Container castle blocks

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Setting concrete blocks for railings at the shipping container castle.
Runtime: 1:20:42


Kate - 9 timer siden
If you don’t say why you disliked the video, then you’re just a jealous hater.
dave robert
dave robert - 9 timer siden
It's been awhile since I have seen one of your videos. Man you need a hobby.....
mary robertson
mary robertson - Dag siden
Andrew Camerata. are simply amazing.
What is your background, other than in entirely gifted. True genius.
I am 70 and have always wanted to a smaller scale cement block castle. At least now I can build vicariously along with you.
Canada waving hello. 🍁
gsmith128251 - Dag siden
That is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time .
Scott K
Scott K - 5 dager siden
OMG stop getting everything so wet we don't work in the rain for a reason!!!
Scott K
Scott K - 5 dager siden
Bricklayer of 17 years and Ummm ya ok you did ok. OK, I won't lie I want to come and knock it all down and do it again!!!!!!
KING TUT - 6 dager siden
Like I said before call me I'll come down and work for free.
Chaka BudD
Chaka BudD - 6 dager siden
I don’t think he owns a leveler lol 🤷🏽‍♂️ but great work tho super inspiring
Kevin West
Kevin West - 8 dager siden
with all that heavy equipment, im surprised you dont have a cement truck
Kevin West
Kevin West - 8 dager siden
castle camarata
echopiece79 - 8 dager siden
Anyone else cringing every time Cody gets too close to the edge!? 🤦🏼‍♂️
Thomas Dobrenick
Thomas Dobrenick - 8 dager siden
I can cody puppy in the way all day makes you smile
Humberto Fernando Lezcano
Humberto Fernando Lezcano - 8 dager siden
Mra Mra
Mra Mra - 9 dager siden
Andrew come on...hearing, eye, hand protection but no dust mask? Really bad for you.
Gregg Steinke
Gregg Steinke - 9 dager siden
No string? I can see how strait the walls aren't. No level? I wonder how plumb and level it is? I guess no one has to look at it but you.
Mr C
Mr C - 9 dager siden
Man I’ve really enjoyed your videos on the castle.
Just a crazy amount of effort.
And great doggo action at times lol
nuclearzerg - 9 dager siden
when is the siege?
J G - 12 dager siden
What version Minecraft is this? Looks so real.
DeuceGenius - 12 dager siden
why are you making solid concrete walls
Quoc Vui Nguyen
Quoc Vui Nguyen - 14 dager siden
Matthew Courtney
Matthew Courtney - 15 dager siden
Not going to lie is sound track when he time lapse is pretty fire 🔥
Emmitt Arrowood
Emmitt Arrowood - 16 dager siden
I love watching Andrew in everything he does but i noticed he will not run his dump truck on a road that might have a little ice on it but he want use a level to put the blocks down level but that is just me keep up the good work Andrew my wife says i am a little anal about everything i do your place is a place where dreams come true !
Derek Wedin
Derek Wedin - 16 dager siden
Build on of these for the grind hard plumbing fellas for storage
Albert Whitehead
Albert Whitehead - 17 dager siden
I honestly doubt if there is a human being on the face of this earth that works as hard as this young man does!!!!! AMAZING!!!
Robert smith
Robert smith - 18 dager siden
The young man is fantastic and a true hard working, self sufficient, skilled individual.
TheDWZemke - 18 dager siden
Love your videos would like to see budget as I would also be intrested in investing time and effort!
William Decker
William Decker - 19 dager siden
Feel like I should wave back, the wall is waving to me.
William Malenfant
William Malenfant - 20 dager siden
How come you didn't stagger your joints Andy?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 20 dager siden
William Malenfant I did most
William Malenfant
William Malenfant - 20 dager siden
A bomb proof building Andy?
William Malenfant
William Malenfant - 20 dager siden
Andy. What's with the steel roof?
Steve Mollis
Steve Mollis - 21 dag siden
I will not be able to write anything that has not already been stated..........but I still want to thank you for the content you post. Much more than just building. It's family, friendship, and simple proof that you get out of life EXACTLY what you put into it. Thanks again Andrew.
honey sharma
honey sharma - 21 dag siden
Theres a video in those ads 🤣
Brandon Krystynak
Brandon Krystynak - 24 dager siden
Your place is so cool dude.
Peter Hiron
Peter Hiron - 25 dager siden
walls are all greatly reinforced but you just lay topstones on? dont understand that
Peter Hiron
Peter Hiron - 26 dager siden
would of been less strenuous to off load pallet to where you needed blocks lol
R W H - 26 dager siden
This is all well and good, but wheres the moat?
