingly - 2 måneder siden
Nicely done, and it was ideal to shorten the boom towards the lforklist when lifting and bringing it down so the weight/center of gravity could be more easily handled. One could have almost made the peaks I Beam a bit longer for a Dolly Track but with his equipment it wasn't needed and it would be tempting to close in the second level a bit with a 240 degree widows around as a three seasons addition in the future. Though if he has a bit of the Batman inside, Andrew could rig a Zip Line from it and if his inner Dark Knight calls he could fly over Levi&Company barking below as the Caped Camarata in the moonlight heading for his equipment he drives. 🌜🐾🐾
Richard Mattingly
Richard Mattingly - 2 måneder siden
Sorry for the misspelling on Forklift but that's the way of things sometimes.
Goku Black
Goku Black - 2 måneder siden
im still concerned zombies could get in
B Harmon
B Harmon - 2 måneder siden
Hopefully nobody gets hurt from the snow falling off the roof.
Richard G
Richard G - 2 måneder siden ya gonna get it down?
Sal Cedillo
Sal Cedillo - 2 måneder siden
absolutly nothing safe happens here haha i love you bro
Matt Anderson
Matt Anderson - 2 måneder siden
Hey Andrew, would you ever consider buying a small motor grader?
ste ph
ste ph - 2 måneder siden
Loving the shirtless Andrew! Thumbs up!
PV96 Mexico
PV96 Mexico - 2 måneder siden
“Best friends. . . .”
krashdown102 - 2 måneder siden
hope you are still going to paint the roof... i'd just use rustoleum or something
Beachnative42 - 2 måneder siden
Still amazing me one video at a time!!!
Jonathan Pelletier
Jonathan Pelletier - 2 måneder siden
Me and my buddies like to say to each other “yeah that’s a great one, I saw it the second it was uploaded”
greg sappington
greg sappington - 2 måneder siden
Andrew I like the way you go about doing what needs to be done!
129673jh - 2 måneder siden
I've been missing Cody and Levi...thanks for another video with them! You are amazing.
Marie Sophie
Marie Sophie - 2 måneder siden
It must be great getting to run all that equipment plus being outdoors all day. I know it’s hard work but it beats working in a stuffy office pushing paper all day. 😊
Enjoying Retirement
Enjoying Retirement - 2 måneder siden
Are you starting a rental company or do guys hit the jackpot being friends with you? Looks like you are loaning out a lot of expensive equipment lately. Nice planning on getting the lift down.
Naki Martinez
Naki Martinez - 2 måneder siden
Can you help me fix my four wheeler
mcmkkd39 - 2 måneder siden
My favorite channel on YouTube. Big inspiration to get my skills up and entrepreneurship up!! 🙏🏼
Rosemary McCammond
Rosemary McCammond - 2 måneder siden
I guess that you know that Mike of "A Cabin and 50 Acres" has a picture of you in his newly purchased Yanmar Mini Excavator and says you are his hero. I think that's awesome. Your place is looking great!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 2 måneder siden
Xcaliber Trekker
Xcaliber Trekker - 2 måneder siden
Thought you painted alot of it that rust color almost 6 months ago.
Ernest Pfannen
Ernest Pfannen - 2 måneder siden
Andrew Mr. Muscle Man
radar 1971
radar 1971 - 2 måneder siden
Were you planning on putting snow guards on you roof .
BirdBrain - 2 måneder siden
That fork lift is incredibly versatile, I want one. Its rated at 6000 pounds, which I guess is at full extension (35ft). I'm surprised it doesn't have outriggers though.
Mark - 2 måneder siden
Never doubt Andrew he's amazing
Frank B
Frank B - 2 måneder siden
What happened to Sadie? Did i miss a video?
Trever Whetzel
Trever Whetzel - 2 måneder siden
There was damn near enough clearance in the opening to stack two lifts and pick 'em off of there.
Megatech28 - 2 måneder siden
I would put tiles on that top level.
farmer864 - 2 måneder siden
Do you wish you used better aesthetic
containers now that you have been doing all this work?
Angel Escalante
Angel Escalante - 2 måneder siden
Always dirty, do you ever shower???