Container castle painting

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Painting the new metal work on the container castle.
Runtime: 20:56


Boris Surdin
Boris Surdin - Dag siden
This castle looks like one from Unreal Tournament computer game!
James Bixby
James Bixby - 2 dager siden
Battleship grey! Perfect. As I watched the steel roof go on it suddenly occured to me what this reminds me of...of course, A SHIP!
maiden england
maiden england - 3 dager siden
16.20 whats it all for. do you feel you need the extra room. you must have no room to move with all that forest
Johnny McConville
Johnny McConville - 4 dager siden
holy mask tan lines jesus
Kate - 4 dager siden
I thought Levi struggled with chewing that dry food Andrew. 💕💖 He hesitated to start eating it. Maybe he only ate it to please you.
Alexei Tetenov
Alexei Tetenov - 4 dager siden
Vincent Halas
Vincent Halas - 4 dager siden
It has all come together from your vision, to become a very impressive setup. Well done!
spencerprops - 4 dager siden
Maybe look at putting Penetrol (Flood) on the roof to preserve the patina and also offer some rust protection. You would have to redo it periodically, but it won't flake off like a clear coat would.
skat kat
skat kat - 4 dager siden
did you notice the little bird house without a bottom by the upper back door road area lol.
Hey , nice job..where was i when you painted that whole thing. musta been sleeping lol.
Chris N
Chris N - 5 dager siden
Looking good, man! Perhaps some sand paint/anti-slip paint would be useful on the roof?
Walter R.
Walter R. - 7 dager siden
Hello, you need an elevator for the dogs. That would be great.
Greeting ! Walter from Germany 81539 Munich
Valerio Furelli
Valerio Furelli - 8 dager siden
Andrew Great job Hard work pays off but skills you have are 1 percent keep up the great work 🇨🇦🇮🇹🇬🇧😎
Thomas Dobrenick
Thomas Dobrenick - 8 dager siden
I tear up when I see levi struggling lost my beagle a year ago. He was 13
skat kat
skat kat - 4 dager siden
i lost both my dogs to someone who threw huge cement blocks on their heads.
Jamie Mac
Jamie Mac - 9 dager siden
Fucking awesome !! Love this channel, im not to far from you i live in Ct . Keep up the cool projects and videos . 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Agent Bertram
Agent Bertram - 10 dager siden
Lovely job Andrew! I have always wanted to take up welding and you have given me the inspiration to get stuck in and have a go. Thanks and best wishes to Levi & Cody.
Seán O'Nilbud
Seán O'Nilbud - 10 dager siden
13:10 Hey man BLM, not cool.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 dager siden
That guy stole my girl friend. Go kick his ass.
Durolith - 10 dager siden
epoxy the floors
Durolith - 10 dager siden
crap powder blue ;/
Bill Lawrence
Bill Lawrence - 10 dager siden
I think i would paint the roof
Donny Thomas
Donny Thomas - 11 dager siden
yeah, dude....
Equinox End
Equinox End - 12 dager siden
So just what are you going to use all that awesome space,fantastic job
Oliver Allen
Oliver Allen - 12 dager siden
All you need now is some knights for your castle! Cool project, great job!
M.Oskar - 12 dager siden
how much did this cost man xD
Operater - 13 dager siden
Roof in green-pure natural!!!😉
Bill Ollar
Bill Ollar - 13 dager siden
Looks great!
Marie Driskell
Marie Driskell - 14 dager siden
AWESOME, I LOVE YOUR 🏰. 1 MORE WALL, 1 more gate 2 beautiful 🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺. Get a starsafe for Levi
L0N3 D4NGER - 14 dager siden
You should build Dog elevator
Oriya Guy2013
Oriya Guy2013 - 15 dager siden
Great work..!! What is the cost of your project?
Emmitt Arrowood
Emmitt Arrowood - 16 dager siden
This is truly an awesome fortress
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly - 16 dager siden
Money Bags
Money Bags - 17 dager siden
House would withstand a close proximity Nuke =)
skip3311 - 18 dager siden
great job. just wondering about the heat in the summer and cold on the winter
Mainmanrr - 18 dager siden
Cody is upset! he must have gotten much less food. He ate his in like 12 sec.
WF - 18 dager siden
Do you live in the 2nd story container that has the windows ?
