Fixing a free lawn tractor

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Finding a free Craftsman lawn tractor on the side of the road, cleaning out the engine and getting it running, then testing it.
Runtime: 19:05


Johnny Espinoza
Johnny Espinoza - 4 timer siden
Yawn! It's been done.
Irwin Romero
Irwin Romero - 6 timer siden
Handled with care
Zachary Riley
Zachary Riley - 6 timer siden
Your shop is a bad ass I ever seen shipping containers shop cool
ideaman99 - Dag siden
Wouldn't be easier to remove the mower first?
ideaman99 - Dag siden
And I wish I could know how to do this. Thanks for the post.
YDC Deadly
YDC Deadly - 2 dager siden
Carburetor rebuild kit be cheaper
Mindy M.
Mindy M. - 2 dager siden
After the mouse jumped out, watching you use the air hose and the vacuum at the same time gave me uncomfortable thoughts of the dentist. Not that I have mice in my teeth or anything!
Joseph King
Joseph King - 2 dager siden
14:19 ♫ _Green acres is the place to be_ ♫
Haybale Lee
Haybale Lee - 3 dager siden
The mouse part made my day
Haybale Lee
Haybale Lee - 3 dager siden
Dude love ur vids btw u should start a land scaping buisness and lawn instruments dealer
Comedy Room
Comedy Room - 3 dager siden
Watching you load and unload this lawn tractor made me horrified, then I remembered it’s a restoration video.
S - 4 dager siden
As entertaining as ever, looking forward to seeing some more customer jobs :)
Walker Maloney
Walker Maloney - 4 dager siden
And if it did go somwhere atleast it was free
Camera king 124
Camera king 124 - 4 dager siden
He should make it a mud mower
Bobcat 843
Bobcat 843 - 4 dager siden
I did same thing with my skid steer messed mower all up lol
JAVIER Toro - 4 dager siden
Reparar carbulador 6.5 modelo 9173888 60
lord Powell
lord Powell - 5 dager siden
So gentle
Kid Ko
Kid Ko - 6 dager siden
Look at 69 pop his head up from nest
Jason Jennings
Jason Jennings - 6 dager siden
love Labs they are some of the sweetest dogs
DukeSky - 8 dager siden
Hell Yea best kind of project are the ones you find....except when it comes to women...
Anderson Bicalho de Souza
Anderson Bicalho de Souza - 9 dager siden
Não era para jamais ter caído!!!
Ko O
Ko O - 9 dager siden
@4:50 Free mouse :)
The Tank guy
The Tank guy - 9 dager siden
1:35 If you unloaded my tractor like that You would be working on it without pay and he would buy all the parts to fix it I don’t care if it’s free or not
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 dager siden
Then it would end up in the dumpster.
Mohsen Marami
Mohsen Marami - 10 dager siden
Time to add a cat to your crew
Ramapo River
Ramapo River - 10 dager siden
What did you bring home daddy......

Another POS

Glenn smith
Glenn smith - 10 dager siden
Watching you load & unload that mower was Very painful 😢 !!!!!!!!! ??????????
Sensei McCall
Sensei McCall - 11 dager siden
20 dollars and you get a free mouse! Surprisingly it stayed in there when you spun it over taking it off the trailer. Hahahaha too funny.
The Mechanic Kid
The Mechanic Kid - 11 dager siden
Sadly that carb has a little o ring and I always pinch it I’ll bet that’s why it filled with fuel I’d rather run oem than China China never runs right
Rexus Roblox
Rexus Roblox - 11 dager siden
let’s just make sure we all out lawnmowers on boat trailers.
paquitos hammer
paquitos hammer - 11 dager siden
Levi just doesnt have the energy
Steve Shrader
Steve Shrader - 12 dager siden
Hasxs Msbsga
Hasxs Msbsga - 12 dager siden
Michael Scoggins
Michael Scoggins - 12 dager siden
The way he un loaded it 😂😂
Glen Higginbotham
Glen Higginbotham - 12 dager siden
Hoping this style video comes back after you get caught up
Noah Arleth
Noah Arleth - 13 dager siden
ERM wouldnt the engine get drowned if you pour water into it?
