Buying cheap boats

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Trading some waverunners for a boat, then taking it out for a ride.
Then getting another free boat, fixing the fuel system and taking it for a test ride.
Runtime: 38:07


Alexander Kjernmoen
Alexander Kjernmoen - 2 timer siden
Johnny Espinoza
Johnny Espinoza - 2 dager siden
This guy is crazy.good egg in my book.
Alex Haste
Alex Haste - 3 dager siden
Keep trading till a house
Daan Uijtendaal
Daan Uijtendaal - 5 dager siden
oh man the flex in that transom makes me cringe everytime.
Xeshai - 12 dager siden
You know Andrew trusts a boat when he wears his PFD
Bubba Knowles
Bubba Knowles - 13 dager siden
Love you v
Mike Whiteman
Mike Whiteman - 13 dager siden
Amazing how he doesn't loose his temper. Includes all the mistakes and can fix anything and always has time to scratch a dog behind the ears. Keep up the good work.
visesh seernam
visesh seernam - 15 dager siden
who is the lady in red dress
CozmicSaber's Opinions
CozmicSaber's Opinions - 18 dager siden
14:22 Depending on how clean you want to get it, an easy tool is the Bissell 3624 Spot Clean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner. It's $159 on amazon. Paired with these brushes you can get stuff really clean, for not a lot of investment.
Fyi, I know about these tools because of a YouTuber called The Detail Geek. He has all of his tools in his description.
Carpet Cleaner:
You probably already know about this kind of stuff, but I thought I just let you know.
OMG myPANTS - 18 dager siden
Guys I bought a boat!! (insert thumbnail from 36:20)
OMG myPANTS - 18 dager siden
Oh that's where my chainsaw wrench went..
You got lucky there!
Per Sjøgreen
Per Sjøgreen - 20 dager siden
"All wood,,,, is firewood" ;-)
Dean Farmer
Dean Farmer - 25 dager siden
4:10 I thought that gas was orange Gatorade for a second
Larry Jolliffe Sr
Larry Jolliffe Sr - 25 dager siden
I've never seen an outboard under a cover!!!
Amtrak prime
Amtrak prime - 26 dager siden
Amtrak dash: I have a big boat with a broken motor
Andrew: I can get it working again
Oficina Contêiner
Oficina Contêiner - 26 dager siden
19:45 all I want is a pressure washer and a sander to get rid of the weather marks. And wait it to dry and paint it.
Pablo Fernández
Pablo Fernández - 26 dager siden
Just out ouf curiosity, I found the price of renting the big yatch that appeared on the images, the "Vivere". High season: $59.000 p/week + expenses.
I think I would rather prefer the free boat instead ;-)
Alan Deans
Alan Deans - Måned siden
08:10 - if you want to know what a happy and content dog looks like - this is it !. And how satisfying is it - watching a shiny, clean boat emerge from under the power-shower !!
george harris
george harris - Måned siden
I'm curious, did you/he check compression first before putting all the effort into the engine? And, does that bow throw so much water because hull is underpowered and not getting fully up on plane? Dude is so honest he doesn't edit out mistake at ramp, very cool.
Aidan Fiorentino
Aidan Fiorentino - Måned siden
Dear God, please trim that motor up! You're just plowing the bow through the water!
OutnBacker - Måned siden
Trim the motor up a notch - or two. Go two notches and see if it porpoises at planing speeds. If so, drop it back one. I can see that the motor is tilted so the prop is under the boat too much, pushing the bow down. The faster you go, the more water you plow thru - not cut thru. Thus the wet ride. That style of hull is designed to be a very smooth ride in a chop - similar to a Glasply, Tiderunner, Olympic, or Fibreform. A good bay boat. It has a pronounced forefoot to split the chop at low/moderate speeds with the motor trimmed to level for a good ride in bumpy seas. You won't g as fast , but you shouldn't anyway. When it's smoother, the long keel run makes for a superior ride with the motor trimmed up somewhat. With no power trim, you have to decide which you prefer - a wetter ride going fast while trimmed level, or having the boat a bit higher in front to get on a plane better in smoother conditions. Looks like a 16 footer to me, but not a lightweight boat. IMO, the 65hp is minimal so the trim is important.
steve t
steve t - Måned siden
did any one tell you that you could raise tilt of motor to get bow higher so not to plow water up in your face
Henry Sangret
Henry Sangret - Måned siden
Hey Andrew you need to trim the boat and motor out ... it’s riding bow heavy ... tilt the motor to lift the bow higher in the water ... it will be dryer to
1944chevytruck - Måned siden
thanks 4 video. be kind.
john blecker
john blecker - Måned siden
Cool boat and a very calm sweet dog.I spent some time in the adirondacks in NY catching 32-45 inch pike during the first week of may or opening day.
