Container castle roof rafters

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Installing metal roof rafters on the container castle.
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Durolith - 7 dager siden
are you sure it will be strong enough for a class 5 tornado? =P
Frank Brooks
Frank Brooks - 8 dager siden
Dress code for this job is: hard hat; eye protection; shoulder pads; titanium cup, and steel toe boots, If Andrew drops one of those beams on a toe; his Mom is going to hear the 4-letter yell, at her home, 15 miles away, and blush when she recognizes his voice.
peter Lindner
peter Lindner - 14 dager siden
that is so much over all necessary strength it is just wasting steel, tornado earth quake and fire. if anybody has to demolish this monster building one day it will get really costy.
Habib Rahman
Habib Rahman - 18 dager siden
How would this cope with rust?
Omahabigbill - 23 dager siden
There's a new book out: "Andrew Camarata, the man who has every tool in the world". He is amazing, accumulating that much equipment and attachments to make work easier.
Omahabigbill - 23 dager siden
Please don't step back to admire your work!
NightSprite - 25 dager siden
Be able to survive any weather, builds a huge lightning rod on the side of hill!
NightSprite - 24 dager siden
@Andrew Camarata, well, that's cool, thank you
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 24 dager siden
Lightning doesn't work like that. It wouldn't do anything to this building.
j Kajje
j Kajje - Måned siden
I love Cody
Frank Guerrero
Frank Guerrero - Måned siden
Ths guy has a tool for every job!!!
VortechBand - Måned siden
Ooh, it's an RGB circular saw!
sandman54913 - Måned siden
"This will be the strongest building ever" 😂 Your State gold reserves would be safe in there.
LuckySlevin7 - Måned siden
10:00 minutes in I keep thinking: why are you putting all that firewood on your roof?!?
1944chevytruck - Måned siden
thanks 4 video. be kind.
Andy Gauntt
Andy Gauntt - Måned siden
My hands are sweating just watching the video!!
lighten up
lighten up - Måned siden
Andrew, my wife and I just discovered your YouTube channel and videos about 2 weeks ago. We're both 65 years old and addicted to your videos. We are so impressed with your abilities and knowledge (neither of us having any construction or land maintenance knowledge whatsoever). We do have experience in dealing with numerous contractors, however, as we've put up two new doublewides in the past 18 years. The most recent being 2 years ago. By contractors I mean all kinds. Land clearing, well installations, plumbers, electricians ... well, you get the idea. We've only ever dealt with 2 that I can honestly say were truly men of ability AND integrity. All the rest have been standard, run-of-the-mill, big-talking good-old-boys. Can get the job done but barely and rarely (if ever) reliably. Because of this, I can safely say that you sir are a rare jewel that deserves all the success of a positive future. One more thing, if you don't know who Howard Roark is, please read The Fountainhead. He is you and you are he. Thank you so much for your videos and all our best wishes for you and your future.
TOSKA PUBG - 2 måneder siden Same Work Video from Jesse Muller (White Helmet Guy)
Jose carlos Grandinetti
Jose carlos Grandinetti - 2 måneder siden
TOP 👏👏🇧🇷🎱
Yasmin Ghani
Yasmin Ghani - 2 måneder siden
You have made a amazing place Congratulations
Nicholas DellaMorte
Nicholas DellaMorte - 2 måneder siden
This guy I love watching but DANGEROUS WOW....
John Robinson
John Robinson - 2 måneder siden
Head for heights mate From OZ
darren stevens
darren stevens - 2 måneder siden
My roof leaks build another roof on top of a roof problem solved 🤣🤣🤣
Dan Koning
Dan Koning - 2 måneder siden
*I want to personally thank YouTube for the literal 23 commercials; sponsored by their GREED.*
David Wiley
David Wiley - 2 måneder siden
I thinks coulda saved lotta money and weight using bar joist....Just way I thinks....
David Wiley
David Wiley - 2 måneder siden
I'm pretty sure the word OVERKILL ain't in Andy's vocabulary....
Sceme1991 - 2 måneder siden
After civilization has failed and all humans are gone. 50 thousand years have passed. The last remaining structures left in north america are mount rushmore, handful of old steel bridges and Andrew's house.
psygn0sis - 2 måneder siden
47:40 "OOWWWW....Andrew....WTF... " (lol)
John Campbell
John Campbell - 2 måneder siden
Mme. Hyraelle
Mme. Hyraelle - 2 måneder siden
5:34 Oooooofffffff i was afraid for your lights.
