Cleaning up fallen trees

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Cleaning up a few willow trees that fell with a bobcat 864 tracked skid steer with a root grapple bucket.
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1944chevytruck - 27 dager siden
thanks 4 video. be kind....////;;;'''[[---==
dogiit1 - 2 måneder siden
The next satellite dish will be as big as a pizza box that you can put in your car and take your internet with you
dogiit1 - 2 måneder siden
That's how big all the first satellites dishes where
dogiit1 - 2 måneder siden
I like the backhoe attachment that goes on the Ford but I don't like the backhoe attachments that goes on the bobcat
Patrick Lawlor
Patrick Lawlor - 3 måneder siden
That grapple is worth its weight in gold Andrew.
Rodri goñi
Rodri goñi - 4 måneder siden
Mirando lo que haces aveces me siento como un desocupado viendo como trabajas amigo
Glenn C SR.
Glenn C SR. - 6 måneder siden
I wonder if it would be interesting if some camera views on certain jobs could be taken with the camera just inside, over your head mounted to the underside of the roof. Just a thought.
Mitala Aleka
Mitala Aleka - 7 måneder siden
Another enjoyable video from AC, thanks for all the work u put in to bring us these videos.
J D - 8 måneder siden
Is that skid loader turbo charged?
William Blakeley
William Blakeley - 9 måneder siden
Wow that was quick 👍👍Grate Job ..
Temet Nosce
Temet Nosce - 9 måneder siden
Leroy like the dog guard? Very funny Dog:-) I m sure Leroy can eat and run at the same time
Richard Bean II
Richard Bean II - 10 måneder siden
Andrew, where did you pick up the root grapple?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 10 måneder siden
There is a sticker on the side of it with the company name. I know its visible in a video or 2. IDK, the thing is buried with snow right now.
james woodward
james woodward - 11 måneder siden
i do love a bud!!! Big Ugly Dish
Sloppy Seconds
Sloppy Seconds - 11 måneder siden
Hey Bud, I dink around making my own fireworks from scratch, and Willow is supposed to be the best wood to make the charcoal from. Unfortunately, it's pretty rare down here in AZ. What would ya charge to ship me a big ole' chunk? Probably a bit more than I could get it commercially, but would be worth it to get it from one of my new favorite Youtubers.
nnachinn - År siden
Using it like therapy.
Nice job
Seen you from Argentina, I like your style on work
Quadrille - År siden
Great job as always but the owners should just have waited and they would have been rotten
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
The time it would have taken for those to rot, new trees would be growing next to them.
3ICE - År siden
6:50 - 7:00 happiest puppy ever, carrying a huge stick.
Dave Daihatsu
Dave Daihatsu - År siden
Andrew, if you ever want to go into the tree pruning business, this is the machine to have.
Edwin Morales
Edwin Morales - År siden
Hello Andrew from Puerto Rico, I am curious that you have not bought a single-shaft compact crusher to turn trees into chip waste. I keep watching your videos.
Dennis Conlon
Dennis Conlon - År siden
Andrew they call that hay stacking. When done right the water runs off and keeps the wood dry.
Mike None
Mike None - År siden
I wish I lived in your area, I'd definitely hire you!
Oby-1 - År siden
Always love the drone shots.
David Spilman
David Spilman - År siden
Another Great video Your a workaholic Andrew on a couple video's i've seen didn't Levi have some close call's running in front of you He's your right hand man keep your eye's on him PLEASE.
Thomas - År siden
Wood piles: German Holz Hausen
NEXUN DJ - År siden
Worlds Okayest Farmer
Worlds Okayest Farmer - År siden
So easy with a skid steer like that #WorldsOkayestFarmer
p52457 - År siden
Andrew, I need to dig up a lot of trees. I have a choice ( Rental ) between a 15,000 lb. backhoe or a 16000-18000 lb excavator. Which would you recommend?
dirtyshirtinfo - År siden
Firewood stacked in this manner = holzhousen or “wood house” to improve air flow and accelerate drying.
Jeff Barr
Jeff Barr - År siden
Old "C" band satellite dish from the 80's. That round shape is Scandinavian style. You can even buy tarps in that shape with a draw string to cover them up. Wranglerstar did a video about it. I learned from my Swedish grandfather and have done it many years.
Pascal Chavanon
Pascal Chavanon - År siden
Nice and neat. Great job 🇫🇷
Jeffrey R.Kelly
Jeffrey R.Kelly - År siden
Great Video . Thanks for sharing !!
odd maner
odd maner - År siden
You like to work more in the afternoon and evening than early in the morning.....I would be the same way if I worked for myself....unfortunately I am a slave!!!! you can really hear when that bobcats hydraulics push over relief....I bet the whole machine shakes...pump might be a little tired...not sure on that one but some of the older ones you could crank up....try it if you are feeling bold
Boris Fett
Boris Fett - År siden
That's a neat way to stack firewood.
