Dragging a shed with a track loader

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Using a Cat 955h crawler loader to drag a 12' x 28' shed across a yard to a new location.
Runtime: 13:44


channel Faiz
channel Faiz - 4 dager siden
Yasmin Ghani
Yasmin Ghani - 5 dager siden
Amazing job congratulations
kenneth connors
kenneth connors - 9 dager siden
Old Boys
Russell Wall
Russell Wall - 9 dager siden
Andrew, you have a work ethic unlike many your age. It does my heart good to see how you care for your equipment, care for your clients, do what is right and build an ever growing list of folks who will say ‘oh, if you want it done right, call Andrew Camarata. Don’t bother with anyone else’. Well done, Andrew!! Love that you also take time to do these videos and share. I know that can’t be easy.
Jesse5068 - 11 dager siden
What year is that Cat? Amazing it's still running.
Bruce Fauss
Bruce Fauss - 20 dager siden
Did that going up hill with a Ford F250 Used some rollers under the joists and had to take the roof shingles off to lighten the drag.
James King
James King - 20 dager siden
You have towed a few long-ish buildings, would some sort of dolly help?
When I was in the military, my vehicles had a connector on the body, usually near the drivers door to allow and aide a cable like jumper cables to quick attach a power source. I can see why one socket per vehile on your fleet would help.
Anyway I really enjoy your videos and your projects. Keep up the channel.
Jake Newman
Jake Newman - 22 dager siden
It was honestly cool having someone else get some moving shots on camera. Spiced it up from the typical tripod shot.
Brayden ALVEY
Brayden ALVEY - 22 dager siden
This guy is living all of our childhood dreams. Buldosers dump trucks
Jesse Sizemore
Jesse Sizemore - 23 dager siden
Another epic job! That be as t at the end...awesome!
kama salothi
kama salothi - 24 dager siden
Who else has watched this before.?
Anthony Murphy
Anthony Murphy - 25 dager siden
What do you use for a drone?
Thomas Desmond
Thomas Desmond - 28 dager siden
Andrew you should make a grapple. To attach to the bucket of the track loader. God bless
Dave Eden
Dave Eden - 29 dager siden
I’ve watched most of your videos Andrew @You do Good work!! 👍🇺🇸
Timmy Meno
Timmy Meno - Måned siden
You should o a toolbox tour
Nice video! is levi retired or replaced?
Stephen Woods
Stephen Woods - Måned siden
Andrew, I just want to say that I so love your attitude with dogs. You are caring and fun and loving. Man I so appreciate that about your videos. Cheers mate.
SciPunk215 - Måned siden
I thought this was an old video. This one went a lot smoother than trying to move the other shed with the skid steer.
Good job !!
Wilhelmus Hoffmann
Wilhelmus Hoffmann - Måned siden
Nice to have a dog in your face all the time
J D - Måned siden
Are you going to upload a video this week or you going to keep all your subscribers hanging?
Bandana zX
Bandana zX - Måned siden
Björn Westlund
Björn Westlund - Måned siden
I bet he watches his own videos to learn how to do something.
John barfneck
John barfneck - Måned siden
did they ever do anything with that historical/old mill and coal bin location.......
John barfneck
John barfneck - 15 dager siden
@Andrew Camarata thanks for replying later
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
A little bit, nothing crazy.
Ruben Kelevra
Ruben Kelevra - Måned siden
Still my favorite of your machines. Never short of amazing what kind of power this thing can deliver.
Justin Stinson
Justin Stinson - Måned siden
Andrew we need another video! Youtube sucks without you.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Some day.
Gzus - Måned siden
YouTube question... What camera do you use, and do you just use the microphone on your camera/GoPro, or do you have a separate clip-on mic?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Gzus GoPro mostly.
Ajstyle48 - Måned siden
Bollywood style intro MUSic . :D
Knoppel - Måned siden
After watching andrew theres nothing a angle grinder, re bar and mild steel cant fix
Timeless - Måned siden
Damn, I Can Smell that mustie Dirt!!!
larry tucker
larry tucker - Måned siden
12 minute video a month, don't forget HOW you got all these subscribers.
