Fixing a skid steer track

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Introducing Cody the puppy and fixing a track on a skid steer loader.
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OMG myPANTS - 14 dager siden
That guy is so lucky to have a slab like that.. What I'd give to have something like that on my property. I'd build my whole life around something that awesome.
1944chevytruck - 29 dager siden
thanks 4 video. be kind...'';;[-09=
krashdown102 - Måned siden
that bluestone is awesome
TheRobman - 4 måneder siden
For those of you wondering where the "Cody" video is, here it is:
Jack Acuff
Jack Acuff - 4 måneder siden
Hey Andrew when are going to introdus us all to the Road Roller you bought , bin looking all over for a video about it !
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 4 måneder siden
I sold that. But I might do something.
Speedy Steve
Speedy Steve - 4 måneder siden
This here Bobcat has been in 3 videos in 4 months.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 4 måneder siden
Yeah, and every video has been about fixing it.
ZeidGho - 4 måneder siden
That Skid steer reminded us of the video you promised about how you got Cody
jlucasound - 4 måneder siden
That could be an Alien Spacecraft buried beneath his property. TommyKnockers? :-0
Matthew Maca
Matthew Maca - 5 måneder siden
How would you put a foundation on that? Would you drill the rock and stick some rebar in?
STEPHEN SHARMA - 5 måneder siden
hi Andrew I have been looking for that vid on how you got Cody I am sure there is a story right there worthy of sharing ….
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 5 måneder siden
Yeah, thats about filmed. I just need to record an ending, and edit it.
Domenic Dalleva
Domenic Dalleva - 6 måneder siden
If I can’t fix it, I call Andrew the Mr. Fixt of everything 🤣🤣
UStinman 84
UStinman 84 - 6 måneder siden
Would you revisit? I'd Luv to see it uncovered!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 6 måneder siden
Ill try. We are still fixing this skid steer, lol.
eler manaloto
eler manaloto - 6 måneder siden
RED_PILLED - 6 måneder siden
What is that slab all about ? How did it get there ?Dam serious drone did not even know that possible.that high and far .
MCCN Outdoor maintenance, LLC Carlus C.
Hey Drew did I understand you to say the Bobcat T 300 is not to great of a track machine, well clean it up an trade it in on a great used CL 45 skidsteer .
pax84111 - 7 måneder siden
I see you Burke Bar
pax84111 - 7 måneder siden
Aww My Gawd ....Cody aka Scrappy Dooooooooooo
Thrilling Living
Thrilling Living - 7 måneder siden
can’t wait for the full Cody introduction video :)
Tom Cleghorn
Tom Cleghorn - 8 måneder siden
Man do I ever need one of those bars!
Boot repair man
Boot repair man - 8 måneder siden
Cody is adorable
Anthony A
Anthony A - 8 måneder siden
If anyone operators a track skiddy the first thing they should learn is how to put the track back on. It happens so many times I feel like a nascar mechanic when it happens and shuts me down.
Anthony A
Anthony A - 8 måneder siden
Nice looking pup
Argus Dacicus
Argus Dacicus - 8 måneder siden
O my God you got a new puppy 🥰 a guess levi it kind of old now in dog years.......i have mix of german shepard a great dane it huge dog look like very Black german shepard but very tall my father nickname him "Beast" 😁 there is no direct translation from Romanian old tongue ......he got Levi temperament and his vicios with intruders ,rats and bad people !.......Man You got a large circle of frends.....ready to jump in your help and vice versa ! That is what i like about rural America ✌️
scott payne
scott payne - 8 måneder siden
Anyone know what model of tractor that KIOTI is? Im looking at getting one for the farm..
neven brbora
neven brbora - 8 måneder siden
big hug to Cody!
Jim Stevenson
Jim Stevenson - 8 måneder siden
Luv the new pup Andrew,Levi finally got his brother...
Anonymous 14
Anonymous 14 - 8 måneder siden
I still can't comprehend how people could dislike this
Bob Lee's Woodshop and Other Things
Thanks for sharing your adventures! 👍👍
Howell Miller
Howell Miller - 8 måneder siden
Andrew, check out the YT page of Marty T in New Zealand and his bringing back a D2 dozer to life that he found abandoned in the bush. Made me think of your repairs and your work.
g157 fasdf
g157 fasdf - 8 måneder siden
does it come off often?
