Digging out stumps

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Digging out stumps around a house.
Video fixing tractor steering: noburn.info/id/video/r3zClZx0hqqHkIY.html
Runtime: 32:54


sheersun - 6 dager siden
This one means that grinding the stomp its just on the outside because roots still there??
Pat Beau
Pat Beau - 9 dager siden
Damn that trailer is fucked 😂 love the videos man
TOSKA PUBG - 10 dager siden
42.2439827, -73.9506812
Aubry Crawford
Aubry Crawford - 20 dager siden
I always wonder what he charges for jobs.
Jonathan Abeel
Jonathan Abeel - 23 dager siden
Just wondering if you were going to put up more videos and when
1944chevytruck - Måned siden
thanks 4 video. be kind.
Juan Carlos Munoz
Juan Carlos Munoz - Måned siden
My friend, you are the man. I love EVERYTHING about you especially the passion to getting shit done. Even how you communicate with the viewers. Don't let the haters point the few mistakes you make and not point out all the positive that you do.
Bill Phillips
Bill Phillips - Måned siden
I would remove or top any tree that could reach my house or car
Saksen - Måned siden
I thought the title said "Digging out simps"
Dan Tarver
Dan Tarver - Måned siden
Best music ever
Ruben Kelevra
Ruben Kelevra - Måned siden
You need a service brake switch, which acts like he's pushing the brake pedal to the floor as long as it is switched on. Those also activate the trailer brakes.
Additionally the trailer could have a foot on both sides you can flip down and which locks in place.
Ruben Kelevra
Ruben Kelevra - Måned siden
You definitely need a stone burrier for such jobs. Those attachments makes it super easy to get rid of rocks, gras roots and leftovers from the trees and leaves you with a nice new finish for a new lawn. You can do a second shallow path after spreading fertilizer or some black earth to mix it evenly with the top soil.
J Otterson
J Otterson - Måned siden
Thats not a machine....THIS is a MACHINE!
Proud American
Proud American - Måned siden
Years of practice on the Skill Crane as a kid put to good use ;)
Stephen Safran iii
Stephen Safran iii - Måned siden
Where is this located?
Victor Moscoso
Victor Moscoso - Måned siden
The sound track starting at 25.20 is sick as hell!!
Herbert Bracy
Herbert Bracy - Måned siden
The reason that tractor is not protected underneath is because it is a farm tractor not a construction tractor. All fords and John Deere tractors that are commercial are yellow .thats not to say that the tractor won’t work out good for what you are doing.
Carmen esther Nicole
Carmen esther Nicole - Måned siden
Iiinniil o ii
truthclips - Måned siden
Do you own these machines, or rent them?
Bob W
Bob W - Måned siden
A true craftsman, and I think you need a bigger trailer.
Carl Rhooms
Carl Rhooms - 2 måneder siden
Mafh8bàl as
Alex Lemar
Alex Lemar - 2 måneder siden
that second excavator looks a little bit too big & heavy for that trailer
Shaun Ollerton
Shaun Ollerton - 2 måneder siden
"We need a Bigger machine"
michael shirley
michael shirley - 2 måneder siden
I just want to tell you that I enjoy watching your videos but my question to you is do you ever take a day off.
ncrpejxi - 2 måneder siden
Great videos
no microsoft
no microsoft - 2 måneder siden
i just wonder how this moron keeps anything running the way he abuses everything lololol its all junk when he bought this iron lolol
mr - 2 måneder siden
Hello. Have you tried to burn the stumps? we make a fire over the stump and it burns for a while and nothing remains of it except the roots
Evan Wasseraman
Evan Wasseraman - 2 måneder siden
Watching throw a stump with the excavator was amazing.
Jean Hawken
Jean Hawken - 2 måneder siden
Such an improvement. Lovely yard
Kerry Ware
Kerry Ware - 2 måneder siden
I had a New Holland 33 horsepower tractor similar to that about 10 years ago. I drove over some brush and ripped out some wires underneath the differential, a really stupid idea and design!
I ended up having to bypass a few of their stupid safety switches in order to get to work done.
troy5007 - 2 måneder siden
New project protect the under side of your tractor - skid plates 😀✌
James Nasto
James Nasto - 2 måneder siden
I’d be curious on how much this job would cost. I paid $300 just to have a landscaper grind one water oak stump into mulch.
Arnold Layne
Arnold Layne - 2 måneder siden
1:16 all right then, that's one stump down
dogiit1 - 2 måneder siden
It's the commercial they're dropping during this video
dogiit1 - 2 måneder siden
Amnesty for 11 million people but because you were born in another country if you commit a crime you can still be deported after you pay your penalties do your time
Robert Powers
Robert Powers - 2 måneder siden
maybe you have one, but a 8’ landscape rake would collect all them roots and rocks and save some time
Samuel Bishop
Samuel Bishop - 2 måneder siden
I’m not trying to be nosey, just genuinely curious.. I wonder what Andrew charges an hour or he comes up with a quote just by looking at what needs to be done
aboversite - 2 måneder siden
You had to know what was coming at 6:37. Andrew always goes big.