Rebel Rainbow Unicorn
Rebel Rainbow Unicorn - 2 måneder siden
Too bad you didn't do a video showing what was leaking and why, might help someone else in the future find a way to do it without leaking. Great job on everything, though. Envious!
ak - 3 måneder siden
This is probably a dumb question, but would gravel on your driveway help???
Joe Pangean
Joe Pangean - 3 måneder siden
Just a suggestion: when you put expanding lag bolts into concrete, first coat them liberally with epoxy, then drive them in. This will create a much strong bond for the bolt and concrete.
Ofri Mashiah
Ofri Mashiah - 3 måneder siden
Next time you need to compact the ground under that concrete footings there are 2 options:
1. To compact prior to pouring the concrete.
2. Pour water and the use the bucket to press it tight. It just compacts better and becomes more solid when there are water involved.
Awesome videos btw mate always love your channel 😀
Love JetFuel
Love JetFuel - 3 måneder siden
Now that what you call a roof, more houses should be built like this, instead of being made out of cardboard
Our Hero
Our Hero - 3 måneder siden
nice music to roof by
SGT. MIKE - 3 måneder siden
you know i've tried in vane to buy a good masonary drill all the ones i've found dont drill very long i mean just 1 or 2 holes then they wont drill butter i dont know if youll read my comment but if you would like to share a bit of advice on a very good masonary drill bit like you used to anchor your forms to the building i'de be very interested .had to rewatch this video it gave me new ideas in my own project i'm doing now .best regards from here in TEXAS mike shelton
Pepper Mint
Pepper Mint - 3 måneder siden
You know, living in the South my whole life, I’m like “why are they working in the snow?” 😳
Pepper Mint
Pepper Mint - 3 måneder siden
Andrew Camarata, I’ve never seen this part of New York until I started watching your videos. It is a really beautiful area. Do a lot of people vacation there in the summer?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 3 måneder siden
The snow isn't that bad.
Buen trabajo saludos desde Gran Canaria islas Canarias
Chris G
Chris G - 3 måneder siden
not many people impress me but you do. your worth ethic and ingenuity is unbelievable
Emil Hanning
Emil Hanning - 3 måneder siden
20 000 years from now they will find this and say this is how they built military installations back in the day they built it to last tens of thousands of years
Thomas Sears
Thomas Sears - 3 måneder siden
The first thing I thought when you put up the wood was: "This doesn't seem like Andrew." I was pleased to see the rest of the video confirm my thought
Pantyboy SISSY Susanne Belinda
Love the new design. Exactly!!
Al Cupone
Al Cupone - 3 måneder siden
Exactly! Love the new design
Alex G
Alex G - 3 måneder siden
The vibrating pole thing at 1:01:26 is super cool.
Tony Price
Tony Price - 3 måneder siden
Andrew ...Do you think it would have been easier to go to England and buy a castle ???????
Tom Skaggs
Tom Skaggs - 3 måneder siden
When do you use a stick welder as opposed to a mig/tig welder? Yes, I know nothing about welding.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 3 måneder siden
Mig is the way to go.
J Chr G
J Chr G - 3 måneder siden
Kong meki ung looku sang a pikin ogri boi dis e do
B T - 3 måneder siden
You didn't stop your dog stop eating Concrete?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 3 måneder siden
He was lab testing it.
SuperKwame1 - 4 måneder siden
Andrew, I just admits, for the past three days I have been watching all your videos, and for what I can say is, You have a tremendous amount of courage to do hard work.
Screwfist - 4 måneder siden
Excavator VS small chunk of Wood : "...look how easy that broke".
Kirk Rogers
Kirk Rogers - 4 måneder siden
Cody is such a cutie
Kirk Rogers
Kirk Rogers - 4 måneder siden
I love your dogs brother, I have 4 myself! Two pitbulls and two bull terriers, all spoiled babies! lol
Marcel Bori
Marcel Bori - 4 måneder siden
Hello Mr. Camarata, it looks nice when things are going well at work, even though sometimes you would need two extra hands, I send greetings from the Czech Republic, and if things are going well at work, and at home !! ToM z : DEnda
Sir. Tony Blair. jr
Sir. Tony Blair. jr - 4 måneder siden
Wow, great job. Wow. That's all anyone can say About you. Your awesome. Are you going to live in it that thing
Ronnie Stiltner
Ronnie Stiltner - 4 måneder siden
Happy to see Old Glory flying over your Container Castle. Keep up the good work, good videos.
