Buying a new pickup truck

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Buying a used 2003 dodge 2500 diesel pickup truck, doing some repairs and using it on some jobs.
0:00 talking about old truck
1:30 picking up new truck
4:15 install windshield
5:56 fix tailgate
9:04 fix taillights
14:40 under truck inspection
15:58 oil change, steering damper, hood cylinders
22:39 fix parking brake
26:00 fix driver door
29:03 pulling out a stuck dump truck
33:03 doing the truck pull competition
35:23 moving some rubber excavator tracks
38:00 License plate lights, seat belt stop
40:23 installing new seat
42:38 new fuel filter
48:56 pulling down a tree branch
50:01 re-visiting fuel filter
53:43 fixing holes in bed
58:57 Installing tool box and rear window screen
1:13:15 Installing the correct driver seat
1:18:00 new rear brakes
1:22:39 installing dash cam
1:25:50 Getting a free camper
1:34:12 outro

Track pieces:
Dash cam:
Auto lift:
Runtime: 1:37:29


NativeT - Dag siden
* comes back for the 3rd time to watch this again *
Redneck Kev
Redneck Kev - 2 dager siden
I have a stock front bumper for that truck if you want it.
GreyGhost Gone
GreyGhost Gone - 2 dager siden
“OH the generator does not like that!” 🤣🤣
vishnu mohan
vishnu mohan - 3 dager siden
Missing new truck repair videos
Marvin Kigame
Marvin Kigame - 3 dager siden
I love how Andrew fixes things in simplicity. I had to subscribe to his channel to watch and learn 😊
Johnny Espinoza
Johnny Espinoza - 4 dager siden
Flush the tank.geezzz man cmonn!!!
John Sykes III
John Sykes III - 4 dager siden
Y'a sure this guy's real name isn't MacGyver?
Tu Chenz
Tu Chenz - 4 dager siden
32:51 lmfao
Rodolfo Plasencia
Rodolfo Plasencia - 4 dager siden
Watched twice with this one. The way my father and I protect our trucks seats, we put a piece of cardboard on top of the seats or, a wide comfortable pillow, they last forever.
That's a nice camper, you can install home and start collecting a good rent off of it with a good decent person in there!
Inspector Levi even check for trailers! Very good!
Stan Giles
Stan Giles - 5 dager siden
Great body shop work. What paint booth
Coder1024 - 5 dager siden
lmao I could tell by the rust on your car, the vegetation and the lack of decent diesel trucks in the area that you were update NY country bumpkin. Then you busted out your plates on confirmed it lol
IloveBaklava - 6 dager siden
Was i the only person shocked he used safelite for the windshield? "Safelite repair, safelite replace"
ComputersAndWeb - 6 dager siden
Great Video. I wouldn't buy dodge trucks though but I guess if you can fix anything, it is not a problem for you.
Jeep Gucci
Jeep Gucci - 8 dager siden
You usually dont Start the engine and let it Run. You start it and Just Turn it Off a few times cause the oil needs some Times to get in every Corner
themudhutt1 - 9 dager siden
That was brilliant to watch . Do more like it
Hubier Mccain
Hubier Mccain - 9 dager siden
Ever heard of not having to get stuck and stop and putting it in neutral for 4x4 or just flipping a knob
Anthony Trombley
Anthony Trombley - 10 dager siden
Paint your gril white to match the truck and rhino line your equipment trailer white trust me
Terry Elmore
Terry Elmore - 11 dager siden
Is this truck a stik
Joaquim Brandão
Joaquim Brandão - 12 dager siden
a piece of an advice to install the bonnet dampers it is not necessary to remove the springs, it is only necessary to remove them.
Z T - 12 dager siden
Liam Advena
Liam Advena - 13 dager siden
My electrical 4wd works fine for my 04
Brice Graham
Brice Graham - 13 dager siden
Man this truck is cool. it would be great to have a freaking regular cab diesel.
cumminsdeiselpower - 14 dager siden
Has plasma cutter, uses angle grinder to cut flat plate.....
