Buying more cheap Waverunners

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Buying a broken XL700 and Waverunner 3 fixing them, and riding them.
Runtime: 1:04:13


Z T - 5 dager siden
Toshy McTosharoo
Toshy McTosharoo - 8 dager siden
I love the content. Been a subscriber for a couple years now. I get the “good nuff for the chick I go with” attitude on excavators. But on jet skis you should put a little more into them than “good nuff” they run and sound great and I’ve learned a lot about jet skis. But for me, I woulda done a complete strip down and rebuild. You’re a hell of a mechanic, but not that good of a cosmetics worker. Like when you went through all the trouble with the blue tractor. Making the grill painting it cutting and bending the mesh. Then you just slapped 13 SELF TAPPING screws through it. Scratched the paint. And put the screws too close while bending and twisting some of the mesh. Why go through all the trouble if you have a consistent “screw it” mentality???
Sassy Sasquatch
Sassy Sasquatch - 8 dager siden
Andrews dodgyness never ceases to amaze me
Retired in Bali
Retired in Bali - 10 dager siden
Is that the Hudson River? It looks very muddy.
UJT CHANEL - 11 dager siden
Good job
My Tube
My Tube - 11 dager siden
Starting my own Jetski rental soon and I learned a lot for just watching this video. #Hello from #Miami
T.F.D 1982
T.F.D 1982 - 14 dager siden
When will you be getting more skis?
T.F.D 1982
T.F.D 1982 - 14 dager siden
Andrew Camarata I was able to get out this year because of you I remember when you told me to go do it, I think it was shortly after that I began to put the starter back together. I didn’t have one other issue except the mpem went out but I quickly fixed that and got out on the water 4-5 times this year glade I was able to😄
T.F.D 1982
T.F.D 1982 - 14 dager siden
Andrew Camarata AWESOME!! So EXCITED!! I had a blast too😁 did you hear how they went up in value this year. Reason being seadoo couldn’t keep up with demand with so many people wanting to out this year and because of that older jet skis rose in value
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 14 dager siden
The whole ski season this year is going to be one long video. I am in the middle of editing it.
mad max
mad max - 15 dager siden
I Bet a lot of folks are jealous of your knowledge..your videos are great.Thanks for postings.
Mister Bee
Mister Bee - 15 dager siden
It took me a minute to figure it out..the building looked like a castle..and then I realized there's 5 shipping containers in the one building!! I like your style. How you fix stuff, your not afraid of anything, you don't freak out when you realize the engine is shot or something, you and I are cut from the same cloth. Keep up the great work. And thank you so much for taking the time to create, edit and post your's very time consuming.
Carl Zorro
Carl Zorro - 17 dager siden
No water while turning it on??????????????????????
TheEngland101 - 18 dager siden
It's PVC why not just use PVC solvent glue,,, you don't Need epoxy ha-ha
Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor - 19 dager siden
I got 2 waverunners for sale and a daul trailer 70hrs 3 grand.old but still good
Leo Askvik-Fosshaug
Leo Askvik-Fosshaug - 22 dager siden
i wish i had the audacity to call a waverunner cheap
Leo Askvik-Fosshaug
Leo Askvik-Fosshaug - 21 dag siden
Andrew Camarata . Yeah, just saw a 1997 700 FX-1 listed for 2200 as a project ski.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 21 dag siden
Even broken?
Leo Askvik-Fosshaug
Leo Askvik-Fosshaug - 21 dag siden
Andrew Camarata I understand, in norway the market for old jetskis is rising. A cheap 1980s waverunner here would be somewhere around the price of 1000-1500$
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 21 dag siden
These were $200. They still run too. I rode that black one a ton.
Kizz NoLastName
Kizz NoLastName - 22 dager siden
Andrew sir, Why not simply split the upper body clam shell off and then you have 100% access to the Motor and its equipment?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 21 dag siden
That is really difficult to do.
Francisca Sureda Gomila
Francisca Sureda Gomila - 22 dager siden
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Teafanai Fanai
Teafanai Fanai - 25 dager siden
Andrew I live in India, one of the smallest state name Mizoram. How can I talk and contact to you in PRIVATE. ....plizz plizz
acidtreat101 - 26 dager siden
Dude that Arsenal looks call as heck I wanna go there!