Smitty's channel
Smitty's channel - 19 dager siden
I would wire brush the roof somehow to get a burnished / brushed look, then clear coat everything. That would be super sharp looking
lance jensen
lance jensen - 19 dager siden
Just a quick question, did you fully weld every seam on that roof ??
shaun freeman
shaun freeman - 19 dager siden
I just love your place it is fantastic it is wot I like we'll dun top job
M J - 19 dager siden
American flag missing 😜🇺🇸✌🏻
Luis Cerrutti
Luis Cerrutti - 19 dager siden
And be the way Mr Andrew. You started your live the right way, What is missing is a really good friend that respect your vision and you have to respec hers too. I wish you good heath and enjoy live.
Luis Cerrutti
Luis Cerrutti - 19 dager siden
Make an elevator.
young11984 - 19 dager siden
Just saw your daylight savings time vid and noticed it was all painted then this vid came up next, dont know how I missed it but it looks good man. Ole Levi still getting the steps handled, slow and steady lol. I figured it was at least 50 gallons to paint all that but that airless sprayer does eliminate excess overspray.
mark chirillo
mark chirillo - 19 dager siden
looking good
William Malenfant
William Malenfant - 20 dager siden
Happy Birthday Levi!
hat Tree
hat Tree - 21 dag siden
NolaBama - 21 dag siden
Clear coat the roof
William Ingle
William Ingle - 21 dag siden
Very well done! Excellent job!
5TheFlyingFarmer5 - 22 dager siden
Awesome fortress! Beautiful property too, are you on the Shawangunk side?
ThisIsATest - 25 dager siden
Missed a
Thelma Robinson
Thelma Robinson - 26 dager siden
How have you done the expansion joints on the roof haven’t seen any , if you get hot summers it will move and maybe buckle .
Jim Talor
Jim Talor - 27 dager siden
Zombie Attack! Off to Arcadia...nope, Andrew's castle is closer!!
Matt D
Matt D - 28 dager siden
Amdrew wil get a vist by some men in suits for the Government asking him to build their next indestructible shelter lol.
rock of ages USA
rock of ages USA - 28 dager siden
Cool as hell 👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Jim Vet
Jim Vet - 28 dager siden
good job
sandman54913 - 29 dager siden
All hail King Andrew
Steve Berry
Steve Berry - Måned siden
It looks great, I cant imagine any of the council planning departments in the UK allowing a building so unique.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 29 dager siden
Just shut them down.
jim brewer
jim brewer - Måned siden
Weets - Måned siden
Didn’t realize this shop was a container mod until this vid. Looks great.
Dixon Peer
Dixon Peer - Måned siden
I'm still wondering...did you have plans and get a permit?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Alan E
Alan E - Måned siden
Just wondering, when are you going to weld up a Gargoyle?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
C Chebuhar
C Chebuhar - Måned siden
Take the rest of the day off ! 👍🏼💪😆
Juan Carlos Munoz
Juan Carlos Munoz - Måned siden
I would volunteer my time just to learn what you know. Im not to far from you. I'm serious.
josh macpherson
josh macpherson - Måned siden
for the roof you could do a color scheme that looks rusty., or maybe do a matte clearcoat.,go ahead and seal it somehow.,., preserve that work.,., will you be selling plans for your design.,., and can you give a rough estimate of cost.,?.,? we won't ask about inspections.,,. ';'
Terry Dakin
Terry Dakin - Måned siden
All that welding. I bet your electric bill was 3 inch thick,and leather bound 😳😂
Andrew Bratos
Andrew Bratos - Måned siden
you could have a nice party up there Beer,Popcorn, Peanuts, Elephants
Jimbo 0117
Jimbo 0117 - Måned siden
If there were other videos in this series I missed them - to what end is this steel and concrete monolith being built? Is this guy a doomsday prepper or simply enjoys castles? 🤔
Charles Marshall
Charles Marshall - Måned siden
I believe you need to paint the roof on top. If you don't the rust will take over. After all the hard work you have done, it will look better.
dyer2cycle - Måned siden think those round hollow ends on the spancrete slabs will be a problem with wasps building nests in there?.....
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
It got sealed inside, cant see them now.
Alain Laflamme
Alain Laflamme - Måned siden
pretty nice place wow
Ronald Albrycht
Ronald Albrycht - Måned siden
YEAH maybe paint it because the rust drips off when it rains and the wind blows on the sides and stains the side and try to get it off my have to paint the sides again it did for me great job
Ronald Albrycht
Ronald Albrycht - Måned siden
How many tanks of gas did you go through to weld your roof and welding rods NICE JOB LOVE YOUR VIDEOS GREAT JOB AND VIDEOS
Michael Day
Michael Day - Måned siden
Very nice Andrew, great job !
ping lollo
ping lollo - Måned siden
is this Canada? stunning landscape
Chris L
Chris L - Måned siden
ZRC bright finish galvanizing paint for the roof. Not cheap, but it will last forever. I would also suggest it for a base coat on any parts of the steel that need touch ups in the future.
