Fixing a washing machine

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Installing a new water shut off valve in a washing machine then installing a whole house water filter.
Buy whole house water filter:
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Richard Akins
Richard Akins - 3 dager siden
How to fix a washing machine, "Full gorilla" style.
michael k
michael k - 7 dager siden
I wouldn't let you work on anything that belonged to me
michael k
michael k - 3 dager siden
I enjoyed the Container building@Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 7 dager siden
Who said I wanted to?
Roger Whiting
Roger Whiting - 13 dager siden
My filter container likes to bind when I am changing the filter. I smear the threads with pipe dope and it comes apart better.... tightens better too.
Awesome video. Wish I was this brave. Just spent 900 on a Speed Queen washer....
Mainmanrr - 19 dager siden
Is it only in Europe we have the washing machine in the bathroom?
ExactlyExotic - 24 dager siden
as someone who activly fixes domestic appliances for a job this pains me and him saying thats how it shoulda been designed kills me
1944chevytruck - 27 dager siden
thanks 4 video. be kind..//''[]-=,,
Olen S.
Olen S. - Måned siden
GEE! I Messed up when I fixed my washer, I took all the screws out to get the back off!
Agent Bertram
Agent Bertram - Måned siden
Washing machine broke? Note to self. Don't phone Andrew!
paul oliver
paul oliver - Måned siden
lovable overkill
Some Dude Gaming
Some Dude Gaming - Måned siden
I...I have that exact same washing machine...
Godw1ll99 - Måned siden
Kenneth Larsen
Kenneth Larsen - Måned siden
Gary Scyphers
Gary Scyphers - Måned siden
That's the exact model of washer that I've had for many years and have had to work on it 2 times. The way I found out was YouTube. A quick check would have made it much easier with no damage.
Kevin Krinke
Kevin Krinke - Måned siden
That washer is gross.
1944chevytruck - Måned siden
had same problem!... thanks 4 video. be kind.
Ed Refeen
Ed Refeen - 2 måneder siden
Where’s the chainsaw. That’s what I need
Jean Hawken
Jean Hawken - 2 måneder siden
Andrew has a scary intellect. Absolutely outstanding problem solving capacity and a generous teaching capacity to impart knowledge. This is what community is about, caring and sharing.
hypercube33 - 2 måneder siden
look this guy even has the same damn washer as we
Jordan D
Jordan D - 2 måneder siden
Me: mom the washing machine is broken Mom: oh I guess we will have to get a new one.
dad: hold on let me call Andrew.
S - 2 måneder siden
Crash, bang wallop - good as new LMAO ! I just love the way he tackles everything and nothing fazes him - so down to earth and practical - youve got to love it !
mr zed
mr zed - 2 måneder siden
Andrew . You needs to shirt that says . When you are going through hell. Keep going.
Jon Michael Foley
Jon Michael Foley - 2 måneder siden
I've never laughed at an Andrew video until that bucket kicked out under the faucet.
YYFREAK - 2 måneder siden
Brute force and ignorance.
James Nasto
James Nasto - 2 måneder siden
Careful, you’re going to scratch and dent the washing machine.
Michael Melvin
Michael Melvin - 2 måneder siden
that thing was a hinge for the top. i like when you cant figure something out you say this should be designed this way.
Michael Melvin
Michael Melvin - 2 måneder siden
you have to take the top of bowl off first. two spring clips under left and right front corners. then tilt cover up. not ripp it open dude.
Ever Online
Ever Online - 2 måneder siden
Wow you have really weired washhing machines in the usa. I have never seen a washing machine with an inlet for hot water here in germany.
Bob Robert
Bob Robert - 2 måneder siden
it was painful to watch when you know how easy it is to open up a washing machine.... 2 screws and 2 clips and you have access to everything.
Mme. Hyraelle
Mme. Hyraelle - 2 måneder siden
J Brukardt
J Brukardt - 2 måneder siden
Spin down filters are the best of both worlds. Theyre clear so you can see when theyre gunky, and you just turn a valve at the bottom to purge em, no replacing the filter, removing anything, etc.
ACoustaDC - 2 måneder siden
I like the clear filter as well.. One of my Motorcycle has a clear battery too, 6 volt. I love that thing cuz you can always tell when the electrolyte is low.
Albert Batfinder
Albert Batfinder - 2 måneder siden
We had a busted up old washing machine that my girlfriend was always complaining about. Put up with the noise for about 3 years before finally getting a newer model. Girlfriend.
Jeffrey Locke
Jeffrey Locke - 2 måneder siden
Problem-solving involves problem prevention and planned addressing of maintenance. Nice work!!!
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia - 2 måneder siden
I don't know, I'll figure it out
Jon Zuber
Jon Zuber - 2 måneder siden
You need a water filtration and purification system from the well, they can design a system that can solve all of your problems. I bought one and have had no problems with well water in 20 years!
Neceros - 3 måneder siden
I'm glad you decided not to slide it down to pop the back panel off. It was far more entertaining this way
Roger D Roberts
Roger D Roberts - 3 måneder siden
In OZ we would say " AS RUFF AS GUTS " Surprised he was so ruff at the back off. Must be Mums machine who cares.