Desare Hudson
Desare Hudson - 15 dager siden
am i the only one that wants him to get an actual brand new truck bc like he deserves it
pap301 tv
pap301 tv - 15 dager siden
He has had that truck in others vids
Gord Fifield
Gord Fifield - 15 dager siden
Just the right number of dents 😂
Sharky's Machine
Sharky's Machine - 15 dager siden
Love the dude's fancy New 'tough' looking Dodge Ram with hood scoop in driveway,.... "yeah, absolute garbage, couldn't pull anything " Lol
Cookie's House Cannabis Co
Cookie's House Cannabis Co - 16 dager siden
32:52 andrew firing shots over here xD
Dawson Hardy
Dawson Hardy - 16 dager siden
What kind of motor does it have in it I know it’s a diesel but is it a Cummins
Dawson Hardy
Dawson Hardy - 16 dager siden
I’m watching the video right now the truck video
Dawson Hardy
Dawson Hardy - 16 dager siden
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 16 dager siden
cummins 5.9
Andrii Bokhonskyi
Andrii Bokhonskyi - 18 dager siden
Прям як наші Жигулі :) не авто а велика проблема.
謝榮強 - 18 dager siden
Bvda - 18 dager siden
its so hard watching someone beat up a truck even if its a work truck aha XD
dab of iron
dab of iron - 18 dager siden
The hole cut in the bed floor for the fuel pump yessssss
lastfanstanding999 - 18 dager siden
Hey man, this video keeps popping up, and ive already watched the a long time ago... BUT
since i'm an old old man and therefore by default that makes me very friggin wise, so let me help you a bit...
remember the video of you and Levi spraying that peanut butter beeswax stuff under your truck, well
seeing that winner snow and ice is on its way why do you offer a undercoating for a service to your locals!
$$$ CHIC-CHING jellybean ya know what i mean $$$
Gerald Miller
Gerald Miller - 19 dager siden
How many miles are on the truck?
Keegan Foster
Keegan Foster - 19 dager siden
1:18:51 had a friend who worked with a guy, the guy was holding his hand around the socket and it exploded mulched the inside of his hand and fingers
patrick Elliott
patrick Elliott - 19 dager siden
Hey guys I’m looking for a cheap dirt bike that runs and drives do you guys know of anyone who would have one ?
Jamie Mac
Jamie Mac - 20 dager siden
Sick garage and property
Jaydon Deuel
Jaydon Deuel - 20 dager siden
Personally I would get rid of those god awful taillights and get some stock ones
Stan Chase
Stan Chase - 20 dager siden
Hey there.. Just a thought but, it might be a good idea to clean injectors and pull our the fuel filter in a few weeks to re check it's condition. Best of luck and take care! Ahha if I had watched a little further I would have seen you re checked your fuel filter. I guess the more comments the better...
Albert Huffman
Albert Huffman - 21 dag siden
I always see people not lubing the oil filter gasket so good to see u do it lol
Skelton Slay8er
Skelton Slay8er - 21 dag siden
What’s the bed length?
Bobbi Cade
Bobbi Cade - 21 dag siden
I love your work ethic. And your determination and your decisiveness
Bobbi Cade
Bobbi Cade - 21 dag siden
Got kinda lazy with the bed
Bobbi Cade
Bobbi Cade - 21 dag siden
You really seem to enjoy your work
Joeziah Babb
Joeziah Babb - 23 dager siden
26:15 holy shit I was laughing that entire time
33:00 savage
Joeziah Babb
Joeziah Babb - 23 dager siden
15:00 don't worry, doggo will let you know when its high enough.
not_henrys_mom - 23 dager siden
But no fire extinguisher in the tool box
YotaMax - 24 dager siden
I haven't even looked to see if my truck has a seat belt, love how you clean up all your equipment to work, doesn't need to be expensive or look new!
David - 24 dager siden
just letting you no the fuse on the lighter is about 15 to 20 amps and the wire for that dash cam will burn before the fuse blows.
i would use a superset fuse for that cam or you run the risk of (Fire)........
Rick Bueche
Rick Bueche - 24 dager siden
At 1:22:55, Andrew adds a dash cam. That inspired me to buy a similar one in 2019, a VIOFO A129 - no GPS, but with a rear camera. I needed to order a replacement front windshield mounting bracket, but ordered the wrong one. Mine mates with 4 slots on the back of the camera. One that came has just one t-shaped slot. Ordered another one, again. His is AUKEY DR02 Dash Camera.
macmurati - 24 dager siden
Never understood why some folks are always rough on their stuff. Just chill out and take it easy. Hate to see what you’re like when you’re pissed lmao
Eddie Morton Tap Man
Eddie Morton Tap Man - 24 dager siden
You kind of truck , the drivers seat is extra worn out
Eddie Morton Tap Man
Eddie Morton Tap Man - 24 dager siden
You seem to like your tractor supply big ratchet, you use it a lot !
