Burning a brush pile

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Using a backhoe to burn a brush pile.
Runtime: 18:15


Julie Lokahi
Julie Lokahi - 12 timer siden
Jim Williamson
Jim Williamson - 4 dager siden
Should cut some of the longer trees and throw them onto the fire centre.
Amanda Speedy
Amanda Speedy - 8 dager siden
peter Lindner
peter Lindner - 8 dager siden
it seems an expensive and not ecologic sollution to have a qualified man as Andrew spending so many hours running a fire. it might be cheaper to rent a chipper or bring the wood somebody who makes use of it.
Romeo Whiskey
Romeo Whiskey - 19 dager siden
I think I just found the SOURCE of GLOBAL WARMING!!!! LOL
Darn you Andrew!
Dean Farmer
Dean Farmer - 24 dager siden
like I said
Dean Farmer
Dean Farmer - 24 dager siden
It is a John Deere, of course it will run
1944chevytruck - Måned siden
plug for block heater?....thanks 4 video. be kind.
Wingnut Stickman
Wingnut Stickman - Måned siden
Almost makes me want to watch Fahrenheit 451 again. Almost.
le marin elbehri
le marin elbehri - Måned siden
12:41 la camera a presque prise une Bresse lol
Neceros - 2 måneder siden
Do you have to alert the firefighters in advance when doing a large burn? We do here in WA, though I am in a city. That's probably more to do with it.
P C 82
P C 82 - 2 måneder siden
I like theses vids. But America right there 230
Seth Wells
Seth Wells - 2 måneder siden
It's a john deere, that thing can sit years and itll start up. Not that there wont be issues but like that old saying goes, if its red leave it in the shed. Nothing runs like a deere
Robert Green
Robert Green - 2 måneder siden
Now THAT'S a lighter! (and nice to have a running tractor nearby, right?!)
ZJIGGA - 2 måneder siden
I think Andrew is the Chuck Norris of Youtube. If Andrew did a push up, he would push the world down.
Tony Price
Tony Price - 3 måneder siden
All that fire and not a spud in sight...what a waste
Sir. Tony Blair. jr
Sir. Tony Blair. jr - 3 måneder siden
Hey Andrew, great work. I wish you was wearing a respirator on these jobs and also your EDC should have a chainsaw always.. nice job.
BOFH402 - 4 måneder siden
In the old days you just put a couple tires underneath the pile thre some diesel fuel on it and lit it. Once the tires took off everything burned.
smacfe mcafee
smacfe mcafee - 4 måneder siden
I like to use one of those 1.5 gallon pump up sprayers and fill it with diesel and spray down the piles before burning. It makes them easier to light when wet and cuts the time to burn a pile in less than half. I have also gotten real careful about pushing stuff into the burning pile as we have had a bunch of machines locally burn up doing that. One guy lost 2 dozers this year doing that. Probably going to ask to borrow one of mine any day now!
MAM underconstrution
MAM underconstrution - 4 måneder siden
Very Nice dude ,hi from arquipélago off Açores Portugal island of são Miguel
Apples Are Tasty
Apples Are Tasty - 5 måneder siden
What’s the music name at the start?
jjr897 - 5 måneder siden
Come on, letsdig whould have used 5 gallons of diesel to start that fire.😁
Patty Blair
Patty Blair - 5 måneder siden
I watch you ever day
Jack O'neil
Jack O'neil - 5 måneder siden
Pourquoi bruler du bois dans la nature quand on peut le récupérer pour se chauffer l'hiver ? les hommes deviennent fous.
Matthew Majoros
Matthew Majoros - 5 måneder siden
I noticed his pile didn't burn all the way, and when it did burn had a lot of smoke. In my experience, when I do burn piles I take my leaf blower along too. It gets the fire burning super hot, little to no smoke and it's fun!
Andrew Андрюша
Andrew Андрюша - 5 måneder siden
Its not banned? I mean burning
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 5 måneder siden
No. No one is allowed to ban burning. Ban something they are doing.