Munch Appliance Repair
Munch Appliance Repair - 3 måneder siden
This is not how to replace that valve!!! What a moron.
сергей смирнов
сергей смирнов - 3 måneder siden
snoop furlow
snoop furlow - 3 måneder siden
Water level switch
Martin Fortune
Martin Fortune - 3 måneder siden
Brutal ,I can imagine Andrew taking the back off a watch with a cold chisel
asus12351 - 3 måneder siden
lol i use to do this for a living the plastic pieces come off the top panel then undo the two screws the panel flips up and back and the front of the washer comes off then you can get to anything you want.
John Henninger
John Henninger - 3 måneder siden
thats kenmore and u need 2 splurge on a new machine
John Henninger
John Henninger - 3 måneder siden
jepp, musta been stinky by the time the pts got there, but ur on the money, mostly; cheers nc pa.
stacie odowd
stacie odowd - 3 måneder siden
Andrew fixing his washing machine is mach better. Then the people I paid to repair my washing machine $100.00 to $150.00 plus parts. By the time they were done. It would cheaper to buy a new washing machine.
FUCK SHIT - 4 måneder siden
your plumbing is a real horror!!!
FUCK SHIT - 4 måneder siden
my dear Andrew, you're a bully!!
BIM Brothers America
BIM Brothers America - 4 måneder siden
Man...youre crazy lol
Matt James
Matt James - 4 måneder siden
Fixing a washing machine
wtf lol
E&T Scrapping
E&T Scrapping - 4 måneder siden
They come part easy when shoving off a back of a truck.😂😂
Joe Romanak
Joe Romanak - 4 måneder siden
A C never disappoints! I knew we were approaching his tolerance level for how does this come apart?! I wouldn’t have been surprised by: 6 foot pry bar, dump truck with chain attached, big-ass excavator or flame wrench. Good job! 😎👍👏🇱🇷
Phillip Taylor
Phillip Taylor - 4 måneder siden
Andrew is so good at fixing things that Ebay sent his product right away. Shipping time was about 1 sec. Wow!
SGT. MIKE - 4 måneder siden
check ! rip back off of washer check !    order new washer throw this junk out !
y2kxj - 4 måneder siden
It is so nice the washing machine company’s sharpen all the edges to razor sharpe for you..
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 4 måneder siden
Lol, one time fixing a toaster oven got me pretty good. A heating element broke, I reattached it. Its still working years later.
WAVETUBE84 - 4 måneder siden
Washing machine says, "Dude, your killing me!"
Will S
Will S - 4 måneder siden
A god. Not the god, but a god.
Levi too.
Евгений Белоус
Евгений Белоус - 4 måneder siden
Бомжатник какой-то
Unknown - 4 måneder siden
Thank you for not using chainsaws for this project😂😂😂😂😂😂
drengoa night
drengoa night - 4 måneder siden
Stumbled across this hope you see it, the wasking machine shroud can be taken off with 2 screws and 2 clips, on the control panel there is 2 decorative clip on that come off and then 2 screws to lift the whole control panel, after that 2 clips to take the entire shroud off. Cheers neighbor hood appliance repair tech
Mark Renkert
Mark Renkert - 4 måneder siden
Funny.....funny, the thing to pieces.......few new Sefcik tappers and away we go......
Ron Hutchins
Ron Hutchins - 4 måneder siden
This video should of been labeled how not to replace a washer supply valve. You turned a very easy job completely backwards.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 4 måneder siden
They didn't design the washer correctly. I am not going to read instructions on how to do something, it should be obvious.
Larry Rivers
Larry Rivers - 4 måneder siden
I use two, first is rust & sediment and second, taste and odor in line with clear canisters. However it will decrease your water flow a little depending same time use.
Ty Cobb
Ty Cobb - 4 måneder siden
Is this his house? Not how I imagined the inside of his container house
joe g
joe g - 4 måneder siden
Was good to see you had reversed the washer hose's position connections.
Casey w
Casey w - 4 måneder siden
I fix appliances for a living and I almost had an anxiety/panic attack lol next time the end caps on either sides pop off and 1 Phillip's screw holds top on take off tilt up and then use flathead to pop that brass color clip and pop the cabinet off lol good video though
carl valot
carl valot - 4 måneder siden
need a bigger hammer. I would have removed all of the screws first!!!
The Loobis
The Loobis - 4 måneder siden
12:17 So did you pay for that or the customer?
Ice Rink Diaries
Ice Rink Diaries - 4 måneder siden
Sure there are several appliance guys/ladies laughing their ass's off when he ripped the back off.
Hitagara - 4 måneder siden
"Good as new" ©
xstugee - 4 måneder siden
Shear genius, aptitude and drive...when will some Network give this young man his own TV show.
Microwaved Soda
Microwaved Soda - 4 måneder siden
this channel fixes everything
Toby Cornwall
Toby Cornwall - 4 måneder siden
*rolls in excavator*
ElSlabo - 4 måneder siden
His skidsteer and tailgating videos make my aesthetic OCD side totally zen. But watching him work on cars and things like this make me need a xanax! Such dichotomy...
