Getting a lab puppy

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Getting Cody the Labrador retriever puppy. Born 11/9/2019. This video is recorded from 1/4/2020 to 6/7/2020. 1 + hour of just dog stuff.
Runtime: 1:14:16


Kate - Dag siden
Hey Andrew, could you please give a property tour? How much land do you have?
MindCrime - 5 dager siden
zipline off the castle down to the bottom of your property/pond
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson - 7 dager siden
I was waiting for Andrew to try to start that old 1930s truck or the old ski lift engine.
Thomas Dobrenick
Thomas Dobrenick - 9 dager siden
How can you thumbs down this video dog haters.
david lewis
david lewis - 11 dager siden
Love all dogs espesh labs....all andrews dogs are having the time of their lives...can see how well loved they are
david lewis
david lewis - 11 dager siden
But i really hope he puts a lift in coz levi's struggling with that spiral staircase
Dan Koning
Dan Koning - 12 dager siden
It's amazing just how unaware AC was regarding what's happening right in front of him. He needs to watch some older "Dog Whisperer" shows. Cody needed to be poked in the neck every time he displayed that act of dominance until he got the point that it was not acceptable, he was NOT the leader, but a subordinate, and that he needed to stop. It's why Levi kept barking, and looking at AC wanting him to do something as the leader.
Dan Koning
Dan Koning - 11 dager siden
@Andrew Camarata // Wow. Easy.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 12 dager siden
Listen, ill raise my dogs the way I want. They are best friends.
Earl Neace
Earl Neace - 15 dager siden
I love my dog to
Zachary Lee
Zachary Lee - 17 dager siden
That thing sound real nice
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli - 18 dager siden
Levi is such a good, good old boy! *Love*
L Relerford
L Relerford - 21 dag siden
OMG! I'm getting one! Maybe brown! Levi will teach him well.
Kavimaanu 1979
Kavimaanu 1979 - 22 dager siden
You don't take care of them correctly one has lab as got hurt you don't need a dog
J.T. Blair
J.T. Blair - 22 dager siden
Good pup! He's adorable!
Jim Reeves
Jim Reeves - 22 dager siden
Where does Andrew live
Darrell Roeters
Darrell Roeters - 23 dager siden
Levi says you are turn coat
zero - 28 dager siden
Baseball Fan
Baseball Fan - Måned siden
When you said Cody was trying to make the thing cordless that reminded me of when I was younger I had a pointer and a toy car and when I charged the car my dog would chew on it so eventually we just stopped buying cords because my dog would keep chewing on it
Maryann Anderson
Maryann Anderson - Måned siden
I saw that Andrew had a new video about Cody and I jumped all over it but I saw that it was an hour and 14 minutes long and I thought "But there's no way I'm watching that much of it." I just looked again and I have been watching an hour and four minutes. I just can't stop watching.
Ruben Kelevra
Ruben Kelevra - Måned siden
Overheating a snowmobile is a thing? 🤔
Peter Dow
Peter Dow - Måned siden
There is a vet that invented a pill specifically for dysplasia in dogs I believe it is produced by PAWS? Anyway, this can and will add years to your dog's life and they will move much easier with much less or no pain. GET IT !!!
bradh74 - Måned siden
Never eating at your house dude! Dogs lick their balls. Yuck!
Cl0ckcl0ck - Måned siden
Catch and you get 1 snack, don't catch and you get at least 4. Who is the real smart one?
Aaron Hollander
Aaron Hollander - Måned siden
515 Cats watched this video and gave it a thumbs down.
Michael Yarmie
Michael Yarmie - Måned siden
Cody us one irritating little fucker to the older dog's. I know he's a puppy. The old ones will teach him one way or another..
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
They are best friends.
Robert N
Robert N - Måned siden
lollllllllllll........."Cody , take it down a buncha levels"
Randall Hutchcraft
Randall Hutchcraft - Måned siden
Just a boy and his dogs, his life is truly magical, so is he living in the castle, and does he wash his dishes, I would like to know where he gets the dogs and what's there story.
Guy Patts
Guy Patts - Måned siden
Cute video beautiful place
Miklo Morales
Miklo Morales - Måned siden
I wonder if them guys were in his property riding the sleds or out of his property
1944chevytruck - Måned siden
thanks 4 video. be kind.
Jerrythecoo - Måned siden
Cody has grown up to be a good companion for the Camarata family!!❤️😎👌👍👋👏✌️🇨🇦🌟
Frank Guerrero
Frank Guerrero - Måned siden
Better get another puppy, Cody is too much for Levi!!!
Michael Argenta
Michael Argenta - Måned siden
The b is silent. Its Chame ers. I would actually stop what im doing just to go get that engine if that is stranded. Those where great engines back then. That water would make the dog sick . Who knows what bacteria is in there. Maybe corona.