Dave Calvo
Dave Calvo - År siden
Andrew that's very similar to a "Holz Hausen" wood stack, also called a bee hive wood pile.
Josh - År siden
I had a limb come off of my willow, finally picked it up after 5 or so years...
Don Challenger
Don Challenger - År siden
Andrew, Great as always whether the short or the long of it. As to the round firewood storage piles, I watched this a few years back might interest a few folks -
Building Round Wood Piles - Bailey Line Road
Lawrence Zaccheo Jr
Lawrence Zaccheo Jr - År siden
Nice work Andrew
nelis 1846
nelis 1846 - År siden
"satellite" dish
Romans909 - År siden
Living in the city, this is therapy
Rayson Racette
Rayson Racette - År siden
Gee, in just a couple more years those logs would be part of the soil.
P I - År siden
How much wood could a woodchuck, chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood ???
Answer: Not as much as Andrew and his bobcat can.. 😂😂
As usual Levi supervised and approved.
Del Whylie
Del Whylie - År siden
That demo bucket seems to work well in many differant jobs. The other thing is watching all of your excavation video's some several times. I noticed early on what makes you an exceptionally good operator with  skid loaders and excavators is always looking to see how it needs to work in all direction's.  I have seen operators drive over the worst ruts all day loading trucks all day never thinking to fill in the ruts. They are very unsafe and taking twice as long for the job and when finished the equipment is trashed. Its like trying to plow snow or any materials up hill. When you can drive over, around or threw it and plow it down hill. Seen you do it many times making the job look so easy. Thanks for sharing
Kendovision - År siden
what's song is at 7:20 ?
joed596 - År siden
Levi will make sure the job gets done right! 😉 Thanks so much for all these videos lately! 👍
Powerglide Klyde Barrow
god what i would give to do this work again. anyone hiring in center pa? im right outside state college and lock haven pa.
ill work for less then any other operator because i genuinely love this kind of work!!
Powerglide Klyde Barrow
another amazing property that your blessed to work on!!
cdouglas1942 - År siden
Andrew's inclusion of aerial views are a nice reminder that New York State is much more than a crowded New York City.
M G - År siden
This is my relaxation time with Andrew and Levi :)
MrLangDog - År siden
Ahhh.. the good 'ol C-band satellite days of vidocypher hacking :)
Rampant Sloth LV
Rampant Sloth LV - År siden
Reminds me of the movie "Wall E"
The Kelley's Country Life
Man if you tore through stuff like that here in Florida you would definitely run into wasps nests or yellow jackets. Nice work!
lostintime86 - År siden
Do you have any upcoming videos where you build or fix something?? I like them best!! Thanks.
terry williams
terry williams - År siden
How bout your old Dodge ? You still planning on fixing it ?
Ben Hogan
Ben Hogan - År siden
Appreciate the fact you vidoe all your jobs but just out of curiosity does it slow your progress down when vidoe recording? Would love to record my stuff but dont have enough hours in the day as it is. Thank for takinf the time to share with us
cdouglas1942 - År siden
Video production, set up.etc an under appreciated aspect here. Lots of work if solo as i think he is.
Ian Barnes
Ian Barnes - År siden
Off-grid CIA listening post!
PDOGG - År siden
That's a very danish/Scandinavian way of stacking wood 😊
Patrick Wagz
Patrick Wagz - År siden
all that firewood stacked in round piles.....
who's place was this??

Nik Baret
Nik Baret - År siden
Thanks for filming
J_Dub1992 - År siden
Andrew, do you have just one or multiple cameras?
J_Dub1992 - År siden
Andrew Camarata Cool. Love your videos, you do awesome work man! I’ve told myself if I won the lottery, you’d be on my list!! Lol.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
I just used one here, I kept moving it.
Gilbert Franklin
Gilbert Franklin - År siden
He handles that skid steer like it was another pair of arms. I think it is one of Andrew's greatest skills, how well he understands and uses equipment and machinery. He gets every dollar's worth of work out of them, mainly because he can keep them running forever! 😁👍
DigginLife21 - År siden
🔥Great job Andrew!!! Keep the vids rollin in my brother!!!
leo l
leo l - År siden
Enjoy the video Andrew on cleaning Fallen trees .