Eddie Morton Tap Man
Eddie Morton Tap Man - 24 dager siden
Must of come from down south or not driven up there in the winter ?
Dean Farmer
Dean Farmer - 24 dager siden
4:40 Ooh Milwaukee tools
Dean Farmer
Dean Farmer - 24 dager siden
So your new truck has a Cummins Diesel
Michael Yarmie
Michael Yarmie - 25 dager siden
How many bodies have you buried in the bush?
Kate Lutterodt
Kate Lutterodt - 25 dager siden
Kate Lutterodt
Kate Lutterodt - 25 dager siden
Kevin Klingner
Kevin Klingner - 26 dager siden
If you use an old tyre on the vehical being pulled it will work a treat on the snatch magnifies the pulling snatch and takes the shock away from both vehicals.
Kevin Klingner
Kevin Klingner - 26 dager siden
New rings bearings and pistons and mains
OMG myPANTS - 26 dager siden
I have to say this is one of the more cathartic videos I've seen. Almost every time I said "Noooo.. I'd have done it THIS way!" You came back and did it that way lmao. Fantastic stuff as always.
OMG myPANTS - 26 dager siden
Idk what manufacturers were thinking with transmissions around this era.. my 99 f350 has had it's 4r100 trans rebuilt 3 times in less than 20k miles, once just before I bought it, and I've got an appointment for the 2nd rebuild since I've owned it.. This time I'm putting another cooler on it with an electric fan and a temperature sensor.. I'll baby the hell out of it.. and I'm probably going to sell it if I have any more issues. Get something with a manual trans. I'm never buying another automatic. I miss my old 85 f250 with the 6.9 na diesel. and 4 speed trans, that truck could pull anything.. Not fast, but it did the job, and did it up some crazy dirt roads most people wouldn't even drive up normally. And I had the safety of using gears when going down hill instead of depending on the brakes. Sometimes even shifting down to first on an automatic isn't enough.
pr4l viper
pr4l viper - 26 dager siden
Andrew, how much do u pay for this truck?
1944chevytruck - 27 dager siden
thanks 4 video. be kind....999000
Kyle Harding
Kyle Harding - 27 dager siden
It's pre dented lol
John Young
John Young - 28 dager siden
Fuel tank is leting in water.
Poss leaking pump seal.
Barbara Collins
Barbara Collins - 28 dager siden
agree with the previous poster....very entertaining
Justin Darby
Justin Darby - 28 dager siden
I love what you don’t brother 🙏🏼 I can’t watch these videos all day
brad koste
brad koste - 29 dager siden
pepe didnt use that true set technology safelite brags about on tv
Teoman Ozsen
Teoman Ozsen - 29 dager siden
Local Hero Andrew.
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97 - 29 dager siden
Just recently bought a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 SLT with the 5.7 Hemi Magnum for my nephew. Clean truck just has rear fender rust from all the snow and salt. It’s also got 200k on it because original owner daily drove it. It was his ride. Truck is well took care of it’s just that the snow has got to the rear fenders and original owner has drove it daily. Underneath just has surface rust but that’s gonna get took care of and the rear fender rust. It just needs to be treated well. High mileage vehicles will keep on going if they are clean and well took care of. This truck is so well took care of it probably has a few hundred thousand more miles on it. It’ll keep going! He’s gonna treat it well. He’ll fix it up overtime so it can last him
Damien Sampson
Damien Sampson - Måned siden
Hey Andrew. Did you find out the deal on the Car Quest fuel filters? That is really a piece of crap.
Scout Rifle
Scout Rifle - Måned siden
(Climbing out of engine compartment)"Well, that's pretty easy. " :)
Skyline RS*R
Skyline RS*R - Måned siden
This content is so inspirational, being a fellow D.I.Y'er id love to have the money and space to do all the things Andrew does!
paul oliver
paul oliver - Måned siden
pre-dented .... lol
cecil veley
cecil veley - Måned siden
No new videos what the fuck man? Find some girl?
cecil veley
cecil veley - Måned siden
How about the roof you going to leave it? Have a mural painted on it that b cool,it just came to me. A bulldozer r a dump truck.
cecil veley
cecil veley - Måned siden
So you find a girl and show her yo palace come on dude where’s this chick ya got ta find a chick for this place.
cecil veley
cecil veley - Måned siden
I was rude
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
I am working on closing in my building.