Maybe consider a cable railing for that last section on the new level. Just something different and it will allow for more of a view out of that area.
Bill Gannon
Bill Gannon - Måned siden
Will you insulate I have shipping containers always too hot or too cold .I wish I could still work like you awesome
skuppejou - Måned siden
Beautiful roof!
kirby donoho
kirby donoho - Måned siden
wow i have been watching this guy for a while.he built a place that a hord of RPG zombies could'nt get in that house.
Wade Lasch
Wade Lasch - Måned siden
Clear coat the roof if anything
Wade Lasch
Wade Lasch - Måned siden
Looks great! I know where I’m coming for an apocalypse 😂
gene murray
gene murray - Måned siden
Before I'd remove rust on roof as to have better adhesive with a under coat
Robert in Houston
Robert in Houston - Måned siden
You might want to consider coating your roof with Phosphoric Acid as an alternative to paint. No preparation is required for the steel and the acid will combine with the rust and form a coating that looks more like rusted steel, but a little darker.
Used to be able to buy Phosphoric Acid at paint stores, but I haven't looked for any in a lot of years. One brand that I remember buying was called Ospho...don't know if it's still a brand. You could buy a small amount and just roll it onto some rusted steel to see if you like the results.
If you don't coat your roof, the rain will continue to wash the rust off your roof and stain anything it comes in contact with.
Jeff dewing
Jeff dewing - Måned siden
Very nice
Tom T
Tom T - Måned siden
Hi Andrew, I like all of your videos. I must say they're very inspiring and addictive to watch. Have you ever thought of taking on assist projects of your viewers remotely, one a week/ one a month. Of course, all have to be record so you can put them here? That'll be an interesting avenue huh, and potentially hug too.
Ion Racer
Ion Racer - Måned siden
Dude if u dont paint that roof or at least coat it with that white roof reflective stuff my OCD is gonna put me in the nut house!! I cant stand rusty unpainted metal please sand it and at least phosphoric acid it. Dont make me beg!!
Matt Leggett
Matt Leggett - Måned siden
Im actually an industrial sandblasted and painter by trade and i suggest painting the roof unless you want rusty run off streams down the side of your place atheist a primer base coat if nothing else and with the airless sprayer wouldn't take long at all
Matt Leggett
Matt Leggett - Måned siden
Where does this guy get his money to buy all this equipment with metal and shipping containers damn it be nice, much respect to him tho Jack of all trades
zippy pinheadolo
zippy pinheadolo - Måned siden
think about a marine varnish on wood door its formulated to stand up to uv rays polyurethane is not. personally i would let the roof rust to a real nice patina . high end painter for 40 years brush and roll oil finishes on finger lakes of ny canandaigua mainly.
1944chevytruck - Måned siden
nice paint job! sweet!... thanks 4 video. be kind.
Dan Jackson
Dan Jackson - Måned siden
The whole building is awefull... How can anybody like this
Mark Sanderlin
Mark Sanderlin - Måned siden
I love it. Nice Jo's.
Raymond Quave
Raymond Quave - Måned siden
One hell of a pad with man shop below ,Excellent job but how much $$$$$$
David Carroll
David Carroll - Måned siden
I cant believe how alone you look at your shop area from the rest of the world.
David Carroll
David Carroll - Måned siden
those openings have such a great view i would try to get glass framing and install as much glass as i could.
Sharky's Machine
Sharky's Machine - Måned siden
Roof color,..... Forest Green
Frederick Conner
Frederick Conner - Måned siden
Whats that red fabricating tool called? I need one
Frederick Conner
Frederick Conner - Måned siden
I love a great prepper series, Zombies no problem!
glen paul
glen paul - Måned siden
Paint the roof. It will look much better than patchy rust.
Stephen Cox
Stephen Cox - Måned siden
where do you get all the money
Dave Dunn
Dave Dunn - Måned siden
Patience is a virtue Andrew . I would paint it if I was you and maybe put in a lifting device for Levi
Train Man
Train Man - Måned siden
I'd weld on some safety harness rings, etc. on the roof and rent out time to folks so they can rappel down on ropes, or even a zip line! Then sell 'em hot dogs and drinks and let 'em play with your dogs.
TIm Nash
TIm Nash - Måned siden
Tim from Canada why wouldn’t you finish the rest of it why is it all then why did you not box in the upstairs the snow and the rain is going to get in in the winter time everything is going to be wet do you not understand why you would leave it open like that after you spent all your time to put metal roof on just my observation