Dice Blue
Dice Blue - 8 måneder siden
Levi: We've got to make sure this job goes smoothly, I'll direct him where to put the dirt, Cody, you sniff the rocks and tell me if they're good ok?
Cody: *sniffs*
Cheiro O
Cheiro O - 8 måneder siden
5 Feb 2020---Levi and the Pup were really a joy while working on
the projects. It's a good thing that Levi keeps a watch on the pup.
The work project was great too. Andrew and the crew are great! 5-Feb-2020
MtSquad - 8 måneder siden
Cody looks cool, hopefully Levi is taking him under his wing!
Boitano Excavation
Boitano Excavation - 9 måneder siden
6:48 bro that zipper tho
Johnny Zander
Johnny Zander - 9 måneder siden
Wow. I'm late to the party on this one. Welcome to Cody the pup and a big hug to Levi the main. ❤️
Jim T
Jim T - 9 måneder siden
As always, love your videos and watch them religiously. Wanna welcome Cody to the channel also. He's adorable, and as others said, Levi is a great mentor for Cody, of how to behave around equipment and stay out of danger. This yard is awesome. Let's get back and see the finished product when your buddy gets done working there.
Lost Loser
Lost Loser - 9 måneder siden
Commenting to the almighty algorithm
POL3INAROW - 9 måneder siden
Andrew, I am glad you have another puppy, Is Cody from the same family? It certainly looks like Levi is tolerating Cody well, even though he is his senior big time.
YuriIsMyWaifu - 9 måneder siden
I've only known Cody for eight minutes but if anything happened to him I would die.
Joona Knuutinen
Joona Knuutinen - 9 måneder siden
you can teach the puppy to wear a dog camera.
YetisDeuce - 9 måneder siden
Tracks on a skid steer may have a lot of benefits, but popping a track off is a huge negative. Every time I rent one (couple times a year), I make sure I ask for a wheeled skid steer.
Liberty Bell
Liberty Bell - 9 måneder siden
Awesome to hear about Essential Craftsman on another channel! Knew that Burke Bar the second I saw it and had a big ol' smile on my face.
Billy72143 - 9 måneder siden
Would love to see more updates on this location in the future. That is pretty cool too see.
Bill Pottle
Bill Pottle - 9 måneder siden
Levi is awesome and Cody joining the adventures will be a super addition. Keep up the great work! Andrew, you provide hours of educational entertainment. My students study your events and learn volumes including me!
David Caldwell
David Caldwell - 9 måneder siden
That bottom layer of dirt on glacier polished stone, can house gold. I wouldn't just toss all that dirt you're scraping up. Well not without panning several samples for some gold flake.
kiki - 9 måneder siden
I think I like your "fix it vid" the most...... 3rd time watched
Alvin Alvrez
Alvin Alvrez - 9 måneder siden
Man I absolutely love your videos, I'll sit an watch an hour of you doing machinery work, totally additive watching, and such a cool guy to watch, really down to earth. Love the fact you do a drone overview either before or after or both. And Levi, he's all lab. I've learnt so much from what you do. Keep them coming.
Trevor Darnell
Trevor Darnell - 9 måneder siden
Caden Beriman
Caden Beriman - 9 måneder siden
@Andrew Camarata If you end up find a cl45 like you said in the past your looking for would you be selling your 864?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
Maybe, i've been using it though.
cbsctomh - 9 måneder siden
Correction...your second favorite tool...
Ken Mcghee
Ken Mcghee - 9 måneder siden
The Essential Craftsman goes to a lot of trouble to temper the metal in the Burke Bar to make it useful as a tool. I bet after you weld it, it changes the characteristics of the metal. Not sure whether that makes it better or worse.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
I've been using it, seems fine.
Rider - 9 måneder siden
C'mon Andrew, ants are starting to crawl up my arms. All I need is a taste man.
Rider - 9 måneder siden
@Andrew Camarata 🍕🍷
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
Got one done now, should be up tonight.
psidvicious - 9 måneder siden
Hey Andrew. I saw you were asking about remote controlled cranes. I’ve worked with a few GCI mobile towers before that were operated remotely and I always loved them. The operator is essentially his own flag man so they work great in that respect. I saw a remotely controlled crane, called a ‘polar-crane’ that was inside the round containment bldg at a nuke plant. It was just a giant I-beam that rolled on tracks at the top of the bldg and trolleyed back and forth on the I-beam.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
Yeah, it seems like it would be much better, the operator can see whats going on instead of having someone else tell him what to do.