Pool 2
Pool 2 - 13 dager siden
Mouse lives in a shop vac now.
Ed Refeen
Ed Refeen - 13 dager siden
Hey Andrew, my name is Ed. I’m looking for a good skid steer and a two ton truck. .. let me know if you have any around
T5646766 - 14 dager siden
curious, what's the psi of that pressure washer you used?
chopper1791 - 15 dager siden
That's one tough mouse...... survived earthquake at 1:44, Tsunami at 3:40 and Home invasion at 4:52.... Fight the power Mickey!
Lucky Lou
Lucky Lou - 15 dager siden
All the free junk I get really is junk. Nice find.
Toby T
Toby T - 15 dager siden
Mark Williams
Mark Williams - 16 dager siden
I lost it when the mouse peaked its head out 😂
Blue Thunder
Blue Thunder - 16 dager siden
The first two minutes of this video killed me lol
NORTHBROOK1978 - 17 dager siden
My Dad got one free from a co-worker..we went to his house and pushed it from the backyard where it stopped running to the it home..looked it over.. guess what was wrong with it.......🤔....😅 No gas..
Jack bullet Vlogs
Jack bullet Vlogs - 17 dager siden
Who puts a lawn mower on a boat trailer
Jacob O'Driscoll
Jacob O'Driscoll - 18 dager siden
Unfortunately due to classified websites and apps these sorts of finds are not only non existent, but people want a fortune for old junk coz there so many people after it!
IntenseNetwork - 18 dager siden
I’m sorry but this part is so funny 1:42 & 1:51
Joseph M
Joseph M - 18 dager siden
its hunting
Joseph Hall
Joseph Hall - 18 dager siden
@ 1:40, easy does it, easy does it, @ 1:45, $h1t!
Rick Bueche
Rick Bueche - 19 dager siden
I tell you what man, gAndrew took a free, one-mouse horse powered mower and he changed out that carburetor, gassed it up and he went putt putt down the road, man.
You Made Me Lawn
You Made Me Lawn - 19 dager siden
15:08 “I’ll be working on more interesting stuff”
Yet this vid has 3x more views than most.
TheGregEgg - 19 dager siden
Too big to be a mouse. I'm pretty sure it was a pack rat. They are found in many different regions of the United States.
mitchell green
mitchell green - 19 dager siden
I love ride on mowers.
MrAlpha - 20 dager siden
what was the thing you put the carburetor in to clean it?
Bobs Youruncle
Bobs Youruncle - 20 dager siden
saw that coming.
1944chevytruck - 20 dager siden
nice find.. thanks 4 video. be kind
Jake08_ YT
Jake08_ YT - 21 dag siden
How do u find these I can’t every find a ride on mower anywhere I want one to take the deck off of and make a ride around mower but I can’t find one to do it with
Saldus - 21 dag siden
This is the weirdest mouse eviction video ive ever seen. Pretty satisfying Andrew!!
bob m
bob m - 22 dager siden
I like how you think, never say die, just go with what you have, the loading was first rate, the unloading another story.
Lifting with two points, both on the bottom, you know better but I guess a reminder is sometimes needed.
At least you had the balls not to delete it. Also the guy threw it away as he didn't want to spend $500. for the work you did to it and he very likely didn't know how.
Ian Gray
Ian Gray - 25 dager siden
Andrew it was when you were cleaning the carby from the Rideon.
Ian Gray
Ian Gray - 25 dager siden
Dude can you tell me what is the machine and solution that you used when cleaning the parts. It looked like a fat fryer? LOL.
Godfather in Australia
Melissa Geib
Melissa Geib - 27 dager siden
Where did the mouse go?
Will USA
Will USA - 27 dager siden
I meant to say come on Andrew you know how to rig better than that you really don't need that maybe somebody else really does
Will USA
Will USA - 27 dager siden
Maya Angelou you can rig better or not whether it's free or not man should take care of it
Dean Farmer
Dean Farmer - 28 dager siden
Dean Farmer
Dean Farmer - 28 dager siden
you nailed the unloading
George Flynn
George Flynn - 29 dager siden
Fixing? Ur beatin the poop out of it
rick burris
rick burris - Måned siden
What I liked was the stuff he mowed needed mowing showing what the mower could really do not just top cutting some pampered bermuda grass.
