Changing a hot tub pump

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B quality video: Bringing a fiberglass hot tub to the dump, then replacing the pump on my concrete hot tub 4 times before finally getting it working.
Runtime: 19:48


kmagyarits - Dag siden
Centrifugal pumps draw more amps the more material they are pumping and less if they are moving less material. Haven’t finished watching the video but the reason the motor is getting hot could be that the discharge is not restricted enough and it is flowing too much - drawing more amps on the motor.
Kriss Bartlett
Kriss Bartlett - 2 dager siden
wow alot of mucking around but you fixed it good job
lee gibson
lee gibson - 2 dager siden
yeah, you may have 120 in the wire but its connection with the contacts may not be enough to handle that voltage.
Mike None
Mike None - 4 dager siden
B quality video is still great and you are still so sexy
Stan Giles
Stan Giles - 8 dager siden
I like the videos featuring the dog
those 2 lovely ladies had me interested as well
R King
R King - 9 dager siden
Looking great andrew I love your castle .
Veritas Designs
Veritas Designs - 10 dager siden
I wished I were your neighbor the chit I could learn from you priceless. Damn you can fix anything from editing to big tractors nope I don’t think your tractors 🚜 are sexy 🤫🤫 from mechanic to carpenter to engineer to product management just being hard worker. Ethics driven and being a giant. Have a god week buddy. You still need a slap shot. For your GoPro.
Morgan Noecker
Morgan Noecker - 10 dager siden
Favorite AC quote: "it's garbage!"
oven vasquez
oven vasquez - 10 dager siden
567chat . com
perfect video,7star
Gale Cooney
Gale Cooney - 11 dager siden
A or B ALL your videos are AWESOME..
Bruce Adler-
Bruce Adler- - 11 dager siden
The impeller should spin freely. If it doesn't, either
1. the overheating motor cooked the shaft seal (it's rubber and ceramic), or
2. or the heat cooked out the grease from the bearings, or
3. exposure to the elements (it should be covered) is causing the shaft to rust inside the impeller shaft (this happened to mine). The steel motor shaft is inside the plastic impeller shaft. The steel shaft will rust if exposed to the elements. The shaft rust will rust-jack apart the impeller shaft from the inside, which in turn ruins the impeller shaft seal. You can't inspect the shaft inside the impeller unless you completely disassemble the wet end. But if it's already hard to spin the impeller the wet end has to come apart anyways. Replace both the impeller and the impeller shaft seal.
Kevin Perry
Kevin Perry - 12 dager siden
All good "A" or 'B' its' always good. thanks Andrew. Keep up the hard work.
M Piet
M Piet - 12 dager siden
Just a kind word of caution.... Crimped or wire nuts connections are code accepted, but soldering connections are prone to melting if the connection becomes warm.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 11 dager siden
I have never had problems with soldered connections. That would have to be very warm for the solder to melt. If it was getting that warm, there would be other problems.
JB Brown
JB Brown - 12 dager siden
No more cemetery flowers?
JB Brown
JB Brown - 12 dager siden
Good for a "B" flick.
ideaLABORATORIES - 12 dager siden
Andrew the pump will work the hardest when you run an open flow if you restrict it it will run a little cooler
Ricardo Gonzalez
Ricardo Gonzalez - 12 dager siden
You dont like buying new things don’t you
Pottema - 12 dager siden
Pumps all made in USA
Etienne philima
Etienne philima - 12 dager siden
First time I see someone black on one of your videos Andrew I had started to think you live a area that don’t have black people.
Wally Kramer
Wally Kramer - 12 dager siden
Andrew, the days of 110 / 220 volts ended in the late 1960s. The voltage most commonly distributed is around 120 / 240 volts. Briefly, in the late 1970s, in somewhat wide use were 115 / 230 and 117 / 234.
Matt Downing
Matt Downing - 12 dager siden
I live in western mass.... Is it the whole East Coast? First I heard. Thank you LEVI!
