Buying a skid steer mower

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Buying a 72" skid steer mower and testing it out.
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Bryan Kerr
Bryan Kerr - 17 timer siden
Didn’t seem like the RPMs were up high enough.
Wong willy
Wong willy - 5 dager siden
He's going to ruin the cutter blades..
Kate - 5 dager siden
I think most people who this equipment don’t really know how to use it effectively. They don’t know how to take down big trees like the ones you took down.
Roy wadsworth
Roy wadsworth - 12 dager siden
my main concern with an open cab is ground bees should you run over a nest
Dan Constancio Jr
Dan Constancio Jr - 15 dager siden
Gotta watch out for debris.
Jose A C
Jose A C - 21 dag siden
Jeffrey Yeater
Jeffrey Yeater - 28 dager siden
Your a fine american my freind . love your castle too. Awesome !
Blyndon McLaughlin
Blyndon McLaughlin - 28 dager siden
That was awesome. I want one. Lol. Ml
Wingnut Stickman
Wingnut Stickman - Måned siden
Try to keep track of the lid on this document holder..
Alex Lua
Alex Lua - Måned siden
How long is the whole set? Skid steer and cutter together? Thanks
Scott Cleveland
Scott Cleveland - Måned siden
I’ve mowed down a few fields with a new Holland LX 665… The hydraulic actuation on that machine was pulling the entire handle over to the left or right. I used to bungee cord the thing to the floor. Your whole arm would get exhausted. And then you couldn’t adjust the height with the attachment turned on. So glad that this stuff has been fixed in the newer machines.
Al Myers
Al Myers - Måned siden
Nobody ever discusses blade sharpening.
Luis A. Torres
Luis A. Torres - Måned siden
In all honesty you should have gotten that same one with a Mulching Disc if you wanted to cut down trees like that. In time you will wear the blades out if you are using it on trees like that. Especially to remove stumps. Check out our other Brush Cutters. I work at the company that builds these.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Dont they require high flow though? I didnt have that. This thing works pretty well. Maybe the next one.
Ruben Kelevra
Ruben Kelevra - Måned siden
Wondering if it makes sense to put some skies or large solid tires on some springs on the sides to avoid hitting the ground that often 🤔
This would make it easily to see how high you are from the ground, by watching the compression of the springs.
PsychaChi - Måned siden
Get a door and get a new blade. Trees that your cutting like that arent gonna cut.
Godw1ll99 - Måned siden
Mara De la Rubia
Mara De la Rubia - Måned siden
Sería imposible que tradujeran en ESPAÑOL?,,,,,,gracias
Karl K
Karl K - Måned siden
Maybe I am wrong but this is NOT a HI-FLOW brush cutter is it? The skid steer looks a little small to support a HI-FLOW pump. I have run a few different brush cutters and every one of them has been pretty well used and the two things that are mandatory for my use are the cutter has got to be used and run in the HI-FLOW mode, if you are trying to cut real brush without that your have just thrown away 2/3s of your time, your better off going home and drink coffee! The second this is for Gods sake get a frickin shatterproof windshield in that skid steer! Maybe the toy your playing with here is ok but if you had a real setup you would understand what I am talking about within about 5 seconds!!!
Brad Wyrick
Brad Wyrick - Måned siden
It’s kind of scary how close your boots are to the bucket in that one
Scott Auctions
Scott Auctions - Måned siden
What Brand is this mower ??? Would you buy another one ???
Aaron Wilcox
Aaron Wilcox - Måned siden
Time and time again I see you messing with hyd lines and handling them underpower. Bad practice bro.
Ernie King
Ernie King - Måned siden
You need wheels on the front of the attachment maybe?
shaun schollaert
shaun schollaert - Måned siden
Do you have a float setting to do the feild and then you wouldnt have to keep adjusting the height
born2soon - 2 måneder siden
As many deliveries as you get, perhaps a half circle driveway would be in order so you aren't unloading on a dangerous road. Double yellow line worries me.
