Buying a skidsteer concrete mixer

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Using a new "Eterra Mix and Go 250" concrete mixer on a bobcat skid steer to mix and pour concrete in sonotubes for a deck foundation.
Here is the link to the product mixer, there are 3 sizes, 250, 450, and 600 -
Get 5% off of any size Mix and Go Cement Mixer using YOUR custom coupon code at, CAMARATA5.
Runtime: 24:24


ht3oldnavy - 3 dager siden
Just thinking of the drastic amount of money saved using the skidsteer and this attachment over a cement trucks and cement pump truck with arm.
elvis333 - 3 dager siden
Here's an idea , if you weld a 12 inch blade extension to your mixer on the bottom edge you would be able to scoop the rite amount of sand and gravel mix . Saving time and keeping you safety grate on. Thanks great videos.
Jason Starr
Jason Starr - 4 dager siden
I was wondering how long it was going to take before you removed the grate. That darned thing should be hydraulicized like a thumb. close for safety while mixing, but open for filling. OR... if you bring it premixed from the yard, dump from the truck straight in? might not work, but it might. a couple of baffles to reduce the width of the pour.. just sayin'. As always, love your vids and the great work you do.
Steve Principato
Steve Principato - 4 dager siden
😄💦 thing is great ..✌️👍
David Henry
David Henry - 13 dager siden
Bad looking sand, I am not hopeful for this job. Sand does not have lumps (6:35), mud or clay by my best estimate. Just say'n.
Michael Yarmie
Michael Yarmie - 19 dager siden
Pretty cool place. That mixer works well..You should have a few 5 gallon pail's full of water to throw in.
Charman Roest
Charman Roest - 25 dager siden
Him 11:50 what’s this stupid thing let take it off
Smart men 👉😎👉
Dean Farmer
Dean Farmer - 26 dager siden
says lets try this thing, than loads Bobcat onto trailer
Rigoberto Lua
Rigoberto Lua - 26 dager siden
This can also replace the concrete pump on flat work too, great for post holes too great tool
R.j. Brown
R.j. Brown - Måned siden
Yeah!! I like that easy peazy.
Juan Carlos Munoz
Juan Carlos Munoz - Måned siden
You let someone drive your speedster? Classic
Султан Султан
Султан Султан - Måned siden
well you're doing great keep it up take me to work
Ashley Daniel
Ashley Daniel - Måned siden
R Genericson
R Genericson - Måned siden
Zach Cogan
Zach Cogan - Måned siden
I set the containers there.small world
Claudio - Måned siden
Este video está bueno para verlo fumado...
Ruben Kelevra
Ruben Kelevra - Måned siden
10:45 clearly a 3 man job: one holds the line, one the snout and one that button 😁
Joe Avi
Joe Avi - Måned siden
Where did you buy it ?
farmer864 - Måned siden
Almost one year later, Do you still have the mixer?
Harley Walls
Harley Walls - Måned siden
these houses are cool as shit mate a cunt like me would love to live in one and sorry for me swearing so much im Australian and its just what we do
Fly High
Fly High - Måned siden
designed to be loaded by shovel
TIm Nash
TIm Nash - Måned siden
Tim from Canada you should’ve brought the big trailer this way you could head to skid steer’s one for your new bucket and another one to load it it’s going to be crazy for you taking that on and off all the time it would’ve been better to have a big trailer and put on two skid steer’s. Just my observation
Fabián E. Vargas Delgado
Fabián E. Vargas Delgado - Måned siden
21:24 qué paisaje más bonito; en qué parte es?... 🤗
michael lucken
michael lucken - Måned siden
i just deliverd the next mod # up from this one to a contractor. i told him about Andrew and he said he saw this vid
Sidney Fein
Sidney Fein - 2 måneder siden
Loving the Montage retro music.
Aztec Warrior
Aztec Warrior - 2 måneder siden useful ..
Do you recommend it
Wayne Goff
Wayne Goff - 2 måneder siden
Mixing that way didn't make sense to me.
Adam Kučera
Adam Kučera - 2 måneder siden
Awesome technology cement+soil=MUD:-). Greetings from Europe.
mr - 2 måneder siden
Andrew show us your home
David Burnett
David Burnett - 2 måneder siden
Get a good labor, an every day man. Latinos are your best bet.
