Doing a little tree work

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"B" quality video from a couple years ago. Using an ex100 excavator to do some tree work. The one tree was frozen into the hill side and didn't go down as well as I would have liked.
I’ll try to get some real videos out soon, I’ve just been really busy working on my building jumping all over the place so no single step has been completed to make a video of.
Runtime: 09:48


julanda95 - 4 dager siden
youtubers take hours to think how to make a intro
andrew....... and its even better.... stright to work with no words
Leafgreen1976 - 7 dager siden
Andrew's got the kindling.
Barry Barry
Barry Barry - 7 dager siden
The idea is to live long enough to enjoy your life!!!
Jim Vet
Jim Vet - 8 dager siden
I'll keep holding you up in prayer... amen. .. amen
TheCitroenman1 - 15 dager siden
im surprised you haven't been injured by now ?
Chris Rittiger
Chris Rittiger - 20 dager siden
Andrew, how do you find the used equipment that you purchase?
Brian Gorton
Brian Gorton - 22 dager siden
I just love watching these videos. They chill me out!
Shakdi Dagalimal
Shakdi Dagalimal - 26 dager siden
2:40 ! Excellent job keeping with it and not giving up or blowing it ... very nice save.
1944chevytruck - 28 dager siden
Amundsenrmx71 - 29 dager siden
I have that same excavator. Great old machine.
Michael Osmon
Michael Osmon - 29 dager siden
Good morning sir. I love this picture you chose for your background on your channel page. The one of you with the dozer is cool too but that American flag waving with that view is gorgeous. I’d have my coffee there every morning if I were you. Congratulations for building yourself such a great life, you’ve clearly earned it sir. Well done. If you ever have a son he will be a very lucky boy
Katmandu - Måned siden
spacetime - Måned siden
Ummm Okkkaayyy....soo this is my first ever video of seeing you, altho I've a YT veteran since 06. You know something is hard when someone makes it look so easy. So this guy is basically an sociopath murderer to trees, who uses a hydraulic arm to basically massacre these other living things.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
What about all the fruits and vegetables you murder when you eat?
OMG myPANTS - Måned siden
Soiled trousers at 2:48
Joe - Måned siden
Neerly crashed the excavator.
JohnnathanAB - Måned siden
I never knew New York was such a cool state. The land is so inviting. Beautiful really.
ctahgw - Måned siden
Very well saved from tree htting machine. Ace digger skills
Tiamat 914
Tiamat 914 - Måned siden
OK, where's the operator's protective door/window/steel bars? tree vs. human, tree always wins.
Weets - Måned siden
Grew up on a ranch but had a desk job after college. Still miss getting dirty and doing this type of work. Nothing more satisfying. Keep the vids coming. Enjoy much relaxation watching you grind.
tknoerle1451 - Måned siden
Great jazz music to accompany your video!
Edie Beacon
Edie Beacon - Måned siden
How you got snow already
selador11 - Måned siden
@ 2:54 Stops. Cleans out his britches. Proceeds.
Tom tom
Tom tom - Måned siden
SNOOOPEY - Måned siden
Snow on September?
UnknownEvent - Måned siden
What the heck, something is wrong, Andrew might be replaced by a clone, we did not got the "Alright lets get to work"!
1 Proud American
1 Proud American - Måned siden
Pucker factor 8.7 on the first tree.
echolocation 999
echolocation 999 - Måned siden
No clue how the I ended up here, but I will stick around lol.
BuddhaBelly - Måned siden
wow so satisfying.
rtgirard - Måned siden
Andrew: I'm up near Albany and have a couple saws at the ready. If you're ever looking to do some tree cleanup and need a man on the ground to buck logs so you can move them without jumping out of the cab, send me a message and I'd be happy to help.
samurai4766 - Måned siden have u ever seen this like quick coupler it may improve your every work u do
J D - Måned siden
That's all you have for your viewers is a splitting a stump with that piece of s*** stupid splitter come on dude I'm sure you got other videos that you could upload
J D - Måned siden
You owe it to your viewers another video splitting a stump ain't going to cut it
Sevansounds - Måned siden
Hey Andrew, Curious where you get the music for all of your videos. Some really cool choices! Keep doin what you do
J D - Måned siden
Are you not uploading videos anymore because I noticed you had deleted some channels like you're cleaning up your YouTube because if that's the case I'll just delete your channel now I'm getting tired of waiting for a new video and I'm speaking on behalf of everybody else
William Brewer
William Brewer - Måned siden
Hey Andy where ya been? I'm jonesing for a new video.
John Bush
John Bush - Måned siden
Nothing new from Andrew yet. Hope everything is good in his part of New York state .
You Sad
You Sad - Måned siden
Hey man where ya been?