Spencer Steinhauer
Spencer Steinhauer - 2 måneder siden
How much was the mower?
Ducknell •
Ducknell • - 2 måneder siden
Best customer that truck driver ever had!
Yasmin Ghani
Yasmin Ghani - 2 måneder siden
Enjoy watching your video
Ornothopter - 2 måneder siden
delivery guy must love you
Nicholas DellaMorte
Nicholas DellaMorte - 2 måneder siden
What’s up Levi
318 Six Pack
318 Six Pack - 2 måneder siden
Good deal! Saw some guy who bought a similar new unit at an auction. Had to do some extensive fixing to it after 10 min of use. No oil in the gear box after the hydraulic pump. Blades flew off. Most if not all fasteners needed tightening up. Similar price as yours too. Looks like you got the better deal.
318 Six Pack
318 Six Pack - 2 måneder siden
@Andrew Camarata Actually, this is it. He posted about it again. I was wrong about the price. At auction with fees and whatnot it was about half as much as yours.
318 Six Pack
318 Six Pack - 2 måneder siden
@Andrew Camarata Yes, I noticed the difference right away even on camera.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 2 måneder siden
That sucks, I haven't had any problems with this.
john swinger
john swinger - 2 måneder siden
I want to use that on a golf course and turn some cycles :)
Sam Matthews
Sam Matthews - 2 måneder siden
I need one of these idk why but I do
D&G Services
D&G Services - 2 måneder siden
What brand is that brush cutter on that skidsteer nd where can I get it in high flow
D&G Services
D&G Services - 2 måneder siden
What brand is that skidsteer
Jesse riding
Jesse riding - 2 måneder siden
Moe powa!
Kerry Ware
Kerry Ware - 2 måneder siden
You have probably thought of this already but you could put a spst toggle switch in parallel with the momentary switch that is on your joystick and mount it somewhere in the cab where you will not bump it accidentally.
Dan Koning
Dan Koning - 2 måneder siden
I'm not sure if ppl are aware, but its interesting how he *geographically orients* us
to *"The Castle"* visually, from completed job sites at the end of most videos.
Shibumi - 2 måneder siden
The Swiss Army Knife of implements...
Dan Thorn
Dan Thorn - 2 måneder siden
What make is your mower?
1944chevytruck - 2 måneder siden
good job! great machine! thanks 4 video. be kind.
vietnam vet
vietnam vet - 2 måneder siden
What to do with leftover stumps is always an issue. My son in law had a guy come in and take out brush and small trees but then could't drive lawn mower or small tractor in area where clearing had been done until he went in with a stump grinder to grind stumps below grade. all part of the fun of clearing land of trees and the videos Andrew, there doesn;t seem to be anything you are afraid of tackling...kudos to a young man such as yourself for doing real work in the real world
Ardel Pedro
Ardel Pedro - 2 måneder siden
Mowing those trees without a door is going to get you killed. It happened to a friend of mine. He had a branch come through and stabbed him in the chest...was dead almost instantly.
차경환 - 2 måneder siden
In my opinion, the disk rotation method with a blade is not suitable for cutting wood.
Drum type grinding machine is better
zimdoner2452 - 3 måneder siden
Attach wheels at bottom on both sides ( height adjustable ) so that you won't have to hold lever once height is set. Wheels will help maintain uniform height wt the ground.
Terry Burge
Terry Burge - 3 måneder siden
Truly awesome machine. I just watched your later video using this with some serious brush and trees. Would love to play with this myself only my oak trees are a bit too big and very heavy. Terry
Roger Whiting
Roger Whiting - 3 måneder siden
Love that thing. Only thing I notice is the lack of wear plates where it makes contact with the ground. They may in fact be there and I didnt see them.... it would be short sighted to not have them.
s w
s w - 3 måneder siden
Gotta love Levi chasin the drone!
guuba gaaba
guuba gaaba - 3 måneder siden
who makes it ?????