Melissa McKenzie
Melissa McKenzie - 4 måneder siden
I feel like everyone who has one of those old wooden ladders just stubbornly hangs on to them, just in case, cause it's a perfectly good ladder...but damn they wiggle around and feel like crap compared to the nice adjustable metal ones!
Toby Cornwall
Toby Cornwall - 4 måneder siden
Lab inspection :D
Sam t566
Sam t566 - 4 måneder siden
@21:45. I get the feeling you don't like lumber Andrew? Only I a few rafters up. Narr steel it is. Loved it!
TeddyJak Eddy
TeddyJak Eddy - 4 måneder siden
If the SHTF ever does happen, I hope you survive to rebuild the US. Even though you'll never need it, you should build a fire escape chute from the top floor. Save walking down 3 flights of stairs to get something in the shop.
EZM Jebbiseovic
EZM Jebbiseovic - 5 måneder siden
Most expensive form ever used - cutting up a micro lam LVL like that ...... ata boy !!!!! love this roof - it can survive any air strike coming at you.
Paul Presto
Paul Presto - 5 måneder siden
you need a quick getaway zip line from your roof to the ground and a fire house pole slide down-that would be cool both.
Dusk Cypher
Dusk Cypher - 5 måneder siden
Every time I saw you lift up a steel beam from ground level to crossbrace the roof I was trying to figure out how the hell the thing hadnt slipped out of that cable. it didnt even look tight at all. is there some trick to it? or is it purely friction? just.... how?!
Bill F
Bill F - 5 måneder siden
You have officially set the new definition of "Man Cave" all other references now must be compared to what you have created! As far as lightning is concerned you have created a faraday cage, any electricity from a lightning strike will be transferred to the skin of the building rendering your building to be the safest place to be in any natural disaster.
КОА - 5 måneder siden
Зачем такая усиленная крыша? он боится что на него упадет самолет?
Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson - 5 måneder siden
All I know is that I have a deep hatred for "Ed"....🖕ed
Christophe Godfirnon
Christophe Godfirnon - 5 måneder siden
Why building so high ? You've got a lot of space on the ground level !
Uno karpa440
Uno karpa440 - 5 måneder siden
много лишней работы
надо было просто сделать башню высотой в восемь контейнеров, облить снаружи краской, пристроить внутри лифт и заниматься отделкой помещений и прорезанием окон )))
Uno karpa440
Uno karpa440 - 5 måneder siden
сверху нет ограждений - надо ходить в страховочном поясе, это не шутки (
Steves Leonardoss Mohnss
Steves Leonardoss Mohnss - 5 måneder siden
Live Life Freely
Live Life Freely - 5 måneder siden
This Castle is ugly, it's huge, it's overbuilt, it's overpriced and I love everything about it. If I lived in nearby I would volunteer all of my weekends to helping you build it.
Jay Kaye
Jay Kaye - 5 måneder siden
1:01:17 Am I gay because I like to watch concrete getting vibrated? I do like the sudden liquefaction following the deeper thrusts of the probe.
(My foolish heart be still.)
Jason Crow
Jason Crow - 5 måneder siden
How much $$$ have you spent??? Looks great
geekdiggy - 5 måneder siden
52:59 Curious Cody, Inspector's Apprentice
geekdiggy - 5 måneder siden
12:05 i appreciate you practicing get-out-and-look. not every operator has the maturity to do so.
Алексей Иванов
Алексей Иванов - 5 måneder siden
Безумный Макс какой-то! Надо уметь вовремя остановиться. Лучше бы из железобетона делал, было бы основательно хотя бы. Похоже на то, что у нас строили в девяностые: побольше, повыше, с башенками, из железа и пустотных плит и площадью под тысячу квадратов.
james elkins
james elkins - 6 måneder siden
I change out toilets in Prisons. Water Conservation. Can I switch lives with you?
UStinman 84
UStinman 84 - 6 måneder siden
Andrew, what will you do with the LVL beams?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 6 måneder siden
Most got returned, I still have 3 that have a few notches cut in them.
Victor M
Victor M - 6 måneder siden
I feel sorry for some poor guy 100 years in the future who will be demolishing this building. That thing would be indestructible.