Harry taylor
Harry taylor - 6 måneder siden
that's cool i dug out an old case backhoe from the bushes got it started aired up the tires drove home $300.00
Avery Winders
Avery Winders - 6 måneder siden
I remember when I was younger and in our back field of our property (75 acres) we made this clearing by a creek for hunting and we saved all the wood from those trees and put them in the middle of this clearing. We made a mixture of diesel and gas and used a 5-gallon tank and put it all on the fire. It was the biggest fire I have ever seen. It was all pine and cedar trees and this clearing is about 500 feet by 200 feet and the trees were about 3 feet apart from each other through this whole thing. The brush pile had to have been 20 feet tall because we used the excavator to pile everything on. The funniest night of my life. Invited all our neighbors over and we just chilled and talked and drank.
TrainboyRR - 6 måneder siden
i like the videos
West Virginia
West Virginia - 6 måneder siden
It used to be big business to burn trees and make potash.
Reg Rock
Reg Rock - 7 måneder siden
Tears down other peoples houses, drives their machinery, makes a huge fire, doesn’t get arrested aaaaand gets paid for it. I’ve been doing it wrong.
ĴusTin 山όσᗪs
ĴusTin 山όσᗪs - 7 måneder siden
Today I'm going to show you how to start a forest fire
Robert Lively
Robert Lively - 7 måneder siden
Levi is Beautiful
Jorge Antonio Romero Espinola
Jorge Antonio Romero Espinola - 7 måneder siden
La parte buena, es que no hay muchos vecinos cerca...
O sino, la demanda que habría tenido, por todo el humo que generan esas hojas verdes...
Joel Kjellgren 7b
Joel Kjellgren 7b - 7 måneder siden
2:15 *yeet*
Manuel Barkhau
Manuel Barkhau - 7 måneder siden
Were you at all worried that the backo would die while it's right next to the fire?
Political Boffin, PhD
Political Boffin, PhD - 7 måneder siden
I use tires and a lot of gas. Too dangerous for me to use a flame thrower. Nice video dude. Eaglegards...
macca - 7 måneder siden
Love the dog.
Dan S Brown
Dan S Brown - 7 måneder siden
I tried to get Andrew to change his campfire burning style to a blast furnace fire using a metal culvert, a squirrel fan and a little 110 generator. It's completely gone in a few hours and you never have to hide stuff in the bush or keep tending a fire for several days. I'm a big fan of his anyway. Ps: Never ever build a debris fire on top of stumps still in the ground! Really bad outcome.:)
Michael Keller
Michael Keller - 7 måneder siden
I mean, this entire channel is like an instructional video series for anyone who just bought some real property. I just bought 10 acres in Western New York and have been binge watching these for weeks now. I can’t wait to get to work on it. Thanks Andrew. Who wants to come out for my giant bonfire this spring?
G. Huber
G. Huber - 8 måneder siden
But I love watching your vids anyway.
G. Huber
G. Huber - 8 måneder siden
Did you know, that many little animals search such protected places during wintertime. And you may just BBQ'd them.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 8 måneder siden
Nah, we just made that pile, nothing moved in there. They will run away if they are smart. Bad forest management like in CA BBQs the animals.
Ol'Grizz _____
Ol'Grizz _____ - 8 måneder siden
I'm in West Texas, drooling over the slate there in this video
Bradford DeVries
Bradford DeVries - 8 måneder siden
I did not count the number of replies but I have never seen more. I found the castle on google earth, still had a trampoline on the roof. Great video, like the way you speed up a long task. Feb 19, 2020
T's Garage
T's Garage - 8 måneder siden
you suck at brush burning, I could of done that in half the time...
Ali Al azawei
Ali Al azawei - 8 måneder siden
EXevetar HlTACHl
Maka Maka
Maka Maka - 8 måneder siden
You are so fortunate you can burn there, where I'm at Hawaii we can't, we have so many cry babies here they complain about everything. Love your show Andrew, thank you bra.