Teng - 2 måneder siden
It was a perfect job for this attachment and it still under performed. You mixed roughly 14-16 batches of small 70l mixers, which should take two lads between 30 and 60 minutes. Then just use the excavator's bucket for pouring it into the tubes. Seems like a waste of money even for it's intended niche.
Sidney Crosthwait
Sidney Crosthwait - 2 måneder siden
For a second I thought this was RC
Hope Hunter Rider
Hope Hunter Rider - 2 måneder siden
you can attached some sheet metal under concrete machine to help shoveling concrete materials from ground more easily and faster i guess 20x1+machine length ...i think you got my point...
Dmitriy Lebedev
Dmitriy Lebedev - 2 måneder siden
Cool toy.👍👍
Tim Hull
Tim Hull - 2 måneder siden
That screen needs to be on a hydraulic ram so you can open it from the cab when filling.
1944chevytruck - 2 måneder siden
YOU NEED A VIBRATOR TO GET CEMENT DOWN... cool mixer! thanks 4 video. be kind.
dogiit1 - 2 måneder siden
They made a commercial and they couldn't even Google how many people we have in prison in the United States
dogiit1 - 2 måneder siden
11 million people get amnesty according to the commercial that interrupted this video that's how trucking dumb Trump is and his administration we only have 2.2 million people in prison in the United
dogiit1 - 2 måneder siden
Amnesty for 11 million criminals I do not think the United States has that many people in prison so you can tell the commercial is bullshit right there
Mike Thaxton
Mike Thaxton - 2 måneder siden
It was so much easier once you took the gate off the front end of the mixer n it definitely was easier then calling for a truck load cuz it was mainly the posts you was filling up plus it would've been a pain in the ass to bring a bigger truck to get to all the posts n then it would've taken longer n you would have had to use a wheelbarrow n it could've been spilled concrete mix if they didn't control the wheelbarrow but I like this gadget worked out perfectly
YYFREAK - 2 måneder siden
Just got a mid roll ad for the same exact mixer he has ? 😂
Zioulz - 2 måneder siden
Wouldnt the dirt and rocks make it weaker?
Tyler Hoblet
Tyler Hoblet - 2 måneder siden
I literally got an add for the cement mixer in the video while watching it.
فارس ح
فارس ح - 2 måneder siden
ياخال ابوي حك ظهري
Андрей Мартюшев
Андрей Мартюшев - 2 måneder siden
Rush Austin
Rush Austin - 2 måneder siden
I've been digging piers in my crawlspace. Hand mixing in a wheelbarrow in the yard and shoveling wet concrete down a chute I built into a bin under the house. Crawl under on hands and knees, drag the bin to the hole, pour in, tamp, and repeat..and repeat, repeat repeat. I WANT this machine. I'm sure i could find many uses for the skid-steer, too.
Bob Fitch
Bob Fitch - 2 måneder siden
I was watching your video concerning equipment you now and have owned. You commented that you thought John Deere products were junk. We own and operate a JD 2010 Crawler with numerous attachments, a JD 650 G dozer, and 1025r tractor. We find them to be very reliable and hard working machines. They do require PM just like any piece of heavy equipment. My father in law was a John Deere heavy equipment mechanic for 50 years and he found their product to be well made and dependable. Have you ever owned a new piece of John Deere equipment?
The Sentinel
The Sentinel - 2 måneder siden
Boy, New York State is so beautiful in the fall with all the colors. Reminds me of Brown County Indiana. Thanks for sharing.
Jon Zuber
Jon Zuber - 2 måneder siden
Structural concrete should always be ordered and delivered by a concrete company in order to ensure that it meets the building code. The concrete should also be vibrated into place especially in sono tubes, otherwise there will be air pockets in the columns weakening the cement. Concrete samples should also be taken with each pour and sent to a lab to be tested to make sure that it meets all of the structural requirement noted on the engineers drawings
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 2 måneder siden
Its fine.
Jon Zuber
Jon Zuber - 2 måneder siden
Where do you buy all of your equipment, Craig’s list or an auction?
Samuel Lynch
Samuel Lynch - 2 måneder siden
Thats a bit ironic i got an ad for the same mixer
Skid Steer Solutions
Skid Steer Solutions - 2 måneder siden
Check out our website to learn more about it! :)
Raptor MX
Raptor MX - 2 måneder siden
It’s crazy how much time and effort he puts into his videos most people don’t care about their viewers and do it 100% for money.