Jon Gilbert
Jon Gilbert - 9 måneder siden
Next video please...I'm having withdrawls of the castle build!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
Ones uploading now, its welding a tractor.
Sergio Scarponi
Sergio Scarponi - 9 måneder siden
2 pups up!
Joshua Dykstra
Joshua Dykstra - 9 måneder siden
That bar is a sandblasted and painted yellow marshalltown bar. Scratch. Just saw the video. That said Marshalltown has been making them for the last 10 years.
JOHN'S WICK - 9 måneder siden
I'm really looking forward to seeing a vlog on Cody. When can we expect to see him again.
Darsir Darsir
Darsir Darsir - 9 måneder siden
мужик так держать .
Sandal Kid
Sandal Kid - 9 måneder siden
Going on 5 days now. What the hell man
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
There is one uploading now.
Lex - 9 måneder siden
please do a follow up vid on this guys place later, it looks awesome, be nice to see how it turns out
Lex - 9 måneder siden
@Andrew Camarata Sweet, thanks!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
Ok, uploading a video now that got partially filmed here.
Hugo Aguirre
Hugo Aguirre - 9 måneder siden
Why do you put so many trees in your videos?
How many trees do you plant?
scott17818 - 9 måneder siden
theres a reason hes losing his track... 05:29 just overworking the tracks, and slipping them... not to mention not properly serviceing before use.. always check you track tension, and grease all fittings.
richard larouche
richard larouche - 9 måneder siden
Andrew, did you ever check out the
Faigy Blomkvist
Faigy Blomkvist - 9 måneder siden
@2:50 here's the video of EC making it:
Niclas Tengvall
Niclas Tengvall - 9 måneder siden
Awesome videos. Fun to see how it works across the globe. Working with the same job in sweden. In SWEDEN most people use a The tiltrotator which turns all types of excavators into multi-functional construction machines. Not seeing that i us.
Роман Денисов
Роман Денисов - 9 måneder siden
Ого. У Андрюхи пополнение. Симпатяга лабрадорка. Класс.
Lou Cuello
Lou Cuello - 9 måneder siden
I’m an accountant for a real estate developer and general contractor. I can’t even use a hammer let alone do anything this guy can do, but I watch his videos almost daily so I can be more informed on what my company does. But it simply amazes me what this guy can do. There is like literally nothing this guy can’t fix. It just gives me a greater outlook on what goes on at the job site and ultimately what I’m writing the checks for. Thanks Andrew
Worlds Okayest Farmer
Worlds Okayest Farmer - 9 måneder siden
*Nice fix! Good lookin pup* #WorldsOkayestFarmer
Devin - 9 måneder siden
this is the manliest channel on youtube
 - 9 måneder siden
Impress your machine technology I want a container castle T-shirt, but it`s difficult in japan
Tony Dustman
Tony Dustman - 9 måneder siden
Life with Seven Sons
Life with Seven Sons - 9 måneder siden
Thomas D Harrell
Thomas D Harrell - 9 måneder siden
Great Video!
Melanie Hefner
Melanie Hefner - 9 måneder siden
Welcome, Cody!
Raffaele Vitucci
Raffaele Vitucci - 9 måneder siden
That new dog is cute, like to hear the story behind it.
Walkers Landscaping
Walkers Landscaping - 9 måneder siden
What do you carry in your tool box of tools in your big tool box? Also what else would you recommend to put in there?
Walkers Landscaping
Walkers Landscaping - 9 måneder siden
Andrew Camarata that’s great advice thanks
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
Throw in the basics. Then once you are out doing stuff and need a tool. Get it, then keep it in there.