Juan Carlos Munoz
Juan Carlos Munoz - Måned siden
Thats too funny. Baby I'm going to home depot to get a light for the house. Come back with 3 drills. Baby I have 50 drills but I couldn't help the deal was too good. COUCH TIME!! hey, something tells me that that dog you have is a very special dog. Very smart
Idont Invest
Idont Invest - Måned siden
Great job!
Dylan Tritschler
Dylan Tritschler - Måned siden
Hey man, I gotta question if you would be willing to answer. I bought a '94 Waverunner 3 (looks like the same exact one you have next to the waveraider) about 2 weeks ago. I had it in the water the other day. Seems to be running great, it starts right up no issue, will warm up nicely, then out of nowhere about 10 mins into the ride, when the throttle is at 3/4 - full, it'll just slow down to a complete stop and shut off. It'll start back up every time after that, but then if I give it throttle, it wont pick up speed it just kind of revs and tries to shut off again. Does that sound like a fuel line issue? The guy I bought it from had the carb worked on 2 years ago, but has never had the fuel lines changed out. The hull is completely dry, and nothing "underneath" seems to be getting wet. The owner also claims very low hour ski, (even tho these have no hour meter), but from looking underneath, I would agree because the engine as well as everything else, including the wiring, looks really clean for the age of ski. I am new to being a pwc owner and would appreciate any information you could provide. Thank you so much, great video!
Dylan Tritschler
Dylan Tritschler - Måned siden
@Andrew Camarata Thanks for the response. So, it sounds like it could be a carb/fuel line issue. im gonna have someone take a look, thanks
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Sounds like its starving for fuel.
BigMacheteBM - Måned siden
ottimo video! Miglior canale di youtube secondo me! Saluti dall'Italia
Mike Kearney
Mike Kearney - Måned siden
The wave runner armada. Life vest for Levi please.
виктор ло
виктор ло - Måned siden
Движку- конец. Без полной переборки загнется после первой стоянки. От воды и ржавчины уже не избавиться.
Yacel Delgado
Yacel Delgado - Måned siden
tooo many abs
Yacel Delgado
Yacel Delgado - 24 dager siden
@Andrew Camarata no, my solution is not to watch or follow overads channels. And if I go premium or not still my business not yours.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 24 dager siden
Get NOburn premium then.
super BG dudes
super BG dudes - Måned siden
Were do you buy your jetskis
super BG dudes
super BG dudes - Måned siden
The dog 🐶
Pramod Mehta
Pramod Mehta - Måned siden
Manuel Ruiz
Manuel Ruiz - Måned siden
I love this kid, best videos, bringing life from the dead is amazing👍🏼
Chriz R
Chriz R - Måned siden
Im surprised he has human friends, and not yanmars and backhoes 😆😆
pedro villegas
pedro villegas - Måned siden
hermosos lugares y muy buen trabajo, felicitaciones.
FinnGames - Måned siden
I lituarly watched every sec of the vid nice one i wish i had a jetski
David Groß
David Groß - Måned siden
The Sheriff hahahahaha great and funny as always
Keith’s Kustoms
Keith’s Kustoms - Måned siden
Levy riding on the side, lol. So Great!
rugrad98 - Måned siden
Wow! Quite impressive! Do you ever paint and pimp out the bodies of these things? Amazing mechanic!
Lucky Gamer DJ
Lucky Gamer DJ - Måned siden
What’s the website he buys this on I’m trying to find a way for my family to get me a jet ski I don’t really have a dock anymore I don’t even own a boat I just want to have fun on the water but the new jet skis are so expensive I can’t afford them I just want to have something to do when I’m bored and when I want to go on the water
Lukas Pennington
Lukas Pennington - Måned siden
you have to have the water on when it start
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Jon McNabb
Jon McNabb - Måned siden
Andrew, where did you buy that engine from or how did you find that vendor?
Nicholas DellaMorte
Nicholas DellaMorte - Måned siden
This guy is out of his mind... But yet I can’t look away....BRAVO Andrew...
Bert Battersby
Bert Battersby - Måned siden
Have you ever thought of renting them out?
Mc leean
Mc leean - Måned siden
56:33 “..... 😐 i was looking for that” 😂
Sebastian Sosa
Sebastian Sosa - Måned siden
Not just get a new 1 skin 1 just that simple from gonna
Sebastian Sosa
Sebastian Sosa - Måned siden
It's not good for it because is getting to be underwater and it's good taken to loddard in a loosen up
Wilhelmus Hoffmann
Wilhelmus Hoffmann - Måned siden
To remove stickers easy, use a hot air gun, warm m up
Jappecoco - Måned siden
Very nice, thx for sharing
Matt Shapiro
Matt Shapiro - Måned siden
Hi Andrew, been watching your vids, you have inspired me to find a deal. your thoughts on a 1993 Seadoo XP? has a fresh rebuilt motor with receipts from the shop that did it, all it needs is the carb rebuilt and they have the carb kit with it. $800 bucks
Butter Bean
Butter Bean - 2 måneder siden
i didn't think you supposed to start these things without water flowing through it?