Steve T
Steve T - 2 måneder siden
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ2RLLjBc4M  Would any of these be better than digging
Scottish Norfolk Southern Fan
Scottish Norfolk Southern Fan - 2 måneder siden
Needs to be cleaned up by a stone picker machine.
Denni Driver
Denni Driver - 2 måneder siden
Dirt Brute
Dirt Brute - 2 måneder siden
Dude your yanmar needs a new thumb
ACoustaDC - 2 måneder siden
It's odd, but tracks like on the skid steer leave the ground looking better than the tires of that tractor.
Glenn C SR.
Glenn C SR. - 2 måneder siden
Andrew, Is it possible for you to have a live video forum for your viewers to ask any questions they may have about your work and experiences. If somehow you could notify all your viewers of the date and time and you could pick the questions you think you would like to answer. I think it could be very interesting to watch.
ArizVern - 3 måneder siden
ANDREW LOOK WHAT YOU WENT AND DID! Got mini 2018 k008-3 with 2 hrs for home use. Retired 75 Vietnam Vet one working arm, that excavator is lots of fun.
banana_split961 - 3 måneder siden
You live in an amazing area, that topography is great
David Schwindt
David Schwindt - 3 måneder siden
How wide is that digging bucket
SuperKwame1 - 3 måneder siden
I am assuming Levi is 14yrs, wow
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson - 4 måneder siden
Only those of us who have attempted to dig out a stump with an axe and shovel know how truly gratifying this video feels. I have a BH77 on the back of my Kubota and I have dug out monster stumps with it but it took all day. It is mind boggling the amount of force that it takes to remove even a small stump. Love that E100!
Shoot Luck Gaming
Shoot Luck Gaming - 4 måneder siden
That property looks a million times better now, You do very good job Andrew! Keep it up!
The Lopergizer
The Lopergizer - 4 måneder siden
I feel like the Hitachi tore the guys yard apart a lot less than the Yanmar did.Saves you time, keeps the yard more intact. Seems win, win if you ask me. :)
goodwood877 - 4 måneder siden
dammit ive seen this one awreddy. flush it ill watch it again
578Beta - 4 måneder siden
What a hack. Go back to the hand shovel.
Steve T
Steve T - 4 måneder siden
Andrew,................animal loving, tractor driving, all around cool guy.
namiasdf - 4 måneder siden
If you rearrange the letters in YANMAR, you get ANDREW CARAMARTA and I think that's beautiful.
Northwinds - 4 måneder siden
22:36 that roof needs some scraping too ;P
Bill Conant
Bill Conant - 4 måneder siden
let's face it...the man is an artist
Stanisław K
Stanisław K - 4 måneder siden
1:42 You cen use "Milling the grubber for root trunks":
MrLendermanGaming - 5 måneder siden
Damn Andrew! Rough unload. I expect performance out of the master. That was a nice save though!
Donald Joseph
Donald Joseph - 5 måneder siden
Daddio7 - 5 måneder siden
Nine out of ten people, even professionals, do not know how to dig stumps. They try to pull them up with the boom. Even on the most powerful excavators and backhoes the bucket has the strongest breakout force. This man knows what he is doing.
Ed ShopRag
Ed ShopRag - 5 måneder siden
Andrew please dont acknowledge the haters , not sure why people dislike videos.. i have seen your welds they are for the most part are PRETTY .. , you do an amazing job in what ever you are doing, i love how you take junk and repurposed stuff and make it WELL worth the investment,, i wish you would pore a slab in front of your garage door . first though put in drainage line with cloth then riverrock then your slab,,, that way when you was gold it wonk make yard a mess . ill bet you could post a video of grass growing and it would get a 1000,000 views , peopel like you make america great and built america , Let see your other half (girl friend) or boy.. didnt want to offend anyone...
Steve T
Steve T - 5 måneder siden
can you make one of these machines to grind up all that crap
ulisz - 5 måneder siden
I love the NES retro arcade music lol.
JBLITTLE22@COMCAST.net - 6 måneder siden
Nice is not biggest word the work is great.
Rich Wilson
Rich Wilson - 6 måneder siden
Seeing that Hitachi work is so satisfying. I love every video it’s in.
Manisha Poudel
Manisha Poudel - 6 måneder siden
Motu platu
Manisha Poudel
Manisha Poudel - 6 måneder siden
Motu plalu
Stubbykca - 6 måneder siden
I like watching stump removal.
Dessert Man
Dessert Man - 6 måneder siden
What’s up with all the people don’t take very good care of their property in upstate New York it seems like you’re always clean up everybody else’s messes
majicmisi - 6 måneder siden
Should have used a bigger machine in first place
Coursing King
Coursing King - 6 måneder siden
How many hours has that b50 done
Coursing King
Coursing King - 6 måneder siden
That’s a fair few hours for a mini digger
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 6 måneder siden
No hour gauge, I bet its up there. I have a b37 with over 8000.
khanh la
khanh la - 6 måneder siden
TV FYI nag e
Steve Turpin
Steve Turpin - 6 måneder siden
Watch out! "Lemme go get a bigger machine!"....arrives with a T Rex....