SeptemberTwentyThird - Måned siden
32:51 casually flames another mans truck. LOL!
cere tomer
cere tomer - Måned siden
That's not a new truck
cere tomer
cere tomer - Måned siden
@Andrew Camarata You're right. I should have thought that one through. I loved my first new/used car.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
Its new to me.
Will USA
Will USA - Måned siden
Just getting nice seat cover
Will USA
Will USA - Måned siden
It looks better with the dark in the bed
J. A.
J. A. - Måned siden
Put a seat cover
J. A.
J. A. - Måned siden
Like anything chrysler, junk. Buy ford or toyota. I don't know why toyota doesn't bring dihatsu to the American market.
Lizzardly Goon
Lizzardly Goon - Måned siden
32:52 🤣
Truck Stuff
Truck Stuff - Måned siden
I think the fuel filters were rusting out because there's water in the fuel system because I don't believe diesel will rust metal. And I don't believe the filter is defective. What I would do is drain the fuel tank and clean it out really good and then blow out the fuel lines. Just my 2 cents.
Honest Reu
Honest Reu - Måned siden
drain your fuel bowl with every fuel filter service!!! and then prime the system, happy diesels!
superunknown ?
superunknown ? - Måned siden
i wish my truck had manual 4wd. i have the push button, but its working fine
Brandon w Tiner
Brandon w Tiner - Måned siden
what about you shiping container building?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
There are a bunch of videos on here about that building.
Rafael Herrera
Rafael Herrera - Måned siden
Great job good video good boy Levie
Alex T
Alex T - Måned siden
Those parking brakes were insane. I remember the first car I had with one. I got in with snow on my boots and pulled the brake handle and it threw snow and mud into my eyes. Wonderful idea.
RandyB143 - Måned siden
RandyB143 - Måned siden
NY trucks are rust buckets.. sadly
MrBrunoBeats - Måned siden
what country is that? lot of trees
Gaming on a Tin can
Gaming on a Tin can - Måned siden
The amount of repairs he needed to do in like 4 months is insane
Walkertongdee - Måned siden
Clickbait not a new truck
Phil Tron
Phil Tron - Måned siden
why didnt you just take the wire out of the ash tray lighter power adapter before sliding it under ur dashboard?
LAN43 - Måned siden
11:57 Why did I nod to let him know it was working like he was gonna see me LMAO
Buddy S
Buddy S - Måned siden
Is it broken yet? No? Ok, lets go a little more. :D
Crooked Fence Farm
Crooked Fence Farm - Måned siden
Title: Buying a new pickup truck
Video: Everything possible about this pickup truck, except me buying it.
There is nobody that provides more entertaining and genuine content than you. Thank you!
Triscuit - Måned siden
Definitely made me want to tackle making a headache rack for my 09 F350. Had the break AND strap fail on a four wheeler which caused the four wheeler to slam into the glass. NO clue how it didn't shatter the window, but I'll take it. I want to make one custom for my needs hauling kayaks above the four wheeler as well. We just use it as a camping, hunting, fishing and tow rig. So it's Always loaded down with a trailer, four wheeler, heavy loads, or all my gear. I do want a took box but don't want to lose the whole point of a long bed, so I'm looking at the ones that tuck up into the sides of the bed.
Andrea Dgeorge
Andrea Dgeorge - Måned siden
how are you not married? you can do everything. where is the defect? you have to disclose that information prior to hooking up.. there has to be something wrong, cause when something seems too good to be true, well you know the rest. I could watch your videos all day. ps....btw, I liked the smaller mesh, it added a slight bit of privacy to the cab. I hate fish bowls. great job tho on the window protector.
Andrea Dgeorge
Andrea Dgeorge - Måned siden
@Andrew Camarata then she was a waste of time. I can tell you this, you are better off single. This happily ever after bs is an illusion.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - Måned siden
I have no idea. Last girl I was dating broke up with me to date a guy that has no job and lives with his parents.