Fixing the other $50 Wave Runner

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Fixing a 1988 Yamaha Wave Runner 500 that was part of a pair I bought the previous season seen in this video:
Runtime: 40:10


Brandon Krystynak
Brandon Krystynak - 21 dag siden
Is there anything that you aint good at. Cause everything I've seen you do so far your a pro at.
Mark Krauss
Mark Krauss - 26 dager siden
What's the thing you us to clean the carbs
Dirt Riderz
Dirt Riderz - 28 dager siden
RIP Crank bearings. Love these jetski videos!
Mark Krauss
Mark Krauss - Måned siden
Cool Idea with the rags . I always used my hands and it takes forever to get rid of old gas smell
Mark Krauss
Mark Krauss - Måned siden
Hey I'm going look at a 740cc tiger shark jet ski guy said $100, is it worth it and should I buy it
Reid Bainbridge
Reid Bainbridge - Måned siden
Are we really not gonna talk about that dope knife he pulls out at 7:46?
Alex T
Alex T - Måned siden
How is that motor cooled?
karl kelley
karl kelley - Måned siden
Nice shop.....and machines!
thomas robinson
thomas robinson - Måned siden
Need to tell how much it cost in parts to bring the projects back to life
David Gambler
David Gambler - Måned siden
Having cleaned the gas tank how you did, I would have thrown a fuel filter on to catch the rest, then cleaned the filter after test riding it.
David Gambler
David Gambler - Måned siden
A Wire wheel on a drill could have cleaned up that propeller & other insides would have helped it.
Marc René Yvon
Marc René Yvon - Måned siden
Andrew, I love your DIY attitude. Let's get fix that thing. But, Man, I cringe when I see you cut corners when reassembling dirty, crud ans corroded parts. Like that carb, full of rusted parts, or that turbine casing ad innerds. Geeez, man, a little wire brush cleaning on mating parts is a must, no ?? Come on, buddy, if it's worth fixing, it's worth fixing the RIGHT way ! I despise your sometimes "good enough" attitude. That's WRONG, young dude ! It's exactely that attitude that sank the american car industry (and other industries too) against Japanese and now Corean companies. "Good enough" does'nt make the cut today.
1944chevytruck - Måned siden
thanks 4 video. be kind
Dorothea Isserstedt
Dorothea Isserstedt - Måned siden
Ich bin kein bastelfreak,trotzdem wundere ich mich, dass der gelb-braune Rost bei dem ersten Motor nicht entfernt wurde.
ESP OFF - Måned siden
hello, I have ymaha 650tx 1998 spark on the spark plugs there is fuel going to the cylinder only works if the throttle is closed by hand for a long time to spin the starter thanks
Urs Ebhoda
Urs Ebhoda - Måned siden
Andrew cheers to a good job of diagnosis and testing and resurrecting that wave runner.
You are practical, hands on, straight down to it and focused. Very good qualities mate.
I have a grounded wave runner in the UK, and I would like to know where to get parts to retire it. Will appreciate your help. urs4uk at gmail dot com.
Arthur P
Arthur P - Måned siden
Can't believe you put that unit back looking like that.
pflegeteddy - Måned siden
Andrew, did you ever think about organizing a boat and waverunner trial to the mysterious Bannermans island?
I think, that would be a nice day trial goal, may be I buy a ticket....
Also you could help a lot on the island to help with their plans of keeping the island nice, are you buying a ship soon?
Sherif Aboud
Sherif Aboud - Måned siden
Dude you’re awesome I love your videos
Superb Media Content Creator
You really seem to know what you are doing with the older skis and I like the way you troubleshoot but I hate the fact that you reassemble everything without wire-brushing them and actually cleaning things up. You're just another slob mechanic that just makes things run...
Luke Dormer
Luke Dormer - Måned siden
I mean he knows what he’s doing but fuck me I wouldt let him near anything of mine 😂
Gabriella Savca
Gabriella Savca - Måned siden
Where do u find these cheap jet skis
giuliano ingrao
giuliano ingrao - Måned siden
39:48 that's so great I love Yamaha
Tom T
Tom T - Måned siden
the machine that you cleaned the carb. what is it call?