Aaron Wilcox
Aaron Wilcox - Måned siden
I thought Andrew was going to try to get those old rusted machines running.
Jane - Måned siden
How old is Andrew? I just found his channel. I am female & 79 years old. He certainly knows a lot! I enjoy his channel, because he is always doing different things. I originally came here for the snow plowing... I am hooked on snow no matter where I find it!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Jane 34. Thanks.
C0munGuyForcaz - Måned siden
dogs shouldn't eat human food, only their rations because those rations are specially designed for them
Matt Byrne
Matt Byrne - Måned siden
Thanks for the ride !
Bainsworth - Måned siden
Levis got massive traps and this dog blasting out pushups between shootings
TIm Nash
TIm Nash - Måned siden
TIM from Canada so I see you were asking your dog Levi questions about the puppy do you think Levi is Scooby Doo in Scooby Doo want to talk to you. If you think Scooby Doo was going to talk to you is that make you shaggy shaggy and Scooby do
Jarrod Simons
Jarrod Simons - 2 måneder siden
Just got a blk lab pup myself a few months ago. He is 5 months old now.
Bruce Blais
Bruce Blais - 2 måneder siden
He a cute pup, he has a good home loving daddy.
wayne goff
wayne goff - 2 måneder siden
I know the feeling of the textured finish on my screw drivers, courtesy of my Kangal dog.
Stephen Spears
Stephen Spears - 2 måneder siden
Do a video of what your lab looks like now? 🐶
g2macs - 2 måneder siden
Damn! from personal experience I know that puppy teeth are razor-sharp, that poor dogs ears must have been sore.
Scott Gibson
Scott Gibson - 2 måneder siden
That little puppy just hit what I call the parent lottery. He is going to have a great life. Enjoy
Jader candido garcia
Jader candido garcia - 2 måneder siden
00:32 music ??
Shrimp Rhodes
Shrimp Rhodes - 2 måneder siden
I hope Levi trashes Cody soon 😆. Not to sure Cody can carry Levis torch...
M Mathews
M Mathews - 2 måneder siden
No better dog than a Dudley Lab. My guy just passed last month he was almost 14. He had lost his hearing, had a bad back and tore his left ACL. His mannerisms were just like Levi's.
Jeremy Whitehorn
Jeremy Whitehorn - 2 måneder siden
the 483 dislikes are from labs that don't like pizza, right?
Francis Phillipeck
Francis Phillipeck - 2 måneder siden
lol all the new stuff overheated....sounds about right
Clayton L. Covell
Clayton L. Covell - 2 måneder siden
What a great group of people. Take The Fur Puppy's with ya.. :) .. (y)
Young Grizzly
Young Grizzly - 2 måneder siden
9:18 For some reason I feel like playing God of War now with Levi as Kratos.
Shibumi - 2 måneder siden
"Levi, what is that?" Levi- "Life as I know it over..." lol
Just kidding- that puppy is going to entertain and sometimes exasperate the elder statesman... but it's all good! He will love having a buddy to hang out with... after all, an old dog is just a puppy with high mileage...
Shibumi - 2 måneder siden
Have you seriously thought about putting some rubber or neoprene on those steps before Levi slips and hurts himself??
The Silent G
The Silent G - 2 måneder siden
I thought pizza was bad for dogs
Craig Hiebert
Craig Hiebert - 2 måneder siden
Love the canine helpers! Is that upstate NY?
JordanPlayz - 2 måneder siden
hes so cute i like dogs more than cats
Francis - 2 måneder siden
ur big dog is overweight? And also have back leg problems as it happens so many of our farm dogs to put down when they get older their back have given up for good.
Jason Earp
Jason Earp - 2 måneder siden
I like how on some of your snowmobile runs you edit out the selfie stick so it looks like the camera is floating around and following you.
Brent Bonham
Brent Bonham - 2 måneder siden
Superb, fun video! Thank you. Plz tell me the camera you used?
al Gigirl
al Gigirl - 2 måneder siden
Good time to have Cody. He can learn from Levi all manner of positive behaviour... effectively. Notably Levi calm and docile behaviour. Levi will be his mentor and good friends...
Cody will remember how he was welcomed by Levi. On His first day at home. He would behave the same as Levi, when you brought back other new pup or cats.
Good tutoring and imparting experience.
Norman Sonuvagunderson
Norman Sonuvagunderson - 2 måneder siden
5:23 Levi's tail has nice wagging pattern, the puppies tail is all over the place. I love it when they are this little and don't quite have control over everything yet.
JACK CONNOR - 2 måneder siden
I keep waiting for Levi to get a belly full of Cody and straighten him out....he is very tolerant.....takes after his Dad
JACK CONNOR - 2 måneder siden
I'm watching your videos right now. I think I've seen each of them at least three times.