Shumi2020 - Måned siden
@Andrew Camarata Cant wait for the video once the building is closed in, that has to be a lot work. Even you "B" stuff is good.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
I’m working on some shorter stuff as well to get the occasional video posted I was supposed to do a trailer demolition tomorrow, then the dumpster guy started freaking out about it may be having asbestos so that got delayed, I’ll try to get some stuff up, I do upload the occasional B roll video, but I don’t make them public because I don’t want to water down my good stuff. I have a video right now that’s probably going to be fire of a crane tipping over, I was going to publish it at the very beginning of December.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Shumi2020 probably a month and a half or two.
Shumi2020 - Måned siden
@Andrew Camarata How much more do you have to go to finish closing it in?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
I'm going for quality, not quantity. I would have more videos, the last few months I have been spending all my time closing in my building. When its done, there will be a long video about it. Then ill try to get back to taking jobs where ill get frequent videos published.
mellowpeak - Måned siden
try hdpe pipe rollers
Harvey Spooner
Harvey Spooner - Måned siden
Hey Andrew! Ur crawler loader did a nice job moving that shed! The excavator I rented was really on the edge of failure when I moved the truck box!
Anton Builds
Anton Builds - Måned siden
Your Cat 955h Is My Favorite Machine That You Have
walter mattson
walter mattson - Måned siden
Glad to see the Cat on a jobs again.
You Sad
You Sad - Måned siden
You need at least two videos a week. I constantly check to see
If you posted and it’s giving me anxiety.
You Sad
You Sad - Måned siden
I need to know what your working on. Its probably pretty sweet whatever it is.
Dayland Yay
Dayland Yay - Måned siden
IRL bob the builder
Eddie Morton Tap Man
Eddie Morton Tap Man - Måned siden
Andrew how about a video about what you do to get ready for the winter months? I see you splitting up wood for the hot tub , but do you sell fire wood and or use it at home ? Some of the people that have taken out there fire place inserts have given them away to people that have welded a stack on them and ran electric for the fan and use them for outside heater for outside entertainment with heat without having to build a chimney and you did remove one when you clean up a property in a past video.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith - Måned siden
You are a machine Andrew. I like to think I’m a hard worker and that I know a little bit about a lot of things but man I get tired just watching you lol
Sibendra Chanam
Sibendra Chanam - Måned siden
Where is ur first dog..I didn't see that one
RSRS - Måned siden
ramram70 - Måned siden
I've subscribed to that too! :-)
MrMcBacon - Måned siden
if you are interested we are selling a bunch of random things from my grandfathers property. he died so we have to clean it but we have some trailers you might like.
Arron Schoellgen
Arron Schoellgen - Måned siden
What kinda go pro u use?
David Varnes
David Varnes - Måned siden
You should fix that exhausted on that dozer
Trent Drake
Trent Drake - Måned siden
Hey Andrewlove your vids, slightly off topic but how did you get funding for your house/ barn/ compound?
no name
no name - Måned siden
He worked for it.
Gremlin - Måned siden
Hi Andrew. Is radial lift or vertical lift better for a skid steer? I'm looking into getting my first and concerned about being able to load dump trucks. Thank you!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Get a takeuchi, IHI, yanmar, Make sure it can lift as high as you need it to.
Roger Burgess
Roger Burgess - Måned siden
Give us some B quality, I need a hit man!!!!.... Hope you’re well mate.
Weekend Warrior Workshop DIY
Me: watching Andrew
My kids: "the castle guy is on".
AZ Off-Road
AZ Off-Road - Måned siden
Are you still getting The cyber truck you pre-ordered
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
I hope so.
Andygeofri - Måned siden
Why are Andrew's videos so therapeutic???
Jerome Duffy
Jerome Duffy - Måned siden
Haven't seen alot. You must be enjoy ing life. Cool
Balan0759 - Måned siden
Hei Andrew, buy stuff for your trucks...and upgrade your trucks ..with new stuff.
iDisOrder - Måned siden
Andrew could post a video with the title _"Picking Fly Shit Outta Pepper"_ and I'd watch it.
Bro, you're amazing!
Chris Stevens
Chris Stevens - Måned siden
You have got to be the most honest person on YouTube your videos are long and interesting your not a milkman trying to spread out simple repairs into 5 videos 20 minutes long like these other Yahoo's thank you for all your awesome videos.
WarChief Annunaki
WarChief Annunaki - Måned siden
Where ?
James Ewing
James Ewing - Måned siden
Nice work!!!