Jim Alders
Jim Alders - 2 måneder siden
Hope you have some fun like this in the middle of all that great work you post. Peace!
Logistican518 - 2 måneder siden
Engine rebuild guys gotta get the $$, mad respect since I can barely do a fuel pump repair on my 3100v6. Thanks for the inspiration
Tim - 2 måneder siden
No anti-seize?
ricky sullivan
ricky sullivan - 2 måneder siden
If you get The Works toliet bowl cleaner it will clean em up very easily
Paul Akers Jr
Paul Akers Jr - 2 måneder siden
LOL, Man's greatest dilemma!! 36:45, I need a trailer, but come home with two more Jet Skis, and still one trailer short.
Lawrence Kingbird
Lawrence Kingbird - 2 måneder siden
Never Noticed your Garage is a Casstle and made outa shipping containers cool lol
Andy's Auto Care Plus
Andy's Auto Care Plus - 2 måneder siden
Sick rebuild and video man!
Fronk 2.0
Fronk 2.0 - 2 måneder siden
Where did you get the replacement motor for the yamaha
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 24 dager siden
Jean Hawken
Jean Hawken - 2 måneder siden
Very clever mechanics and in a gorgeous area.
secret journey
secret journey - 2 måneder siden
So awesome! I agree at 38:51 is priceless! your dog needs some goggles
terry hites
terry hites - 2 måneder siden
I really wish I had your energy, unfortunately mine has run short the older I get! Great job getting the deals and fixing things!
OG PORKY - 2 måneder siden
Hey by any chance are u gonna sell any ? If so let me know
joseph albert
joseph albert - 2 måneder siden
Andrew Mcgiver at your service lol
Mine Man
Mine Man - 2 måneder siden
39:06 I think the dog is loving it
1944chevytruck - 2 måneder siden
......INSTALL A MARINE BILGE PUMP...... another score! thanks 4 video. be kind.
Sam Fusco
Sam Fusco - 2 måneder siden
I would love to see the cost breakdown.
Ace Brown
Ace Brown - 2 måneder siden
holy cow Andrew, any thing you dont do
Edward Weber
Edward Weber - 2 måneder siden
It looks like you gave them the true distance test, that was quite a long ride. Gas up at every opportunity
mrnotnomis - 2 måneder siden
On that latch, he went from "Please come loose" right to "you should have listened" skipping right over the breaker bar approach of "I wasn't asking."
00ninja00 - 2 måneder siden
The best part about this whole video is the dog riding on the waverunner next to his owner!! That alone deserves 1m subs! Haha
Min Es
Min Es - 2 måneder siden
when you think hes done with the first 2 jetskis .. looks for a trailer and endup to another 2 jetski's with a trailer that is what a bonus Video
Mark Biernacki
Mark Biernacki - 2 måneder siden
Great Video. You inspired me to try to revive an old 1998 wave runner 500. Where did you get your new carb and how much did it cost
L T - 2 måneder siden
I was going to set the speed of the pressure washing segment to 2X, but I was worried that would take the finish off...
Luke Daniel
Luke Daniel - 2 måneder siden
Does anyone know what he drilled into the jet ski muffler
Luke Daniel
Luke Daniel - 24 dager siden
Andrew Camarata thanks I’m only 14 and just getting into this type of stuff couldn’t figure out what those were.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 24 dager siden
David Sipkin
David Sipkin - 2 måneder siden
Where marketplace group do you find these deals
Michel Mallais
Michel Mallais - 2 måneder siden
Awesome....nice fix
Noel Coffey
Noel Coffey - 2 måneder siden
Ohh my god did you see levi no problem to him enjoying being out on the wafer
Justin Riggs
Justin Riggs - 2 måneder siden
Man I would kill for all the stuff he has
Joe Shmo
Joe Shmo - 2 måneder siden
The ole zip tied muffler. Classic.