Jack Omand
Jack Omand - Måned siden
When he power washes it
Marco de Vries
Marco de Vries - Måned siden
Even if it needs some engine work that’s a sweet trade
Philo Beddoe
Philo Beddoe - Måned siden
Alot of wasted time here. Sweep, rake and shovel before the shop vac and why not just dump the gas tank instead of pumping it out? I wasn't attached to anything anyway.
jts S
jts S - Måned siden
Bro jus got a nice running boat that needs slight work for 3 shitty 1gen wave runners for freee
Scott Powell
Scott Powell - Måned siden
Way to many commercials.
jroar123 - Måned siden
Change fuel and a tuneup. Not a bad deal.
ba-zou-KA - Måned siden
poor lake
Jack Woodruff
Jack Woodruff - Måned siden
Take the lower unit off and the impeller needs to be replaced. The engine is not pumping water very well
Jimmy Roberts
Jimmy Roberts - Måned siden
What part of NY is this?
William Kiene
William Kiene - Måned siden
There are thousands of old boats like this all over the world.
This looks like a good one....looks a little nose heavy? Raise the motor a little?
A new 4 stroke outboard is $5000 plus but so nice.
Old out-drive boats are not very good.
Steve Ott
Steve Ott - Måned siden
Not the way to launch a boat! But kudo's for including it in your video!
Tommy Young
Tommy Young - Måned siden
Your motor is set at to much angle front ove boat is not up on plane it is noise diving
farmer864 - Måned siden
Envious! did you test out your bilge? rough day. lol @ your seat
farmer864 - Måned siden
Also, bleach in a spray bottle with half water works wonders!
farmer864 - Måned siden
star-brite make an ethanol treatment for boats that works wonders. You can actually watch the water build up in the tank as the air passes over it.
Alan Goodwin
Alan Goodwin - Måned siden
Boat slid off trailer...classic.
Eugen Lesnik
Eugen Lesnik - Måned siden
Der hat den Rad ab der Ami und kein Geld für eine abdeckplane
David LeBlanc
David LeBlanc - Måned siden
LOL. My boat throws water like that too. Trim it up a little
David LeBlanc
David LeBlanc - Måned siden
I like the back seat. Dodge Caravan LOL
Mac Dogzzz
Mac Dogzzz - Måned siden
Thing is way underpowered or trim is out by a mile. Drags it's ass in the water
Blibnorphe Æ32
Blibnorphe Æ32 - Måned siden
The pressure washer sounds like a helicopter flying overhead
Jake Lazore
Jake Lazore - Måned siden
What is that tip on the power washer that you used to clean the boat with?
3 Dollops
3 Dollops - Måned siden
When I come back in my next life I want to be Levi and not that shop vac that’s for sure
Benny Ogden
Benny Ogden - Måned siden
Does your wife do anything with you ever
Александр Васильков
Same like a my russian boat ....But why whel ring like english car port side ?
Yo Špray
Yo Špray - Måned siden
What is this boat called pls tell me and how much did it cost
Jack Machaiek
Jack Machaiek - Måned siden
Good idea to get a small boat we went strait for a 2 leve yacht it was a poor decision
S Grzymkowski
S Grzymkowski - Måned siden
Nice job 👌 I noticed that you're plowing a little bit. I don't have power trim you can just move the pin up a notch or two. But you probably know that just a little friendly advice
B Drives
B Drives - Måned siden
To many adds
Daniel McBride
Daniel McBride - Måned siden
Yeah that bolts running like that because it's not planning right either because you need to adjust trim or because it's so damn waterlogged from sitting outside with no cover on it it's probably heavy as hell probably a little bit about it being heavier than it should be motor not enough power to plan it out and needs trimmed
jdretiree - Måned siden
34:29 That's one way to launch a boat. No trailer or water required.
Blake Montgomery
Blake Montgomery - Måned siden
What if water was flammable?
Mark Grillo
Mark Grillo - Måned siden
I want to come hang out .... and pet Levi... he seems like a cool boy !
Phillip Brown
Phillip Brown - Måned siden
The engine is trimmed in much too far and that is why the bow is producing so much spray. You are also making too much drag which is reducing your speed because of this.
Jay Nwprg
Jay Nwprg - Måned siden
Actually you set the dream of others in this video ... do what you can and aim for for a mechanic you have what it takes.
Bob Stewart
Bob Stewart - Måned siden
You need to adjust the trim and get on plane. It will save you a lot in gas.
Neceros - 2 måneder siden
I hate that the battery is just open on the floor, no protection. That little plastic bucket isn't going to protect water from completing a circuit from the top
Jim Riley 281
Jim Riley 281 - 2 måneder siden
Need to invest 50 bucks on a cheap blower/vac.
Quietus Plus
Quietus Plus - 2 måneder siden
Certain dogs love boats, especially when you catch fish on them. They're all proud for fetching.
Success orr
Success orr - 2 måneder siden
Man I swear u the greatest ever I wish we were friends, I would pick your brain every day on a lot of different things
Joe fro
Joe fro - 2 måneder siden
Andrew great Drone shots !