Rob Rourke
Rob Rourke - 12 dager siden
Being frugal. Nuthin' wrong with that. But maybe a new motor / pump would of fixed at the first try?
ben thomas
ben thomas - 13 dager siden
the elevation might be the issue
567chat. com
567chat. com - 13 dager siden
amazing video.4star
Pedogenocid o_O
Pedogenocid o_O - 13 dager siden
Just read the fuckn manual before use!
Ron Smith
Ron Smith - 13 dager siden
These gals would like your Mountain wood fired hot tube, Should invite them out. Might be gay but a lot are bi
Viktor Chud
Viktor Chud - 13 dager siden
right way to start your pump))
Tony Nagy
Tony Nagy - 13 dager siden
TIm Nash
TIm Nash - 13 dager siden
TIM from Canada my suggestion would’ve been to pull your truck and trailer up to the gate open up the gate as far as you can and I see you have three people there the three of you could’ve put that on the trailer no problem or bring your tractor and put your forks .. or it would’ve been so easy to pull your truck and trailer up and just put the whole thing right on your trailer but I guess this was not an option for you
James Maida
James Maida - 13 dager siden
Quarter million views and 17k likes isn't bad for a "B roll" video!
ryvvyt - 13 dager siden
You should have invited the pump donors over for a hot tub.
matthew graham
matthew graham - 13 dager siden
He has the coolest pool ever. An it doesn’t matter if it’s a A or B video. It still makes my day when you upload brotha. !
marc marc
marc marc - 13 dager siden
Best B´ee movie ever :-)
Kyle Gershman
Kyle Gershman - 13 dager siden
It's like you've been watching my own dumpster fires of DIY to emulate for today's video. Your patience is a virtue I wish to emulate.
Bruce Adams
Bruce Adams - 13 dager siden
To dam funny
Sos the Rope
Sos the Rope - 14 dager siden
The scariest thing I've ever done was dismantle a hot tub of a penthouse 25 floors up, used a pair of blocks and really long rope hung from a 5 inch pole tied to the roof.
My heart was beating hard when I swung it off the wall and started lowering the thing.
Also had to shout at a Caren that wanted to suntan directly below...
George Gaspar
George Gaspar - 14 dager siden
recrd a typical hot tub session please.
Randall Ellis
Randall Ellis - 14 dager siden
Check the amp draw. Burnt wires restrict the flow of electricity and increase resistance generating heat.
Jesse Lute
Jesse Lute - 14 dager siden
Those pumps are not designed for more than a foot of head rise
Thomas Ortlieb
Thomas Ortlieb - 14 dager siden
As many said down there: Im very much fine with B video. Don't over think it.
orgcoast - 14 dager siden
It never hurts to have a couple of strong women to lend a hand.
Sammy Snead
Sammy Snead - 14 dager siden
Thanks for the video. Pay an electrician to do electrical work. You'll be money ahead.
Fluffy Hamster
Fluffy Hamster - 14 dager siden
Very Strange electric ⚡️ Motors you have over there in the 👉 US of A 🧐
Here in Scandinavia and Europe, we use 230 volt in our households 🏡 and electric motors don’t look like that, and they are either 230 volt or 400 volt and normally lasts forever..😉
So the electric wires was not connected correctly? 🤔
Maybe the guy who made the manual was colour blind? 😂
The videos you make are awesome Andrew👏keep the good work 🆙.
joe head
joe head - 14 dager siden
Dang, hard to tell if your trying to run off of 120 or 240. I guess 240 as your not using neutral and I couldn't see the wiring diagrams. 2 speed motor? You should check out this article; You will quit the soldering iron.
Kenneth Hume
Kenneth Hume - 15 dager siden
Those girls didn’t stand back watching , they got stuck in with Andrew and worked as a team , great video as usual .
Juha Tuomala
Juha Tuomala - 15 dager siden
Electrics in USA are so confusing. Europe has three phases in most countries and you either have one or three phased sockets/devices.
Juha Tuomala
Juha Tuomala - 15 dager siden
Some pumps need to be aquired in dark. :)
Wallace Thomas
Wallace Thomas - 15 dager siden
Read the directions above the wiring diagram.