David Schwartz
David Schwartz - 3 måneder siden
Wow-what a machine! One of these days we will be watching a BoBCat Skidsteer no-touch attachments performing CPR at an accident site. My Brother-in-law as a contractor back in the day and bought his first BobCat in 1965, what innovation has gone in these skid steers, He even invented a few attachments for them himself. I can't think of anything with the exception of the PC computer that's had more innovation done for it! It is endless!
Expert Cooling
Expert Cooling - 3 måneder siden
Dirt Rock and cement! that's a first...... well, I guess nota first.... I've seen it in third world countries.....
UnknownEvent - 3 måneder siden
And this is the story of the mysterious dissapearing grain metal thingy, it was never seen again...
alan s
alan s - 3 måneder siden
1.7 million views
Michael Hayden
Michael Hayden - 3 måneder siden
Ratio of your 3 products Sand Gravel Cement ? As its a foundation i wounder if the planning inspecter would pass it without a batch code from supplier,
Godson Johnson
Godson Johnson - 3 måneder siden
I Love This... Now I know where I am going.
Joseph Beattie
Joseph Beattie - 4 måneder siden
Sonotubes and fence posts. Perfect!
R King
R King - 4 måneder siden
An investment for sure "
Gerald Miller
Gerald Miller - 4 måneder siden
Do not scratch the paint.
Al K
Al K - 4 måneder siden
great thing, but this seems to me wrong mixing the things without following proportions.
Stevey Irwin
Stevey Irwin - 4 måneder siden
idk why there building a deck there, shite view...
Qwertyu Hi
Qwertyu Hi - 3 måneder siden
@Stevey Irwin Wow that was a fast response
Stevey Irwin
Stevey Irwin - 3 måneder siden
@Qwertyu Hi ahhh that makes sense! beautiful!
Qwertyu Hi
Qwertyu Hi - 3 måneder siden
@Stevey Irwin upstate new york
Stevey Irwin
Stevey Irwin - 4 måneder siden
of course the hose faucet is leaking, what else is new.
Stevey Irwin
Stevey Irwin - 4 måneder siden
must be canada, that 4' frost line is a biatch
Mateusz Domaszyński
Mateusz Domaszyński - 4 måneder siden
man, this mixer is doing its job
mraubrey007 - 4 måneder siden
great video
Jorge Alvarado Elizondo
Jorge Alvarado Elizondo - 4 måneder siden
Mike Mike
Mike Mike - 4 måneder siden
Need a vibrator stick to settle the cement. It's more thorough.
Ashjuk - 4 måneder siden
Unless there are scales on the Bobcat I don't see how you achieve a consistent mix - the amount of ballast in the hopper is just guess work. Certainly would not pass building regs. here in the UK
G Unit
G Unit - 4 måneder siden
Product manufacturer: We’ve got a great product.
AC: This thing is well made
Product manufacturer: The Messiah has spoken
mag ali
mag ali - 5 måneder siden
I think if you add an edge by welding a metal 20 or 25 cm in the front edge it will be more practical
Алексей Никосо
Алексей Никосо - 5 måneder siden
Если избавиться от решетки, получится отличный портативный измельчитель- смеситель- раздатчик кормов для небольшого фермерского хозяйства.
Kaboose - 5 måneder siden
Got Dang that thing is sweet.
Joven Mitra
Joven Mitra - 5 måneder siden
Amizing introduction
Operator skills.. SKid Steer loader
Keep safe and sound I like..
Justin Church
Justin Church - 5 måneder siden
His tracks sounded like predator in the beginning.
VK3ATX - 5 måneder siden
a couple of things i have seen and noted 1: premixing make a ride line instead of a mound and load from one end 2: buckets of water work better as you can keep your mix more constant 3: your mix into the tube was not wet enough without use a vibrator cheers love the videos keep up the good work
Mik P
Mik P - 5 måneder siden
To tam krpi hadicej vuul:-)
анатолий матышев
анатолий матышев - 5 måneder siden
Solid Works
Solid Works - 5 måneder siden
I've been thinking about buying one of these for grouting block walls, now I think I will, thanks for the video. You guys are awesome!
Jim Pov
Jim Pov - 5 måneder siden
Another great video Andrew. Discovered these videos 2 weeks ago and it's been a must have everyday. Inspiration. Wish I had the skills to do it all like you.