MrSniperjet - Måned siden
This is genuinely edge of the seat stuff, david blane has nowt on you.... #dangerateverycamerareposition :) and @6:23 i heard @husquvana stop production for the day...they restarted again at @8:41
T C - Måned siden
hello??????? it's time for a new video
Andrew - Måned siden
Wow! Andrew, are you ok? Not seen a new video for ages bro.
Info num
Info num - Måned siden
Please upload videos daily.
Ron Risch
Ron Risch - Måned siden
Need a video........................................
Andrew Loranger
Andrew Loranger - Måned siden
Hey Andrew, Hope everything is good and Levi is doing OK. Always looking forward to your content and like many others mentioned your "B" roll is better than most!
Johnny Rose Carlsen
Johnny Rose Carlsen - Måned siden
Have you considered setting up a Patreon account?, I really enjoy your videos and would love to be able to give a little back.
michael - Måned siden
Hey Andrew, I hope all is well with you and your family. I’ve been missing you and your content!
bruce - Måned siden
I've just binged all your vids over the last couple of weeks. They are some of the best on the tube. Very good work, and informative. I hope to some more soon.
deltafour - Måned siden
Hope all is well, Andrew.
Missing the regular content.
Ryan Friedrich
Ryan Friedrich - Måned siden
Where are you just got my land
Boris - Måned siden
2 weeks without a video, feels like months with this event! Hope your well bud o7
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Ill get some stuff up. I keep uploading B quality stuff and posting it to the fan club page. IDK, I need to figure out how to share the B stuff without watering down my A stuff.
Robert Marshall
Robert Marshall - Måned siden
Love your work mate, love your style and love the pups but please more videos more often! Best regards from Australia.
kltpep - Måned siden
Andrew, sorry I missed an updated message, no new videos for a while. Hope all is doing OK
Jon B
Jon B - Måned siden
Hi Andrew I recently watched your jetski video where you talk about the paperwork you use to buy jet skis without paper work, I’m going to look at small boat today without paperwork I was just wondering what dmv you go to in NY I’m in Westchester county, thanks
Ronald Pratt
Ronald Pratt - Måned siden
Thank you Andrew! I enjoy your show and appreciate how thrifty you are. It had made me think twice about buying anything new
Elias Bray
Elias Bray - Måned siden
We need another video upload soon plz
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Frank Southerland
Frank Southerland - Måned siden
Not making videos anymore like you used to?
Frank Southerland
Frank Southerland - Måned siden
@Andrew Camarata I enjoy all your videos !!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
I will
JD Palace
JD Palace - Måned siden
Over two weeks without a video??? Andrew, I need my fix!
WesternXer - Måned siden
Andrew, after watching you for several years you finally inspired me to learn something about using machinery like this. Well not the huge stuff you have. I’ve started with a 25 HP diesel tractor and I’m trying to make some interesting videos in the kind of the style that you do because basically you’ve perfected it. Now while I wait for new videos from you I can entertain myself! 😂. I just have to say thank you for being an inspiration to so many and the work ethic you have always shared.
Kerry Ware
Kerry Ware - Måned siden
Wow. It looked like that tree was going to hit the cab. Nice move.
I hope you're busy working or taking some much-needed time off. Haven't seen much of your videos lately. I hear people talking about you on other people's videos. They speak very highly of you.
"50 acres and a cabin" put a picture of you on his new to him mini excavator when he got it as insperation.
Some people think you're not doing videos anymore.
Your dedicated followers miss you.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Ill get some stuff up this week probably.
alaudeen 50
alaudeen 50 - Måned siden
please mention your email id
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
STRIKE THE ALL HANDS I’ll get some stuff up next week. Probably
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
wileycsg - Måned siden
Dont make me come to New York and break something for you to fix dammit!. post already!
browse deweb
browse deweb - Måned siden
Hello Andrew - Happy Labor Day! We're patiently waiting for the Levi elevator project.
esquad 540
esquad 540 - Måned siden
Hey pal. You sick or hurt? It's been like two weeks and no video. Just post a littel blerb and let us know you are all right. We all understand you got to make a liveing to. Milk bones cost money.
esquad 540
esquad 540 - Måned siden
@Andrew Camarata O.k. Scracth the dogies for me.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
I'm good.
Heinrich Alfons
Heinrich Alfons - Måned siden
B-class indeed. Not Andrews style.I hope all is well with everybody and the dogs.
Gypsy Paz
Gypsy Paz - Måned siden
Hey cool, you now have all the materials youll ever need to start your very own toothpick factory. You'll be rich!
DIRT KING - Måned siden
If you were going to buy a new Mini would you get steel or rubber tracks. Do the rubber pop off alot?
Mel Stead
Mel Stead - Måned siden
Love your videos and wish they more regular. I need them to stop the withdrawal symptoms.