Maka Maka
Maka Maka - 8 måneder siden
Levi is like, I wonder if Andrew will let me fly the drone
Сергей Ряшкин
Сергей Ряшкин - 8 måneder siden
Xe-xe! And what said the Forest Defenz Department about this fire?
Argus Dacicus
Argus Dacicus - 8 måneder siden
Man i will just to this kind of job just for the bonefire......it impresive for a rust bucket it still functional....i see only one problem classic for that generation of tractors ,it have no front drive it a problem wen you need to steer in the mud special wen you use the front bucket in rest the owner with a Little atention it cant keep that piece of museum functional 😁
Rick Bueche
Rick Bueche - 8 måneder siden
Great that the John Deere came with the property. Andrew can get some things done here without having to haul one of his machines to the place.
icicicles - 8 måneder siden
322,101 men have viewed this video.
And women want to be equal---------???
icicicles - 8 måneder siden
Andrew: oh look there's an old 70's backhoe.
Home owner: Ya it was here when we bought the property.
Andrew: If I can get it running I can use it here------Rooroummm!
Richard G
Richard G - 8 måneder siden
break out the hot dogs and marshmallows
kemper Freeze
kemper Freeze - 8 måneder siden
backoh is cool
Martin Ruetzler
Martin Ruetzler - 9 måneder siden
Did you ever try a wood chipper to get rid of the wood waste? I think this kind of heavy machine could perfectly fit to you. Best wishes!! And thank you for all your wonderful videos.
Martin Ruetzler
Martin Ruetzler - 9 måneder siden
@Andrew Camarata Oh, i agree. See, your are the expert. I'm just a bystander with useless ideas :-)
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
Yeah, it took allot of time, and was loud.
Sebastián Kigelman
Sebastián Kigelman - 9 måneder siden
did Andrew get paid for doing that? OMG! it's my dream job!!!
Betty A. Wells
Betty A. Wells - 9 måneder siden
Heyyyy Levi looks like he’s moving around much easier!!🐾👍🏻
Jens Brade
Jens Brade - 9 måneder siden
Have a nice Time in your Live and your Familie God blease you and your Familie.
Daniel Couturier
Daniel Couturier - 9 måneder siden
how many acres of land do you own there?
Daniel Couturier
Daniel Couturier - 9 måneder siden
... where is the link to that FLAME THROWER you have attached to the propane bottle? That makes starting burn piles so much easier.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
The Whole World Called Me Hank
The Whole World Called Me Hank - 9 måneder siden
I was hoping to see some proper use of gasoline on this here fire
Roger Dickinson
Roger Dickinson - 9 måneder siden
I wonder if there are pics of this property over the last 40 yrs in its heyday?  Now it's vanished as though it never existed.Well, we know the Castle will be around longer than 40 yrs.
Dominick Mcdaniel
Dominick Mcdaniel - 9 måneder siden
Why does he pile it with a bucket forks are easier
Blzt - 9 måneder siden
Charcoal briquettes make a great bonfire starter. You can even preheat them if you have a chimney starter
M B - 9 måneder siden
"Alright Levi and I are on this project today" = Legendary YouTube video.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
Levi, Cody, and I are on this project today now.
Dimitri Rens
Dimitri Rens - 9 måneder siden
speciale en handige kerel die andrew
pete smyth
pete smyth - 9 måneder siden
that's not a brush fire..THIS is a brush fire..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ee-xHNQljt4
J R Deckard
J R Deckard - 9 måneder siden
11:15 Having little to do, Andrew forges a Viking sword from a rusty drive shaft.
Supman138 - 9 måneder siden
Farmers: let’s grab us our lighter...
Andrew: fuck that we’re using a torch
John Porter
John Porter - 9 måneder siden
Do you need a permit for this
911 NEWS CHASER - 9 måneder siden
The rotten pallets were begging to be thrown on:)
David C
David C - 9 måneder siden
Never thought I could be addicted to anything until I found your video's. Thanks Andrew
Сергей Овчинников
3 days of work, oh no 3 days of hemorrhoids. 1 ax, 1 chainsaw and 6 hours with a break = a bunch of firewood (instead of garbage and scorched earth)
chru cas
chru cas - 9 måneder siden
Use a match or a lighter to ignite the pile.