Nicolas Roque
Nicolas Roque - Måned siden
Andrew u do it all young man keep making dat money
Bill Jenkins
Bill Jenkins - Måned siden
He could shoot a video of grating cheese for a pizza and I would watch it.
synchro505 - Måned siden
Labravisors oversaw this project.
Rick Wendel
Rick Wendel - Måned siden
Dude. Thank God. I was having withdrawal symptoms from not watching your awesome videos.
Trelvis Barnhill
Trelvis Barnhill - Måned siden
Andrew,, Thanks 4 the videos I watch everyone over an over. Love Levi an Cody. OK, You have inspired me,, And would like 2 know how 2 weld afew things at home, Can you tell me what 2 get the welder ?? Thanks
Lonely - Måned siden
Hello Andrew
What do you prefer between a Kubota, massey ferguson, and kioti tractors ?
I want to buy one of these super machines 👌 (sorry for my english accent, i m from france)
Alex T
Alex T - Måned siden
Andrew, I was thinking of getting a drone. What do you have and what would you suggest?
Bruce Skinner
Bruce Skinner - Måned siden
I really like the fact that you're recording in 2160p (4k)...it makes the viewing so much nicer on my widescreen monitor...Thank you Andrew!
Everardo Gutierrez
Everardo Gutierrez - Måned siden
New Finish Painting saying make more videos. Thanks
goog le
goog le - Måned siden
My favorite channel right here.
FloofyCat - Måned siden
Cody taking his new snoopervisor duties seriously :)
Biff's Equipment
Biff's Equipment - Måned siden
Such a cake walk for that big dozer of yours.. barley left an idle haha.
Shawshank Ginger
Shawshank Ginger - Måned siden
I dont know if your aware but your getting joe biden ads on your videos
Frank Techguy
Frank Techguy - Måned siden
One great machine does it all...AWESOME WORK!
John barfneck
John barfneck - Måned siden
he needs to loop his driveway around the house and up to each building this way he can just drive around and loop back out when doing his daily chores/stuff.....or hauling a trailer or whatever.......then maybe in the future blacktop it ........and make it really nice/easy as he gets older and easier to clear/plow in the winter........blahblahblah menas ill shut up now.
no name
no name - Måned siden
It is. He goes out the other way in another video.
Bobby Ray
Bobby Ray - Måned siden
UnknownEvent - Måned siden
Andrew got all the right tools to handle Covid1984.
Alex T
Alex T - Måned siden
Andrew. Have tried buying parts from Aliexpress? I don't know if I trust them. They had your v1902 cylinder head and gasket for $385 and free shipping. https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=AS_20200917221451&SearchText=mini+excavator+diesel
Alex T
Alex T - Måned siden
@no name In a sense, you're right. But OEM got that way by starting small. I don't mind giving the little guy a shot. I've never gone too far wrong, but then I refurbish most of my stuff. I'm not a big consumer. You're probably right.
Alex T
Alex T - Måned siden
@no namec/o 26/F Tower One, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
no name
no name - Måned siden
Alex T buy OEM
Alex T
Alex T - Måned siden
@no name Yeah, I kinda think it is. It has an option of shipping from China, Turkey, or the US. The names of the items sound Chinese. Strange site. Was looking for an armature for my drill and all they had were 220v. I guess for Europe. I'm in the US. It's crazy. Check it out. I'm gonna order something cheap and see what happens.
no name
no name - Måned siden
Is it China?
osama yahia
osama yahia - Måned siden
Unexpectedly short video
MrMcBacon - Måned siden
i love the 4k
Project camper Adventure van
Andrew Camarata your super down to earth hard working builder with fantastic content and your advice is amazing love watching your skills building and operating your machines and building your home, the dogs and drones along with boats, quads and snowmobiles, so much so that I've jumped out of my comfort zone & made my own channel, I would love some feedback to see if im getting it right. I am in the uk so please forgive my manors, I love the outdoors and have made a camper van. All the best ❤️💙❤️💙❤️
abrahamscall - Måned siden
Andrew,I know you have addressed this before, but can you tell me your reasons for not using "neversieze" compound. It seems it may be a help when you are getting bolts that are constantly subjected to rain ,snow, ice etc. By the way I enjoy the videos, keep them coming.
brian willoughby
brian willoughby - Måned siden
HELLO Andrew is Levi alive? I see code.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Levi is fine.