BIG TONE - 6 måneder siden
cool dude this guy........ive learnt a lot  watching these videos  Ive been watching these for 12 hours straight now .......I am really  enjoying it .........BIg  THUMBS UP FROM ME .....
Janet Watson
Janet Watson - 6 måneder siden
Hi,love all the work that you are doing on this building project.I love the design..what I find difficult to understand, is why you don’t wear a face mask while you are cutting steel..the steel dust is floating around in the air and you are sucking the dust into you lungs. You
G Franks New Zealand
Roger O
Roger O - 6 måneder siden
I'm impressed again! 'That makes an outstanding roof system. I was questioning the wood beams until you replaced them with steel - it makes so much more sense. I feel the same way as when you expressed the feeling of wanting to have the finished project to be indestructible. That should do it. Now I'm going to watch a couple more videos where you put on the sheet steel.
markman63 - 6 måneder siden
Are giving those beams any kind of rust proofing treatment?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 6 måneder siden
I am going to prime and paint them.
zane lile
zane lile - 6 måneder siden
What is the upper floor used for ?
Maxi - 6 måneder siden
I love cody
Fon Hollohan
Fon Hollohan - 6 måneder siden
Hey Andrew, I'm just curious, are you building this fort for the when the four horsemen come during Apocalypse of Revelation? or what? Maan sure does look like it.. lol
Should consider buying yourself a used horizontal band saw you can even get one that can tilt up and can be used as a normal bandsaw as well that way you can walk away from it and attend to something else and let it cut whatever you need. In fabrication shops thats what they use all the time. btw you should also consider welding some outriggers on that zoom boom as you already know they come in handy and make lifting loads much safer. Going with all steel rafters is the way to go. That 1/8 roof will last longer than you. hahaha awesome.
Роман Адельшин
Роман Адельшин - 6 måneder siden
Не страшно этому строению торнадо
MrPad69jr - 6 måneder siden
Love it!
Dejay Rezme
Dejay Rezme - 6 måneder siden
Such an amazing build! Thanks so much for sharing!
cecil veley
cecil veley - 6 måneder siden
Fkn crazy man w/ the block. No way,,, I’m not doin that!
cecil veley
cecil veley - 6 måneder siden
Here it is,,,,, odd takes like a few days to a week I guess I get one vid before the other???? Sup with that?
Broome Stick
Broome Stick - 6 måneder siden
Man I want to be this guy
David Elkhart
David Elkhart - 6 måneder siden
"Fire proof"... from what... fuckin artillery? LOL.
elliot330 - 6 måneder siden
at this point i'm thinking how are you going to get the lifting platform out with the rafters in place?
Troy Arbeau
Troy Arbeau - 6 måneder siden
Man u doin awesome job.looking very nice.and doin it solo.i wish I had half the energy u got.take care and God bless.and love ur dogs......
Willaim R. Kirkland
Willaim R. Kirkland - 6 måneder siden
There is a great Google writeup about the history of Albany Steel - assume it's the same company that delivered your beams.
Willaim R. Kirkland
Willaim R. Kirkland - 6 måneder siden
Always enjoy your work projects and the quality of video.  As well, never fail to be impressed with the insightful commentary of your vast fan club - some of those boys actually appear to be quite bright and well informed about your type projects.  Thanks for sharing - helps us shut-in types stay alive and in communication (vicariously) with the real world.
Bad Santa
Bad Santa - 6 måneder siden
This guy is fucking legit.
Joe Mc
Joe Mc - 6 måneder siden
Oh he's gonna need three guys and another machine for that job... wait; he is three guys and a machine... respect to you sir
Arnold Layne
Arnold Layne - 6 måneder siden
If someone asked me who is the craziest person you wish you were when you were 20 I'd probably say Andrew Camarata. This guy gets shit done that's for sure.
Terry E
Terry E - 7 måneder siden
9/11 planes would have bounced right off!
EnduRider22 Motovlog
EnduRider22 Motovlog - 7 måneder siden
37:40 damn! some BAD ASS AUDIO for some BAD ASS AC!! ROCK ON!!! \,,/
Pete V
Pete V - 7 måneder siden
Hey Andrew; Thanks for all the wonderful video's. Keep up the good work.
Ian Francis Ledesma
Ian Francis Ledesma - 7 måneder siden
" ..which should last absolutely forever." This dude is epic, I like how he thinks.