A. Camarata: Hold my beer...
;-) :-)
Marek Chojnacki
Marek Chojnacki - 9 måneder siden
CONNOR JONES - 9 måneder siden
Are you going to keep that Bacot
Jerry Spence
Jerry Spence - 9 måneder siden
Help Andrew please. Where did you that orange ratchet at? Please!!!! I’m trying to find it
Samir Al Balushi
Samir Al Balushi - 9 måneder siden
Happy New year to you and your family
My son and I are waiting for your new video's
Left hand Farms
Left hand Farms - 9 måneder siden
Let’s see some plow videos with the new truck
newyorksong - 9 måneder siden
Anybody else suffering from Camarata Withdrawal symptoms???
The Substance
The Substance - 9 måneder siden
Yea bra but good content takes time
Carl Eddwards
Carl Eddwards - 9 måneder siden
Happy Newwww Year Man============
John Tune
John Tune - 9 måneder siden
Where are you camarata?
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
New video tonight.
djpickle68 - 9 måneder siden
campfire x100
Richard Laurent
Richard Laurent - 9 måneder siden
Missing you friend Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!
Curtis Berg
Curtis Berg - 9 måneder siden
Where you been? Want to see updates on your roof job!
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
tomorrow morning.
Brian Nielsen
Brian Nielsen - 9 måneder siden
Hi.. Why cant i bye your t-shirt on ebay.. im from Denmark.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
You can.
Will W.
Will W. - 9 måneder siden
Need a hand with that roof ?, just let us youtube followers know and we'll come over in buses. ;)

Roofing party @ Andrews.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
That's an interesting idea, a group youtube project.
Joe Conforti
Joe Conforti - 9 måneder siden
Andrew ... Where have you been , without any doubt we miss you.
Sam Chee
Sam Chee - 9 måneder siden
Can't wait for nxt video :)
ron owens
ron owens - 9 måneder siden
wrong business clown.lol
jjfore0921 - 9 måneder siden
Leaf blower....
Never Joe Biden
Never Joe Biden - 9 måneder siden
Never Joe Biden
Never Joe Biden - 9 måneder siden
@Andrew Camarata OK dude. Thanks
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
I am working on videos. This roof project takes a ton of time.
Rider - 9 måneder siden
Back from my vacation thank God. Don't you have something to dig up or fill in? I need some normalcy damnit.
Googleguy - 9 måneder siden
@Will W. I was on the road. Figured someone would help. Yes, Jesse Mullen. Strange. You would have a hard time finding two guys as different, yet they are both good solid guys, they have in common a world of experience in a few short years, and both can tell a story with a camera. Glad I found them.
Rider - 9 måneder siden
@Will W. Andrew's Channels list.
Will W.
Will W. - 9 måneder siden
@Googleguy Throw us a link to Jesse's vids
Rider - 9 måneder siden
@Andrew Camarata We worry when you don't call.
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata - 9 måneder siden
Ill get a video up soon.
Oddworlds Grim
Oddworlds Grim - 9 måneder siden
Such a cool dude,love the vids man waiting for the next one!
leroy adkins
leroy adkins - 9 måneder siden
Happy New year
Jmac Attack
Jmac Attack - 9 måneder siden
OMG post something I'm dieing with anticipation. I've been thinking of your next vid for days now. I need my fix man! You keep me motivated!!!!! To get out and fix the crap out of stuff. And I want to see the progress of the castles new roof. Lol jk man love your vids cant wait till next vid for real tho.
Sammie Peanut butter
Sammie Peanut butter - 9 måneder siden
Sooooo...... what’s goin on? Haven’t seen anything in a minute. Miss ya bud
Tbac - 9 måneder siden
Happy New year Levi and Andrew.
odd maner
odd maner - 9 måneder siden
I saw it.....you wanted to keep that backhoe.....I want it also🙁🙁🙁