JACK CONNOR - 2 måneder siden
@Andrew Camarata I knew that. It's just the puppy and Cody. He will get over it.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 2 måneder siden
They are best friends.
Kyla Kincaid
Kyla Kincaid - 3 måneder siden
Q. 6
Coy Roberts
Coy Roberts - 3 måneder siden
😎 thanks
larrydD DICKINSON - 3 måneder siden
kamaroway günther
kamaroway günther - 3 måneder siden
getting a lab pupy
PAINFOOL13🖤 - 3 måneder siden
Awesome Andrew
Labs are such great companions .
I surely miss mine .
mrbigdog9 - 3 måneder siden
Do you even have a shirt to fit my big body I'm 3xlt yes the t is important I am that big and tall
Raw Blow
Raw Blow - 3 måneder siden
New job foreman!
Shawn Hollingshead
Shawn Hollingshead - 3 måneder siden
i just watch this and cant help but be happy
WIDE_OPEN ADVenTUREs - 3 måneder siden
Poor Levi he’s to old to put Cody in his place, so Andrew should at least grab Cody and get him in trouble when he is really bugging Levi
Faye Carmichael-Calder
Faye Carmichael-Calder - 3 måneder siden
Awesome! Love you fur babies !
MommaFaye 🌺
Shawshank Ginger
Shawshank Ginger - 3 måneder siden
This is the life I aspire to live
Chama A
Chama A - 3 måneder siden
You should have name him strauss.
Levi strauss 🤣
nanui fanai
nanui fanai - 3 måneder siden
Hi Andrew I'm from Mizoram love your I enjoy watching.....I think u don't need those your old scooter,an I love to have it,I you give me,I'll be ver very happy,please give me one of those your scooter please please
Clypaz - 3 måneder siden
nanui fanai dont beg for shit
William Isch
William Isch - 3 måneder siden
Makes me want to Get a lab puppy after watching this I just love Lab Dogs they are the sweetest and Very Smart :)
tom h
tom h - 3 måneder siden
So, where do you live? Beautiful country!
RPSimoes - 3 måneder siden
New York state...USA
Beerenmüsli - 3 måneder siden
Cody is insanely cute!
llljj9 - 3 måneder siden
He's cute
Tom rizzo
Tom rizzo - 3 måneder siden
I don't think Sadie wants to come over anymore after that abuse . From Cody
pleasejoe - 3 måneder siden
Very extensive video!
TheBig GreedyBastard
TheBig GreedyBastard - 3 måneder siden
I love all youe videos
It’s just whatever
It’s just whatever - 3 måneder siden
Mc leean
Mc leean - 3 måneder siden
Mike Rosenberger
Mike Rosenberger - 3 måneder siden
11:40 Has the container castle just been around for 6 months?
Dodge Guy
Dodge Guy - 3 måneder siden
0:58 "Now i'll teach you how to bark!"
WendingWayfarer - 3 måneder siden
Man seal the roof door, next time Cody gets stuck at the top, put food at the bottom of the stairs, seal it off so Levi can't get it, and wait for Cody to show up.
Ashton M.
Ashton M. - 3 måneder siden
This is like MTV Cribs for dogs! There are dogs out there watching Cody with! He's got the best life ever!
44bett - 3 måneder siden
You create wonderful art in your videos. Levi will need to teach Cody to stay back from the big machines-it scares me when Levi gets close to those big guys. Thanks AC.
Steve T
Steve T - 3 måneder siden
He's a little physco is an understatement. ..................... Levi is gonna knock him out one of these days
Textured pliers HA!!
Steve T
Steve T - 3 måneder siden
" Dude you gotta catch it"
' Labs love cream puffs"
pedroromanoRafting pedroromanoRafting
R V - 3 måneder siden
Those paws... wow hes gonna big a big boy!
s w
s w - 3 måneder siden
Hey Andrew, will you please put some non slip rubber on the stairs for Levi? Thank you.
s w
s w - 3 måneder siden
Hey Andrew, please chain your compressed gas cylinders. If the valve shears off, the tank will become a rocket. Id hate to have either of the dogs knock it over and either get hit or you!
s w
s w - 3 måneder siden
Cody is a smart puppy. I can see him looking at Levi and following his lead. So cute and living his best life! Levi is such a good boy teaching little man how to do things.
Rogerio Bueno
Rogerio Bueno - 3 måneder siden
Bit Levi rocks!!!
Rogerio Bueno
Rogerio Bueno - 3 måneder siden
This dog is the must Lucky dog in the world!!!
Ricardo Alfaro
Ricardo Alfaro - 3 måneder siden
Иван Зимин
Иван Зимин - 3 måneder siden
🙄2. 😏3. 🤯4
David - 3 måneder siden
Cody is growing so fast!!!
Jason Mercer
Jason Mercer - 3 måneder siden
U for get what a hand full they are when they are puppies but its worth every second.