Harry Rogers
Harry Rogers - Måned siden
I will buy it from you
B Jenkins
B Jenkins - Måned siden
Seemed like basic maintenance to me that a lot of people just don't do.
Ken - Måned siden
Pressure wash your pressure washer. Lol
gustavo tizott
gustavo tizott - Måned siden
Aonde você guarda tudos os seu equipamentos e máquinas?
Scotty Evans
Scotty Evans - Måned siden
Well it was worth fixing till you got ahold of it damn just cause it's free dont mean you have to be so ruff with it I'd hate to see you move furniture
Bill Phillips
Bill Phillips - Måned siden
Easy way unhook trailer tilt it for load/unload
SamalJ - Måned siden
Rag/air trick @ 6:25 is pretty cool
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve - Måned siden
That thing only had 1 mouse power
You just need to get more mice.
sumee rana
sumee rana - Måned siden
The best unloading in the world 10/10
toobglued - Måned siden
google is slowly tightening the grip. more n more ads, more often. 30 seconds. ad. 10 seconds, 2 ads.. times are changing
The silent era
The silent era - Måned siden
Race it
Nick J Cal
Nick J Cal - Måned siden
you need a cat!!!
Brad Beck
Brad Beck - Måned siden
Enjoy you videos Andrew. Thanks for sharing the projects. Great!!!
Strekki - Måned siden
"That ain't goin anywhere"
That had a completely different meaning to me after he dropped it with the forklift
Aaron - Måned siden
Wow a free tractor AND a free mouse what a find!
Brian Rice
Brian Rice - Måned siden
Where did you get the ultrasonic cleaner?
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees - Måned siden
I could use that old carburetor if its a Walbro . need the nozzle
Jonathan Culver
Jonathan Culver - Måned siden
That goes for 500 on fb in Arkansas lol
Rumple4Skin - Måned siden
Just something about @1:44 that gets me every time
Nova VROOM VROOM - Måned siden
It’s amazing how people throw away equipment because they don’t know how to maintain them....smh... simple maintenance and they will run for a long time...!!!!! I’m currently fixing a 242 JOHN deer riding mower for a friend of mine...
Dan enarc
Dan enarc - Måned siden
Worth $250 or $200. Just sign it Andrew, pop that right up to $500 for first bid and just goes up from there.
Dan enarc
Dan enarc - Måned siden
1:40. He turns the adage on it's side. Can't fix it if it ain't broke.
Njuguna Mwaura
Njuguna Mwaura - Måned siden
1:44 demolition derby somewhere in New York.
r g
r g - Måned siden
If not planted by us, every tree you see came from a fallen tree...
Adam Mahon1
Adam Mahon1 - Måned siden
Probably the roughest mechanic I have ever seen
wayne goff
wayne goff - Måned siden
The Mouse is thinking this guy is after my stash of food!
Kale Zander
Kale Zander - Måned siden
I was today years old when I learned you can clean a gas tank like that!
I actually got a free Craftsman riding mower the same way. Saw it by the road, stopped to talk to the homeowner to confirm it was free. Opened the hood, saw it had a 14 hp Kohler! Took it home, put on a new battery, front tire, and did an oil change. Put some gas in it and it fired right up. Ran perfect. Used it one summer, then sold it for $400!
Muller David
Muller David - Måned siden
Poor Tractor 😭😭
Richard Applegate
Richard Applegate - Måned siden
Hhaha mouse!!
Anoying Cousin
Anoying Cousin - Måned siden
Nice trailer
KDKRacing - Måned siden
You millennials... How about putting a muffler on that thing?.
thomas robinson
thomas robinson - Måned siden
Damn I thought you wanted to fix it not destroy it !
SELondonUSA - Måned siden
Great video! Very useful in so many ways as I have a similar model. Google videos such as this are excellent visual references that complement workshop manuals.