Paul Salvidge
Paul Salvidge - Måned siden
somebody please send this guy a can of oil and grease
James Garner
James Garner - Måned siden
Very cool man
Anders Elonsson
Anders Elonsson - Måned siden
I’m glad your not a doctor 😂
Valentim Motovlog
Valentim Motovlog - 2 måneder siden
Andrew really needs a portable sand blaster
Valentim Motovlog
Valentim Motovlog - 2 måneder siden
50$ with that budget you can't even buy an old bicycle here in Brazil and some people keep saying to me "show love" for my country
Pavel Semonov
Pavel Semonov - 2 måneder siden
So no brushing, no derusting, no greasing cranks whatsoever? Completely irrespecting.
David Wallac
David Wallac - 2 måneder siden
Andrew, the OCD in me is SCREAMING...there’s no way I cud have put that impeller back together without removing every speck of corrosion..just a pet peeve of mine I guess. But can’t argue with your results!
AZVIDS - 2 måneder siden
Nice job
Jesse Ramirez
Jesse Ramirez - 2 måneder siden
Great job well done
Jean Hawken
Jean Hawken - 2 måneder siden
Love your attention to detail. Such an ethical bloke.
Lewis Hunt
Lewis Hunt - 2 måneder siden
Is there anything mechanical this kid CAN'T fix!!!??? Can you give us a ballpark figure of how much you put into it to bring it back from the dead?
bartac yt
bartac yt - 2 måneder siden
ACoustaDC - 2 måneder siden
Most men:
If it moves and shouldn't... Duct Tape
If it doesn't move and should.... WD40
If it moves and shouldn't....Welder
If it doesn't move and should....Hammer.
Anything else.... Grinder.
Michel Mallais
Michel Mallais - 2 måneder siden
your a smart cookie my friend ....cheers
dogiit1 - 2 måneder siden
I could tell the carburetor needs adjustment by the sound you weren't able to gun the throttle
dogiit1 - 2 måneder siden
iJustine either high or low speed will have an effect on the other jet
dogiit1 - 2 måneder siden
Next to carburetor cleaner guy puts his parts in plastic bottles and things like that fills the ultrasonic cleaner with water puts the parts in a bottle with gas that way it doesn't dirty the ultrasonic I would imagine any plastic bowls would work just as good
dogiit1 - 2 måneder siden
Mustie1 went through looking for different ultrasonic cleaner to
dogiit1 - 2 måneder siden
Be a miracle if that carburetor works what are you running in the little tiny ultrasonic cleaner laundry soap floor cleaner try some carburetor cleaner
Greg Stouse
Greg Stouse - 2 måneder siden
Kinda Broke it! 10:04
TB Gaming
TB Gaming - 2 måneder siden
i love how everyone aplaudingthis man but im a heavdy mechanic and how dirty this assembly was is straight hack work
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 2 måneder siden
It makes me feel better that most of the people that insult me can't spell.
dan rinker
dan rinker - 2 måneder siden
@23:35 I cringe a little whenever he picks up a hammer....
Ellen .Tyma
Ellen .Tyma - 2 måneder siden
We have an 89/90 LX, runs perfect. Great machines. Thanks for the all inclusive re-build video!
Dick Ritchie
Dick Ritchie - 2 måneder siden
Trust me, Yamaha never dreamed these things would last 30 years. But they didn’t count on AC! This dude is savage!
Nina Bit
Nina Bit - 2 måneder siden
Good work but still dirty shoud clian
TheHank1954 - 2 måneder siden
Andrew, who is this girl? Your girlfriend?
C Chebuhar
C Chebuhar - 3 måneder siden
Bringing them back from the graveyard! Nicely done. 👍🏼
SteelRazorback - 3 måneder siden
31:08 taco bell much?