Rob W
Rob W - 15 dager siden
Is the castle going to be your home at some point or just a really cool garage/shop? If you wait for those canna lilies to die back but before the frost you can dig up the bulbs, store them somewhere cool and dry, not freezing, and then replant them in the spring.
Jim Killby
Jim Killby - 15 dager siden
Water is looking decently clean. Ha
John Tiffault
John Tiffault - 15 dager siden
I need a wider window sill.....oh yeah I just picked up a new welder too 😅
Robert Peters
Robert Peters - 15 dager siden
andrew, you should stick to what you're good at and stay out of politics! we are currently in DST and reverting to standard time soon, not the other way around
Jay Burrough
Jay Burrough - 15 dager siden
I really liked the b video so do more
GREEK GODS - 15 dager siden
love it
GrandsonofKong - 15 dager siden
That hot tub is like the poor mans version of the Grotto at the Playboy Mansion!
Losttoanyreason - 15 dager siden
Absolutely nothing wrong with this video. I'd hardly call it a B - roll. I don't know anyone as tenacious at tackling issues than you are and that is great for building confidence in us klutz that lack any real mechanical aptitude, LOL. You tickle me how every flying stinging insect is a bee to you.
Tony Roti
Tony Roti - 15 dager siden
Now that you measured the voltage check the current you should be less than the full load amperage. You may need to reduce the flow if the current is to high.
M Moats
M Moats - 15 dager siden
I changed a motor due to a bad seal. The motor had stopped working too. That was a couple years ago and it still works.
Boris Fett
Boris Fett - 16 dager siden
Whatever you film is still more interesting then alllot of the other channels i know of.
Gordon Lilley
Gordon Lilley - 16 dager siden
We have not seen Levi for sometime. Is he OK?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 15 dager siden
Yes, he just canceled daylight savings time.
Dave Calvo
Dave Calvo - 16 dager siden
As an electrician this was quite enjoyable to watch lol
Jesse Rousseau
Jesse Rousseau - 16 dager siden
The girls your new help??
Ian Oliver
Ian Oliver - 16 dager siden
Not B at all. Good stuff. Thank you.
anjela jorgenson
anjela jorgenson - 16 dager siden
good video,0star
Ruthless Goat
Ruthless Goat - 16 dager siden
No, this was an awesome video. More, more, more. I think I speak for everyone.
Peter G
Peter G - 16 dager siden
If the capacitor is too small the pump will overheat due to overload on one of the coils make sure the capacitor is of correct size for the power output.
phrozen17 - 16 dager siden
girlfriend or sister?
Jack Dawg
Jack Dawg - 17 dager siden
disappointed we didn't get to see Cody doing laps in the hot tub!
TheStuffz - 17 dager siden
a not used monarch or red lion effluent pump works just as good lol
shawn chartrand
shawn chartrand - 17 dager siden
no ur wrong . this was cool and how u trouble shot it .
Eee Sss
Eee Sss - 17 dager siden
Wow you’re almost at 700k
Alex Olivia Myers
Alex Olivia Myers - 17 dager siden
man what a view from that window!
Bob Ross
Bob Ross - 17 dager siden
17:14 bro it looks like a sewage plant in there 😅
george hill
george hill - 17 dager siden
Keep trying! Ha ha ‘B’ roll video? Butch from Florence Texas
Bones N' Sleeves
Bones N' Sleeves - 17 dager siden
Would you recommend craftsman power tools? I know there are plenty of reviews out there but I thought I would ask the man himself.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 17 dager siden
They work good.
Lenny F
Lenny F - 17 dager siden
1:15 that was a shocking scene.
playgrrrr - 17 dager siden
Thought this wouldn't be interesting and put off watching it for a few days. It's not boring at all. Systematic troubleshooting is fun to follow along with your narration.
Greg Pallett
Greg Pallett - 17 dager siden
I think they’re just Cannas. Not canna Lillys. Not to be co fused with calla Lillie’s.