Joe Black
Joe Black - 2 måneder siden
Andrew .... you are UNSTOPPABLE !!! No matter what your content, you always amaze me with your tenacity and just good ol' down home common sense. Please keep up the great videos and we'll keep watching !!! :)
dogiit1 - 2 måneder siden
I was going to say get a quater inch drive air ratchet
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 24 dager siden
I did after this project. Well a 3/8
dogiit1 - 2 måneder siden
That could be what killed it the oil injector so make sure you run mixed gas until you find out whether or not the oil injectors are working
dogiit1 - 2 måneder siden
But a parts washer buddy there like 30 bucks
dogiit1 - 2 måneder siden
Lol is that a muffler or a water cooled head
dogiit1 - 2 måneder siden
Should clean the bottoms.that Good to and Polish the bottoms you know like waxing a surfboard
Matt - 2 måneder siden
15 and 16 ain't bad. I got a seadoo Spx from 1995 and it was last registered in 2011... And it's 2020. It's been an adventure to work on
Raynaldo Lucila
Raynaldo Lucila - 2 måneder siden
John Doe
John Doe - 2 måneder siden
where does all your money come from ?
Ben Jover
Ben Jover - 2 måneder siden
Dude you sound just like Jay Leno. There aint no better compliment
23noah schlueter
23noah schlueter - 2 måneder siden
Do u still have bobcat if so how much you want for it lol

No joke how much you think one of those worth
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 24 dager siden
Devin Reed
Devin Reed - 2 måneder siden
You cracked me up bro hahaha
Nickolaus B
Nickolaus B - 2 måneder siden
that screw you set in the middle at 27 mins in is the stator ignition timing. Im going to try to advance mine a few degrees this winter when i have time to get the exhaust off. supposedly will produce a little more power?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 24 dager siden
No. Leave it stock.
karl knudson
karl knudson - 2 måneder siden
the dog is not getting proper vitamins out of his food better feed him some vegtibles chicken and liver and rice
ManMartin - 3 måneder siden
20:32 what is the string for?
Lorik Rragamaj
Lorik Rragamaj - 3 måneder siden
if i have something that is broken can i send i to you and you repair it for some Money ?
C Paul
C Paul - 3 måneder siden
Hello! Nice job fixing skis!! Question for you know anything about polaris 700 slth 1998 working on one with dual carbs. New carb rebuild/cleaning, new fuel lines, ski will start fine and idle yet has no power very doggy barley getting on plane. I have deleted the oil injection and using premix. any idea why the lack of power yet starts and idles fine ? THANK YOU!!! :))
Hunter Ruschli
Hunter Ruschli - 3 måneder siden
C Paul No problem, good luck!
C Paul
C Paul - 3 måneder siden
@Hunter Ruschli Thank you Hunter for the response, I had that suspicion as well very well could be the culprit. According to the computer engine has 120hrs so I didnt think they would be bad but the ski hasnt ran in 10+ yrs so could be REEDS thx!
Hunter Ruschli
Hunter Ruschli - 3 måneder siden
You most likely need to replace the reed valves.
Leaky Waders
Leaky Waders - 3 måneder siden
Andrew, is that you with gloves, safety glasses and a respirator???? Very good Lad !
robert troxell
robert troxell - 3 måneder siden
I just love all your video's!
Chris Watson
Chris Watson - 3 måneder siden
Wtf why wouldn't you flip the jetski back over? It's not that hard or complicated. Lol just towing a flipped jetski. That's why the sheriff was watching you. Probably laughing.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 24 dager siden
I didn’t try. The two they did said it was too heavy. It was filled with water.
Ciprian Wits
Ciprian Wits - 3 måneder siden
Ive seen this video before and I still love it, and gang out there with some classic jet skis is just epic. Im working my way up to get more people on the lake to switch from boats to jet skis haha. Great work.
Don Rose
Don Rose - 3 måneder siden
Totally admire your ingenuity and determination! I hate waverunners but watched the whole video. Know the guy from Sulphur Springs TX who invented JB weld who was a lot like you. Sad thing he sold his whole company for $10k to Bonner Wholesale and now it’s worth a billion. Have bought hundreds of tubes over the last 60 years, some for 99 cents with the label held on with a rubber band. Most guys your age can’t fix anything. You’re a rare breed!
Doyle Chandler
Doyle Chandler - 3 måneder siden
Great video.
cody eubanks
cody eubanks - 3 måneder siden
I'll buy one from u lol
Michigan Magneto
Michigan Magneto - 3 måneder siden
Where can I score some cheap waverunners or tigersharks?