Kurtis Snyder
Kurtis Snyder - 3 måneder siden
Where can I get that knife at 13:24
Jack Henrickson
Jack Henrickson - 3 måneder siden
23:20 how the dentist scrapes your teeth
apollo robb
apollo robb - 3 måneder siden
Hammer and Chisel mechanic. Not the proper way to do it and for god sake if you just have to beat on a threaded shaft do it with a brass or lead hammer . Next thing you need to buy is a Press Bearings arent meant to be beaten on
Michelle Gray
Michelle Gray - 3 måneder siden
Your videos are great and I’m impressed with your knowledge. Nobody here on Cape Cod Mass has a clue how to fix my inboard Yamaha Exciter Jet Boat . I don’t mind traveling to NY or anywhere in New England to get fixed, Do you have any suggestions or can you refer me to someone that fixes these . Everything is about outboards here. Thanks for your help keep up the great videos!
James Chaves
James Chaves - 3 måneder siden
i couldn't help but cringe when you were hitting the shaft with the hammer
Doyle Chandler
Doyle Chandler - 3 måneder siden
Fix it and run it.
Wolf Reicherter
Wolf Reicherter - 3 måneder siden
plz do not put your fingers in active ultrasound baths, you can damage the bone skin and that takes forever to heal and hurts like hell in the long run.
Brian Hawes
Brian Hawes - 3 måneder siden
I’ve watched a few of your jet ski refirbs and enjoy them. New sub. Keep them coming!
Mitch Hall
Mitch Hall - 3 måneder siden
Where do you get your bearings and stuff for the repair? Nice job!
Team Green Fishing
Team Green Fishing - 3 måneder siden
Did you ever have to replace the engine on this one? I have the same issue with a 1992 vxr650
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 3 måneder siden
That thing stayed running after breaking the engine loose.
Mark Cardinal
Mark Cardinal - 3 måneder siden
I just wanted to say thank you for this video. I have it saved now as I own two of these models and this has been by far the best walkthrough I can find. I have done both now and could not have done it without your help.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 3 måneder siden
Michigan Magneto
Michigan Magneto - 3 måneder siden
I've got a project in mind which would require an entire jet drive from a WaveRunner. Where can I score can older model WaveRunners for cheap?
Michigan Magneto
Michigan Magneto - 3 måneder siden
@Joel Brinkman I've been looking. Not much luck. There's a couple salvage yards I found that can hook me up. It'd be just cheaper to find a donor machine. One guy not too far from me has parts he stripped but he didn't take any inlet ducts from his salvages. So any parts would be useless without those.
Joel Brinkman
Joel Brinkman - 3 måneder siden
Lilinator81 - 3 måneder siden
ok good repair cleaned nothing? Removed the engine and not even cleaned the engine Bay? I cant believe that you disassembled the jet housing and not even sanded it or at least the impeller ... however good job! ;-)
Unplug - 3 måneder siden
I cringed so hard when you smashed the cab and dropped the engine in and not a single torque wrench used but then I remember $50 jet ski and I was like yeah I would probably do the same 😂😂
Roger D Roberts
Roger D Roberts - 3 måneder siden
Give him a soft hammer or a brass drift please, to save the threads on those shafts he is hitting with a steel hammer.
richie rich
richie rich - 3 måneder siden
You are a genius when it comes to boats
kukudu1 - 3 måneder siden
Хотя б на граффиточку садил болты (((
MJM’s Workshop
MJM’s Workshop - 3 måneder siden
That new carb really made it run well.
Raul Schmalzbach
Raul Schmalzbach - 3 måneder siden
Another great rehab. You inspire me to try and do the same.
Jose Martorell
Jose Martorell - 3 måneder siden
No way I can put it together without cleaning the rust and grime but job well done mate
Sextiva - 3 måneder siden
I'm buying two of these tomorrow. So this video is going to be a life saver as I've never worked on a jet ski in my life. Thanks
Patrick Armstrong
Patrick Armstrong - 3 måneder siden
Where did you find a replacement carb? I have two of these models and can't find a carb.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 3 måneder siden
I think its this:
Glenn C SR.
Glenn C SR. - 3 måneder siden
I would just junk it.