WAVETUBE84 - 3 måneder siden
2 Million views. Dude!
Artie Van
Artie Van - 3 måneder siden
That's how you make cake on NOburn.
WAVETUBE84 - 3 måneder siden
Look into Vermeer Products.
WAVETUBE84 - 3 måneder siden
While yir at it.....mow that leech field designer, idiot, hag's license!
WAVETUBE84 - 3 måneder siden
Hey Andrew, you gota charge more now! You have hungry dogs to feed! And you ain't just mowing a front yard. It's called an invoice. And add a zero to your estimates! On the back have fine print delineating that non payment is action for a Mechanical Lien! Stop being a chump! And where is my tshirt, with "How ya like me now!" On it? Hahahahaha
Kevin1264 - 3 måneder siden
8:35 Giving me some flashbacks to Ferngully. Lmao
DIRT KING - 3 måneder siden
How did it hold up Andrew? Still working good?
truly surprised
truly surprised - 3 måneder siden
"Stay back 300ft" .......sits on top of it with open cab. Those mowers LOVE bee's nests.
Brian A
Brian A - 3 måneder siden
“Can mow trees up to 7 inches”
Cuts a 24 inch diameter tree in half
Grumpy Munchkin
Grumpy Munchkin - 3 måneder siden
Your a brave man running that without a demo door.
Hawa Bibi4epss87[a p
Hawa Bibi4epss87[a p - 4 måneder siden
Roger Dickinson
Roger Dickinson - 4 måneder siden
Where'd all the rock for the stone walls come from?
Artie Van
Artie Van - 3 måneder siden
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 4 måneder siden
Robert Mailhos
Robert Mailhos - 4 måneder siden
Love the color of your.skid steer
Ultrametric - 4 måneder siden
I have watched a BUNCH of your videos and I think this is my favorite. You can see how the guys on the truck totally respect and trust your ability to unload the cargo. That respect is priceless. You earned it.
Mike Mike
Mike Mike - 4 måneder siden
I'm not impressed with it.
Christopher Geswein
Christopher Geswein - 4 måneder siden
Andrew, I wish you'd put a link to the mower you purchased or update everyone to the brand and model. Any chance you could ?
Daniel Rowell
Daniel Rowell - 4 måneder siden
Is that a double sided blade because it look like it was rotate the wrong waded
WAVETUBE84 - 4 måneder siden
Andrew has a new toy....and IT'S BRAND NEW!
WAVETUBE84 - 4 måneder siden
"He who has the largest mower...wins!" Hahahah
Kirk Rogers
Kirk Rogers - 4 måneder siden
Maybe clearing a lot! Good video ANDREW! 👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Mike Brennan
Mike Brennan - 5 måneder siden
How could so many people not like this video.. That was awesome.
J.R. In WV
J.R. In WV - 5 måneder siden
I like how the stickers say stay back 300 feet, you couldn’t even read them at that distance 😂. Might as well say “if you can read this you’re too close”, that would still cover their ass and look cool at the same time.
34Racingteam - 5 måneder siden
gffy gcgxghxt
gffy gcgxghxt - 5 måneder siden
I really like a blue scidster l am going to buy one and i love your videos.
micah_lee - 5 måneder siden
stay back 300 feet!
Gilles Lamoureux
Gilles Lamoureux - 5 måneder siden
Too much fun no pay check
sizemorec1 - 5 måneder siden
Probably not a high flow machine
D Knight
D Knight - 5 måneder siden
Ohhhhhhhhhj! PRETTY!!!!!
J B - 5 måneder siden
That was definitely a bad ass mower, the best I have seen.
Raw Blow
Raw Blow - 5 måneder siden
Just plow into that shit full speed, if something breaks we know you can repair it! LOL!!