Somer - 17 dager siden
It could be the wires. I don't know anything about your motor or the electrical service going to it. However, if your wires are too small of a gauge they will not be able to supply the current required for the motor. But I honestly think it is probably the motor. This is all being written before even seeing the whole video. So I guess I will find out.
evonne anderson
evonne anderson - 17 dager siden
need bigger pump
PAUL 1961
PAUL 1961 - 17 dager siden
those motors have a thermo protection switch that shuts them down
Hunter 747
Hunter 747 - 17 dager siden
Let’s face it Andrew is a man of many talents he has some awesome labs foxes anything and always makes a fun and educational video along the way thanks Andrew you earned a sub.
Tailss1 - 17 dager siden
Did you get stung? How many times? :O
youratlanteon friend
youratlanteon friend - 17 dager siden
Wired for 220 and being given 110?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 17 dager siden
Yes, there are two 110 wires to make 220 in the US
CrosshairLunchbox - 18 dager siden
How much was your Millermatic 211 ?
CrosshairLunchbox - 17 dager siden
@Andrew Camarata I was considering the Lincoln 180c and 210MP as well, but I'm not building any castles on my property anytime soon. I will definitely be getting something 220/240V or dual voltage, though. I was aiming for around $1000, might just bite the bullet for something like the 211. That view over the trees from the Triangle window area at the top of your castle is frickin' insane. Not many trees like that here in Colorado.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 17 dager siden
CrosshairLunchbox yeah. Don’t buy junk. The 211 is good. I just put like 200lbs of wire threw mine.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 17 dager siden
CrosshairLunchbox the 211 is both. But I would add 240 when you can.
CrosshairLunchbox - 17 dager siden
@Andrew Camarata Thanks! I'm looking for something in the shop. I'm looking to "buy once, cry once" so this looks nice. I haven't wired up the 220 yet. I don't do nearly as much welding as you so a 140amp would probably be fine..
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 17 dager siden
Its worth it, that thing welds sweet.
Adam Pittman
Adam Pittman - 18 dager siden
All ways run a Howard pump motor there r the best 18 years working on pools
Егор Халдов
Егор Халдов - 18 dager siden
Андрюха, это яркий видеопример о том, что лезть туда, где ты ни фига не понимаешь занимает очень много времени и затрат, что трудовых, что денежных.
Dalton791000 - 18 dager siden
You make good videos
bigfutus - 18 dager siden
So morale of the story, electricity is wizardry and people should never have been allowed to use it :D
Michael McGovern
Michael McGovern - 18 dager siden
Probably minerals in calcium on the impeller holding it back
Off grid with Jay and Jen
Off grid with Jay and Jen - 18 dager siden
Neutral/common wire OR red 110 volt. NOT black and red. Those are the two different speeds. Those large pumps are 220volt. Only 110 volt pumps are small 1.5 HP. You're back feeding through your speeds.
Ted Miller
Ted Miller - 18 dager siden
No way Andrew, these are the videos that keep us sane. More content is good anyway you do it! Keep em coming please!
richie4ohio - 18 dager siden
Wow someone else actually does use a harbor freight free meter every now and then.
Sushi Airlines
Sushi Airlines - 18 dager siden
I just love this, no care for the owners watching him, no need for special tools just K I C K
Lee Lee
Lee Lee - 18 dager siden
Those are some tough lesbians!
rusty b
rusty b - 18 dager siden
Great video a+
Shawn Beckmann1
Shawn Beckmann1 - 18 dager siden
Andrew if Levi was supervising you would have no problems Cody just doesn't have the experience and the years on the job like Levi 😝
Scott S
Scott S - 18 dager siden
You don't need a neutral if you're running 220v
John mitchell
John mitchell - 18 dager siden
I would send the video of the pump shutting down and getting hot , they can’t deny that
MrTo YouBoy
MrTo YouBoy - 18 dager siden
I know what the problem with your pump is and for your information pool pumps are only good for pools , cheap shity pumps , but you had way to may ads in this short video which pissed me off so I'm not telling you what your problem is now.