Also love @12.50 you sit in skidsteer with hose and do it all yourself as per usual 👍🏻
Arianna Blue
Arianna Blue - 5 måneder siden
What happen to the other truck
Mary Ellis
Mary Ellis - 6 måneder siden
why take the safety grate off?
Mary Ellis
Mary Ellis - 5 måneder siden
@Andrew Camarata U have to remember safety comes first what model of drone do you use?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 6 måneder siden
It was in the way, and not making it any safer.
Juarez Girollete
Juarez Girollete - 6 måneder siden
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 6 måneder siden
The best trees are just the natural ones in the area. They plant themselves here and grow very quickly. Just stop mowing/maintaining an area, and its trees before you know it.
mshetz - 6 måneder siden
So yea, next to that gravel is definitely soil ..
I never ever, or a company, mixed soil in with concrete 🤔🤦‍♂️
ABC ABC - 6 måneder siden
Skid Steer Solutions
Skid Steer Solutions - 6 måneder siden
Only if you can magically fall through the grate, which required him actually taking the grate off. You wouldn't run your car without brakes, same rationale. Safe operation of the attachment means that the operator and bystanders are safe.
Facemushroom - 6 måneder siden
Ive been watching a few of this mans videos today (corona virus quarantine) and this is the first time ive seen him buy something that wasnt completely fucked!!! All those ancient rusty diggers???!!!???... It must be some kind of fetish. Unless its got at least 6million miles of the clock, just not interested.
Marcelo Paixão
Marcelo Paixão - 6 måneder siden
Tem um equipamento tão sofisticado e não tem um vibrador de concreto. Vacilaram nisso.
guuba gaaba
guuba gaaba - 6 måneder siden
kickass tool !!! so much for ordering concrete unless its a big job !!!! goodbye middle man !!!!!!
william skrainski
william skrainski - 6 måneder siden
What was the slump on that concrete?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 6 måneder siden
The perfect amount.
william skrainski
william skrainski - 6 måneder siden
Order a volumetric truck
srt hellcat
srt hellcat - 6 måneder siden
I hope you never stop making video
Glenn C SR.
Glenn C SR. - 6 måneder siden
How about a 50 Gal. plastic water tank mounted on the Bobcat roof with a gravity feed inch and half hose.Control the water right from the seat'
mikem mikem
mikem mikem - 6 måneder siden
That cover grate on the bobcat is great but it is also for safety so..........
mikem mikem
mikem mikem - 6 måneder siden
Nothing like the northeast for fall color.
DJ COLQUITT - 6 måneder siden
I’ll never own a bobcat in my lifetime. But I’m seriously considering it now. All the attachments this guy uses-it kinda makes sense now!
“Babe!! Just ordered the mixing attachment!! Its good for pours to small for a big truck and too much to do by hand!”
Skid Steer Solutions
Skid Steer Solutions - 6 måneder siden
:D Let us know if you need any help selecting attachments.
James - 6 måneder siden
use mini ex to load it, easier and keep better track of mix, for example, 3 buckets of gravel, 2 buckets of sand, 1 bag of cement. for water use 5 gallon pails, we put lines on them with black marker so we know how much water to get the proper consistency every time. helps to put water in first too
ergsdgs34 - 6 måneder siden
4:15 wow forget the mixer, you should have a nature channel! very pretty. (the mixer is cool too i guess)
RobLikes - 6 måneder siden
Inspector Levi, the best damn inspector in the game.
돌깨는 남자우성개발
돌깨는 남자우성개발 - 6 måneder siden
사장님 장갑도 안끼고 거침없네ㅎ
Samuel O'Conner
Samuel O'Conner - 6 måneder siden
Been thinking of getting one of these attachments for my BobCat. We are going to build a new deer camp this summer and getting a concrete truck up in the mountain will be tough.
Skid Steer Solutions
Skid Steer Solutions - 6 måneder siden
@Samuel O'Conner Hey Samuel, let us know if you every need any help on attachments. Whether it be selecting the right Mix and Go by Eterra or others. :D
Samuel O'Conner
Samuel O'Conner - 6 måneder siden
@Andrew Camarata We have to decide weather to go with tubes, slab or footer with either block or stem wall.. Just wonder how fast I can mix batches and how many yards I can get out of a full batch?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 6 måneder siden
Yeah, you can mix concrete in the back of a truck or on the ground too.
R. CIC15
R. CIC15 - 6 måneder siden
That’s a nice tool to have for when the mixer shows up and you need to get the concrete to/in certain spots