Stanisław K
Stanisław K - 5 måneder siden
Oh, Andrew. Such an old rattle would be time to change it to a new one :-)
Paul Presto
Paul Presto - 5 måneder siden
That washing machine fix was epic
Djamel Hamdia
Djamel Hamdia - 5 måneder siden
00:15,is that spaghetti in the washing machine!?
Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson - 5 måneder siden
Andrew you the man!! Love your videos!
RumMonkeyable - 5 måneder siden
You didn't spray paint the washer, Andrew! 😲😨 Thought this was sorta of a standard part of equipment repair! 😜😄 Two wells! WOW, that is sure smart! Never have to worry about being without I'm sure you have several generators to run the pump(s). Installing the filter was brilliant! 👍👊
Roger Dale
Roger Dale - 5 måneder siden
When in doubt, just yank it the fuck apart... Hilarious.
Jay Kaye
Jay Kaye - 5 måneder siden
Tell me this is his parents washer.
11:42 That was pure! That was cinematic gold. DYI summed up in one action sequence.
(Andrew you are Everyman's 'Honey Dew" Eye Conduit Hero. )
Oficina Contêiner
Oficina Contêiner - 5 måneder siden
Industry don’t make things designed to be disassembled and fixed. This drives me mad too.
Gerald Klump
Gerald Klump - 5 måneder siden
That is so funny. Don’t quit your day job.
This Man
This Man - 5 måneder siden
That’s clearly not an oil filter issue ! Darling I need to weld a new part on this machine :)
LEO 1 - 5 måneder siden
This is a video of how not to fix/break your washer, the washer is
supposed to be open true the front, there are many videos here in you tube on how to open your washer, I really smile looking this guy, he has the tools and energy but he need something else, my advise, dont do it in the same way you are braking the washer
Doug Wray
Doug Wray - 6 måneder siden
Great work getting shots of the connection process - that's acrobatic enough without having to shoot video!
Doug Wray
Doug Wray - 6 måneder siden
LOVED opening the back - PULLLL@@@WHANG@SPangtinkle. LOL.
Darrell Roeters
Darrell Roeters - 6 måneder siden
Should have turned it to spin to empty water first.
DADoESofTX - 6 måneder siden
OMG this fellow is an idiot. I don't have time to read through all the comments to see if anyone else brought up the fact .... that is NOT how to disassemble that machine. The back panel IS NOT SUPPOSED TO COME OFF. The entire *outer cabinet*, top and lid comes off from the FRONT. The spring clip he tossed away holds the cabinet to the rear panel (there's another clip on the other side that didn't come loose). The water flume attaches to the rear panel, he broke it loose and stuffing it up there from the front won't properly attach it, it's danging loose in there and will knock around all over the place when the tub oscillates during spin, ending up spraying again in the wrong direction. Along with whatever else is broken.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 6 måneder siden
They didnt design the machine right, it should be obvious how to take it apart, no instructions should be needed.
Mike H
Mike H - 6 måneder siden
Khris Tobin
Khris Tobin - 6 måneder siden
Lol, Stick with the heavy machinery Andrew.
BirdBrain - 6 måneder siden
After I've undone 50 screws and the back still won't come off, that's the point when I revert to Andrew's more direct approach at 3:11.
Shawn Garrison
Shawn Garrison - 6 måneder siden
Your a smart guy your like a lot of the people around here in. The South glad. To know there is good old Country boys in the north
Mix Pick
Mix Pick - 7 måneder siden
Having fought with many a washer and dryer, I actually appreciate the "excavation" model of disassembly! They hide every fastener (back and front) and make it impossible to figure out depending on the model... I'm going with this technique in the future and just buy a case of self tapping metal screws to put it all back together! Thanks for the vid!
Still Learning
Still Learning - 7 måneder siden
You need to put a 5 micron whole house filter on your input line of the house. Flush your lines through the bath tub faucet (no screen to plug). Once you do all that, go buy a new washing machine! LOL
Upallnight - 7 måneder siden
Do a little research on repairing a top load washing machine. It will save you a lot of frustration, and you won't be breaking things to disassemble it.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 7 måneder siden
Nah, things need to be built so they dont require instructions for how to open them.
Sky Fox Of Chaos
Sky Fox Of Chaos - 7 måneder siden
I swear he can fix anything..
Linda Colaprete
Linda Colaprete - 7 måneder siden
Washing machines are designed to be repaired and serviced from the front. That way you don't have to pull them out from the wall, except to unplug and disconnect. If you go about it in the right order it can be done without wrecking the machine.
juan arriaga
juan arriaga - 7 måneder siden
antes no uso la excabadoras para abrir la maquina
thejudgemeister - 7 måneder siden
Should’ve used your excavator to get the back off.
Linda Colaprete
Linda Colaprete - 7 måneder siden
Andrew, You're the best at excavating and the like...but washing machine repair...not so much!!!!