Matt Graham
Matt Graham - År siden
The bobcat looking like Levi running with a branch.
Ohividy - År siden
nice to have 2 vids to lift your spirits when you are sick! Thanks, Andrew!
Tyler Pickle
Tyler Pickle - År siden
I've noticed this every time you use the grapple, you always try to grab all of it at once. And instead of not tearing up the ground and having a cleaner jobsite you do the opposite. Plus you don't save any time trying to pick it all up and having to retry 20 times...
John Howard
John Howard - År siden
And here I was thinking how much time he was saving by being able to pick up as much as he was, at a time, and not having to make more trips. Where in this video was he having to try again and again?
Shimy - År siden
These vids are therapeutic
Paul Malatesta
Paul Malatesta - År siden
Great job as always... Nice video.,
SlipF18 BustedFlush
SlipF18 BustedFlush - År siden
Levi say...”nuther much gud job, my hooman! We push. We lift. We scrape. We go!”
Brent Brown
Brent Brown - År siden
I would love to see you buy a big skid steer for your larger jobs.. thanks for another great video Andrew and Levi.
jeff herbel
jeff herbel - År siden
what happened to your blue track loader?
Tom Popp - KA0TP
Tom Popp - KA0TP - År siden
The various Equipment rental places and Dealers really should sponsor you. I bet you have created so much demand for viewers who say, Hey, I can do that too.. ;)
Farmer Bob
Farmer Bob - År siden
Think I’ll buy a skid steer just so I can say I have I like saying “skid steer”.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - År siden
People aren't cool unless they have a skid steer.
steve nadeau
steve nadeau - År siden
You handle heavy equipment like a surgeon with scalpel. Bravo!!
John Scally
John Scally - År siden
LEVI is the senior Journeyman of all sites and a few Treats,when needed. Super job Andrew sir.
MrRoberoni117 - År siden
Stacks his wood like a Sweed!!
Ulli M
Ulli M - År siden
No Friday for Future Demo?
No Demo at Area 51
Andrew .. you are getting old ..
neonhomer - År siden
Bonus points for someone who can make the skidsteer R/C and have video of Levi "driving" it...
Jon D.C.
Jon D.C. - År siden
neonhomer Bobcat skid steers do have optional remote control. We have one currently and later this year many can be controlled using an iOS app.
Woody Woodlstein
Woody Woodlstein - År siden
Ya I’ve never seen wood stacked like that.
So it doesn’t need anything to lean against.
Christine Elliott
Christine Elliott - År siden
Where is the white dump-truck.Haven't seen it in awhile.
A V S - År siden
AC, getting close to that camera.
L H - År siden
Those firewood stacks are called "Holz Housen" Meaning "wood house" a German tradition.
CHERYL T - År siden
As always great job,and well done👍😆😊...
Canaryville Kid
Canaryville Kid - År siden
“Let’s get to work” © 
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memyselfand ifarmer
memyselfand ifarmer - År siden
Love my root grapple, used it today hauling off a half dead tree. Just got done, sitting on my porch with the dogs drinking homemade wine! Thanks yinz guys.
Glen Higginbotham
Glen Higginbotham - År siden
Content programming machine !
Richard Williams
Richard Williams - År siden
Very interesting job Sorting out all the fallen trees and tyding up thanks for video
Justin Leary
Justin Leary - År siden
It seems as though you prefer the bobcat over the new one
Frank C
Frank C - År siden
Cool scenery! What part of the country are you in?
cdouglas1942 - År siden
New York State, upper i believe.
Unbox My Life
Unbox My Life - År siden
What happend with the CL35 ? You didnt want to use the Bobcat because it was not so reliable ? and now you allways use it ??! :)
John Dietter
John Dietter - År siden
Wheres the IHI andrew?
geruner - År siden
Those stacks were unusual and cool.
Mark Toney
Mark Toney - År siden
Fellow subscribers, you may be cool but you'll never be Levi-cool!
Matt Allen
Matt Allen - År siden
Damn I wish my jobs were all that quick and easy... Well easy if you've got the skills behind the controls of a bobcat that is... Thanks for sharing this one...
The Geezer
The Geezer - År siden
That little Skid-Steer thing, its got quite a lot of power for its size hasn't it?😮💨😊
Greg Milner
Greg Milner - År siden
nice job.
Primoz Secundus
Primoz Secundus - År siden
So the computer on bobcat works ok now?
G LG - År siden
NIce video! Peace and Good Fortune to you!
Globalist Juice
Globalist Juice - År siden
Boy, little #864 sure is a hard worker!
No. 6
No. 6 - År siden
Levi local 36 dog supervisor union