S A - Måned siden
Hi Andrew when you planning to upload a video ? Starving here :)
Elizabeth Guy
Elizabeth Guy - Måned siden
Hi, Andrew! I've been watching a lot of your videos lately, and I've never seen you eat or drink. You're certainly fit and strong, so I presume you're eating well and hydrating well. But I think it would be interesting to see a video of how you deal with meals in your line of work. Do you cook? Do you carry a cooler of food to job sites? Or do you take your big ol' truck to a nearby fast food place? Or maybe skip meals entirely until you finish a job? My curious mind wants to know how you keep yourself in shape for all this hard work.
larry tucker
larry tucker - Måned siden
Has Andrew retired? Too much money, so little time? Where are you ?
Miklo Morales
Miklo Morales - Måned siden
How are your vehicles holding up with the liquid film
- Withaar
- Withaar - Måned siden
First thought; Wow, snow in August ... What is going on here
AGYAAT GYAANI - Måned siden
What is this location which state??
ramram70 - Måned siden
Brain Clerk
Brain Clerk - Måned siden
what's going on and why arnt you putting up videos like a boss ? you always posted stuff all the time ,
if you died then that would explain it so are you dead Andrew ?
Tim Dangmei
Tim Dangmei - Måned siden
Upload more video, duration 1 hour.. Can't wait to see your coming videos. I watched this video since the day you released... 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻
Adam Marshall
Adam Marshall - Måned siden
No video for 2 weeks I hope andrew is ok.
cecil veley
cecil veley - Måned siden
Ya no that was a pesky tree I see here in this video
cecil veley
cecil veley - Måned siden
Or percarrius I guess something like that
cecil veley
cecil veley - Måned siden
Need new stuff Andrew today’s hits dude
Marty T
Marty T - Måned siden
Cut at 2:55 to change soiled underpants.. I know the feeling when a tree comes back on you
Ed RDnc
Ed RDnc - 4 dager siden
Did you see that bucket-pivot? Andrew knows ju, I mean tree-jitsu
Barry Barry
Barry Barry - 6 dager siden
Marty ~ Thousands of people have experienced a certain feeling prior to being killed by a tree coming back over them. Andrew could very well have been killed by that tree, feelings don't come into it, however prevention does!. If your undermining one side of a tree it's a no brainer that it's wanting to take the path of least resistance!!!
Outdoor experience Germany
Outdoor experience Germany - 14 dager siden
WHO doesnt know this?
Jim K
Jim K - 21 dag siden
When the tree got behind the bucket I thought things were going to go bad quick... and then it fell perfectly.
Brenn Nobles
Brenn Nobles - Måned siden
Andrew love the vids can you please make a shirt that says " alright thats fixed"
hawkdaddy64 - Måned siden
Hey Andrew, haven't seen a video in a bit. We hope everything is good and you have another video soon. Take care.
james elkins
james elkins - Måned siden
Stanford IDS
Stanford IDS - Måned siden
Hey can I ask a question of u. I have a bombardier Traxter ATV that I'm having a time in finding a gasket for cause the company and secondary markets aren't making them. Do CAN AM jet skis have the same Rotex motor and can I transplant used motors?
Tyler Geer
Tyler Geer - Måned siden
What drone does he use?
jamie slone
jamie slone - Måned siden
Hi Andrew. Was curious if you still Merchandise was looking for a shirt for my son and myself. Keep up the good work. Thank you sir.
wileycsg - Måned siden
come on man upload something already!!
Frankie Gambino
Frankie Gambino - Måned siden
Andrew hope everything is ok , missing your videos! Take care Frankie!
Samir Al Balushi
Samir Al Balushi - Måned siden
Hi Andrew long time we have not seen any of your new videos I hope you are OK just let me know when we can see your works
Be safe
TBPollock - Måned siden
Miss you Andy, hope you are OK.
Eee Sss
Eee Sss - Måned siden
Andrew I miss you!
Fred Jose
Fred Jose - Måned siden
Cadê vc cara? Abração
davevanden1 - Måned siden
hi Andrew, what program is good for editing videos?what do you use?
Robert Prague
Robert Prague - Måned siden
We need more videos please thanks
OUT THE BACK JACK - Måned siden
Good to see a ex hitachi
Deanna Pace
Deanna Pace - Måned siden
post more videos
Automotive Hans
Automotive Hans - Måned siden
Miss the regular videos from you !!!
HVBasti - Måned siden
I really love your videos. Could you do a video about hand tools? I think that would be very interesting.
Mr MarvL
Mr MarvL - Måned siden
Stay safe. My Friend
Googleguy - Måned siden
Well Andrew (comma key failed) sounds like you took another courting hit. You are special and it takes a while to find someone that fits you. Trouble is it you have to take some shots in the meantime. Be patient.
FPSKoda4 - Måned siden
I've learnt so much from watching a few videos. you've given me the inspiration and knowledge
i wanna build a shed large enough for a few vehicles and work on them. Maybe make enough profit to start building up
artillerygijoe - Måned siden
The tree fall @ 2:50 is professional. Bet you could not do that again. So close to the cab.