Barbara Collins
Barbara Collins - 27 dager siden
what a beautiful place to live....You are so are blessed to be able to do all these things...(I think Cody wants to learn too LOL)
Robert Bone
Robert Bone - 28 dager siden
I will defiantly use your "concrete filler" idea on my farm. at 50:13 . Brilliant and Simple
Goof van geloven
Goof van geloven - 28 dager siden
i love your channel, but please buy a mixer
OMG myPANTS - 29 dager siden
Love seeing that old dump truck fire back up. I'd give a few toes to get my hands on one like that, or preferably a 60's-72 chevy.. or an 80/90's ford diesel, manual of course.
rockrock567 rock
rockrock567 rock - 29 dager siden
Hi, is there any living space in your castle
Jerry G
Jerry G - 29 dager siden
You obviously have no idea how crenelations work and what purpose they serve. What is the point of crenelation that is lower than chest height? Time to polish up on some history lessons.
Michel BOURDEREAU - Måned siden
Ruben Kelevra
Ruben Kelevra - Måned siden
52:25 fake flowers at least don't go bad for no reason 😁
Ruben Kelevra
Ruben Kelevra - Måned siden
48:16 next time use a skill saw and tilt the blade 45°
Omahabigbill - Måned siden
Cody was making me nervous every time he got close to an edge!!
Omahabigbill - Måned siden
Andrew, I have no complaint, just wondering why you didn't feather the edges (or ears) before you shoved the blocks together?
Brandon w Tiner
Brandon w Tiner - Måned siden
you should havecut somereal stones out and had them hagingoff the sideof the block ups
TheOutLaw Carpenter
TheOutLaw Carpenter - Måned siden
As a builder my self, have enjoyed watching this build. You were talking about an elevator , I happen to know of one for sale.
Juan Carlos Munoz
Juan Carlos Munoz - Måned siden
Surprised u didn't use a level or a line but you still are right even when you are wrong
josh macpherson
josh macpherson - Måned siden
i've watched alot of this guys video's and have somehow missed it.,., did he win the lottery or is he a trust fund kid.,?.,? all the time and effort and money tied up in this project and he can't find someone to show him how to lay block., but can find someone to put a gigantic steel roof on the place.,., by the way., cement corrodes the hell out of steel., should have used some flashing.,,. still spectacular., just keep building.,., ';'
vincent mounsey
vincent mounsey - Måned siden
Looks cool would like to see this in person lol..Is there a Purpose behind this just?
Bill Phillips
Bill Phillips - Måned siden
I wonder will those filled blocks take a 223 round
Rigid Review
Rigid Review - Måned siden
you can cut blocks like that a lot faster with a block hammer, and with no dust
hdj81Vlimited - Måned siden
OMG what a weared system that crane.... In Europe is much better and faster crane
Jori Vainio
Jori Vainio - Måned siden
When's the queen gonna step in?
paul inman
paul inman - Måned siden
Hey Andrew I know this sounds corny but have you considered a slide, fireman's pole, zip line something of the sort?.
Will USA
Will USA - Måned siden
Lamb brother I said a lot of Precast and use the demo saw to cut the free cash you got to wear a mask man it will kill you trust me I know
Will USA
Will USA - Måned siden
But you're doing a great job I love your creativity I am also and I am Walker so I love the way you did that still great job man
Will USA
Will USA - Måned siden
Andrew at 10:50 I seen you putting on a couple pounds of block up there pretty high on the castle top you had to load just about all the way up there and then you started driving forward that is kind of dangerous cuz you could hit a pothole or something that's why you have that trolley the trolley to move forward the full length of the forklift which is much safer to use been having a fully extended load with a pallet of block and then try driving just a pointer I drove many years of forklifts many different types of forklifts I've given for class width for tires on a front and Outriggers I do them for class with no front Outriggers I've driven forklifts you name and I driven them
L M - Måned siden
What a horrible delivery truck lmao
Andrea Dgeorge
Andrea Dgeorge - Måned siden
that looks bomb!! I missed a few of these videos, but I love that stone you put up on the front door. is that level in this video like an outdoor patio type thing?
Partypete 1776
Partypete 1776 - Måned siden
Holy commercials
palarious - Måned siden
Been working on my place for a year now. The amount of work you put in this video is inspiring
Frank Guerrero
Frank Guerrero - Måned siden
Just finished watching AC doing his castle with cinder block and mortar! This guy deserves an AAA+ for his planning, workmanship, accomplishments, and everything that goes with hard work. He amazes me at the speed and agility, he combines with his stamina he shows at every job he tackles. He is truly an amazing individual with high moral standards that I should guess only his parents instilled in him during his young years. He is truly a standard that he has set so high that few young people should yearn to attain! While watching his videos on YouTube he is entertaining beyond compare. I quit watching TV because of all the trash that's on ALL channels. I found that ideal entertainment for me my family and friends that truly deserve a good night, or for that matter a good day's entertainment. Thanks, AC!!!!
J. A.
J. A. - Måned siden
You want no dust, hook it up to water
Matt Leggett
Matt Leggett - Måned siden
Block laying skills may not be quite up to par but still looks good and should do the job
Sam B
Sam B - Måned siden
Andrew you should wear a mask when cutting concrete.
Kieron Bower
Kieron Bower - Måned siden
Too many ads. Impossible to watch
Nick Gillon
Nick Gillon - Måned siden
An age old trick of the brick laying trade down here in Australia is to put a half cup of liduid soap "ie" dish washing liquid per batch.