Todd M Kline
Todd M Kline - 6 måneder siden
What did you charge for the job
Alan Thomas
Alan Thomas - 6 måneder siden
how do you bid jobs , by the hour or by the stumbs ? we love all your videos
Dick Meisterling
Dick Meisterling - 6 måneder siden
32 minutes of stump removal. Andrew, do you do lobotomys?
Dick Meisterling
Dick Meisterling - 6 måneder siden
The guy at the 27 minute mark. Solid ramps...
Spencer Tahan
Spencer Tahan - 6 måneder siden
"At least they have no stumps to run into now." Unless they run into Levi lmao
Carls Shop Time
Carls Shop Time - 7 måneder siden
U should really fix those ramps
West Virginia
West Virginia - 7 måneder siden
If there's something rooted
In your neighborhood
Who you gonna call?
If there's something wood
And it don't look good
Who you gonna call?
I ain't 'fraid of no stump
I ain't 'fraid of no stump
If you're needing things
Running through your yard
Who can you call?
An ugly root
popping up in the yard
Ow, who you gonna call?
I ain't 'fraid of no stump
I ain't 'fraid of no stump
Who you gonna call?
If you're unequipped
Pick up the phone
And call
I ain't 'fraid of no stump
Ooh, I hear it likes the dogs
Hm, I ain't 'fraid of no stump
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Who you gonna call?
Mmm, if you've had a dose of a
Freaky stump, baby
You better call
Steve Wolff
Steve Wolff - 7 måneder siden
Man buys wooded property. Proceeds to cut every tree down! I don't get it.
pierre gagne
pierre gagne - 7 måneder siden
you do great work ,, may I recommend for stumps a frost pick, breaks up the roots a lot easier and I would of dug a hole to burry al the stumps back there so you don't have to look at them for years to come,, hey maybe the home owner wasn't worried who knows
paul humphreys
paul humphreys - 7 måneder siden
why pull out a tree stump and then leave half the roots sticking out
Willaim R. Kirkland
Willaim R. Kirkland - 7 måneder siden
Now, to really enjoy Andrew's videos, you have to be male and had a little experience hoeing, shoveling, cutting or just horsing around with a bit of machinery. Point is - you need to project yourself into the task underway and enjoy vicariously the sheer joy of ripping, pushing or just riding in a big toy with lots of power.  Also, one should recognize Andrew's and the dog's role in the process. Thanks, Andrew, for being a good sport about the whole thing.  As I've said in other videos, there is a tremendous psychological energy being created and distributed via his commitment to the tasks undertaken.  Add that to the Robert Frost rock walls here at this site and something special is taking place.
Google Sucks
Google Sucks - 7 måneder siden
Crazy how strong stumps can be. Now you know why cars hit trees at 100 mph and only the bark comes off and the car looks like a crushed soda can. Lol
my surly trucker
my surly trucker - 7 måneder siden
Hi Andrew, i used to love operating my GD smalie digger, a fun toy for the day.for sure topsoil.
Neil Master
Neil Master - 7 måneder siden
Warts and all, huh? Hitting the fence at 24:25
PNW RC - 8 måneder siden
Hopefully within a few weeks, we'll have the video edited, & ready to go. We dug some stumps out of our fellow RC club members house with our RC trucks & construction machines. What takes you 5 minutes, took us around 10 hours, but it was a LOT of fun!
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson - 8 måneder siden
You are a NOB. I was an heavy equip. operator in the military. The term "NOB" we use to call green troops that was just starting out in their career. It means NON OPERATING BITCH.
Dick Holcomb
Dick Holcomb - 8 måneder siden
I like all of the videos made by Andrew .
Valentín Rodríguez
Valentín Rodríguez - 8 måneder siden
But there is so much wood left below dirt... the client wanted that?
Nicks Daddy
Nicks Daddy - 8 måneder siden
I'm trying to imagine why the home owner cut down all those trees? Now he's paying to have the stumps removed ... Double Dumb, and he has a pile of trash on his back lot to deal with. He should have had Andrew bury it?
Tim Smith
Tim Smith - 8 måneder siden
Dale Henderson
Dale Henderson - 8 måneder siden
Why don't you invest in a stump grinder? Then you won't tear up the customers yards.
spoolx - 8 måneder siden
My favorite part of this video is how he just trashes the driveway when flipping he ramps out 😂
Ken C
Ken C - 8 måneder siden
A little like having a tooth extracted, but strangely satisfying .....
Mr. Kroogur
Mr. Kroogur - 8 måneder siden
I thought Cody'slab was gonna show up for collab at 10:15 :)
Artemus Rodricq
Artemus Rodricq - 8 måneder siden
I do so enjoy your videos/work so much that I am beginning to watch them again because I think that the castle and videography is keeping you very busy. But I do believe that you do good work! Hardly wait for new videos.
Paul Ice-Tate
Paul Ice-Tate - 8 måneder siden
I wonder if you will be called back to fill in all the potholes once those roots have rotted away?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 8 måneder siden
I dug the stumps out. Roots wont effect anything like that.