VideoStar - 2 måneder siden
"Why are you watching a guy pressure wash a fuckin' boat?" - asked by many
Mr.Mister - 2 måneder siden
Your videos are seriously fantastic. You're not too far off a million subs too. You totally deserve it.
Lewis Nelio
Lewis Nelio - 2 måneder siden
really enjoy your content,nice work mate
Jim Serrano
Jim Serrano - 2 måneder siden
Garbage videos
bob shedden
bob shedden - 2 måneder siden
i think the reason the boar plows through the water is the motor might be to much angle down causing the bow to push down try bringing the motor angle up to raise the bow trial and eror
Eric S
Eric S - 2 måneder siden
Starter fluid + backfire + open gas can = yikes
Graham Wood
Graham Wood - 2 måneder siden
Yes, he messed up on a launch however, he didn't hide it. Got to admire this man. He releases videos with warts and all.
allan herrera
allan herrera - 2 måneder siden
Where do you buy parts for old engines? Thanks
issac culler
issac culler - 2 måneder siden
is levi a dog or fish
mr - 2 måneder siden
R.j. Brown
R.j. Brown - 2 måneder siden
Wow pretty good trade for you Andrew
Richard Wallinger
Richard Wallinger - 2 måneder siden
great drone shots are a lucky guy getting all of those bargains . each one is a challenge in its own right . My petrol 2 stroke strimmer carburetor suffers from swollen diaphragms every year . . Leaving the gasoline in seems to be the problem .
M H - 2 måneder siden
Alright so uhh that's my friend's boat now...
Paul Akers Jr
Paul Akers Jr - 2 måneder siden
34:30 Now, if this wasn't your video, I would have thought someone was filming me !! Also looks like you need to adjust the trim so the boat will get higher up on plane
David McCaffery
David McCaffery - 2 måneder siden
Great vid, what a guy!
Chris Choate
Chris Choate - 2 måneder siden
Makes me missnmy Cleo. RIP two years ago. Labs are such sweet beautiful dogs.
Chris Choate
Chris Choate - 2 måneder siden
I admire this guy. Gets out on a new to him boat. No worries. Don't understand why he didnt clean off the Gas Tank.
Sean J-ski
Sean J-ski - 2 måneder siden
Good for you for leaving the questionable launch in the video.
Michael Grey
Michael Grey - 2 måneder siden
Look, a free boat...
Me: Keep going, that thing's junk...
Andrew: We can clean this's good...
Levi: Keep going, that thing's a wave-slapping chunnel hull that will beat your dentures out...
Blue Rider
Blue Rider - 2 måneder siden
Any engine that has been sitting for a while - - - Drain the old gas 'cause u know it's crap.
Dominic Sewell
Dominic Sewell - 2 måneder siden
Hi Andrew. Just a pleasure to watch you work. Not a criticism, but if you trim the outboard up a bit (usually a matter of moving the locking pin that the outboard rests on, further back), you'll have a nicer and drier ride.
parteibonza - 2 måneder siden
in Oregon, you're REQUIRED to bring aboard a backup form of transportation (either oars, or a second motor). They are strict.
Tarzan - Måned siden
Yeah, they're strict about boats, but you can loot freely. Priorities of libtardia.
Bendahara Sakam
Bendahara Sakam - 2 måneder siden
You can adjust the engine position and lift the boat nose up and this will make the boat more faster
John Hendrix
John Hendrix - 2 måneder siden
Andrew why do't you just pull the drain plug and clean off the outside of the tank and all that area under neath the back of the boat. You took the time to do the outside.
Philip Salley
Philip Salley - 2 måneder siden
You are tunning nose heavy.
Philip Salley
Philip Salley - 2 måneder siden
Motor is not trimmed correct.
1944chevytruck - 2 måneder siden
good find!...oh nooooo! scraaaap!.. thanks 4 video . be kind.
1944chevytruck - 2 måneder siden
GOOD TRADE!... NICE!...thanks 4 video. be kind.
Live Fast
Live Fast - 2 måneder siden
Passes 60k a week charter yacHt in his free boat ..but ive got me a castle bitchess!! 😂
Brandon Melvin
Brandon Melvin - 2 måneder siden
That yacht at the end goes for $59,000 per week to rent. Pretty fancy
john carlberg
john carlberg - 2 måneder siden
4:08 id get rid that bottle cuz it looks like orange gatorade
Mechanic - 2 måneder siden
Hey andrew when you fill the lower unit you have to fill it from down to up not from up to down
Reel Dumb
Reel Dumb - 2 måneder siden
When you pumped the gas into the Gatorade bottle I thought it was orange Gatorade
Brian Sumner
Brian Sumner - 2 måneder siden
Andrew! Lifejackets. Lifejackets. Lifejackets...................Don't be sorry.