Elko Aztec
Elko Aztec - 5 måneder siden
List bro you can drill four holes on each side of that thing and put four wheels whit the pin holes so you can adjust level of hight so your arm doesn’t die on the Joyce stick by mine opinion 3pto is way better deal more power and for this attachment you waste your money
Elko Aztec
Elko Aztec - 5 måneder siden
That attachment isn’t very well you could buy better machine for the money you spend on that attachment those bearings soon gone fly from that sucker
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 5 måneder siden
What? read what you wrote before posting. This attachment seems fine, I have used it on a few jobs, chopping up rocks with it, still good.
Freddy V
Freddy V - 6 måneder siden
Delivering to Andrew Camarata must be a trucker's dream.
Riverro - 6 måneder siden
Работа в кайф!!! Отличная природа и прекрасные люди!!! это тебе не россия, с её паскудством и воровством!
Maybe Someday
Maybe Someday - 6 måneder siden
I wish trees grew higher
paul huber
paul huber - 6 måneder siden
paul huber
paul huber - 6 måneder siden
Jason82 - 6 måneder siden
At :30 did you drop your phone getting into the CTL to unload the truck? And PLEASE PLEASE get a severe duty door for that machine! I've done clearing with these mowers and forestry mulcher for 16 years and I promise a door will save your life one day! Stay safe and loved the video. And btw ALWAYS check the bolts on a new mower. We have gotten new ones in the past that didnt have the blade bolts properly tightened. They would of came off within minutes if not noticed before mowing
sn0k3e - 6 måneder siden
10:00 sounds like scooby doo is running
Amy Kelley
Amy Kelley - 6 måneder siden
This is good video,thanks for sharing
Clint Dixon
Clint Dixon - 6 måneder siden
More volume, more pressure, more rpm = faster blade speed.
Marilynn Crager
Marilynn Crager - 7 måneder siden
We love watching your videos ♥️ You're quite the wizard with those machines!!
northerndarklight - 7 måneder siden
Andrew, you need a forestry mulcher. Check out Upstate Brush Control (South Carolina) on YouTube. One of those Fecon mulchers can make chips out of good sized trees.
Justin Holloway
Justin Holloway - 7 måneder siden
So I see you buy a lot of attachments on eBay anything particular that should watch for I’m in market for demo bucket
Dwight W
Dwight W - 7 måneder siden
If I designed equipment. I'd send Andrew everything for free and let him use it for a year. After that bring it back and re-design it after all the issues he found. You'd have some nice equipment. Plus send Andrew nice compensation for his time. Solid business
Roger Dale
Roger Dale - 7 måneder siden
It dices, it slices, it slashes, chops and grinds. It clears and decimates... Bassomatic. Say good-bye to those pesky trees. Now that's fresh bass.
Jorge Antonio Romero Espinola
Jorge Antonio Romero Espinola - 7 måneder siden
Solo por aquí, se exige que la ruta tenga banquina; para estacionar si es que se necesita descargar algo, o algún camión se descompone...
De ese modo, nadie queda en la ruta, y todos pueden seguir en manejando en la ruta, sin que nadie se interponga...
Doug Willard
Doug Willard - 7 måneder siden
What make and model mowing deck?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 7 måneder siden
Extreme implements.
George R Rust
George R Rust - 7 måneder siden
Damn get to have all the fun!
Радж Мамедов
Радж Мамедов - 7 måneder siden
В РУСИ говорят,заставь дурака Богу молиться,он себе лоб разшибёт!!
Lawrence Forbach
Lawrence Forbach - 7 måneder siden
I have seen this earlier when ya got it but it’s just great to see again. 👍
Lawrence Forbach
Lawrence Forbach - 7 måneder siden
That’s a great job. It’s just what ya needed with all the forest and wooded areas you work in.
Dave P
Dave P - 7 måneder siden
How is that thing not broken yet?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 7 måneder siden
That's what it is designed to do.