Gary S
Gary S - Måned siden
Go to Jonathan W's youtube page and see what that man does, it's really something to see! He makes old broken down stuff come back to life and run like hell. A real miracle-worker!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - Måned siden
I gotta go to bed, it's almost 7am: ...Andrew uploads ....Why you doo dis too me? lol
no name
no name - Måned siden
It was posted 5 days ago
Argus Dacicus
Argus Dacicus - Måned siden
Let me guess ???? This Plandemic began to do some financial damage in your area and the number of clients drop thats why you post clips more rare then usual ????
Googleguy - Måned siden
@no name Needs his own pad.
Argus Dacicus
Argus Dacicus - Måned siden
@no name yea it need it....he is cramping in a small dormitory with his dogs....not enough space to fart in peace ✌️ 🤪 I am big guy and wen I built my house a Earthship type first rule was huge spaces and special bathrooms I hate small bathrooms and because Earthships house's are made are of junk recycle materials like old rubber tires I can't make the house 🏡 big very big and it partial underground using natural termoinsolation I don't need AC and heating in winter it a joke......in meantime I love this digging and homestead NOburn channels like Andrew ! ✌️
Argus Dacicus
Argus Dacicus - Måned siden
@Andrew Camarata AHAAA !!!Cool ! That a good sign ,but people want more videos even if are unintrestyng boring stuff like working on your castle !!!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
My phone rings like crazy for jobs. No name called it. I want my building closed in.
no name
no name - Måned siden
Nah he’s working on enclosing the building on the second level
pif paf
pif paf - Måned siden
Men are just boys with bigger toys
kuku baja
kuku baja - Måned siden
Ethanb143 - Måned siden
Love the work Andrew
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - Måned siden
Hey Andrew, I saw this video and I mentioned something similar to you before that I thought you could make these wheel dollies for moving sheds. here is the link-
Shrimp Rhodes
Shrimp Rhodes - Måned siden
Something seems different about Andrew... cant figure it out almost seems like hes hitting the glass d. Lol jk. Maybe just tired of doing vids.
Shrimp Rhodes
Shrimp Rhodes - Måned siden
Hey theres your steps!
cambobby2011 - Måned siden
Some people would think differentely, but I would say that Andrew is really ''living the life''!!!
JoeCubicle - Måned siden
"So this looks pretty good. On to the next job".
Jeffrey R. Kelly
Jeffrey R. Kelly - Måned siden
Good Job . Great video !!!Thanks for sharing
Ted The American
Ted The American - Måned siden
As always, great music with the video. Your film making skills keep getting better and better.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty - Måned siden
you actually do the walk. Awesome.
D Bern55
D Bern55 - Måned siden
Hi Andrew you should consider the merits and possibly the demerits of using a swindle bucket on your Excavator. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZHltiox67Q
dmax entertainment
dmax entertainment - Måned siden
Just wondering if u have any jet skis left if you would be willing to sell any
Funke B.
Funke B. - Måned siden
Hallo Andrew! Gute Arbeit immer! Viele Grüße aus Germany !
A Meyers
A Meyers - Måned siden
I dont' know why, but I love that track loader.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty - Måned siden
Rumor has it; If you are good enough friends with AC, and need some work done, Beer and Food and he might help you out ;)
Joe Conforti
Joe Conforti - Måned siden
Love to watch you at work. You could start a company showing just how to make youtube videos.
Just saying. Except you seemed to have changed gear into low production of videos.
M Frailing
M Frailing - Måned siden
Video count is down, we need more videos
Matthew Lindquist
Matthew Lindquist - Måned siden
Awesome content. I have zero heavy equipment and work a desk job.... You have taught me a ton about tools and general info that feeds my DIY itch. Thanks.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Matthew Lindquist h Glad to hear that.
Ohh Paul
Ohh Paul - Måned siden
Hey Andrew, I saw this video and I mentioned something similar to you before that I thought you could make these wheel dollies for moving sheds. here is the link-
I dunno, just a thought of something you could scrounge together with a few scrap car parts to make you day easier when you do this stuff.
M J - Måned siden
I would agree, sheds or containers. Separately getting a ram pump working to pump water would be cool too.
horse1066 - Måned siden
I kinda wish that shed was raised up on those rocks, keeps the wood dry, but it's looking OK. Nice job.