Tim Siemssen
Tim Siemssen - 3 måneder siden
after seeing all that brown death spray outa the plugs holes i woulda rebuilt before thinking of running it
Tim Siemssen
Tim Siemssen - 3 måneder siden
that motor sounds ruff
pillow P
pillow P - 3 måneder siden
Putin offers bounty to Taliban
Trump I need a compressed air and paper towel
Travelbugse28 - 3 måneder siden
Great stuff. I would glue a big square leathercloth patch on that seat (any colour), not really for looks - mostly to stop the sponge getting wet and soggy! Regards from London UK.
yaifootballthaibav - 3 måneder siden
Why do not new paint and new striker gonna be much more look better than now?
Steve B
Steve B - 3 måneder siden
What the fuck do you people on the east coast do to your equipment and toys? There's not a damn thing he works on that isn't totally roached!
GIUSEPPE MUSSO - 3 måneder siden
you work badly
SGT. MIKE - 3 måneder siden
hey buddy I learned a lot about something I had no knowledge about thank you knowledge is a great gift we can all share and it doesn't cost us anything but a little time .mike from texas
Phillip Bielefeld
Phillip Bielefeld - 3 måneder siden
Pour Coca-Cola in each of the cylinders and let it set overnight and it will free it up. The way you’re doing things you could break Rings on a piston.
Garry Wise
Garry Wise - 3 måneder siden
I am impressed, I was seriously thinking what were you thinking in the beginning. I too loved the paper towel trick in the fuel tank, my first thought was you were going to use a stick or something to clean it with the towels. Awesome I would have never have thought to use air. I did learn a valuable lesson about using dirty tanks. I bought a 50 hp merc and after getting it running, gummed up the carbs with crap. Nice video!!! I am surprised they still have parts for this machine.
Suriprofz - 3 måneder siden
Wat to many ads
mark eiler
mark eiler - 4 måneder siden
You need to go to you tube and learn about electrolysis on you tube I find it works great for rust removal
R. Guthrie
R. Guthrie - 4 måneder siden
my only question is WHY????
Julian A
Julian A - 4 måneder siden
You're the only person who's videos I can watch multiple times without losing interest.
Ryan - 4 måneder siden
Just picked one up cheap, this vid really shows how it comes apart which is really nice to know before I make my attempt. Thanks!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 4 måneder siden
Glad it helped
cool guy
cool guy - 4 måneder siden
Sucks that he sold it it for a boat that didn’t work.
Brent Turner
Brent Turner - 4 måneder siden
Thanks for another great job Andrew. I'm waiting anxiously for your new cable tv show called "This ole truck".
Joseph Burkhalter
Joseph Burkhalter - 4 måneder siden take it apart, clean, sand, derust and paint everything and then sell it. You have nicer machines and that would be a good starter runner for a young person. I guarantee you will never be satisfied with your amazing restore if it still looks like a half done job. Don’t you clean and paint your heavy equipment repair jobs. Sorry to appear so critical of a beautiful repair. First impressions last forever and that applies to almost everything. Every time you show that machine to anyone and lift the hood, you will say to yourself....”I should have completed the job all the way.” Once again....beautiful repair. Terrible first impression. I still love your channel.
Joseph Burkhalter
Joseph Burkhalter - 4 måneder siden Grease on the two New bearings..they looked dry. Where would they get their lubricant from? They aren’t water lubed I would think.
Did I miss something? Just curious. Spent 30 years in the elevator business. We had to lube everything. If you can get that piece of well maintained equipment running again it will be the engineering miracle of the year. Good luck.
Joseph Burkhalter
Joseph Burkhalter - 4 måneder siden
Andrew....what does “kinda broke it” mean? Really broke or REALLY BROKE IT?. Just curious.
Paco_bl - 4 måneder siden
23:25 use me as the unpleasant button
Bobcat - 4 måneder siden
Compared to my new waverunner...I would get more excited about my ninja bullet smoothie.
The Loobis
The Loobis - 4 måneder siden
17:55 I am so remembering that.
James7796ify - 4 måneder siden
Looks like a fun cheap project
MAM underconstrution
MAM underconstrution - 4 måneder siden
Looks right to me Andrew