Walkers Landscaping
Walkers Landscaping - 9 måneder siden
Andrew Camarata ok thanks
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
Bunch of tools. I go threw everthing in there in my "plowing tips" video and my "buying a new pickup" video
Eric Svalland
Eric Svalland - 9 måneder siden
Love the new addition (puppy) to your family & channel. Look forward to the adventures of Andrew, Levi & Cody. And as for the prybar that you see Andrew using, I don't know if Andrew gave credit to how he acquired it, but I found the gentleman who made it and sent it off to Andrew. Look for the youtube video "Making a Burke Bar" by Essential Craftsman. Love the blacksmithing that went into it. Think I'm going to add him to my list of youtube channels I follow and check it out. If you like to see another example of fine craftsmanship, check out the youtube channel EngelsCoachShop. If it wasn't for Andrew being so busy, I'd ask if I could stop by with my two yellow labs when I visit my Aunt in Woodstock, but here in Northern NY we just got a snow dump, and just finished digging out. Maybe sometime down the road.
Deborah Steed
Deborah Steed - 9 måneder siden
Cody is a cutie.... hope Levi is going to teach him the ropes, and how to inspect projects....🙃
josian rodriguez
josian rodriguez - 9 måneder siden
S Mann
S Mann - 9 måneder siden
Levi and Cody on the job. The 3rd or 4th Andrew Camarata video I watched was Levi's 12th birthday. A hard working man taking a day off to celebrate his dog's birthday is the kind of man I can respect. Keep on working and playing hard.
James Farnham
James Farnham - 9 måneder siden
Let the adventure of life begin! Yeeesssss!!
DingleZilla - 9 måneder siden
Business card:
Cody Camarata - Canine Construction Consultant.

A great addition Andrew and he is sure to be a winner!
Dick Day
Dick Day - 9 måneder siden
I really do enjoy Andrew's videos. I've got to admit that the first time I saw one of his videos, I was tempted to ask what grade he was in.I see now, he is no kid, but whatever his age, he does have a youthful appearance.
James Pardy
James Pardy - 9 måneder siden
Congrats on your new addition to the family. Cody is a very handsome lab. Thank you for your amazing videos.
jeff VanHolten
jeff VanHolten - 9 måneder siden
Welcome Cody
Gilbert Franklin
Gilbert Franklin - 9 måneder siden
WOW! Perfect companion for Levi in his later years... Cody is the most darling dog I have ever seen - just fits right in as though he has been there for years! How do you succeed in everything you do, Andrew? Most amazing channel on YouTube, by a long shot... 🏆👍
kw s
kw s - 9 måneder siden
Rent a small dozer and clear it out pronto. Big fan of the channel. Cheers
Travis Steed
Travis Steed - 9 måneder siden
Are there any new video of you building your place?
Breaking Toast
Breaking Toast - 9 måneder siden
oh wow Cody is awesome but so is Levi
walla2k5 - 9 måneder siden
Levi has an apprentice, nice.
Buckethead - 9 måneder siden
t i n y l e v i
Cookie's House Cannabis Co
Cookie's House Cannabis Co - 9 måneder siden
i'm 100.000% okay with cody. :3
Jonathan Gibson
Jonathan Gibson - 9 måneder siden
Cody is adorable!
Tyler Hess
Tyler Hess - 9 måneder siden
Burke bar!
Brian D.
Brian D. - 9 måneder siden
Welcome to the channel Cody!
nxgraphics - 9 måneder siden
hey andrew, will you be proposing airbnb in your castle soon !?
nxgraphics - 9 måneder siden
@Andrew Camarata ok man, im in ! ill be travelling from france 3 rd march, let me know if this is too soon ;), elsewise im new york state these dates, if thats not doable id like to find a stay in a true cabin or lodge in the forest to rent, any ideas welcome ! thx man
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
Maybe, once its done. Lots of other people do that.
Don Braden
Don Braden - 9 måneder siden
Nice of you to help a friend in need I really like Levi's new employee I'm sure he will be trained well like how to ride in a boat , jetski , snowmobile sled you know the important things in an employee's life 😂🐕🐕👍👍
oldodger gray
oldodger gray - 9 måneder siden
Clear off as much slab as you can and, cover it with a GARAGE !
Rick Bueche
Rick Bueche - 9 måneder siden
Levi is going to be jealous of Cody. Cody is too cute. He will be stealing the show from Levi and Andrew. Gosh, now about the 8th time that I have watched this one.
richard moore
richard moore - 9 måneder siden
gonna be tougher for levi to supervise if he's busy training the new guy.