It makes the mud ("mortar ") Much softer and pliable and 10 times easier and faster to work with.
Cherry Tree House
Cherry Tree House - Måned siden
I FRICKIN love what you're doing... Thank you for the entertainment !!! Keep it up!
maiden england
maiden england - Måned siden
Not a single spirit level anywhere.... love it.
Jeff Goetz
Jeff Goetz - Måned siden
Where is the Steel Rebar, and you're not on Bond *Head Joints over Head Joints isn't strong* and the Walls aren't Grouted. The Building looks cool but it's a accident waiting to happen and it's Not to Code.
The City or County where you're Building that Monster will fail you're walls for sure especially since none of it has been inspected.
Pretty Scary in my opinion as I worked part of my Life as a Mason and as a Land Surveyor.
And I have seen a lot scary things of people do things that are unsafe and it always cost them more and especially if someone gets hurt.
Summer Kagan
Summer Kagan - Måned siden
What is that rock song with the refrain: you ain't seen nothing yet?
Big Kid
Big Kid - Måned siden
Nice work! Just wondering what is the purpose of this building is?
BuddhaBelly - Måned siden
that's some serious hard work right there.
Midevil Dickweed
Midevil Dickweed - Måned siden
Strong argument for licensing concrete and common sense trowel reform......
John Kennedy
John Kennedy - Måned siden
I live in the south.....never seen dark brown sand before......
John Kennedy
John Kennedy - Måned siden
Of course he has a pallet jack.....this dude has everything!
jettelo - Måned siden
Wait until they start flying over to see what your doing 😂. Never fails. No rest
Long Dong
Long Dong - Måned siden
I can’t go around just posting pictures of my top-secret bug out location on the Internet
Ford 1950
Ford 1950 - Måned siden
that rusty post needed some paint... I like your clever idea using the truck bed to mix the concrete, crazy work.
Frederick Conner
Frederick Conner - Måned siden
I cant wait to see the machine gun mounts!
Stephen Safran iii
Stephen Safran iii - Måned siden
Floor needs to be perfectly clean and you need a helper to push the full pallets around.
mike dee
mike dee - Måned siden
I see multiple gun positions....
Davett53 - Måned siden
I'm just a weekend, unskilled handy guy and I think I would recommend using a "level" and plumb bob, to make sure the "courses" are level and true, least once or twice. I guess he can "eye-ball it", since this is just for fun? Doesn't he need a building permit and an inspection for his work? Or is this just for fun? and he can do as he pleases? I built 2 retaining walls in front of my house with concrete block and was advised to use at the very least a "level", to make sure everything true and even. imo
Long Dong
Long Dong - Måned siden
I built one just like it and I love it to
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
I would like to see some photos of it.
CCL Canadiancountrylife
CCL Canadiancountrylife - Måned siden
Loving that pre ww1 wheel barrow at 12:18
Hey if it gets the job done it’s worth it’s weight in gold
Gary Dunscombe
Gary Dunscombe - Måned siden
That place could withstand anything lol
Kyle Stolz
Kyle Stolz - Måned siden
Please add Gargoyles to the castle.
Your videos are absolutely fantastic. I enjoy the commentary on how the engineering solutions of manufacturers could be improved. Great tips e.g. the use of marine grade wire and the Ni/Cu break lines...keep up the great work!
Ammo Alamo
Ammo Alamo - Måned siden
You're hired, amigo. That's some serious manual labor you are doing. Were you a Roman legionary? They built stone structures across half the world using serious grunt labor. My congrats on your hard work.
Romeo666 - Måned siden
Good Game, this is not the way how u are supposed to use those concrete blocks
If I had some masonry to do, could I borrow your well-trained dog?
And do you really need all those machicolations?
Lorraine Helt
Lorraine Helt - Måned siden
Andrew whoever becomes your wife someday...I hope she is worthy of you . Be very careful who she is.
Lorraine Helt
Lorraine Helt - Måned siden
Andrew I’m a nobody and I can see you are way smarter then most college students!!! If you were my son I’d be extremely proud of you n I’m sure your mom is🚜🛺🚛🔧⚙️
Happy Planet
Happy Planet - Måned siden
What happened to Levi?
Jerry Sitrin
Jerry Sitrin - Måned siden
Andrew, Find your videos amazing. Haven't seen any new ones in a few months making me wonder if all is well. Would like to see a tour of the Castle as it stands today. So at a minimum, make a short video letting us know all is well.
Jerry Sitrin
Jerry Sitrin - Måned siden
@Andrew Camarata Thanks Andrew. Glad to hear all is well. I come from upstate New York, Albany, and use to go to a junk yard near you full of antique cars looking for parts for the Model A I had. think it was off highway going to Wyndom (??) Any ways, stay well and continued good work.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Jerry Sitrin I’m fine, I’ve been posting a lot of B roll stuff lately to the fan club page. I don’t feel it’s good enough to make public because I don’t want to water down videos I put a ton of work into, I’ll put up some real stuff eventually, doing mostly OK
Katula Muyendi
Katula Muyendi - Måned siden
He has so much equipment.....